When I’m with you I’m in the light where I cannot be found,gorgeousseven

It’s as though I’m standing in a place called hallowed ground.

Speechless.  Speechlessangelthree

That’s how you make me feel.


There is a spirit that lives in the hearts of those who refuse to see an absence of light in the world.  Refusing to accept stumbling, narrow-minded cynicism as a constant companion, whose criticism is bound-up in the dark, those seeking the light are set free…set free to discover second chances to live deliberately.  I am often reminded of Michael turning over the beetles that had fallen on their backs saying that everyone deserves a second chance.  Second chances offer opportunity for change, opportunity itcfourto rediscover personal gifts and put them to use deliberately, seeking to heal the world and make it a better place for those who can give, and, those who cannot.  Within this spirit lives the ability to forgive.  During his History World Tour, Michael created powerful drama while performing EARTH SONG.  After bringing the audience to a collective passion, a tank was brought onto the stage with an armed soldier emerging from it.  Michael chose to bring this intense scene to an end with the soldier putting down his weapon, falling to his knees, weeping.  A child walked to him, reaching out with a small hand and a flower.  FORGIVENESS and setting us free…a second chance.  Without the newness of that renewed light, all would be lost, we would die.

Michael profoundly believed in people.  He profoundly believed that the message delivered by music has the power to heal.  He believed in the collective power for change.  He believed in unconditional love.  He believed in forgiveness.

“Michael Jackson sometimes compared the reciprocal energy of a performance mtv performanceto a Frisbee…’you hold it, you touch it, and you whip it back.’  Audiences, he believed, were more than passive spectators; they were a vibrant community, composed of all ages, races, religions, and cultures, standing shoulder to shoulder, temporarily bound up in the collective spell of his music, imagining the world anew.  ‘You can take them anywhere,’ he effused.  This was his gift as an artist; the ability to dissolve into the stories, the emotions, the MAGIC of his music-and to take masses of people from all walks of life with him.  He called this creative bond many things over the years; escapism, entertainment, showmanship, art.  But ultimately, for Jackson, it was about sharing and receiving love.”


Joseph Vogel


This vibrant community continues its journey.  Those of us who PAY MICHAEL dance threeFORWARD each and every day do it in layers…each of us using our second chances with our unique gifts.  If the light begins to dim and we begin to feel small, we turn to Michael.  HE IS OUR JOLT.

“Something needs to put a jolt back in the music industry, and the only thing that can do that is the jolt itself, the energy that sparked the imagination of kids (like me) in the first place.”

Of course, he was referring to Michael Jackson.  We understand.  Michael knew that if you made a great piece of art, people would want it.  “I always want to do music that inspires or influences another generation…I give my all to my work, I want it to just live.”  Michael Jackson

“Jackson was already reluctant to do a project that looked backward.”  The Dangerous Era Joseph Vogel MAN IN THE MUSICBEAT IT SIX

Michael did not want to repeat himself.  His imaginative visions were unlimited.  At the conclusion of the BAD Era, Michael knew it was time to completely assume every aspect of his art.  “Michael was not angry with Quincy.  He has always had an admiration for him and an immense respect.  But with DANGEROUS, Michael wanted to control the creative process from A to z.  Simply put, he wanted to be his own boss.”  Brad Buxer, Joseph Vogel. badnine

“The two New York Madison Square Garden concerts sold out within hours.  Nearly the entire entertainment industry came out to witness the ‘big comeback’ and to pay homage. ‘I think that it just shows how hungry everybody is for Michael.’ Kelly Rowland”


Joseph Vogelsmile four

HUNGRY FOR MICHAEL JACKSON.  We must admit, that is currently the hot topic.  Anticipating XSCAPE, the entire world is witnessing MICHAEL FEVER.  Cynicism in the media with critics already narrow-mindedly bound-up by their low-ceiling imaginations and myth agendas…debates among Fans…to be sure, the world knows an album is due out in May.  For me, I, happily, will listen to the album and decide for myself.  I remember the discussion of the release of BAD as I watched the BAD 25 Documentary.  Critics were poised then to tear it apart.  So, what else is new?  “Critics think they know the way…but, they do not know how to drive the car!”  I LOVE xscapefourTHAT.

So, what do we know for sure?  TELL US, MICHAEL!marcel marceau two

I love great music.  It has no color, it has no boundaries.

Music is tapestry.  It’s different layers, it’s weaving in and out, and if you look at it in layers, you understand it better.

I believe in perfection and I try to create that in everything I do.  We never seem to rehearsal twototally get there, but I believe in perfect execution.  And when we don’t get at least 99.9 percent, I get really upset.

I think it’s going to be totally different than what I did before.  The idea is to take it a step forward and to innovate or else why am I doing it?  I don’t want to be just another can in the assembly line.

I’m writing music, and ideas are coming to me and I can’t turn them off.

I think I haven’t scratched the surface yet of what my real purpose is for being here.  I’m committed to my art.  I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine.  And I believe that that is the very reason for the existence of art and what I do.  And I feel fortunate in being that instrument through which music flows.

I’m never satisfied with anything.  After I’ve cut a track, I’ll come home and say ‘oh no, tdrcau threethat’s not right,’ and you just go back and back and back.

“According to Rolling Stone, Michael had 62 songs written and wanted to release 33 of dance fourthem as a triple album.”  BAD Album 1987.  The hunger for Michael will not end.  We will enjoy his enormous catalog, his breath-taking performances, his wearable art…the powerful glow of his light will last forever.  XSCAPE will be dissected and debated, as all posthumous works of art are…but, I think many will agree, that Michael lives inside it.  AND, WE ARE HUNGRY FOR MICHAEL.

Thank you, Vibrant Community, for the individual glow of many colors which collectively burn as one.  I love you.


HIS tory

MYstoryemotion three







5 thoughts on “IN THE LIGHT

  1. Thank you once again Jude, for expressing what is in our hearts. You are such a gifted writer. You have Michael’s spark, his love flows from your words.

  2. Going back and back and back. Yes. The art of writing is re-writing. Michael. Genius. Never satisfied. Always radiating LIGHT. I hope people do not re-write my books when I ascend – especially not the unfinished ones. How would they know exactly where I was going with the story? I LOVE what he did that HE did. I cannot look at the artwork. I bless the artist, but it is so far from Michael’s essence in my heart. He’s not weird. He’s not alien. His mouth is not covered. He is not a scary head emerging from a cosmic can of space. His eyes are gentle. He is a RAY of brilliant starlight, a gentle note of harmony with God & Goddess. On May 13th I may listen for him through the muddle of layers of other’s work to find HIS work somewhere within. Maybe. Or maybe on May 13th I will “Xscape” into “Invincible” instead, where I will remain – as always, speechless within the master’s own heart. 😉 MichaeLOVE, ~H~

  3. Another great blog, Jude! 🙂 Thank-you.
    Michael went back over and over to perfect His music….just as we go back to Him over and over for help perfecting ourselves. The artwork of the new album makes me think of Him being the center of the universe, with the galaxy spiraling around His head, with Him wearing the universe like a cloak dripping with bright colorful stars. I AM hungry for Michael…so I will listen to the new album for ANY of His voice… I know He has recorded music never released, so with fingers crossed…I wait , and hope, and pray for another taste of His voice. 🙂
    peace, light & MichaeL~O~V~E, Michelle

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