“Michael had such beautiful hands, but most important about them was how many times he used them to hug, touch and hold someone…giving love and comfort.”

Ingrid Homolla

Michael said that Rose Fine used to say he had beautiful hands and, “I wondered, don’t all hands look the same.”  Michael Jackson


“We only live once…since we are given the gift of life, it should be our persistent endeavor to immortalize ourselves, no matter what field of endeavor we choose.”

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson immortalized himself with a perfect storm of God-given talents.  UsingGOLDEN HAND his gifts of physical and emotional beauty, he engaged our senses and jolted the music world out of the simple and into the complex.  Breaking down artificial barriers was not only an outcome, but a perpetual goal.  His global influence remains a constant in aHANDS OF MICHAEL world that boasts the chaotic.  Those who travel the low road find his legacy incomprehensible, choosing cruel destruction to mask ignorance.  Believing that music could bring about mass healing, that the power of the people could bring about change, Michael defined his journey into immortality with artistry of perpetual and forever love.  And, again, those who found his path incomprehensible have chosen rumors that feed on public paranoia and insecurities to shape opinion.  George Orwell put it best when he said, “The people will believe what the media TELLS them THEY believe.”

We have to ask ourselves this:  Just how important is the truth?

As Michael championed the poor and oppressed, the suffering children of the world, angel michael lovemany saw him as a danger.  The more he accomplished as an ambassador of love, the more he traveled meeting millions of people, the greater his influence in all corners of the world…the greater the insecurities of the powers that be.  Mark Twain’s words Travel is fatal to prejudice and bigotry…Michael was bringing the world to the people and the people to the world…we were seeing the blood inside him WAS inside us all.
The beautiful hands Rose Fine talked about reached down inside the hearts and minds of masses of people, changing thought and direction.  Once again, the media turned to its forces, twisting and turning, lying with misdirection, following their mantra:  We deceive, you believe.

Scintillating headlines, which were cut and pasted over and over again, brainwashed, either by intention or subliminally.

We ask ourselves again…How important is the truth?

We have witnessed Michael’s immortal journey deciding, each for ourselves, to convert these realities into energy, knowing full well that with the immense joy comes gut-wrenching pain.  Michael said himself that he would do anything to stand up and fight HEART OF MICHAEL TWOfor children…to the point of crucifixion.  We stand united while holding onto Michael’s beautiful hands…feeling the blows and the victories.

When Michael visited the Middle East in 2005, he insisted upon traveling to a remote village in Oman.

“It was so mountainous, so far from the city.  All you could see was mountains.  You see a guy walking a herd of sheep coming down the mountain.  Myself, I’m thinking, what are we doing here?  I don’t like this at all, but…people were coming, shouting MICHAEL JACKSON.  Oh, my god, That’s what really showed me…even these people know this man.  That is amazing.
Kerry Anderson

Body Guard 2005

This life don’t last foreverinnocent on all counts

So tell me what we’re waiting for

We’re better off being together

Then being miserable alone

Cause I’ve been there before and you’ve been there before

But together we can be all right

Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold

We can hold each other til we see the morning  light

I can tell you’re tired of being lonely

Take my hand, don’t let go, baby hold me

Come to me and let me be your one and only

We can make it all right til the morning



“I did not find Michael weird, messed up, or anything you’ve ever heard about him.  All the allegations ever charged against Michael were false, and that in my discernment, HE DID NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY TO EVER DO ANYTHING EXCEPT LOVE CHILDREN AND LET THEM KNOW HE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO STAND UP FOR THEM AND HELP THEM.  Just look at the magnificent work he did on their behalf, writing and co-producing WE ARE THE WORLD, and the 39 charities for children he gave to generously.  That was Michael.  I believe that during his trials he related to the suffering of Christ and prayed for intervention because he was being accused over what he loved most…CHILDREN.  This caused him perhaps more pain than anything in his life.”eyes of innocence

David Pack

We unite TODAY.  We choose to educate the world TODAY.  We accept the pain, that will no doubt bring us to our knees, TODAY.  We choose the magic, wonder and joy of Michael Jackson TODAY.

Listen to Magictm

These are the thoughts to heal your fear

Listen to my joy

Fill your voice with healing words

Speak into the world

Tell of all who shall be free

Most of all I ask you

Let your actions speak for me.



Heaven Leigh

~With our love, and united on your behalf~

Judehand of love two





  ~Thank you, Zita for THESE ARE THE HANDS OF A MAN


  1. Beautiful, Jude!

    The angels surely know Michael. I applaud you for continuing the education about his life mission and message. Thank you for all you do! It’s not a “fail” for the educators if the students refuse to learn.

    Thank you for speaking your truth and the truth of those who knew Michael’s heart, dear Jude. His spirit tells us that this lesson in history is so much more about humanity’s capacity to believe in innocence, rather than being primarily about proving one man’s innocence. Michael is the patron saint for every falsely accused person, just as he related to others who came before him and had been through similar torment.

    If Jesus were here today, he would surely be judged harshly by MANY. I believe that regardless of ridicule, Jesus would surely STILL be saying “let the children come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” By emulating this very focus (of learning from children and giving his life to help them) Michael was severely misunderstood and ridiculed. For most of his life he was (like Jesus) a single man. There are obvious similarities between the two. I sometimes wonder if Michael’s life purpose was in part to prove once again that no society will ever welcome and understand a teacher who brings Jesus’ message. It is something to ponder. If Jesus had been a man of great earthly possessions, I wonder if there would have been a parade of law suits against him as well.

    One thing is certain, neither teacher will ever be forgotten, and their spirits will never cease to teach.

    The following is something from my daughter Jasmine, who as you know, tuned into Michael when she was only 2 yrs. old. It was a very powerful connection of their spirits. Jasmine recently wrote this. I think it is very powerful:

    “Don’t stress too much about people believing the wrong thing. The people who understand will understand, or eventually come around to it. And the ones who can’t understand, won’t. But it doesn’t matter. Know your truth and breathe it in. Meditate with the angels.” ~Jasmine

    Much LOVE and many blessings to you, dear Jude.

  2. Jude what a beautiful post .. as always. Heaven Leigh what a beautiful response.

    A picture of Michael appeared on my FB Timeline recently , from “Michael Jackson (The Most Rare Videos And Pics ” He can’t be that old..young teens?.. He is sitting on a bed reading a letter,and his beautiful (adult) hands are so evident it took my breath away. The more you look , the more you learn that there was something so special about this man. I really feel for those who have missed it…

  3. Thank you Jude. I always feel the need to share your writings. I really love it. It is so true for those when “get” it, and it will never mean anything to those who are not “touched”, like Heaven said in her post (in other words). And indeed Mag, I really feel fort those who miss it too…. It is comforting though that we are so many who experience the MJ magic every day….

  4. Jude this is beautiful. This piece has touched my heart so heavy…I will not be able to type for long ’cause the tears are swelling in my eyes. Michael’s love, thru you, is flooding my body right now. Yes, beautiful, gentle, gifted, hands. I have only felt His touch in my visions and dreams. These touches were so amazing…I can imagine that having Him lay His hands on anyone in need…would be so very healing. Having Him lay His hands on bare skin would have been frighteningly electric! OK…That’s all I can type…Thank-you Sister Jude! I love you for these words.
    peace, light & MichaeL~O~V~E, Michelle

  5. Thank you Jude…and also Heaven as well. I love these writings about Michael! I remember when I first met him…the first thing I noticed were his hands. They just impressed me—so beautiful! Of course everything about him was beautiful including his voice…when he spoke. Hard to explain…but I was dumbstruck. Of course, I quickly recovered…but shall never forget that initial impression! I believe I fell in love with him at that moment….I would have done anything for him. That kind of feeling is so strong that it is frightening! Michael continues to be such an inspiration for me and what I do. I watched him teach people…how kindly he treated them..corrected them. There won’t be another like him…not ever!

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