MJ FAN PRIDE…It’s personal!

A FANTHE CHARACTER OF THE MAN IS ALL.HUMANITARIAN ERASRecently, Michael Jackson fans have been called into question by media and persons whose intent is far from pure.  Accusations have been hurled which bring to mind the abuse Michael experienced for decades.  Once again it is clear those involved have agendas that have little or no regard for the truth.  Those whose intent is to turn the public’s perceptions of a convicted felon can only achieve their goals by defaming the victim, Michael Jackson.  Since the felon took Michael’s life, interviews, autobiographies and articles will present whatever the felon and his attorneys handsomenineconstruct.  Michael Jackson is not here to tell the truth.  However, Michael Jackson has something  no one else on the planet possesses…a massive ARMY OF LOVE.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQFwF5rYafg

I have often tried to explain the feelings I have for Michael Jackson and his life and legacy and found myself struggling for words, not because I can’t describe each and every fact I have learned, not because I can’t talk about unconditional love and loyalty…but, because the listener either is astonished by the depth of love or simply trying to find a polite way to escape. I guess the closest I have come is by describing how very PERSONAL the journey with Michael is…it is personal to every Fan who has taken this magical ride.  When Michael says that his Fans are a part of him, the only ones who can understand this are Fans.  The unconditional love Michael gave was in history twoevery part of him…he gave it in his music, his storytelling in short films, in his lyrics, his poetry and prose, his speeches and interviews, his generosity and humanitarianism, his performance, in every aspect of how he lived.love

 This very personal connection has been going on for Michael’s entire career, and the more than four years since he died, and continues to elude the small intellect and low-ceiling imaginations of both media and extortionists alike.  THEY SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO GET IT. Michael offered large thoughts to their small minds.  And so, the all too familiar attacks move to encompass all who defend, support and love Michael.  If we label Fans as rabid, crazy weirdos, once again, marginalizing and minimizing and otherizing are practiced to brainwash the public.  I am reminded of the quote, “YOU WILL ALWAYS KNOW HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE BY THE FORCE THE ENEMY USES IN AN ATTEMPT TO TAKE YOU DOWN.”  MJJJusticeProject  The love Fans have for Michael is as real as the love he gave them.  It has nothing to do with idol-worship and everything to do with inspiration.  It has everything to do with a life well lived and nothing to do with temporary adoration.  In fact, temporary doesn’t come into it at all. The personal connection is permanent. It is felt deep in the soul.dreams

In Paying Michael Forward, I strive to educate those who chose to leave adolescent myth-making media brainwashing behind.  I am one of the lucky ones who has been blessed with hours of research and mountains of facts.  And, I have promised that I will allow Michael to speak for himself.  In addition to that, I will also allow Fans to speak.  Inside this grammar lives millions of soul mates…MICHAEL’S ARMY OF LOVE. Let me quote from some.

“Michael went back over and over to perfect his music, just as we go back to him over and over for help perfecting ourselves.”  E. Michelle Billeaudeax

Uri Geller  2001 Michael’s Oxford Union Address

“When Michael walks over to a group of Fans who have waited for hours for a glimpse, you see some of them lock solid.  They have messages for him, they want to say how much he has meant to them all through their lives and how much his music has been their soundtrack, but all they can do is stare. Many bring handmade gifts…embroidered cushions, framed paintings, poems, boxes of candles, national flags. He takes every FAN ARTone and holds it to his chest for a moment.  He says, “Thank you and I love you!” again and again.  He does not refuse any request for an autograph or a photograph.  I walked with him for 200 yards through the pouring rain across an Oxford road and past barriers, after his address to the privileged at his Union address last month, to a huddle of drenched and shivering Fans.  They had not been able to get tickets and they had turned up on a bitter night without any hope of being close to Michael for more than a moment, but they ( and not the curiosity hunters in the Union Building) were the real Fans.  Michael truly loves his Fans.  When he tells them he does not do it in the valentine for michaelsuperficial way that most pop stars intend when they shout it from the stage.  He means it this way…when Michael walked through the rain that night, he was on crutches, with 2 broken bones in a foot that was swaddled in bandages.  By the time we got back to the car, he was squeezing filthy, icy rainwater out of the bandages onto newspaper on the floor.  I laid my hands on the aching flesh and let energy flow through me to activate Michael’s own healing powers.  He sat back with a calm expression on his face and his eyes closed, perfectly accepting the possibility that healing can begin with positive thinking.  The Fan’s gifts are displayed in Michael’s hotel suites, wherever he’s staying wmasixand he moves around a lot, even between places in the same city.  His favorite presents are on display and he has a lot of favorites.  He uses objects almost as pledges, reminders of affection from people who can’t be with him, the way you might fill your wallet with photos of your children and fold postcards from old friends.  On Michael’s walls there are pictures of his own children, of course, and photos of him with his family and friends…but, the reverence with which the admirers’ gifts are arranged seems to say that his Fans are his family, too.”loving fans



“Let’s be clear, Michael Jackson practiced and professed PEACE throughout the world and his Fans follow that principle.  MJJJP does not condone, encourage or endorse threats of any individual’s physical safety and/or threats of death/violence.  During his lifetime, Michael was inundated with a plethora of vile and salacious allegations that had no bearing on truth.  The media biased reporting led many to believe he’d be convicted when in fact the trial was very much in his favor from the onset.  Due to inaccurate reporting, the public was surprised by his NOT GUILTY ON 14 COUNTS.  Did anyone in the media do any soul searching or MEA CULPA after the facts of the case did NOT support the 10 year vendetta of DA Sneddon?  NO!  You could hear a pin drop as well as all the jaws of the spinners of the tabloid media… Grace, Dimond, Orth, etc.  The man characterized as “freak” and “wacko” by more than one tabloid in an attempt to make him less than human so comics could make digs at him and it would be totally acceptable…and music critics would talk about his appearance instead of the quality of his music.  Now he is gone and his Fan Base, which is perhaps the largest of fans twoany celebrity worldwide, has been characterized as RABID WEIRDOS and FREAKS just as he was by tabloid reporters.  Now they want us to be DANGEROUS as well.  The TMZ story is a prime example of how tabloid press gets attention with buzz words and Valerie Wass is utilizing this tactic for her client.  She’s working his appeal and reinstatement of his medical licenses so she must attempt to rehabilitate her client in the eyes of the public.” MJJP


Michael said, “DON’T READ IT.  DON’T FEED IT.”  His Fan Base understands why he said it.  WE WONDER NOW…WILL THE WORLD.

Robert Blake

“Michael didn’t need anyone or anything in the world to be Michael Jackson.  His soul and his talent shone through at his birth.  His capacity to love and forgive his abusers, his torturers, those who hated and envied his talent…is inspiration for us all.  Michael’s soul and talent flow around the planet like the trade winds and the sun’s rays…FOREVER.”

rose“YOU ARE THE REASON I CONTINUE TO DO WHAT I DO.”  Michael Jackson World Music Artist of the Millennium 2000 (a portion of his speech to the Fans.)

“TO MY LOYAL AND DEDICATED FANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD…Your love, your caring, your endless support provide nourishment to my soul and keep my spirit strong and unwavering.  Together, we will heal the world.  I couldn’t be ME without YOU.” Michael Jackson

This connection between Michael Jackson and his massive Fan base is personal, it is soulful, it is based simply on LOVE.  Through all that Michael had to endure, all the challenges and tragedies, he never changed…he never stopped loving…he never stopped believing in the power of the people to make changes in the world.  He never stopped believing that music could help heal.  He never stopped trying to do all he could, professionally and personally to rescue children, animals and the environment.  THAT IS WHO MICHAEL JACKSON IS AND THE MORE EDUCATED ONE BECOMES ABOUT HIM, THE GREATER THE LOVE.  He truly is art incarnate…love personified.  Fans feel so deeply because HE LIVED HIS BELIEFS ON A WORLD STAGE and he continues to inspire love and good works around the planet.SWEAT

And, so, my dear friends, as promised, I will leave you today with Michael’s words, which constantly move me TO BE BETTER, DO MORE…AND LOVE.  I am honored to be among this amazing population that spreads its wings and flies across the planet preserving Michael’s legacy.

“Stand up for what you believe in even if it means you stand alone.  Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.  Never regret doing the right thing no matter what the cost may be.  Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small or guilty for doing any of these things.  Don’t shrink away from standing or speaking or doing for fear of repercussion or personal price.  It takes a strong person to turn the other cheek, to not look the other way, to not just simply walk away.”  earth song


HIS tory




9 thoughts on “MJ FAN PRIDE…It’s personal!

  1. Thank you so much, dear Jude. Someone must want me to see this quote at the end too – it’s the second time today it has come to me. Once in a private message to me that you couldn’t have possibly known of. Same day. I would say that it is personal. When a spirit reaches beyond death, beyond realms to give his army of L.O.V.E. messages of encouragement, that is a power that touches us at the core. I appreciate your heart! I see. I feel. I am touched by your words. They matter. They matter to Michael, and they are connecting to millions of spirits – who may not manifest comments here, but I pray you will hear and feel their gratitude. MichaeLOVE, ~h~

  2. Wonderful post!
    Made me shed a tear that yep, we do have a special connection with Michael that other peeps outside the MJ bubble simply don’t understand.
    Thanks for your uplifting words!
    Sharing this!


  3. Sister Jude,
    You always say such amazing things for and about Sweet Michael. Your conviction is so strong, and I always read your words with a renewed sense of strength, and knowledge that my heart has been right about Michael for 45 years!
    It’s true that those who don’t ‘know’ Him, simply do not understand. And it’s true that we feel Him in our souls. We feel Him in individual cells of our body. We feel Him in each inhale and exhale. We feel Him every time we look into the sky and marvel at the brightness of the moon and sparkling of the stars. I feel Him every time I hear my daughter laugh. I can not, NOT feel Him.
    He loved us from the abyss of His soul…and we Him.
    Lately words escape me, but the feelings are always there…they crowd my heart and mind and bubble up into my throat so that I can’t utter a sound or even scribble a letter onto paper….so Thank-you so much for your words! I needed this.
    peace, light & MichaeLOVE, Michelle

  4. Wow!! What beautiful and real thoughts on how there’s a special connection Michael and his fans shared…. I’ve never seen in my life, the Love connection between This man and millions of people he touched around the world….. Michael’s fans are unique, loyal, dedicated, strong, lovable, his army of Love…. Michael’s fans have stood by him through the good, and dark times of his life….. Yes!! Michael have something that no other celebrity have with their fans….. This special connection that only those who were chosen to feel and have with him..even in death, it’s not over…. Love is strong and it never dies…. the Love that the fans have for Michael is forever, Yes!! we are Michael’s army of Love…

  5. Jude, You are a writer that captures the essence of this very hard-to-explain phenomenon presented to us by Michael Jackson. In sentence after sentence you made me scream out, “That’s it!”

    It’s been a blessed and wild ride to share with Michael and all that you have described here so well. I am thankful I was somehow beckoned to climb aboard though I had little idea where I was going or why. I will continue to scream and shout and occasionally weep with all of you as we hurtle and glide to “places we’ve never been before!”


  6. I need to confess I read it with a major bitter feeling. All those names: Sneddon, Chandlers, Arviso and Murray in the end shot multiple arrows penetrating my heart deeply and pain will never go. Michael’s plight was and still is the part of our (fans) lives, we lived through his pains, tribulations and hardships like they were our own. And the reson is very easy to explain: we really are a family: Michael and us and I feel pity for those who have no brains enough to comprehend or take it for idol-worship. WRONG! HE is our next of kin, as simple as that. I’m so grateful to Jude for awakening and awareness she raises, not for me because I’m alwais in it, but for others who still need profound education in this area. LOVE you, Jude, my sister in MJ fan family and Peace to all MJ fan family!

  7. beautiful michael words always makes me cry. he was a beautiful person and has a beautiful soul. I sing in church now and michael is my inspiration. I try to do new things without fear. making a change and be all you can be. love to all.

  8. Again, Jude, these are words that needs to be read globally. For those that are on the fence about Michael, get to know him through you. I shall pay Michael forward by sharing your thoughts and words whenever I can. This I honor Michael and you, my dear, is a beacon of love which Michael have touched your heart with his “gloved” hand.

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