An Interview with Michael Jackson…in his own words

“When you want to know Michael Jackson, ask him!”


While on his DANGEROUS WORLD TOUR, Michael did an online interview from Munich, Germany.  Having just released his book of essays, poetry and prose called DANCING THE DREAM, the interview focuses on themes found there.

August, 1992

Glenn Plaskin

The greatest authority on Michael Jackson IS Michael Jackson!

CHOSEN VOICES is an attempt at gathering Michael Jackson’s words…respecting and honoring his life and legacy, and PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD.  Michael gave us his heart in so many generous ways.  His authenticity, honesty and genuine loving spirit, connecting with the fanswith a humility that surprises many, shines through when we hear his voice…whether it be in song or film or live performance, speeches or interviews.  Many have tried to step inside Michael’s genius, defining him through their eyes.  When all is said and done, Michael has left us with a definitive picture into his artistry and his person.  Why would we look anywhere else?michael's kisses

~No, I don’t think we have become numb to tragedies.  We are seeing a worldwide resurgence and restoration of basic human values and concerns for the sacredness of all life on the planet.

~I don’t think of myself as a philosopher.  I think I have a purpose, as does everyone else on the Earth.  To find that purpose and to live to express it is to ignite the spark of divinity within us.

~I don’t keep a journal.  Ideas gestate and incubate in my incarnate

~No, I haven’t realized all my dreams.  Without dreams there is no creativity.  The creative urge in us comes from discontent and divine discontent that seeks to change, to transform, to fill the world with more magic.  My priority in life is to make a difference, to tread unfamiliar, uncharted territories, to leave some trails behind.

~Children are innocent and they are non-judgmental.  They revive me because they help me find my own inner child, without whom I would be lost.  From children we can learn to love, to forgive, to create anew in everything, and to heal the world.

~I know how to experience solitude.  Loneliness can be a harsh experience, but solitude is love and consciousness with all life.entertainer

~I don’t consider myself religious in the sense of subscribing to a particular dogma.  I would consider myself spiritual in that I believe there is a domain of awareness in which we can experience universality.  I read all kinds of religious literature because I believe there is truth in all of them.HANDSOME MAN EIGHT

~Fame can be imprisoning.  But the best part of being Michael Jackson is that I know I can interact with millions of people, and in that interaction we exchange something.  Which is LOVE.  It is EXHILARATING.  It is MAGIC.

~I dance to express my bliss.  I do not strain at practice when I’m dancing.  I just feel that dancing is dancing itself through me.

~I’m an instrument for the expression of ecstasy. precious five

~My life is not constrained by special diets or exercise  routines.  I have fun with my friends and by myself.  I like to see movies, read books, dance, and sometimes do nothing.

~Animals do not kill out of cruelty, greed or jealousy.  And, most do not kill their own kind.  We are the only animals who plunder and destroy the Earth.  But, we are learning and it is not too late.

~(Regarding the Black Panther Coda) Anger and rage are the prelude to a shift in consciousness.  Unless we feel rage at some of the inequities and injustices of our society, there is no hope for transformation.

~I’m going to produce and direct feature films, movies that bring out the magic of life, that entertain, but also, make people think.angel michael twelve

~(How do I compose?) I first hear the music and feel the dance, and then, the words come spontaneously

~I certainly did not have a routine childhood.  But, the magic was always there.

~Elizabeth has a passion for life.  We must live with passion.

~My life is the present.  And the excitement of life is to step into the unknown every morning.  I look forward to the future and whatever it brings.


Visiting and revisiting the words Michael has left for us clearly reveals the character of the man.  Along with this clarity is authenticity, because the messages remain the same.  It is a benchmark to guide us.  When we come upon writings from others that deviate, we must ask ourselves…who do we believe…Michael or those who claim to have figured him out.  For me, there is no contest.




7 thoughts on “An Interview with Michael Jackson…in his own words

  1. LOVELY!!!! Thanks for sharing it.
    I found one of Michael’s when I was searching for words of wisdom ~ “When I step out on stage in front of thousands of people, I don’t feel that I’m being brave. It can take much more courage to express true feelings to one person. […] In spite of the risks, the courage to be honest and intimate opens the way to self-discovery. It offers what we all want, the promise of love. ” ― Michael Jackson, Dancing the Dream.

  2. He had such a wonderful way of expressing himself! And I never tire of it nor of listening to him sing! He was, indeed, always THE TRUTH. Bless him!

  3. Michael had the best sense of humor…His laughter always made me laugh….it was infectious! I miss that laugh…. His sense of what was correct and right was absolutely perfect…he just knew. Every time I hear or see something he said, I smile…he seems to be here even now. I know that isn’t so…but I can dream….

  4. In the midst of all this election hoopla, I find myself thinking about Michael, and wondering what he would have thought of all the nastiness. (He and D. Trump were friends for a time…but I don’t think he knew him very well.) And everyone wanted to be friends with MIchael. I do know that he liked Bill and Hillary Clinton…(he sang at that inauguration, if you recall.) Michael was honored by several presidents…including R. Reagan and George Bush. The anti-drug campaign was spearheaded by Michael during the Reagan years…he allowed his hit song…BEAT IT…to be used in that campaign. He was such a kind person…and very soft-hearted. He always came (if possible) to the aid of people who needed assistance. I never saw anything like it…no one did what he did! Again….I repeat myself…I so wish he were here….Bless you….and love you, dear Mike….

  5. And now we are in March of 2017. #45 has passed many horrible bills and cancelled some of the most beneficial programs! I wonder what Michael would think, and what would he do! He always was so creative with finding solutions! I want him back here! I know I’m not the only one!

  6. Today….March 18, 2018….the day after St. Patrick’s Day….have been thinking about Michael (as usual) and what he would do if he were here. He loved Ireland…and was there to do a recording…and he took the kids. I spoke with him briefly on the phone…wish I could do that now. “If wishes were horses, then beggars could ride…” etc. Love you, Michael…to the moon and back…

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