Michael Jackson Ebony Interview 1988

When asked what he knew for sure…”OH, BOY, I’M STILL LEARNING.  I MEAN, LIFE IS AN EDUCATION FOR ME.  I CAN’T SAY THAT I KNOW ANYTHING FOR SURE.  I REALLY BELIEVE THAT.”  Michael Jackson Oprah Interview 1992

DEAR FRIENDS, It will come as no surprise to you that each day finds me with thoughts of Michael Jackson.  I awaken smiling as I think of his life here on earth and its multilayered significance.  It is a life that holds me with its vastness.  It is a life that has relevance increasing in its affect around the globe.  Those who didn’t understand it when Michael danced the planet, are taking the time to become educated toward a clearer understanding now.  There is no doubt that Michael’s artistry lives on and stretches his toes and fingers into contemporary art, for we know that Michael was on the cutting edge always, breaking new ground, imagining the impossible. Many paint Michael’s life as tragic.  I am not one of those.  I have been privileged to see and learn about a LIFE WELL-LIVED.  Michael spoke of most of his dreams coming true in an Australian interview in 1987.  Artistically, his achievements are unparalleled.  Personally, he created Neverland in the world…a place where nothing is impossible.  He didn’t believe in the impossible.   He set unattainable goals for the planet and then made them attainable.  His ability to bring masses of people together for the world’s healing follows him years after his passing.  He often said he was a joyful, happy person.  He knew how to play and he was a gifted giggler.  Tragedy visits every human being.  It certainly was a frequent caller in Michael’s life.  Its power never overtook the passion for living and loving that was so deep in his soul.  To be sure, he was human wonderand walked through fire screaming out, “WHY?”  Michael’s talents brought hundreds of millions of people to him.  His tragedies keep people close.  The aftermath of accusations and media-myth persistence keeps people even closer.

My goal for the articles I have written has been and is to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.  As with Michael’s life, creatively and personally, this goal is multilayered.  It envelopes speaking out and defending.  It includes celebrating the artistry.  It wraps itself around the humanitarian.  Sometimes, it SCREAMS FOR JUSTICE.  My days are filled with little yellow sticky pads as I jot down ideas.  In the middle of the night, I rush to write thoughts that, if left on my pillow, will not be remembered.  Curled up in my favorite chair, headphones on, I spend hours listening to the genius which unfolds from every song in Michael’s vast catalog.  If it’s pure magic and excitement I crave, I watch live performances.  When I need nourishment for the page, I watch short film storytelling.  And, when searching for life’s real meanings, I turn to the words Michael speaks.bow

The RIPPLE AFFECT has swept me up in this amazing cyberspace world.  If you would have told me five years ago I’d be a regular computer patron, I would have laughed out loud.  ME?  ARE YOU KIDDING??  If you would have spoken of the possibilities that social networking offer in developing relationships with people, I never would have believed it.  Fast forward to 2014.  I am a BELIEVER IN CAPITAL LETTERS.  I have so often asked this question in my articles, “CAN YOU LOVE SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET?”  Without hesitation, my answer is a resounding, “YES!”  If that is true about my love for Michael, it has also become true for my ONLINE FRIENDS.  We have never met in person, but we have met in our hearts.  The connection grows stronger every day.

Michael’s life draws people because he was a rare individual who actually walked his talk.  He lived it every day of his 50 years.  And, he lives it still.  My admiration for that fact is overwhelming.  Personally, I have talked the talk.  I believe that education is an answer to erasing media-myth making.  I believe in the Chinese Proverb that if I have benefited from knowledge that has changed my life, I am morally obligated to share it with the world.  I believe that what I have learned needs to be shared because IT IS NECESSARY FOR A BETTER WORLD.  You don’t have to be a FAN to gain from Michael’s wisdom.  Of course, I also believe, that once you spend time with Michael, you simply cannot help yourself…YOU FALL IN LOVE.  That’s just the way it is.

How do I apply all of this, to begin for myself, to WALK THE TALK.  Michael stretches me, takes me out of my comfort zone, and inspires me to be a braver person.  Writing articles for a blog was the first step.  Accepting an invitation to write for “WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON?” was another big step for me.  And now, accepting Heaven Leigh’s invitation to Co-host her wonderful Blogradio Show for a Valentine’s Special stretches me even more.  I have been inspired by Heaven Leigh and her amazing talents, and, I am honored to be asked to join her.  For me, it is another step in walking the talk.

My Dear Friends, thank you for the love you have shown…love for Michael, love for children, love for the planet, and love for the articles of mine you have read.  You have opened for me a wider world and I am a better person for it.  Michael has changed me profoundly.  I will never be the same person again.  We have all been changed.  How fortunate we are.  I love you.michael love


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7 thoughts on “FROM A LIFE WELL-LIVED

  1. Thank you, dear Jude, for your friendship, for your faith – and for your willingness to try new things. 🙂 I learn much from your writing, things that I can incorporate into my daily living. For this I am truly grateful! It is one thing for people to say – I love MJ – yet quite another to embrace his messages in such a pure and loving way. Translating music to actions, his life’s work to a way of LIVING, this I admire in you so very much.
    All spirit cries out to Heal this world. Our spirits JOIN in this Circle of MichaeLOVE, and Real Magic truly happens. Hugs to you, dear Co-host. Lots of FUN to come! I wish I could be a professional “giggler.” 😉 Happy Monday, my wonderful friend!

  2. P.S. Congratulations on writing for “What’s Really Going On” on-line magazine! Please mention this on the show! Kudos to dear MJ Brookins for creating this amazing source of information and entertainment – filled with MichaeLOVE! 🙂

  3. “CAN YOU LOVE SOMEONE YOU HAVE NEVER MET?” What a question that has nothing to ponder over. As you said, a resounding YES would fall easily off of anyone’s lips. At least I know here. Walking the walk, that I think we are all trying to emulate all the goodness, love, and humanitarian acts that Michael has educated us in. I am a person that even though I don’t show the talents that have been brought here with a commitment of love the way you my sisters bring to the table. My contributions in Michaels name are small steps. If I see any struggle on another human being, I try to do what Michael would do. I love to bring smiles to faces like our Michael did. Like a religion faithfully followed I read the bible of my friends who have taught me all the aspects of Michael goodness, his heart and soul. His words are inspirational everyday to all of us here. We are here to spread the truth, knowledge, and spread the love around every corner of the earth. All I can say is that Michael is a book of greatness. A book that shows more than you could ever learn anywhere else. I will emulate myself to act and think more like Michael did. To look beyond the frailty of human nature and send a message of pure adulation for the world and earth. For Michael he lived his life through the words he sang.
    I will love Michael and his ways forever more. I will live my life with genuine concern about the things he sings, the worlds plights and suffering. I want to be a better person all the way around for myself, but mostly like Michael.
    In essence, in the five years since my love has left this earthly plain to enter into the kingdom of the Lord. I am more aware, and I find myself doing things for people without ever giving a second thought. Michael is my sun, moon and stars. I thank you Jude for the loving things that your write about our Michael and if he were here with us today his heart would swell with pride for all the examples we follow because of him. I feel he would feel this was the greatest tribute to him would could do, not feel like he is fighting the plights of the world alone, but most of all I feel he would consider us a life time achievement award, for we have all tried and continue to try by spreading the global love that we have all been doing. Love and peace to you for always writing things that make me feel smug and proud of this wonderful life that is and was Michael Joseph Jackson.

  4. Tragedy visits every human being. June 25, 2009 tragedy hit the world…like a monsoon it wiped out our greatest humanitarian, entertainer, the man. Tragedy was a big part of Michael s life, but I feel through us he always got through it, deep down he had to know the ones out there holding his hand silently. He has captured the essence of what perfection is and was. I know that there is no one man among us or gone that is perfect, but there is an exception for a man that lived a God loving life, forging on in spite of the bs that was always circling like a buzzard around him. the changes in my life are starting now, as I am starting and i mean just starting on the healing process of not having his earthly presence here with us.
    I agree with you about Michael being referred to as a book of lessons, because every time I read of the great things that he has done, even in his darkest moments in life, he forged through for the causes that pained him so much. i try to take a page out of the book of Michael because he inspires me to be a much better person. The spark has gone out of the world by the light of it’s brightest star on the whole planet. Michael was a love story that won’t die, he is the reason that some of us do wake up with positive energy, something I have not mastered just yet, but my journey is just begun with Michael. I will love to spread the news about him to the new and re-educate the old one.
    Either way Michael is about love, love, love….I love you so much Michael Jackson, you will always have my heart in your hands her or up there!
    Jude thank you again for writing the passionate words that seem to flow out of your mouth so freely, I admire your writing skills as much as you love you share with us.

  5. Another heartfelt blog, Jude. Thank you for your words of love for Michael. They are words that millions of his fans would like to convey but you have done so for us. They shoot up to the heavens and reaches Michael heart.

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