ABOUT…THE IMMERSION PROJECT~Michael Jackson’s Tapestry


A journey begins with the first step…some are fleeting, brief in nature, while others hold you in their grip…endlessly.  Michael Jackson Journeys fit into this latter category.  Once embraced, his arms wrap around you in lasting love, while you yearn for more.  But, that isn’t the finish of it.  The knowledge received begs to be shared.  The enlightenment cannot be restrained…your life has changed, you will never be the same…and, you are driven to share it with others.  In fact, you are obligated. ..”If someone shares something of value and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”  A Chinese Proverb 

In PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD, this journey I am on has taken its baby steps into thebe still my heart again four world.  Attempting to share the wealth of research available to me, MICHAELJACKSONCHOSENVOICES was birthed and has grown into a toddler.  The blessings of kindred spirits all over the world have inspired many articles.  Yearning for more, the idea of private, personal sessions was born…and, the perfect first student SUPER BOWL FIVEappeared.

The IMMERSION PROJECT has been the subject of articles and many have taken time to try to understand what it is all about and have responded.  Early one morning in August, my friend, Donna, phoned after having read all IMMERSION articles.  She is a gifted writer and wordsmith and her conversation with me that morning made it clear a better explanation was needed and SHE had it.

“I was trying to relay to you how impressively valid this MICHAEL  INSTITUTE was…first, I know you would say Michael, the subject matter, is inexhaustibly impressive.  In addition to that, though, this new leg of your journey has been birthed out of your years of study, not just interest and inspiration, but STUDY-RESEARCH which has amassed such a volume of information, truth, technique, skill, inspiration, foundation that screams to be taught.  That is exactlytwymmf short film how curriculum is developed, isn’t it?  At least, ideally, that is how one would want curriculum to come to be, because of the urge within it to SCREAM:  “STOP, EVERYONE…YOU MUST HEAR AND LEARN OF THIS!” 

I would suspect, then, that curriculum is grouped, organized, categorized andbad performance five presented in such a way that the student is first:  exposed to/learns the subject matter, which ignites a study of/a desire to learn more, to gain understanding to better understand, which influences one’s way of thinking-either deepens it orFIFTY encourages change, which leads to a potential new perspective of studied subject/new, fresh, inspired, energized awakening of heart, which ultimately has the capacity to bring about a response of going and doing.  NOW, THAT IS GREAT CURRICULUM”  Donna

This was my birthday gift from Donna.  It is wonderment and keen understanding, inspiring me to give it to YOU.  “I take this gift to give it again.”  Michael Jackson

There is one thing I KNOW FOR SURE…a study of Michael Jackson…the artist, the humanitarian, the lover, the role model…matters.  It matters for the sake of humanity.  It matters for the future of the planet.  It matters in securing justice in the world.  His artistry touches EVERY ASPECT OF HUMAN EXISTENCE FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS.  The IMMERSION PROJECT…Michael Jackson’s Tapestry is the next step in be still my heart again twomy journey to PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD.  I invite YOU to come along.

I love you!


HIS tory







6 thoughts on “ABOUT…THE IMMERSION PROJECT~Michael Jackson’s Tapestry

  1. He was an angel walking the planet…and I regret that I could not do anything to stop what happened. He deserved the very best in life….and instead was treated so poorly by so many as well as the media. Made me ill! Michael….I am so sorry for what happened to you.

  2. Jude, are you developing a formal curriculum to teach others what you have learned about Michael, and people can sign up for it? If so, I am very interested! I have read dozens of articles and books but I am sure there is a wealth of informatiion that I have yet to learn. And you are absolutely right about yearning for more!

  3. We must all continue to write and testify about Michael because he was innocent! And no one knows that better than I. SO why was he maligned and criticized? It all made me ill.. and it still does! Too many people wanted to hurt him… mob mentality. Not pretty! I hope Michael is happy now. God bless him! He was an angel, that is for sure!

  4. There are few people willing and able to take his message forward as lovingly, gracefully and with such determination and conviction as you are doing, dearest Jude. Just as he was here for a time such as this; so to are you here for a purpose such as this. I know of nobody who has even thought to teach Michael’s lessons of love to youngsters and yet, if they are not taught, then how do we pass his love to the next generations so that they too, can take his beautiful mantle forward. Thank you for everything, Jude. You are a shining star in this world.

  5. I always ask myself when I need an answer…..What would Michael do? And then I listen…..and then I know! Bless you my dearest Michael……you were so honest, true. No one else ever came up to your standard, and no one ever will!

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