“She used to always rub my face and I never used to understand why.  She used to say I had beautiful hands and I used to say, ‘Why, don’t all hands look alike?’  But now I see what she means because now I do it to my kids.  I rub their facescreate two like that because they are so sweet.  I never understood why she did it to me.  Then, you grow up and you realize that it’s an endearing thing to say, ‘I LOVE YOU’.”

Michael Jackson (Memories of Rose Fine)

~The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be~

Dalai Lama michael's hugs

“We wanted to do a film (GHOSTS) that’s very scary, but it should be a roller coaster ride with peaks and valleys, all kind of emotions.  You know, there’s some pathos, I insisted on it.  I hope you enjoy it.  I hope it’s inspiring to a lot of people, and I hope it scares you.  I hope it makes you laugh and I hope it makes you cry.  That’s all I want to achieve…just some real entertainment.’

Michael Jacksonearth song brit awards

It is necessary to pay due diligence when peeling off the layers of Michael’s gift of touch if we are to truly understand it.  So unique in its scope and depth, his survival instinct did not include pulling others under to save himself, for no matter how dark the days, Michael took the higher ground…remaining calm in the face of chaos.  A true legend reflects the living life, and the life remembered after death, with the sum total offering inspiration in helping others to live.  For those who know and, for those who don’t,  our peeling honors the gift.  Michael valued touch in an expanded definition which unconditionally accepted that…you take less than you give…always look forward, and never let go.  Hearing the millions of voices crying SAVE ME, Michael believed in miracles that touched both the inner and outer lives of humankind with every touch motivated by LOVE.  Dismissing the philosophy that you can only play the game…but never win, he stood in a position of power defending unpopular causes with a firm hand and a gentle heart.  Michael reached out to teach, illuminate, and inspire…all the while entertaining us with his magical artistry.  In truth, there is only one side of the Michael Jackson story and, for those who, in their increasingly cynical minds,  believe that a chain reaction to hearsay, gossip and rumor innocent elevenhas no end, Michael’s crusade goes on.  We have chosen not to be accomplices to media and extortionist bullying.  Soul-power is at stake here, for Michael has shown us that our real power lies within.

~We are the Guardians of Michael’s Legacy~

Accusation isn’t proof, repeating a lie doesn’t make it true, the line between investigating and persecuting is a fine one not to be stepped over, Michael’s life revealed to us a media that was wrong 100% of the time.  Touching us with the strength of dissent, our search engines have been empowered with a singular mission:  TO PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.  This instrument has given strength to THE NEW MEDIA, also called CITIZEN JOURNALISM.  “The speed of communications is wondrous to behold.  It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.”  Edward R. Murrow

~WE HAVE MUCH TO DO~activist seven

Masquerade the heart

Is the height of haunting souls

Just not what you seek of me

Can the heart reveal the proof

Like a mirror tells the truth

See the evil one is you

IS IT SCARYhandsome and pensive

Michael Jackson~  GHOSTS

Fearless and motivated by LOVE, each day we more deeply understand the love.  It is a gentle caress of a beautiful hand, the soft kiss of a gentle man.  It is the penetrating look from eyes that seem to go on for miles.  It is the hug that never ends.  It is the fire that ignites our sense of injustice and propels us into social justice activism.  It is the ~sparkle from a little girl’s gaze containing the same knowledge that Nature implants at the heart of every life-form~  Michael’s touch is felt in every song, every dance, every performance, every speech, every interview, EVERYTHING in his creations.

~It is simple trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view~

“I believe that people living together in unity is one of the most important messages we can teach our children.”ghosts nine

Michael Jackson

~What one wishes is to be touched by truth and to be able to interpret that truth so that one may use what one is feeling and experiencing, be it despair or joy, in a way that will add meaning to one’s life and will hopefully touch others as well.  This is art in its highest from.  Those moments of enlightenment are what I continue to live for~

Michael Jacksonactivist six

With one voice, touching with unconditional love,



“We have been taught that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.”

Susan Jeffersawe thirty one

You love to pretend that you’re good

When you’re always up to no good

You really can’t make him hate her

So your tongue became a razor

Someone’s always tryin’ to keep my baby cryin’

Treacherous, cunnin’ declinin’

You got my baby cryin’

Saying you just wanna be startin somethin’


Michael Jacksonawe thirty

“We need to be careful what type of media and information we digest, because although we think we are so powerful and in control of our minds, our subconscious runs most of our lives.  It is even proved that over time, we forget the sources of the information in our heads, whether it was true or second hand, and pass these stories on to each other.”

MICHAEL JACKSON  Man Behind the Mirror

Raamayan Ananda

Every now and then, being reminded of the truth is necessary, especially when word choices act as weapons rather than balm.  Michael sings about the pretense of being good when the motives are anything but.  “Nothing dies harder than a bad idea.”  I so agree with Julia Cameron.  ~BUT WITH YOUR PEN YOU TORTURE MEN, DO ANYTHING FOR NEWS~ Michael certainly understood the wisdom behind that.  Recently, we have been once again confronted with the improper judgments about Michael’s children and their parentage.  In the decades I have traveled this planet, I have never seen another father questioned, judged, ridiculed about his children’s bloodline.  NEVER!  Our creative minds play with the things we love…this topic is not on my list.  However, it has made the lists of others.  Remembering Michael’s past gives power to his presence and awe twenty ninestrengthens his legacy.  And so, we turn to the ultimate authority on Michael Jackson…MICHAEL JACKSON.

“Yes, there are surrogate mothers who do this everyday.  That happens every day in this world-it is happening right now.  I used a surrogate mother and my own sperm cells.  I had my own sperm cells in my other two children.  They are all myAWE TWENTY EIGHT children.”

Michael Jackson

M. B. Interview 2003

Education has taught me that Michael Jackson gave truths to the world.

The bond between Michael Jackson and his Fans spans the depths of intimacy and reaches the chemistry of knowing.  Cells that make up our bodies, molecules, have been permanently changed. Understanding can only be reached from the inside. The commitment is a matter of pleasure, a chemistry of love complete.  It has nothing to do with idol worship and everything to do with seeing the world not through the “I” ego, but instead as a collective energy.  Our lives have split in two…the life we lived before our journey with Michael…and, the life we live now.  The truth has revealed itself to us…not only do we believe…we know.  Michael has taught us that what we believe, we become.

BELIEF IS CONTAGIOUSadorable man nineteen

Mary Oliver tells us that it’s not the weight, it’s how we carry it.  We have chosen to carry the weight of PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD by doing.  We have learned that Michael’s story is helpful to the world’s healing.  We dive in, only to rise empowered.  Thousands of hours of researching have proven Michael’s truthfulness, the choices he made, understanding that no loss is without meaning, providing us with a role model.










Michael Jackson

Michael’s art was created from talent, character, hard work and divine inspiration.  His life reflected his values and beliefs.  He wasted no energy on judging others’ lifestyles and decisions.  He paid little attention to critics who defined beat as a musical term meaning to club.  Gossip and words chosen as weapons meant to demean and hurt were not a part if his vocabulary.  Through continuing to learn and listen, he knew his artistry would thrive.  He was a messenger empowered to shine a light on human struggle.  Betrayal was a constant companion, and with it came astounding art which heal the world in performancereflected the struggle.  He created Utopia and invited us inside.  He did not agree with a negative philosophy in anything.  He understood the destructive power of words used as weapons and tongues as razors, and actively called out for change.  He was honesty personified.

“Children are constantly encouraged to grow up faster, as if this period know as childhood is a burdensome stage to be endured and ushered through as swiftlyEDUCATED ONE as possible.  Ours is a generation that has witnessed the abrogation of the parent/child covenant.  Psychologists are publishing libraries of books detailing the destructive affects of denying one’s children the unconditional love that is so necessary to the healthy development of their minds and character, and because of all the neglect, too many of our kids have to essentially raise themselves.  They are growing up distant from their parents and grandparents and other family members as all around us the indestructible bond that once glued together the generations, unravels.”

Michael Jacksoninnocent eight

We have the opportunity to teach our children, to love them, and to reveal to them an honest, respectful world, where we do not take pleasure from the pain of others…nor, do we inflict it.  Respecting and honoring Michael Jackson’s life and legacy is where we have begun.  Our fate rests in our activism.

With all my love,




“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss.  But every once in awhile, you find someone who’s iridescent…and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”be still my heart today sixteen

Wendelin Van Draaner

“I have no aspirations to write a book about Michael Jackson.  Michael was a very complicated man, with many relationships with many people on many levels.  Many books are written (by body guards, best friends etc, siblings, ghost writers) which puts the authors even further away from knowing and understanding Michael and the entire story.  I think it is a great injustice to Michael to write a book assuming they really knew the man.  Only Michael could write his story and he did through his music.  JUST LISTEN.”

Karen Faye

Believing that something extraordinary is possible, consider taking the final journey home…certainly not unexpected in the grand scheme of things.  Feeding our dreams and, sometimes our nightmares, we have now left all of that behind, no longer haunted by our past.  With our triumph over tragedy, having found proof of love and proof of trust, we have chosen to believe our lives have made a difference.  Ah!  But what would that difference be?  Who will continue our story?  Who will celebrate the life to which we were born?  Will it be an honest and complete rendition?  If we add to theawe twenty six equation an epic life, what then?  I agree with Karen Faye…Michael’s life was complicated, huge in its proportions…layers upon layers, wonderfully paradoxical.  He represented the human spirit.  Each of us who are committed to PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD, protecting and preserving his artistry and legacy, constantly steep ourselves in source material to inform our writing, hopefully reaching as much of Michael’s tapestry as truthfully as possible.  I would like to believe that the rendition of my story would include memories from many, touching all aspects of my life, giving a clear picture of my character, but, that picture would be a sum total and not a singular impression. Quite honestly, I would want to tell my story. Michael said it himself…when we want to be close to him, listen to his music, the love is stored there…his History Album he said was a musical book.  He was his artistry, with each of his creations offering a window to his soul.  His inner life was unselfishly given to us everyday he danced the planet…a play of lustrous changing colors, a genius who saw answers before questions were asked, with magical iridescence.  Often showing awwwhis gratitude for his God-given gifts, he was rarely afforded respectful privacy, not even in death.  As in life, many wanted to attach themselves to him, seeking fame and fortune without merit.  Many have released books stretching associations beyond honesty.  Some have painted his entire life with the brush of a brief association.

We ask ourselves the questions:  What traits form the nature of  Michael Jackson? What moral and ethical qualities reference his behavior?

CHOSEN VOICES is a repository for Michael Jackson:  Transcribing Michael’s own words, studying Michael’s musical artistry, all aspects of his creative life, following his massive humanitarian life, sharing his messages, celebrating those who have been inspired to make change in the world.  Taken in total, a picture of the character of the man is absolutely clear.  Those who shared in Michael’s life have generously offered their loving memories.  When all is said and done, Brenda Jenkyns’ words ring so very true:  There’s no unknowing what we know. 


How are we so sure of who Michael Jackson was…we have studied and listened, and we believe.  Our goal:  To give the world the truth through education.AHHHH SIXTY ONE

~Michael…you are the reason we are here.

Your character has been revealed through a lifetime of choices that were true to who you were born to be…your character intact both in life and in death.

~You are all our reasons.

Through his iridescent lifetime, Michael has written, sung, danced, generously given, rescued, saved, empowered, giggled, performed, instructed, modeled, created, pioneered, and loved his story for the world…beautiful in mind, body and soul…confident in the knowledge that his fans new the truth and joined him in triumph over tragedy.

~All our reasons defined by the character of an iridescent man…and steeped in our understanding and love~

“A complicated and complex man…very real with a deep love and appreciation for art, awe twenty sevensomeone who very much embodied the dreams he inspired in others.  Michael loved challenge…to think out of the box and run head-on into the most daunting challenges.  Everything in Michael’s world was a reflection and companion to the whole…conveying a message and evoking an emotion, stimulating thought.  He didn’t believe in the impossible.  The appreciation for detail, and for things in life so often taken for granted was part of his magic.  He had magic because he truly believed it.  He didn’t believe in can’t or won’t.  He was a master at hiring the right people for what he needed done, perhaps because he had an uncanny ability to sense the highest potential in others andbj msg draw the best out of them.  Nothing could stay the same for very long.  He just had an eye for things that could work with a little magic added to them.  Living with intention and meaning is what motivated Michael.  To say that Michael was a perfectionist was an understatement.  He absolutely lived for performing live.  He put so much into every performance because he wanted it to be THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE MOST AMAZING SHOW ON EARTH.  Out of respect for his fans, it had to be full out every time.  Heahhhh forty seven was humble, but humility is not the antithesis of knowing the importance of commemorating milestones.  Michael took notice of everything.  To look like the real thing it had to be the real thing.  Michael was a muse, a riddler and a prankster, but most of all, an inventor who refused to believe anything was impossible.  Through him,fifty never looked so good four we embraced the same limitless philosophy.  HOW FAR CAN WE TAKE THIS…His mind, like the sky, simply knew not the concept of boundaries or limits.  Limitations, I learned through him, are either self-imposed or predicated by the limited visions of others.  Performance was a life, not a job.”

Michael Bush


Dressing Michael Jackson

“Michael Jackson was destroyed like no other person in our time.  You have to remember that Michael Jackson was innocent.  He was proved innocent in our courts.  If you read the transcripts of the trial it is insanity, it never should have gone to court.  We persecuted him.  Every person who ever bought a tabloid or watched the news…we all contributed to his death by taking in that form of gossip.  I believe Michael in a sense is an American martyr.  Martyrs are persecuted and Michael was persecuted.  If you go to Youtube and watch interviews of Michael, you don’t see a crack in the facade.  There’s this purity and this innocence that continue throughout his whole life.  If it had been an act, he couldn’t have kept it up.  If you watch his 1992 concerts in Budapest and compare it to concertsAHHHH FIFTY FOUR today, you see such uplifting beauty and a message that you won’t see in any other artist of our time.”

David LaChapelle

~American Jesus-Hold me, Carry me boldly~

We know the truth, we have all the reasons, and we listen as Michael generously gives us his story.






~Faith is defined by a grateful heart beating with the strength of unconditional love~

“Let us show him our reverence for life.”AHHHH FORTY FOUR

Watch, learn, love.

Michael Jackson

I have begun to wonder…have I discovered that the blessing of channeling reveals itself most clearly when flames are licking at my feet?  Crashing, with a feeling that I can handle no more, am I truly at the place where my mind is completely open?ahhhh forty two

~Nothing good ever comes easy

All good things come in due time

You gotta find something to believe in

I’m telling you to OPEN YOUR MIND

Gotta put your heart on the line~


Last night I dreamed in prose.  Thoughts came flooding and my mind swam in beautiful language.  For the briefest of moments, I felt Michael’s power to channel, a gift that resulted in astounding music destined to change the world.  Michael Jackson had a photographic musical mind and with this rare gift, he remembered his dreams, entire songs appearing, ready to be danced out into the world.  His massive catalog of music spoke of human struggles, journeys that led to collective empowerment.  He chose  to travel the world and personally see its beauty and its suffering.  Inspiration came from both, and unparalleled artistry followed.  His heart…wounded and perfect, his geniusahhhh forty one mind open wide in wonder.  The magic of the Creator’s pen can only be heard when our senses live keenly in life…times of desperation, anger, frustration…times when we cannot see…sparkling times when we are alive in joyful wonderments…dark times when we feel the weight of faith crisis, hours of hopelessness that seem to have no end.  Walking through fire many, MANY times, Michael moved his depths of despair forward, expressing human thought which gave universal meaning.

With great strength and bravery, Michael stood up after each and every blow, fueled.  Gratitude and humility in perfect unison with his mantra:  Make love your weapon against any evil.ahhhh twenty nine

Life for my family has once again presented a series of difficult medical challenges, and with those challenges, I have found myself moving from fear to anger to despair…all very human reactions, briefly healthy but, dangerous if allowed to paralyze…miraculous when inspiring channeling in my dreams.  The challenges have brought doubt in the adage:  ~We will never be given more than we can handle~  But, when I have been allowed to take a breath, my mindomg eight has opened and I rediscover my pen.  Just as Michael felt great pain when seeing suffering, pain comes to me when I see my husband suffer.  Great love brings with it both immense joy and profound sadness.  The gratitude that strengthens faith allows us to love unconditionally and, survive it!jesus

My gift to YOU, Dear Friends, is to share the gift channeled to me…deep gratitude for the privilege of being a part of this loving and potent Michael Jackson Community of Love.  Michael has changed our lives.  Our privilege comes in sharing what we have learned with the world.  Thank you for taking so much time to visit CHOSEN VOICES each day.  Thank you for taking time to share so generously your wisdom and creativity in prose and poetry and painting…great thoughts that inspire me to continue.  Thank you for sharing articles in our effort to educate the world.  We have, TOGETHER, PAID MICHAEL FORWARD, with great enthusiasm…this month marking our 29th month anniversary.

~Gotta put your heart on the line if you wanna make it right

You’ve gotta reach out and try

Gotta put your heart on the line if you wanna get it rightmagic michael four

Gotta put it all on the line~

We are here to put our hearts on the line…marching and dancing and singing and educating alongside Michael.

~And, when our minds are truly open, channeling Michael to the world~

I love you, Michael!sexy performance three

I love you, Dear Friends!



WE ARE WHO WE PROTECT…who we stand up for

~Michael’s greatest success was YOU, his worldwide fans, who are changing the world with love.  YOU ARE HIS CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT.~


~Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before you, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.~


He was a man of power; of positive power that brought people together in the time he lived.  He brought people from ALL walks of life, ALL nationalities, friends and foes alike.  He was healing in the spirit because he healed a lot of people with his music and with his spirit.  Being in his presence, when he visited hospitals, the children would miraculously be healed.  Michael should be remembered for being one of the most positive and unselfish human beings that ever lived.  He just happened to be a singer and a dancer.”

Jonathan Moffet

Connected in a community, believing in a story greater than myself, sometimes there is a feeling of being frozen in time.  But, it isn’t a trapped feeling, quite the opposite. respect Joined together, we fans each recognize a transformation of our own stories as we grow in our understanding of Michael’s story.  We have begun to realize that WE are a valuable part of Michael’s Legacy.  To be sure, Michael’s journey is frozen in each and every detail, every event, every accomplishment…but, his ice sculptures burn brightly with brilliant light and intense heat.  Consciously, We cherish each connection as bonds grow in strength, intensityahhhhh sixty three fueled.  And, although Carl Jung stated~Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood~ we are dedicated in our mission to both understand Michael’s complex, multi-layered messages and, spread his legacy around the world.  Across the breadth of Michael’s journey lies the emotional sincerity of Michael’s heart, his very soul.ahhhhsixty

“He was so shy, he’d sit down and sing behind the couch with his back to me while I sat there with my hands over my eyes with the lights out.  I think the thing for him was he was a complete triple treat.  He could sing like nobody’s business, he could dance like nobody’s business with electric performances.  So, every time he hit the stage, no matter what he was doing, no matter what type of song he was doing, all eyes were on him.  I think Michael was a sheer natural, dropped on this earth by the Most HighART FOR MICHAEL to show everyone how to do it…and, he did it.  He was born with talent, you don’t learn it, no one teaches you how to be Michael Jackson in grade school.  The true, true stars are people with unique and unbelievable talent like no one else.  He didn’t sound like anyone else, he didn’t dance like anyone else, and he had ahhhhh sixty twothat special something that only stars have.  There are a lot of people who assume they’re stars…he was a real star.  Around the world, this guy is held up in honor as the greatest entertainer.  He transcended everything.  He was that uber star, not just a regular star.  I think now, people are trying to remember the joy that he brought into everyone’s lives, and also the sheer greatness of this talent, which is what you should be applauding at this time.  This is one of those times in our lifetime that we saw a real beacon.”

Randy Jackson

~Michael knew and was genius at communicating, not only lyrical and instrumental meaning, but with voice inflection, phrasing and emotion.  He could send a message to that little soul light inside, triggering joy and connection with a primal ‘something’ that has no words or explanation.  The miracle is the permanence of connection, and the expansion of knowing and feeling that extends to other areas of life.  The Creator used music as Michael’s microphone to the world.”performance art nine

Lauren Trainor  MJ Tribute Portrait

The Belgian saying:  ~One speaks evil of friends in order to divert attention from one’s own mistakes~  goes to the heart of  despicable lies and liars who seem incapable  of cleanliness of thought.  Attempts to discredit, with soundbites and smear campaigns, distortions and vulgarity, continue.  The media is free only to those who own one, their intent to put forth in the court of public opinion ~What got broken here doesn’t go back together again~   Enter the NEW MEDIA, sometimes called  CITIZEN JOURNALISM…Integrity and objectivity, education and truth, message and historical facts have now become the whole reason for doing what we do…we are here to changeomg ten the world of cynicism, low standard dirty interpretation…loading up all fears and allowing them to fly away.  Heaven Leigh said it beautifully when she wrote:  ~Michael was a champion of the poor and oppressed.  In his goodness, he gave wisdom to those in authority so that all people may enjoy justice, peace, freedom…to share the goodness of his creation~  His story continues in his artistry and with those who carry his messages, determined to obliterate organized smear campaigns for all time.  Michael’s clean thinking took him to very high realms and we are determined to protect this truth:  He was a man of his word…and, his word is intact still.  We are here to see that truth live on into future generations.  We are not taking NO for an answer.innocent eight

“Michael’s story becomes a much less complicated one when you see the obvious…that he was a rebel and a social justice fighter in the style of Gandhi.”

D.B. Anderson  Citizen Journalism


~a gentle genius with unparalleled stamina~  Karen Faye

Edward Hopper describes ART as necessary and attaches these five reasons:  Art is a natural human behavior~Art is communication~Art is healing~Art tells a story~Art is a shared experience.  Michael Jackson is the only force that can inspire people across the world to dance and celebrate in complete UNISON…his artistry touches EVERY human experience, communicating and healing us, storytelling in unforgettable shared experiences.  Taking this description of art a step forward, Michael Jackson’s artistry HUMANITARIANS TOGETHERinspires activism for change in the world.  It comes from a place of innocence and purity.

“My greatest inspiration comes from kids.  Each song, every dance I do, all the poetry I write.  It’s all inspired from the level of innocence, that consciousness of purity.  And, children have it.  I see God in the face of children.”

Michael Jacksonoh baby

We honor the struggle we share with Michael willingly, with the vulnerability he taught us, knowing we are all in this together.  We have asked ourselves: What are we growing toward?  Navigating the powerful currents surrounding Michael’s life and legacy, we connect to each other, presenting both individual and collective stories that empower a change in the public perception of Michael Jackson.  This is our cause.  These are our goals.   Becky Barn defines the importance of preserving his life and legacy when she said:  “Often, when a celebrity parts prematurely, there is a frenzy of the media and a period of mourning deep into the public, and then, life goes on.  This is not the case with Michael Jackson, whose influence is still felt on a daily basis in the music world and whose absence is still being referenced frequently.  Will we find another pop star who is so revered and loved?  Who has impact so deep and sustainable in the landscape of diversitymodern music?  Few believe that there is a possibility.”

“I totally enjoy what I’m doing…and bringing joy into people’s lives, to me, if I can bring one second of joy into a child or grown-up’s life, I have achieved my lifetime ambition.”  

Michael Jackson

Great artistry is complicated and magical.  A great artist gifts the world with wonderments.  A genius presents big thoughts, multi-layered, intricate to the extreme.ahhhh fifty nine  Aligned with the powers of the universe, Michael Jackson requires of us to revisit, nourish and define our thinking and understanding.  “Magic is what happens when you have encountered the divine.”  Phyllis Curott  Without a doubt, we have encountered the divine in Michael.

WE ARE WHO WE  PROTECT, WHO WE STAND UP FOR!  With a massive crowd of smart people who love Michael, we have his back, and fully intend to open the doors of justice and truth.

“Angels wait for us to call them.  They walk beside us all the time, they guide, heal andbilliejean classic protect us.  We can develop deep and illuminating relationships with angels, if we just call them.  No task is too small, no task is too big to call on our angels.  Thank you, Michael, for your angelic inspiration.  We love you.”

Betelgeusemj Mcol


Artwork Robyn Starkand


“My mother’s wonderful.  To me she’s perfection.”

Michael Jackson

MOTHERdancing the dream six

Eons of time I’ve been gestating

To take a form been hesitating

From the unmanifest this cosmic conception

On this earth a fantastic reception

And then one fateful August morn

From you being I was born

With tender love you nurtured a seedahhhh fifty eight

To your own distress you paid no heed

Unmindful of any risk and danger

You decided upon this lonely stranger

Rainbows, clouds, the deep blue sky

Glittering birds that fly on high

Out of fragments you’ve made my whole

From the elements you fashioned my soul

Mother dear, you gave me life

Because of you no struggle or strife

You gave me joy and position

Cared for me without condition

And if I ever change this world

It’s from the emotions you’ve unfurl’dkatherine two

Your compassion is so sweet and dear

Your finest feelings I can hear

I can sense your faintest notion

The wondrous magic of your love potion

And now that I have come so far

Met with every king and czar

Encountered every color and creedDaddy

Of every passion, every greed

I go back to that starry night

With not a fear for muscle or might

You taught me how to stand and fight

For every single wrong and right

Everyday without a hold

I will treasure what you’ve mold

I will remember every kiss

Your sweet words I’ll never miss

No matter where I go from here

You’re in my heart, my mother dear.

Michael Jacksonbe still my heart today five

With love,


Thank you, Zita

WITH A MOTHER’S HAND…and, a child’s heart~a Katherine Jackson Tribute

~I remember a good story about my mother that illustrates her nature.  One day, back in Gary, when I was real little, this man knocked on everybody’s door early in the morning.  He was bleeding so badly you could see where he’d been around the neighborhood.  No one would let him in.  Finally, he got to our door and he started banging and knocking.  Mother let him in at once.  Now, most people would have been too afraid to do that, but that’s my mother.  I can remember waking up and finding blood on the floor.  I wish we could all be more like Mom.”

Michaelmother five


In 2010, with the beautiful and selfless heart of a mother, Katherine Jackson reached out her hand and gave the world NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE.   She dedicated the book to the loving memory of her son, Michael Jackson.  Offering a private collection of pictures and personal reflections, she bravely moved to erase media myth, having two main themes:  To bring the truth to false accusations, and celebrate the artistry of her astoundingly gifted son.  “Beyond our hardships, our family loved Michael dearly, and each of us shares a special bond with him.  Through our memories we will always boy kingcherish Michael.”

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

Today, all around the world, Fans of every color, every race, every religion, every culture join together to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD….with hearts old and young, millions of hands reaching out to show gratitude for a mother’s gift to the world:  A child born to be King.  Reflecting a mother’s wisdom, Michael was a seed sown to the world which today results in global love and activism.  His inner strength and character, nurtured from birth, his massive God-given gifts and talents encouraged from birth, an unconditional love role model shared from birth…Michael grew into an unparalleled babies of michael'sartist and humanitarian.  It is a Mother’s Story told by her son.  “I don’t think I could ask for anything more in life than a son like Michael.”  Katherine Jackson

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;  the most massive characters are seared with scars.”

Khalil Gibran

~My mother was a great provider.  If she found out that one of us had an interestKATHERINE THREE in something, she would encourage it if there was any possible way.  There isn’t one of us who’s ever forgotten what a hard worker and great provider she was.  It’s an old story.  Every child thinks their mother is the greatest mother in the world, but we Jacksons never lost that feeling.  Because of Katherine’s gentleness, warmth, and attention, I can’t imagine what it must be like to grow up without a mother’s love.  The lessons she taught us were invaluable.  Kindness, hands and heartlove, and consideration for other people headed her list.  Don’t hurt people.  Never beg.  Never freeload.  Those were sins at our house.  She always wanted us to give, but she never wanted us to ask or beg.  That’s the way she is.”



“A person who set every foundation with good intentions and with the hope to inspire others through unprecedented displays of love and humility.”


Michael’s story reflects the loving hands and heart of a mother who nurtured a child prodigy and later encouraged an adult genius.  His legacy defines the values taught and nourished by a mother whose strength was passed to her children.  Being deeply loved, Michael was able to give a mother’s and father’s love to all children of the world.  Watching his mother help a wounded stranger informed Michael’s humanitarian rescue efforts and fueled his belief in equality.happy birthday six

“Fifty is too young to die.  Despite the tribulations he faced, I believe he still managed to live as joyously as he truly deserved.  I believe my son, Michael, fulfilled his purpose in life.”

Katherine Jackson

Michael often included in acceptance speeches a moment to thank his mother for the gift of life.  We Fans lovingly do the same, for we have been given new life, and beliefs which affirm our souls.  The lessons of giving and loving and charity and equality sing around this planet in wondrous harmony.  Michael Jackson inspires all those who come to know him with an inspiration that changes lives.

This morning,

In the hush of dawn,

I knew the miracle of birth-

I looked on the small childkatherine

In my arms-

And felt full ownership

Of earth!

August 29, 1958

~K Edelman


~To Katherine Jackson with Love~oh baby




“Naked we come into the world and naked we shall go out.  It reminds me that I am naked under my shirt whatever its color.  Teach your kids to love all people equally.  It is my dream and goal to capture truth.  We should dedicate ourselves to this.  The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily, and aims for it unswervingly.  That is dedication.  There is no other way to perfection than dedication and perseverance.”ahhhh forty three

Michael Jackson

“Feeling free, let us fly in the boundless, beyond the sky, for we were born to never die, to live in bliss and never cry, to spread the truth and never die, to share our love without a sigh, to stretch our arms without a tie.”

Michael Jackson

“When you have come to the edge of all light that you know, and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen:  There will be something solid to stand on, or you will be taught to fly.”ahhhh forty one

Patrick Overton

A feeling of freedom washed a blinding brightness into early dawn. Mingled with mazes of mosaic patterns of color, I awakened with a soothing sense of calm.  Remembering dreams is a hit and miss thing with me…often miss.  This morning was  different.  The room, the trees and birds outside my window, the colors of fabrics on the bed, everything  sparkled.  My body felt light and buoyant, celebratory even, as if a huge weight had been lifted.  Rather than awakening with that heavy feeling that something was very wrong…I actually felt a soul-satisfying inner happiness.  The unparalleled abuse and attacks that Michael Jackson suffered are often referred to as a stain, irreversibly permanent.  This morning, for the very first ahhhh forty twotime, I felt myself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of Michael’s mantra:  Everything is possible if God is on our side.  It has been a struggle lately as the very evil that works to destroy Michael has expertly taken aim to throw the Michael Jackson Community into the role of victim. There is a force in that which has not only taken aim, but thrown me entirely off balance.  This world that has a love affair with gossip, suspicion, and the will to believe the worst, coupled with a media of licensed liars, does its level best to reduce our shouts to whimpers.  But, this morning, my learning was painless…I savored my dream that Michael’s crucifixion had ended.  The appalling silence of the “good” people…the evil that happens when good men do nothing…had been replaced with the firey passion of truth seekers.  A new mantra had been born:  “Rebellion is not what most people think it is.  Rebellion is when you turn off the T.V. and start educating and thinking for yourself.” Gavin Nascimento

~One thing we know for sure:bully

I don’t want any of my fans to worry about me.  I am strong.  And, I know I can win this trial because I know I am totally 100% INNOCENT.”

Michael Jackson

WHEN THE STUDENT’S READY, THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR.  Michael has empowered us to teach the world.  Amidst the ultimate villains, we are together, bonded with love, ready to celebrate the highest highs and face the greatest pain…to spread thechildren in michael's arms truth and never die.

This movement of love no longer accepts abuse of the public trust, but rather, holds the media to the highest standards of conduct, knowing full well that all of us owe a duty of care to one another.  Yes, we hold dear our Constitutional First Amendment Rights, but there is nothing in the Constitution about bearing false witness as a legal right.  “Alone, we are just an ECHO in the mountains…but, TOGETHER, we are the mountains.” (AdLLaw)  “What we believe, we become.” (MJ)   Uninformed disbelief will not be given the power to dissuade our PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD…and, finding danielethe miracle to cause stain to disappear. In choosing what is necessary, not what is easy, we have chosen perseverance and dedication.  With our forgiveness, our victim identity will dissolve, and with it, light will replace darkness.  That is what my dream showed me.  Enjoying misery, either inflicted or watched, will be replaced with Michael living again through us all.  The window that Michael provides invites us to become part of the story, adding our own GLIMPSES AND FLASHES, capturing the truth.his fans PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD demands that we research each and every day…and, then, send those truths out into the world.  It is up to us, for there is no one  else.  And, there is a mountain of information to share.

In the days of the information highway, ignorance is not only prejudice…it is a activist sixchoice.

“On weekends in the city, we often went to the movies or comic book stores,and what I remember most fondly about those visits was that Michael introduced me to the joy of books.  I was dyslexic and reading had always been tough for me, but when I complained that I didn’t like to read he said, ‘Well then, you will be dumb and ignorant for the rest of your life.  Frank, you can do anything you want in this world, but if you don’t have knowledge, you are nothing.  If I gave you a million dollars right now, would you take it?  Or, would you want to have the knowledge of how to make that million on your own?’  I knew the correct answer to that question:  ‘I’ll take the knowledge.’  Michael said, ‘That’s right, because with knowledge you can make the first million into ahhh thirtytwo.”  Frank Cascio

“It’s clear that being a role model to a young boy, who may not have a father around to instill that desire to read, is most desirable and thankfully for me, Michael took on that important role.”

Barbershop Books MJJJusticeProjectahhh thirty two

“One day, we were told by the nurses that Michael Jackson was coming to visit.  We had to keep it a secret so the hospital wasn’t  overwhelmed with fans.  There was a big flurry as his assistants handed out T shirts and signed copies of his BAD Album for everyone in the ward.  Then, he just walked around and talked to the patients.  I said, HELLO.  He said he was pleased to meet me.  I was gobsmacked.  He was very gentle and seemed shy.  I got the sense he had a deep love for children, especially those who’d been hurt.  Then, he crouched down and said HELLO to Angela.  She couldn’t talk because she’d just come out of a coma, but she started smiling.  After that day, she started getting better.  I think of him as an inspiration.  We’d been having a terrible time.  Angela was in the hospital and I’d been the lifeline to keep myself together.  But, he was a total inspiration for the whole ward.  I thought…thank God for sending him.  He just has a presence about him…this great empathy with people who needed to get better.  Now, Angela is 25 and at university and full of life.  There was another boy who was about 15, and he was a huge fan.  After Michael’s visit, he startedactivist seven getting better, too.  His mom thought it was a miracle.  I believe many of the children got better after meeting Michael.  I think people should know about this side of Michael.  I never believed he was anything but a good person.”

November 13, 1987

Melbourne Children’s Hospital

Helen Darlington

“When I see him dance and sing, it touches me, like a spirit.  It moves me inside, sort of like the Holy Ghost.  But, it’s more than singing and dancing.  It manages to touch my soul.”

Isiah Lord Thomas III  innocent on all counts

American Former Pro Basketball Player/Coach and current President of Basketball Operations NBA NY Knicks

“Being so close to him was amazing.  The only way to describe it is like a spiritual experience.  I felt so much love on  that stage…love and happiness.”

Christine Dowling


Capital Children’s Museum Humanitarian Award 1989

Michael Jackson is relevant to this world and its healing.  We are here to make that clear.  Those who choose to believe the media will be constantly disappointed.  That is ahhhh thirty threea choice they make.  Feeling free, we fly in the boundless beyond the sky.  We stretch our arms without a tie.  

And, sometimes, we awaken from the most magical dream.

Thank you, Michael!

I love you!



“Michael had such beautiful hands, but most important about them was how many times he used them to hug, touch and hold someone…giving love and comfort.”

Ingrid Homolla

Michael said that Rose Fine used to say he had beautiful hands and, “I wondered, don’t all hands look the same.”  Michael Jackson


“We only live once…since we are given the gift of life, it should be our persistent endeavor to immortalize ourselves, no matter what field of endeavor we choose.”

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson immortalized himself with a perfect storm of God-given talents.  UsingGOLDEN HAND his gifts of physical and emotional beauty, he engaged our senses and jolted the music world out of the simple and into the complex.  Breaking down artificial barriers was not only an outcome, but a perpetual goal.  His global influence remains a constant in aHANDS OF MICHAEL world that boasts the chaotic.  Those who travel the low road find his legacy incomprehensible, choosing cruel destruction to mask ignorance.  Believing that music could bring about mass healing, that the power of the people could bring about change, Michael defined his journey into immortality with artistry of perpetual and forever love.  And, again, those who found his path incomprehensible have chosen rumors that feed on public paranoia and insecurities to shape opinion.  George Orwell put it best when he said, “The people will believe what the media TELLS them THEY believe.”

We have to ask ourselves this:  Just how important is the truth?

As Michael championed the poor and oppressed, the suffering children of the world, angel michael lovemany saw him as a danger.  The more he accomplished as an ambassador of love, the more he traveled meeting millions of people, the greater his influence in all corners of the world…the greater the insecurities of the powers that be.  Mark Twain’s words Travel is fatal to prejudice and bigotry…Michael was bringing the world to the people and the people to the world…we were seeing the blood inside him WAS inside us all.
The beautiful hands Rose Fine talked about reached down inside the hearts and minds of masses of people, changing thought and direction.  Once again, the media turned to its forces, twisting and turning, lying with misdirection, following their mantra:  We deceive, you believe.

Scintillating headlines, which were cut and pasted over and over again, brainwashed, either by intention or subliminally.

We ask ourselves again…How important is the truth?

We have witnessed Michael’s immortal journey deciding, each for ourselves, to convert these realities into energy, knowing full well that with the immense joy comes gut-wrenching pain.  Michael said himself that he would do anything to stand up and fight HEART OF MICHAEL TWOfor children…to the point of crucifixion.  We stand united while holding onto Michael’s beautiful hands…feeling the blows and the victories.

When Michael visited the Middle East in 2005, he insisted upon traveling to a remote village in Oman.

“It was so mountainous, so far from the city.  All you could see was mountains.  You see a guy walking a herd of sheep coming down the mountain.  Myself, I’m thinking, what are we doing here?  I don’t like this at all, but…people were coming, shouting MICHAEL JACKSON.  Oh, my god, That’s what really showed me…even these people know this man.  That is amazing.
Kerry Anderson

Body Guard 2005

This life don’t last foreverinnocent on all counts

So tell me what we’re waiting for

We’re better off being together

Then being miserable alone

Cause I’ve been there before and you’ve been there before

But together we can be all right

Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold

We can hold each other til we see the morning  light

I can tell you’re tired of being lonely

Take my hand, don’t let go, baby hold me

Come to me and let me be your one and only

We can make it all right til the morning



“I did not find Michael weird, messed up, or anything you’ve ever heard about him.  All the allegations ever charged against Michael were false, and that in my discernment, HE DID NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY TO EVER DO ANYTHING EXCEPT LOVE CHILDREN AND LET THEM KNOW HE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO STAND UP FOR THEM AND HELP THEM.  Just look at the magnificent work he did on their behalf, writing and co-producing WE ARE THE WORLD, and the 39 charities for children he gave to generously.  That was Michael.  I believe that during his trials he related to the suffering of Christ and prayed for intervention because he was being accused over what he loved most…CHILDREN.  This caused him perhaps more pain than anything in his life.”eyes of innocence

David Pack

We unite TODAY.  We choose to educate the world TODAY.  We accept the pain, that will no doubt bring us to our knees, TODAY.  We choose the magic, wonder and joy of Michael Jackson TODAY.

Listen to Magictm

These are the thoughts to heal your fear

Listen to my joy

Fill your voice with healing words

Speak into the world

Tell of all who shall be free

Most of all I ask you

Let your actions speak for me.



Heaven Leigh

~With our love, and united on your behalf~

Judehand of love two





  ~Thank you, Zita for THESE ARE THE HANDS OF A MAN


You are not alone

For I am here with you

Though we’re far apartPARIS EIGHT

You’re always in my heart

You are not alone


~April 3,1998~6:26 a.m. ~a beautiful little girl weighing 7lb 7oz~


~April 3, 2015~

~HAPPY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY, PARIS~daddy's little girl two

Today, as you celebrate with your family and friends, there are masses of people around the planet who are celebrating with you.  The list of your heart beats will give shape to the day, sometimes chaotic in a flurry of activity, sometimes coming with gentle calm.  When the time comes to blow out the candles on your birthday cake, all the dreams you have will flood your mind.  At that time, it may be helpful to listen once again to the beating of your Dad’s generous and loving heart.  Our dreams demand that we have faith in them.  Oftentimes, we find ourselves reactivating forgotten early childhood dreams, or gazing down the tunnel of a dream just beginning.  Faith is something to believe in beyond ourselves, with our humility opening doors to all things.

Your Daddy was a classic whose artistry continues to reveal more, say more.  He oftenparis four reminded us to go for our dreams.  His spirituality gave power to his effect on people.  His credibility lay in his choices when the fires were at his feet.  Believing in the infinity of possibility and the potential within, he created music needed to change the world.  And, love was his answer for it all.

You are the living, breathing truth of his love.  The love of a parent for a child represents the most powerful love there is.  It is complete, unconditional and forever.

~Our children are the most beautiful, most sweet, most treasured of our creations.PARIS HERSELF

~What you believe you become.

~Live, be, move, rejoice…you are alive!

~KEEP ON REACHING.  DO IT FOR ME.mommy's little girl

~Dream it.  See it.  Believe it.  Make it happen.

~The more I believe, the more the dream will be mine.

~You can’t do your best when you are doubting yourself.  If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

Your Daddy’s heart beats are for YOU, Dearest Paris.  Here we find just a few.

Today, with your family and friends…and, alongside your Daddy, we blanket you with  God’s blessings and unconditional love.  Our prayers are for you to realize your dreams.







THE PEOPLE’S LEADER…measured by soul

“To sense the presence of an angel is like feeling the wind all around you.  You cannot actually see the winds, but you notice its movement, and you know it is there.”

Sue K

~You were there, before we camesoul alone

~You took the hurt, you took the shame

~They built the walls to block your way

~You beat them down

~You won the day

~It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair

~You taught them all, you made them care

~Yes, you were there and thanks to you

~There’s now a door we all walk through

~And we are here, for all to see

~To be the best that we can be

~Yes,  I am here

~Because YOU WERE THEREsexy without trying

Tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.

Written by Michael Jackson

Whether speaking in a whisper or with the sound of a choir, our emotional courage affects our bravery, spreading beyond all boundaries.  Action reflects our love as  understanding grows in the truth we have chosen to search out.  Days may find us either wounded or victorious.  Following the philosophy of Maya Angelou…You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. With time, we find ourselves reaching a point where a daily decision to choose between happiness and despair presents itself.  Time spent with Michael Jackson increases our ability to escape human limitations.  Is it true that one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious as Carl Jung has said?  We tune into Michael’s energy and it converts into a reality for ourselves.  He is a figure of light who has also revealed humanness during our dark times. This week, I came face to face with the personification of, It’s discouraging how many dancer's dancerpeople are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit, as Noel Coward said.  Those of us in the Michael Jackson Community are all too familiar with today’s tabloid media tactics…created and practiced all too well in prime time.  A reporter or interviewer asks for an interview.  But, rather than asking questions and LISTENING to the answers, said interviewer becomes the “expert”.  When the true expert attempts to speak, he or she is either shouted down or told there isn’t time.  The agenda has been already decided and the truth is nowhere to be seen…the myth lives on.  I remember something Diane Maas said, “Normal people don’t go around destroying other human beings.”  I also find myself clinging to the days of my youth when the term Broadcasting Standards wasn’t an oxymoron. And so, I have come to that point where I must choose between despair and happiness.  If our lives shrink and expand in proportion to our courage, it is a given that we will call upon that courage both to calmly defend and joyfully celebrate Michael.  There will be days when the wounds are fresh and the tears are unending.  But, we would be doing a disservice to Michael if we choose only to cry.  Our doubts creep in when we are unhappy…Can we do this?  Will the cruelty ever end?  When will people profoundbe held accountable for their bullying? and more and more.

“Michael knew who he really was and what kind of a message he wanted to offer the world.  He was a man who empathized with the weak, those misunderstood and alone;  a sensitive soul searching for light, searching for knowledge, and human understanding-in all its forms.  He identified himself with the poor and the sick, with the beloved and the hated, with the ugly and the beautiful, in everything”

Nicolae Vidan

To truly carry the messages of the PEOPLE’S LEADER into the world, the days we face liars are wonderfully balanced with the days of celebrating a hero.  The magic Michael created stretched from his artistry to his rescue of those in need…from music and dance and theater to toys and water balloon fights and play.  The magical wind we feel from his sweet breath refreshes us in wondrous new projects and ideas that he presented to us, and, that we claim as our own.  He is here with us in our hearts and minds encouraging us to be happy.  He has broken down walls allowing us to go forward creating change in the world.  All that he has done can be measured by soul and weakens negative people who find problems for every solution. Personally experiencing a member of the media paled in comparison to what Michael faced for decades.  Hindsight being 20/20, I would have handled it differently.  What I learned will empower my choices the next time.  But now, I am taking one idea…HAPPINESS.  I am going to think about it, dream about it and live it for awhile.  I am going to remember this:  They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.  Those words by Dinos Christianopoulos apply to Michael.  The cultivating of omg sixseeds done by him has resulted in us.  The fruits of his dedication to artistry and humanity will never die.  We are dedicated to the honesty path and reject the myth trail.

“It is now I see and feel that calling again, to be part of the music that will not just connect, but make all feel as one…one in joy, one in pain, one in love and one in service…and, one in consciousness.”

Michael Jackson

“Michael’s soldiers are out there, moving forward with love and joy, fertilizing the world with Michael’s messages.”


Here are some highlights in this week’s BEST OF JOY!  sexy performance two


~We celebrate as LOVE WARRIORS


“Just to watch him walk through the door-it’s like all the molecules in the air stop and you can pinch them with your fingers and pick them up.  It’s like you could see the smallest speck.  He changed them…the molecular structure of the air.”

Jonathan Moffett

The Dance Heritage Coalitionsexy performance four

American’s irreplaceable Dance Treasures

Nominated by a national survey 2012 and confirmed by the Dance Heritage Coalition Board of Directors The National Endowment for the Arts

The Twelve Honorees:  Jacques d’Amboise, Jane Dudley, Garth Fagen, Frederic Franklin, Loie Fuller, Carmen de Lavellade, MICHAEL JACKSON, John Martin, Sophie Maslow, Daniel Nagrin, The Rockettes, Maria Tallchiefone foot

As the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was the consummate performer, creating iconic dances to accompany his chart-topping music.  Jackson’s solo career produced some of the best-selling albums and well-known dances of all time.  With his signature gloved hand and white socks, Michael Jackson mastered rhythmic syncopation and isolation, and at the end of the 20th Century, he made dance accessible to the masses.  With the anti-gravity lean in Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson innovatively pushed the limits of his body’s capabilities with a patented shoe that slid into bolts on the floor.

Washington, D.C.  The National Archives  “Making Their Mark:  Stories Through leanSignatures

George Washington

Thomas Jeffersoon

King George III

The King of Pop Michael Jackson

ICONIC MAGAZINE:  Last Night a Hero Saved My Life…

“Like my superhero, Michael had an internal radar that triggered when a person was in need and one of his most humanizing qualities was to use his position to help those in need.”

“Michael understood how much joy his presence would bring to children, especially those who were suffering.”


Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”  Mohammad Ali

Today, our BEST OF JOY is measured by the soul power Michael gives to all of us.  We are motivated by love, fearless and free.  Empowered, we are choosing HAPPINESS.

We love you, Michael.



DECODING THE MESSAGES…the truest truths hold us together

~If you would take my hand

I would show you, guide you to the light

If you would be my love

I will love you to the end of timepanther nine

You give me Butterflies inside~

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

Proverbs:  Chapter 3 Verse 7

For the truest truths are what hold us together, or keep us painfully, desperately apart…and, in that moment, you will be blessed and stricken.  The truth is seen by sexy dancer threelooking into your heart.  In a search for truth’s fugitive, we will not fail or falter, for the truths are out there.

~taken from an X Files soliloquy

It’s up to us to make a choice

There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one!

They’ve gotta hear it from me!modest two

They’ve gotta hear it from you!

They’ve  gotta hear if from us!


ENOUGH…Michael Jackson

In connecting the dots, we ask ourselves…what seeds are we planting in this world?  Will the grains of our lives bear fruit?  Will the faith we share lead to something bigger?  We choose not to give up, for in giving up, we have chosen failure.  Wanting to believe that those who have passed on are not lost to us, that we hear them, and in their speaking, WE become part of something greater.  When really listening, we receive the power to save ourselves.

A day without Michael Jackson is devoid of truth, for in his lifetime of work, his uniqueahhhtwentyone artistry, we are offered explanations for what had been unexplained.  The narrative he has given is painted in every color, with particular attention to the grays.  He shows us an  open-minded spirit, tolerant, free from prejudice, with opportunities for maximum individual freedom. The ultimate beneficent person, Michael represents a living expression for…one who never gives up NEVER DIES.  The miracle that we have in Michael offers the greatest of journeys in search for truth’s fugitive.

“Michael Jackson was clearly a man ahead of his time, and perhaps, out of sync with it through no fault of his own.   His wisdom often fell upon deaf ears becausewisdom he offered large thoughts to small minds.”

Chris Kohler 

“Michael was so effective at communicating the emotion.  I mean, sometimes, we would just swell up with emotion when we would hear Michael’s vocal delivery.  There were many times he would sing and it would cut you to the bone.  He would bring you to the edge of tears.”

Matt Forger

A part of what we have come to understand is Michael’s unwavering devotion to people, his unshakable love, which often came face to face with the force of hate.  Liars don’t fear the truth if there are enough of them.  Evil can be just one man with a plan.  But, true evil is a collaboration of men. Mulder  One often wonders where Michael got the strengthen in times of TRUE EVIL.  But, he was a man “guilty” of believing that the truth will prevail, people will come together as one for change and healing.  The power and love of the collective is what drove THE PEOPLE’S LEADER.  The years spent on perfecting a composition, coupled love and action in a way no one else has ever done.  For Michael inspires masses of people with his truthful emotions, affecting our existence and our development.  Seeing Michael, hearing Michael, feeling Michael shifts our consciousness towards ahhhtwenty fourunderstanding relationships.  When Michael created his global environmental epic, EARTH SONG…PLANET EARTH, his message went beyond the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, influences i.e. the environment.  Michael wrote about the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ORGANISMS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT i.e. the ecology.  He joined the knowledge of what is true with the effect upon people…toward  a judgment to ACTION.  Bringing us from our unbelief, we have replaced cynicism with faith.  We hear his words:  “Without faith, we are lost.” That faith rests not only in religion, but with one to another. 

Much as there are those who try to bury Michael’s truths, the truths are there…they are in here, and they demand to be known.  But, it takes open minds accepting large thoughts with everlasting, energized devotion.  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so heSTRANGER IN MOSCOW SIX is.”  With his ability to bring us to our emotional knees, we are his BEST OF JOY…and, HE ours.  Unlike the liars, we ARE counting the victories and we behold the miracles.

“He really did build Neverland for kids, the children of the world.  There’s just no way that all the children of the world could experience Neverland, but I will say, and this is something I get very…almost passionate about…I have seen it first hand, when Michael did have kids there, you know, sick kids, Make-a-wish kids, Neverland stood on its own ahhh twenty fivetwo feet in terms of that.  This was an amazing place, but on top of that, Michael gave his time, and he would be out there giving the tour.  He’d be driving the golf cart and telling jokes with the kids.  He would be in the middle of a water balloon fight.  He would be on the rides, you know, telling the operator to go faster and faster.

It’s one thing to build something and then say, ‘Okay, everyone, come and enjoy it.  I’m too busy.’  But, it’s another to roll up your sleeves and be out there in the midst of it and that’s really what I saw.  I mean I would be there, and you know, I have four daughters, I have four beautiful, healthy, awesome daughters.  I can’t imagine the pain that a parent emotional performancemust feel when their child is sick and there’s nothing that anybody can do about it, but, Michael…how do I put this…that’s a difficult place to go.  It’s easy for us to pull back and go, ‘Yeah, that’s too bad there are sick kids in the hospital and I’m going to be over here doing my thing.’  But, Michael would go to those kids and Michael would open up his home and I was just heartbroken…I mean I see little girls and little boys in wheelchairsNEVERLAND REVISISTED THREE being lifted into rides by their parents and by Michael. 

 Michael had a chariot built into the carousel for kids that weren’t strong enough to sit on a horse or on one of the animals, so you could just put them on a bench and they could be on the ride, but not quite as vigorous as to hold onto a horse. That’s the stuff that…that’s real, that’s real life.  That little girl that’s on the ride in front of me is probably not going to be with us in 3 or 4 weeks and this is her final wish…to be at Neverland with Michael.  That’s a lot of weight to carry around and that’s the kind of stuff that…and…

 I’ve worked with plenty of people that have a lot of money, blowing it up their nose, blowing it on parties.  And, Michael…to experience Neverland for what it really was and see his dream come to life and to see the impact that it had on kids and families.  I willangel with flowers always have an enormous respect for Michael, and I’m extremely proud to be part of the team that helped bring that thing to reality.  It was like no place else on earth.”

Brad Sundberg

“Michael was not out of wisdom from childish immaturity.  He has lived those values consciously, not just to make up for his childhood.  I like and admire him.”  The Dalai Lama

We in the Michael Jackson Community, along with educators from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame, Berkeley, Duke, Columbia, to name a few, carry Michael’s legacy, life and messages forward.  We believe that in REALLY LISTENING to Michael Jackson, we can accept his power  and become empowered to save ourselves.  And, in doing that, we also accept our obligation to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.



With great hope,



SHOUT~ an immersion into time and space

Ignorance of people purchasing diamonds and necklaces

Kids are murdering other kids for the fun of it

Tragedy on top of tragedy, you know it’s killing meMICHAEL AND CHIMP

So many people in agony, this shouldn’t have to be

Too busy focusing on ourselves and not His Majesty

There has to be some type of change for this day and age

We gotta rearrange and flip the page

Problems, complications and accusations

Dividing the nations and races of empty faces, a war is taking place

No substitution for restitution

The only solution for peace is increasing the height of our spirituality

Masses of minds are shrouded, clouded visions, deceptions and indecision

No faith or religion, how we’re living

The clock is ticking, the end is comingmesmerizing five

There’ll be no warning, but we live to see the dawn

How can we preach when all we make this world to be

Is a living hell torturing our minds

We all must unite to turn darkness into light

And the love in our hearts will shine

We’re disconnected from love, we’re disrespecting each other

The damage we have done is gonna last forever

Ashes to ashes and dust to dustEARTH SONG PERFORMANCE SIX

The pressure is building and I’ve had enough

I wanna shout, throw my hands up and shout

What’s this madness all about

All this makes me wanna shout

Michael Jackson

How many lives would we be leading if we made different choices?  Moving from moment to moment, our path rushes towards its end, so rarely taking time to examine the reasons.  Did we choose our path, or is it simply one into which we have drifted, never really seeing?  If we stop for a time, pause to take stock of each precious moment, would we more clearly see the forces that have shaped us, and then choose ANIMAL LOVERa  different direction.  Our pain creates a need for healing physically, mentally and spiritually.  Holding onto our fears makes us forget who we are.

~Holistic practioners and many Eastern religions believe in energy fields…living beings exist beyond  the physical dimensions of time and space.  We are composed of layers of energy and consciousness…AURA…having little to do with scientific truths, and much to do with faith.

The strength of Michael Jackson’s aura creates moments in time where things are incredibly clear. If we believe that everything happens for a reason, then: It’s just a matter of what we do with it.  We feel this energy in our minds and hearts…our imaginations alive with possibility…profoundly real and deep in faith. Knowledge is power and should be accessible to all, while creating our calling and applying our passions…a lifelong adventure through heritage and heroic struggle.  Michael Jackson is a PEOPLE’S LEADER…powerful enough to silence the shrill discourse of the media…too beautiful and too real to miss.  His HISTORY represents one man’s vision quest.  That quest was for a better world brought about by its people.  “He and his audiences were off together on a great adventure.  Jackson didn’t just want BUBBLES FIVEmindless spectacle and escapism.  He wanted something deeper, something that changed people’s consciousness.  It comes through most powerfully in EARTH apocalyptic blues-operatic piece that paints a devastating picture of the destruction we are doing to the world.”  J. Vogel  “YOU, YOU, YOU, US, WE!


~They decided that man would learn best from a kinder message.  Let us show WOUNDED WARRIORhim our reverence for life.

~In the midst of so much death, the elephants could just give up.  All they have to do is drop to the ground.  That is enough.  They don’t need a bullet:  Nature has given them the dignity to lie down and find their rest. 

But they remember their ancient pact and their pledge to us, which is sacred. 

So the elephants march on, and every tread beats out the words in the dust: WATCH, LEARN, LOVE.  WATCH, LEARN, LOVE.  Can you hear them?  One day in shame, the ghosts of ten thousand lords of the plains will say:  “We do not hate you.  Don’t you see at last?  We are willing to fall so that you, dear small BREATHLESS FIVEones, will never fall again.”


Michael Jackson

Feeling the power of what has been learned from Michael and remembering all the dreams that were his and ours, we answer Michael’s shout: “Do you give a damn!  Aaaaaaaaah  Aaaaaaaaah”  We do!


~Helping the elephants march to freedom~


Our latest venture takes Michael into the heart of the Savannah as we seek to help alleviate the plight of elephants.  Michael’s heart for elephants was laid bare when he wrote “So the elephants march” for his book DANCING THE DREAM, and later, he questioned whether humanity had lost their trust in his hit EARTH SONG.

Sadly, the poaching of elephants has increased.  So much so, that the African elephant in particular is at risk of extinction.  Today, many of these dear creatures do not get theelephants chance to roam freely as Michael’s beloved elephants did at Neverland.

The good news is that the International Elephant Foundation (IEF) has been tirelessly helping elephants and communities to live side by side in harmony for many years.  In a picture here you can see one of their teams treating an injured elephant in Uganda.

Now, we are excited to be afforded the chance to work with them in securing just a few of the necessities to continue the phenomenal work they do on a daily basis.  As always, we know that many hearts right here will join us in ensuring success, as together we take another step towards Michael’s dream of healing the world. MJLmjladorable smile two

~MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEGACY~ yet another project to forward Michael’s dreams for the world.  From children to horses to the elephant. 


Listening, switching off ego, leading an enlightened life, Michael teaches us how to live, empowering us with his own life choices as a role model.  EARTH SONG is grounded in a rich tradition of prophetic poetry honoring the traditions of an Ancient American Indian prophecy:  When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then awe eightwill we discover…you cannot eat money. With a wounded voice and a vulnerability of spirit, Michael’s life and aura have whispered, sung, shouted, pleaded…dramatizing clearly the choices to our fate. It is a struggle against overwhelming odds.  But, never did he relinquish his profound belief in us as a people.   A PEOPLE’S LEADER showing us that we are intrinsically connected and intrinsically valuable…and that WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE CHANGE.  Refusing to accept a media model of disrespect and disregard, which relies on a numb and drifting public, Michael calls us into action.  MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEGACY is now offering another choice to meet the call.


I love you,

JudePicnic pics - 2014 -11 Medium Web view

~I used to dream, I used  to glance beyond the stars…now I don’t know where we are, although I know we’ve drifted far.


~Earth’s songearth song beauty


A DIALOGUE OF THE DECADES…an immersion into a continuous thread of revelation

~If you know nothing of me at least know thisadorable always two

~That I lived seeking you and this was my best of joy


With a joi de vivre AWE TWENTY FIVE

Believing that music can save

Music can heal

Michael Jackson was a moving star

Never a constant one


If Jennifer Stone is right when she says that, “Longing is all that lasts”…our inexplicable longing reveals the sacred site of our souls.  This spiritual seat of feelings and sentiments, our effective state of consciousness, enables us to experience great joy and profound sorrow.  Ordinary doesn’t come into our warm and full hearts…quite the contrary, Michael Jackson defines the word extraordinary!  A nova who defies its nature by never burning out, his brilliant light burst into cosmic explosions.  More like the speed of light than the speed of sound, we see an artist who shone a thousand times brighter than any other.  Our never-ending longing demands of us greater and greater knowledge.BREATHLESS TEN  Studying the five decades that Michael Jackson danced the planet, a Maestro…this master of art…not only have we learned of his galactic talent, we have come to realize the immense significance of his legacy.  Our journey demands reclaiming more SEXY MAN SEVENTEENMichael…his stages of musical genius, his footprints left on the planet.

“Love, Love, Love.  That is the soul of a genius.”


Circumnavigating the curvature of Michael’s catalog of art brings with it the revelation that layer upon layer upon layer of artistry is like no other.  Unparalleled in scope and texture, with the very foundation of integrity, there is a freedom within the courage. This man combined perfection with creativity, career with outreach, work ethic with play, boldness within tenderness, confidence within humility, maturity that held innocence, joy strengthened by a wounded heart.  He wrote parables speaking from divine inspiration, and channeled the music of the spheres.  By holding masses of people in his hands, he guided a world love movement.  As a teacher and leader, his vulnerabilities aroused and influenced a collective worldwide energy. As his imagination discovered new worlds of creativity, we have discovered new worlds in our collective activism.AHHHHTWO All of this begs the question: Who else has ever done this?  What other human being has so extensively affected multiple spheres.  To be sure, there are artists who have written and composed beautiful music.  There are people who have done philanthropic works for the betterment of mankind.  There are orators who have given speeches that have affected the thoughts of generations.  There are leaders who have succeeded in bringing about cultural change.  There are stars of stage, screen, and music who are loved.  There are dancers who have mesmerized.  There are writers who have moved the human spirit.  There are those who have kept their humility, even their childlike innocence.  There are those who have faced great suffering and pain bravely.  There are those who have been cruelly attacked and treated unjustly.  But, in my lifetime and my studies, I have never discovered ONE human being that has done them all…save Michael Jackson.BE STILL MY HEART TODAY FOURTEEN

~compare…to examine for the purpose of noting similarities and differences, like and unlike characteristics

~contrast…with an eye to differences, placing together so differences are striking

~unique…existing as the only one…sole example…having no like or equal, unparalleled, incomparable, impossible to duplicate

Just the other day another online voting contest appeared, paring entertainers, giving  Fans an opportunity to support and award their favorite artist.  Michael Jackson is a part of a multitude of competitions like this.  During the five decades of Michael’s career, he was honored with awards…often these awards were the first to be given because Michael’s career constantly pushed the envelope.  Groups found it necessary to invent a new award because any pre-existing awards just didn’t fit Michael’s achievements.WOUNDED WARRIOR

“Any words one speaks or writes are sort of redundant in the face of what we’ve just seen and heard.  He is probably the most famous person on the planet, God help him. ahhhh four He has also sold more records than anybody else on the planet.  And he has also written, recorded and performed some of the most glorious music in the pop canon.  So along  with all the gaff written about him, it’s probably one such justification that he’s continually referred to as the King of Pop.  They came up with Artist of a Generation Award to give him.  But Michael Jackson has been making music literally since he was a baby.  So, what generation?  At least three have been listening to him already.  And, who will they give it to next year?  Or is this award in itself a one-off like the man himself.  Because childhood prodigy to adult genius, when Michael Jackson sings, it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move, you can see God dancing.  So, tonight, the BRIT’s Artist of a Generation is:  Michael Jackson.”AWE TWENTY FOUR

The sheer volume of work Michael Jackson has accomplished, professionally, personally, philanthropically is unique.  Comparisons to discover similarities can only be done in part…contrasts being far more realistic.  Michael embraced his God-given talent with a joi de verve…offering himself completely, offering his fame, fortune, even his home.  In my lifetime, I have never witnessed the sheer volume of it all…witnessed someone offering their home and everything that included…with a pure and unconditional love for children and the inner child that lives in us all.  Opening his doors…asking nothing from guests but a smile…giving, asking nothing in return. Five decades of love, artistry, personal connection…has turned into a sixth.  People across the planet continue to flock to Michael.  A bond that is personal and unbreakable not only keeps Michael’s artistry alive…it continues his messages.  Who else can remain vital after leaving this earth?  Who else can inspire masses of people to make change…change for healing a wounded planet?  Who else inspires a quest for more knowledge?  Who else empowersAHHHH SIX a collective movement almost six years after they have passed?  Who else influences music and fashion and film almost six years after they have passed?  Who else inspires a quest for justice and an end to racism, prejudice and bigotry?  Who?

“You are connected to a higher source and you just go with the moment and you become one with the spirit, very much like religion.  It’s a God-given gift and you BREATHLESS SIXjust go with it.  I’m honored to have been given it and it’s fun to become one with the audience.  It’s a oneness, you know.”

Michael Jacksonahhh six

There is a longing that resides deep inside Michael Jackson Fans.  It is complicated and complex and emotional and passionate, just as it should be…how could it not?  Our dedication grows and with that growth comes our yearning to educate the world.  The demands of that are extensive because Michael Jackson is unique…that uniqueness is multifaceted, many layered, unparalleled…filled with wondrous magic and powerful threads of beauty, joined together in compelling revelations.  Inspired with:  I’m invincible…I’ve been through it all.  You can’t hurt me.  Knock me down.  I get back up.”  Michael Jackson.


~Words are our inexhaustible source of magic…capable of inflicting injury or remedying it.  Rowlings

We are here to carry on.

Judebreathless eleven




“I believe in us and the people.  I know we can make a difference.  I love you all with all my heart.”

Michael Jackson  World Music Awards 1996BE STILL MY HEART TODAY THIRTEEN

June 25, 2009 defined for me the ancient legend “Once in your lifetime something big happens that changes your whole life forever.  After this turning point, your life will never be the same.”  Standing before me, in film and word, music and dance, was a man whose artistry provided metaphor for our human spirit, our common struggles, our shared victories.  Within that metaphor, powerful and infectious, a dazzling blueprint for living unfolded.  It took very little time before I felt an inner knowing…that sixth sense that ignites those very senses, lighting a perpetual fuse.  I was reborn.  Granted, I was captivated, mesmerized by Michael Jackson decades before.  June 25th created my search engine, powerful in its call to action, the very definition of Eugene O’Neill’s words, “Happiness hates the timid.”  For anyone who spends time with Michael Jackson is changed, uplifted.  Put another way, WE ARE BETTER PEOPLE BECAUSE OF TIME SPENT WITH MICHAEL JACKSON.  The landscape of Michael’s life is painted brilliantly by his creation and devotion to Neverland.  It is both representative of the totality of who he was and the Utopia of his dreams for the world and its people.  His artistry revealed itself in his storytelling.  TheMAGIC MICHAEL genius and creativity he applied to the layers of his work brought with it life lessons…Michael is a master teacher.  Beyond that role, his artistry and his life represented every human value that I hold dear.  Through his suffering and pain, I felt inspiration and hope for a braver me.  Through his civil disobedience, I was given a path toward bravery.  Through his inexhaustible humanitarian efforts, the greatest lobbyist for change I have ever known, I stepped into an increased effort of giving.  I understood that Michael Jackson was chosen to bring a message of love and healing to the planet  with his artistry and activism, and we, his community of love, educated and empowered, were chosen to do the same. Storytelling for me manifested itself in the forms of CHOSEN VOICES, INNOCENT VOICES and THE IMMERSION PROJECT, living out the Chinese Proverb:  If someone shares something of value and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.  I have been reborn over and over again, gathering power from thousands of hours of research which continue to prove the relevance of a man who bound his perfection eightsoul to his work, each day rededicating himself to the wonder and innocence of childhood.  Michael has been and is my constant…my touchstone. I came across a quote from Spencer Curtis Brown which offered a glimpse into the pain and suffering that grips all of us who travel with Michael.  For Paris:  “What she saw was an Eden in the seconds after the apple had been eaten, when evil was known, imminent and unavoidable, but where there was still awareness of what innocence had been.”  There have been days, weeks when the tears would not stop, feeling gutted and frantic, angry and beaten.  When overtaken by defeat, I turn to Michael for strength.  His music, voted by kidshis artistry, his performance, his poetry and prose, his character, his choices…all  provide me with a measure of bravery to hold onto Michael’s reimagined world.  With his eye still in love, Michael channeled on behalf of humanity…I turn to my energy, hopeful of giving birth to a new reality. Children were my life’s career.  That, as with so many things, allows me to walk alongside Michael and all who carry on his messages for the voiceless. My entry point each day resides with kindred spirits around this planet who speak as one voice, who join together in a common purpose for change to this wounded world.  It is a pilgrimage that I am privileged to share…“My fans are activists.  They will defend me.”  Michael Jackson  Michael’s dreams help create my future…“all hidden in the drawer of innocence, wrapped in a scarf of wonder.”  MJ Michael was his artistry, lived his artistry, embraced an artful life…layered and paradoxical, just as a brilliant life should be.  He entertained us, challenged us to think, provided a role model, standing up each and every time he was hurled to the ground. EMOTIVE THREE He walked the talk.  He was and is real.  I am inspired by him every day.  He offers hope when I am suffering from life’s challenges.  He has strengthened my faith with his unbreakable faith.  Studying Michael Jackson’s life has given me mine…for I am discovering who I am and who I want to be.


Michael Jackson

The strength of Michael’s love inhabits my days…his life, his artistry, his choices, his visions reveal a love both pure and unconditional.  It is a love on a scale I have never seen before.  His visions provide solutions, inspiring each of us to our own song.  Once empowered, we join together, singing in unison and harmony, with beautiful diversity… crying out as one.handsome man forever Michael Jackson’s life changed the face of popular music forever, elevating the status of Black artists, opening doors for Black artists that followed, showing the Black Tradition of Soul and seeing music as colorblind.  His musical genius was out of the box, embracing all manner of genre refusing to label music, embracing cultures around the world while accepting no boundaries or borders.  His short films provided the Rosetta stone for music videos to this day. He brought theatre to performance and a unique style copied yet into the millennium.   He was, and remains, an ambassador to the world.  His humanitarian efforts continue to inspire masses of people. His career is unparalleled.  He remains the greatest and most awarded entertainer in the history of popular music.  The cruel and vicious myths and lies delivered by an unprofessional, sensationalizing, unethical and unaccountable media have brainwashed with the force of repetition and volume.  Unjustly accused and prosecuted, greed and illegality were only thwarted by jury verdict.  Found innocent on every count, the refusal of the media to accept truth revealed the very definition of bullying cruelty.  Believing as Martin Luther King did that injustice anywhere is a threat awe twentyto justice everywhere…Education is the answer to erasing untruths, a repository of facts brings light to the legacy.  We are the change for truth…WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA.  Actively PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD brings justice where none has been.  “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.”  MLK  Together, we do. And so, I will continue to greet each dawn, determined to enlighten with the scope of genius in Michael Jackson’s high art, delight in the gifts he gave us, and feel the energies of a world community seeking justice and actively continuing his work.  Understanding that his gifts and talents were God-given, to enjoy and have fun with, and, more importantly, to share…Michael believed it was just a loan…He worked and created to make a better world for our children and the ecology.   This privilege of writing each day is also on loan.  I will attempt to show my WE MISS HIMgratitude by delivering Michael Jackson truths…singing it loud enough for Michael to hear!


Michael Jackson

With all my love,

Jude Lingpeace four



THE IMMERSION PROJECT Michael Jackson’s Tapestry

THANK YOU, ELIZABETH MICHELLE BILLEAUDEAUX!  It is an honor and privilege to be a part of your beautiful book…MICHAEL IN MY LIFE.

I love you, Jude


SCHOOL THE WORLD…an immersion into re-educating

Call the man who deals in love beyond repair

He can heal the world of hearts in need of care

Shine a light ahead when the next step isn’t clearawe ten

Call the man

He’s needed here

Celine Dion

~martyr…one who undergoes severe or constant suffering

~saint…a person of great virtue or benevolence, founder of a movement

~human…sympathetic, humane, having the nature of mankind

Random House Dictionaryawe twelve

I wish people would stop regurgitating what they hear others say or post about my family and do their own research.  Lies never =the truth.  It is really up to all of us to re-educate the brainwashed and point them toward the truth.”

Tai Jackson

“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”


Experiencing extremes of emotions, we find bonding magnified as would a flame on a mountaintop be.  The abundance of our research only serves to preserve a field of vision underscoring a potent power in love.  Unified in this intense education, we can no longer bury our feelings because that would  mean burying our very souls.  Our orbit of knowledge grows daily and with it, our passion.  It is a shared history.  It refuses to awe nineaccept anything but truths, feeling personal betrayal when confronted with inaccuracy or deliberate lie.  In truth, we are branches on the same tree, albeit curved and clustered in a myriad of diversity, and not necessarily with the same degree of sap.  Spirituality, depth of study, openness of heart all inform understanding, and with our knowledge comes grateful joy. Tai Jackson’s words certainly give us a call to arms, for even though much has been accomplished, there is much to be done.  And so, I take to the page today, my heart heavy and my desire to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD alive and well, and beating within my chest.  Untangling the twisted truth of ancient lies seems to be our mantra these days.  Even though the internet offers actual footage, actual interviews, actual events, many cling to what they have been told by media, or, they simply do not have the time to devote to research.  How very fortunate we are that the Michael Jackson community is vast and vigilant, with an array of talents and gifts and diversity all seeking to reverse lies and give meaning to:  Lies never = the truth.  We restless agitators know that there is more to Michael Jackson then his unparalleled fame and fortune.  Digging intogreatest entertainer the layers these excavations have found:  human being, martyr, truth seeker, eternal artist, pioneer and legend, vanguard and standard bearer, justice seeker, saint, and lover.  God spoke to Michael in the language of music and he sang and danced and spoke that language for us…both he and we are chosen for a higher purpose…following awe eightdreams that demand responsibility.  We follow Willa Cather, feeling great love leading to miracles.

“Remembering that the past gives power to the present.”

Fae Myenne


“Michael was not only my brother, friend, inspiration and spiritual peer in music, he was love in the purest form.  Michael was able to give us the affection and tenderness of a child, but at the same time, give us the thrill of a beast.  The joy we gained from his life helped us get through so many trying times.  Words can never express or replace the loss that we have endured with his departure.  I have no choice but to remain inspired and continue to carry the torch for one of the most  incredible talents to walk on the earth.  God will never make one bad decision, so I must accept my responsibility in grief and stay strong and keep striving for excellence.  In Michael’s words to me, ‘Sean, you were blessed with a gift so your responsibility is to spread your talent and love to everyone you meet.  I love you, Michael.”

Sean Garrettawe seven

“Like the old proverb says, ‘Do not judge a man until you have walked 2 moons in his moccasins.’  Most people don’t know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true.  I cry very, very often because it hurts and I worry about the children…all my children all over the world…I live for them.  If a man could say nothing against a character but what he can prove, history could not be written.  Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live.  It is the same with those who criticize.  They desire our blood, not our pain.  But, still I must achieve.  I must seek truth in all things.  I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world, for the children.  But, have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.”

Michael Jackson 1987thud

“”Get out of there!’  Thomas Mesereau advised his weary, worn out, but relieved client by telephone. ‘ Why?  What have you heard, Tom?’  Michael Jackson asked his attorney, with anxiety in his voice.  ‘No specific words, but the District Attorneys are humiliated and angry over your acquittal, Michael.  They won’t stop until they get you on something.  You need to get out of their reach.’  Mesereau was advising his client and friend to ‘GET OUT OF DODGE!’ for his own safety and peace of mind.”

DEFENDING A KING ~His Life and Legacy Karen Moriartysexy dancer two

Michael’s innocent story in which he admitted sharing his bed with children was misinterpreted by social agents.  What Michael meant was that he shared his bed in the sense of ‘giving it’ to children who stayed at Neverland.  The notion that he sleeps with boys was a concoction by the prosecution.  What he said very openly was that he allows families into his room.  His  room is the size of a duplex.  It’s two levels.  He’s had mothers sleep there, fathers sleep there, sisters sleep there, brothers sleep there.  The prosecution concocted this little saying about sleeping with boys because they thought it would turn off the jury, and they failed.  We did have to explain who Michael Jackson was to the jury, that he’s a very creative spirit, a very gentle soul, a brilliant musician, a brilliant choreographer, and a very sensitive person who’s very concerned about the world and the problems in the world.  And he has a very childlike spirit and essence to him, and he attracts children all over the world.”

Tom Mesereauspeed demon five

“Of course you can have my bed if you want, sleep in it.  I’ll sleep on the floor.  We have guest units, but whenever kids come here, they always want to stay with me; they never want to stay in guest rooms.  They say, ‘Can I stay with you tonight?’  so I go, ‘If it’s okay with your parents, then, yes, you can.'”

Michael Jackson

“I had never seen any newspaper clippings, trophies, gold records, or other awards you’d expect to see somewhere in his house.  I asked him about this and he smiled, saying, ‘All that stuff’s in a house up on the other side of the property.’  I asked him, ‘Why don’t you put some of it up in here where everyone can see it?’  He answered,’ Well, I don’t like show offs and I don’t want to be one.  If I keep those things around me here where everyone can see them, then that kind of thing ends up being the topic of conversation and there are much more interesting things to talk about.  I don’t want to be reminded of who I am and what I’ve done and then end up thinking more of myself than is good for me.  Because, it’s not me.   I mean it’s a gift, what I have…it’s a gift from God.  He gave this to me, so it’s really not mine.  I get to use it, enjoy it, have fun with it…more important, share it.  But, it’s just a loan, really.”


William B. Van Valin II  MD

When asked about the importance of money, Michael replied:  “I guess it gets things done…to fulfil some dreams you need to have financial backing.  However I think everything starts with a thought, like if you plant a seed which then cultivates itself, everything comes out of that.”

Re-educating the world can be daunting at best.  Ingrained in minds all over this planet sexy alwaysare myths and lies that have been repeated so often that many accept them as truths.  Often, interpreting Michael’s humanness turns into an opportunity for negating the facts of his life…the astronomical successes, the constant and severe suffering, his great virtue and benevolence.  Michael represents mankind in all its facets, the heights and the depths, the joy and wonder and the woundedness.  When criticizing Michael’s choices, we are reminded of the old proverb he spoke of…we are admonished to learn more, research more.  Those who truly know Michael Jackson’s character understand that when he spoke of childhood, childlike, child innocence…HE WAS THAT VERY THING.  His choices in his life paint truths that he sang about, wrote about, talked about.  Once we have studied, researched, observed and LISTENED…the words martyr, saint, human not only apply…THEY ARE DEFINED.

“I always want to do music that inspires or influences another generation…I give my all to my work.  I want it to just live.”stunning angel

Michael Jackson




CALL THE MANprecious smile two


I love you, Michael.




THE ONE…a truth immersion

“To say the man is a genius is an understatement.  He cradles each note, coaxes the music to depths beyond reality.  God blessed him and squandered nothing, but loved it all.  Michael knew how to put together every tone, every nuance to make magic.  You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to see this again and again.  Memorize it and say to yourselves. ‘I SAW GENIUS IN MY LIFETIME.'”angel love

Elizabeth Taylor  (THIS IS IT)

“What I picked up on Michael Jackson, because I study people when I watch them, is the way that he counts the rhythm with his feet and his neck at the same time is crazy…so he’s hearing multiple things at once…and, I don’t know anybody who does that.”

Wyclef Jean of the Fugeespure sex

“One morning, Michael came in with a new song he had written overnight.  We called in a guitar player, and Michael sang every note of every chord to him.  ‘Here’s the first chord, first note, second note, third note,’ etc.  We witnessed him giving the most heartfelt vocal performance, live in the control room through an SM57.  He would sing an entire string arrangement every part.

Steve Porcaro once told  me he witnessed Michael doing that with the string section in a room.  Had it all in his head, harmony and everything.  Not just a little eight bar loop ideas.  He would actually sing the entire arrangement into a microcassette recorder complete with stops and fills.”

Rob Hoffman

“He had the capacity to lose himself in the music completely, dancer disappearing in the dance.”

Glen Ballardspectacular six


Michael Jackson  January 2005

“One of my fondest memories of MJ is the first time he and I sat down  to write out a set list for the show.  He showed me a computer print-out of what the fans voted as the songs they most wanted to hear, and then he showed me a handwritten list of what he wanted based on that information.  We had a very difficult time trying to get that list together.  If we did all of his hits, he would have been on stage for about two weeks!  What was great about the time we had  together that day was seeing first-hand the love and passion he had for pleasing his fans, and wanting to make sure they were  getting what they wanted from our show.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an artist that loved his fans more!”

Michael BeardonSPECTACULAR

As dawn appears on the horizon of a new day, I realize when awakening from my dreams, that joy is humanly possible.  From peaceful sleep to gesture, my dreamlike wonders transform thought into word, creating once  again on the page.  “This is the place that you choose to be with me when you thought you could be in another world.”  MJ  Determined to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD, attempting to learn from life’s hard knocks and Michael’s soft touches, sometimes dazed by confusion, I take stock of where I have been and where I am going.  Some might think that after writing hundreds of articles, thoroughness would fold beneath hidden impossibility…meaning ~could there be anymore to learn, anymore to say, anymore to do?  That would hold true if Michael Jackson’s life had only a singular dimension.  Accepting Krishnamurti’s words:  learningFOR THE FANS FOUR is movement from moment to moment…TAKING Michael brings with it a love for the impossible task of knowing it all, stretching moments into years. Vigorously, we in the Michael Jackson community search in our attempt to supply light and enlightenment…drawing a line of distinction between the myth-making media and THE NEW MEDIA.  We have lived and are living with a GENIUS IN OUR LIFETIME, and the constructive power of our words soothes our fears, allowing us to benefit from them.  Simply put, WE STAND FOR THE TRUTH.  Michael dreamed dreams that gave answers to questions heretofore unasked.  With unparalleled genius, he gave language to joy and sorrow, suffering and bliss…great gesture leading to envisioned peace.  With sumptuous music, dance, story, performance, prose and poetry, his dream of Utopia became ours…his channeled visions delivered our lessons and with them, a yearning.  With a narrative written each and every day, we reclaim Michael’s essence, decodingspectacular four the layers of his messages.  As with all great art and great artists, it is an ecstatic intellectual, emotional, complicated and personal journey…taking a lifetime.  The delicious power of Michael’s magic potently connects us to ourselves.  The more we know, the more  we want to know…and, the greater our bond grows between one another and, to Michael. Taken a step further, with the power of love inside, we yearn to share that life-altering, life-saving love with the world…as within, so without.

Healing the world…one child at a time…one animal at a time…one person at a personified nine

“I personally have been moved by Michael’s genius artistry, its tapestry of layers, through the entirety of his performance…starting with the intro, held captive to the outro…being entertained to the max, being stirred, being suspended, being heightened, leading to a heart impacting crescendo that stirs one deep inside.  The outro of MAN IN THE MIRROR gets me every time I see it, and I leave truly wanting to change any of my ways that are not leaving this world a better place.”


There are times when the media mantra: FEAR…the oldest tool of force…If we are distracted by fear of those around us, it keeps us from seeing the actions of those  in power above, can temporarily pollute our resolve, with its incessant bullying and lies, cutting and pasting with abandon.  We feel frustration with those who cling to myths refusing to be educated in the truth…continuing to close their minds.  Just when we feel battered and helpless, one of the lovely ripples washes over us, cleansing away our doubts, refreshing our minds and reminding us of Michael’s words:  KEEPING THE FAITH MEANS NEVER GIVING UP ON LOVE.   “Michael believed in magic, he believed that we could change the world, and he had such unconditional love that when you were around him, you couldn’t help but believe it, too.”  Kelli Parker BEAUTY PERSONIFIED TWELVE

“The texture and control of his voice  was absolutely extraordinary.  He paints mosaics with his voice, like Michelangelo paints pictures.  He had a voice of the Sistine Chapel…and it seems like when he sings, he’s reaching out and he’s touching you, putting his hands on you…you are moved.  All of us musicians have that, but some…only a chosen few, have it to the depth and the degree that Michael  had it…and, he had it to the greatest I’ve ever seen.”

Jonathan Moffett

“My mind understands that he is no longer with us, but my heart and soul just cannot beauty personified tenseem to grasp it.  Michael’s music has been the soundtrack of my life and now, when I hear one of his songs, my eyes automatically begin to fill with tears.  Then, I check myself, for as long as I can still groove to his music, it’s easier for me to believe that Michael’s somewhere in the universe, doing his thing.  I don’t like being reminded that he died.  Legends don’t die.  Michael’s talent overshadowed his enormous humanitarian spirit, his magic brought all of us together.  He will never be forgotten.”beauty personified eleven

Shaquille O’Neill

Michael’s music holds our stories, embraces our hearts and triggers emotions that uplift our souls, our inner and outer listening humbled.  Our multitudes sing and dance.  Michael’s artistry brings with it self-discovery and a realization of our connectedness.  Our true voice comes from our heart with a personal bonding, acting in accordance with Michael’s truest nature…our truest nature.  We join together in a common purpose…TO PAY MICHAEL FORWARD…giving light to the truth and moving toward a Utopian World.



Michael Jackson

With all my love,



EVERLASTING DEVOTION~PARENTING… a life of love and responsibility

London~June 23, 1992

~greeted by speeches given by children from Turkey, Spain, Italy and the UK, Michael delivered the following:for prince

“Our children are the most beautiful, most sweet, and most treasured of our creations.  And yet, every minute at least 28 children die.  Today our children are at risk of being killed by diseases and by the violence of war, guns, abuse and neglect.  Children have few rights and no one to speak for them.  They have no voice in our world.  God and nature have blessed me with a voice.  Now, I want to use it to help children speak for themselves.  I have founded the HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION to be the voice of the voiceless:  the children.  Please join with me and the children to help heal the world together.  Parents, communities, governments, all people of the world, we must put our children still my heart today twelve


Michael Jackson

~protagonist…leading character in a literary work, spokesperson for an idea or social program, principle person in a movement, CHAMPION OF A CAUSEGORGEOUS PIC

“Sometimes I want to take all the children of the world into my arms.  I would love to adopt children.  I think that’s what I’ve always wanted to do.  But, children of all races.  Arab children.  Jewish children.  Black children…all races.”billie jean six

Michael Jackson

The privilege of being able to reach out and give, with unconditional abandon, wherever and whenever, empowers our sense of worth.  Our heavy hearts feel lightened and weWOW FIVE are truly alive.  With the absence of qualifiers such as:  oh, there are so many people wanting me to give, where do I begin, or, the problems are just too big, why bother, or we must take care of our own…the spirit of giving comes with blissfulness.  Oh, but there is more.  Knowing what we know, how we feel…touched by a sense of urgency, we are compelled to deliver the message of giving and healing to the world.

“We have to get the message of the need to heal our children and heal the world…to recognize that we need each other and must care for one another, helps inspire us to develop this relief effort for children.  TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE, WE MUST ALL CARE AND COMMIT TO BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION.”

~ from…Super Bowl XXVII News Conference Speech

Michael Jackson believed with all his heart that he was chosen to use his gifts and talents, fame and fortune, to bring change and healing to the planet.  His fertile mind and creative genius found immediate remedies leading to solutions for the suffering andafrica seven pain he witnessed.  One could argue that there are many philanthropic endeavors reaching for similar goals.  For that fact, we are profoundly grateful.  But, for Michael, his choices, his actions carried personal blankets of love, for his soulful nature brought with it a unique understanding:  He embraced parenthood.  To Michael, being a father carried with it an unconditional love and responsibility for his own children, Paris, Prince and Blanket…AND, an unconditional love and RESPONSIBILITY for EVERY CHILD ON THE PLANET.

What we say and what we do together paints a portrait of who we are.  Michael’s portrait reveals a protagonist at work, inspiring the people, striving to heal a wounded planet.  At the center of that cause we see the beautiful faces of all children.  This week marked the eighteen birthday of Michael’s oldest son, Prince.  With his father’s spirit, this young man, now reaching manhood, offered these words:  “Before I turn 18 tomorrow, I really want to thank a few people.  First is obviously my Dad.  He wasPRINCE TWO and is an incredible human being.  Not only did he give me the gift of life, he gave me an incredible opportunity to make something of myself.  Secondly, my cousin/guardian, T.J.  He has made so many sacrifices to help me along, and he’s been there when I needed him and helped shape who I am.  Finally, my grandmother/guardian.  She has been through so much. She’s an inspiration to keep going no matter what, and has always been there for us.  I love them all.”

HE RAISED US RIGHThands and heart

~reflecting on his Dad…”We wrote a lot of screenplays, my dad taught me how to write scripts, helped me unlock thinking with the right side of my brain.  We watched the sound afterwards and he would show how the sound actually can make or break a film.  He wanted to know how we were doing in school, how we could better the world.  My dad was always optimistic.  I don’t think he ever sat and did nothing.  We were always running, exercising.  He would teach me how to drive.  He was always the best father anybody could have.  He raised us the right way and there is nothing anyone can do toBEAUTY FOREVER TWO make us forget about him.  He was always concerned about humanity.  He helped many charities.  In his songs his message was simple-LOVE.  We will continue to spread his message.”


~reflections on Michael as a father~fan family

“I used to go to Neverland before the trial, and a few times during it, and I had a very unique opportunity to watch Michael with his children.  And even though he wanted to shield them from that dreadful experience he was going through, it was obvious to me that they sensed something was going on with their father.  The day of the acquittals, I went to DANGEROUS MAN TWONeverland.  I was invited to a world press conference and decided not to go.  I felt I really belonged at Neverland with Michael.  I went to Neverland and was in his house and saw his children just hugging all over him.  He told them who I was and they camematurity three over and each one gave me a hug.  It was a very unique day.  I always had the very strong belief based on my observations and my feelings about Michael, that he was the greatest father that ever lived.  He lived for his children.  He wanted them to be protected from any possibility of danger or kidnapping or anything like that.  He did thebeauty personified seven very best he could have done.  He wanted them highly educated.  He made sure they were well read, that they understood that he had an enormous book collection.  He wanted them to know about every subject.  He took them around the world to expose them to other cultures.  He wanted them to be accepting towards all ethnic groups, religious groups, races, cultures.  He wanted them to be humane and kind and sincere like he was.  And, my impression of his children was that they had the greatest father on the planet…sensitive, kind, honorable.  He disciplined them as well.  He was not going to let them run amok.  But, he wanted them to appreciate the world as it is, and to be very well read and well educated.  He did the very best he could do given the pressures on him.  He was a wonderful father.  And, I think those kids are just fabulous.”

Tom Mesereau  February 2015unique performer

~responsibility for all children

They would tie the babies to the beds or chain the children down.  We’d go and unchain them.  We’d free all these babies.  I hated seeing it…in countries like Romania, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Russia.  You should see what they do to the children.  You’d be shocked.  They chain them to the walls like they’re animals and they would be naked, sleeping in their own feces.  It made me sick.  So, we brought clothes and toys and just loved, loved, loved them.  I went back everyday, visiting them and hugging them, wanting to take them back with me to Neverland.”

~when Michael found establishments with desolate, enchained children, he made sure the conditions there improved…IMMEDIATELY.

“When I go to a country like in the Philippines and in Trinidad and in Africa, I really like to talk to the people.  I sit in their little huts, their cardboard houses and I make myself at home.  I think it’s important to know how different people feel, especially in my field of endeavor.”

Michael Jacksonbeauty personified four

1988…Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

Caring star, Michael Jackson wiped away the tears of some of Britain’s most tragic youngsters, replacing them with smiles of joy.  He toured the wards, tenderly kissing deformed babies on the feet.  He even sat some of the hospital’s sickest children on his knee and told them stories.  Michael then beamed with joy as he handed out dozens of presents.  When a cruelly deformed youngster, waiting for a face operation, tearfully told Michael of his fears about getting surgery, Michael squeezed his hand and assured him he had no need to worry.  A fan, named Joanne, who could hardly speak after a throat operation, struggled and uttered the word ‘THRILLER’  to a delighted Jackson.  He told the staff how inspired he was by the bravery of these sick children.  ‘Some of them are golden suitvery ill, but they manage to put on a smile.’  One of the aides remarked that Michael was very moved and obviously loves children.  ‘He has given our patients a day they will always remember.’

The divine spirit within Michael led to outward divinity, always surrendering to a higher octave.  Within his deep well of creativity, Michael pulled a strength that saw beyond suffering and tragedy, revealing instead the optimism of hopeful joy, empowered by his pervasive love for all.  Parenthood to Michael meant an everlasting devotion to Paris, Prince and Blanket and, an inexhaustible commitment to every child.  “YOU ARE ALL OUR CHILDREN…EACH ONE OF YOU IS MY CHILD.”

“When you have been through such hard times, you never forget events like this.BEAUTIFUL BEYOND WORDS  If you speak to anyone who was in Addis Ababa at that time, they will all know what ‘MICHAEL BREAD’ is.  And, I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

Ethiopian Elias Bessene 2009africa five

Michael Jackson changed lives one heart at a time.  We feel ourselves this decade’s freedom riders, in the sense that our inspiration comes from a protagonist who continues to inspire us toward a better world for our most precious treasure…the children.  Michael wore an armband on his jackets which symbolized this truth…it would remain with him until every child on the planet was rescued from suffering and pain.  We embrace Paris, Prince and Blanket with our unconditional love and support.  We embrace each and every child living on this planet with our unconditional love and support.  This is a life of devotion to love and responsibility which we honor, respecting and preserving the legacy of Michael Jackson.





ONE SONG WE SING…an immersion into devotion

“Glory follows virtue as if it were its shadow.”

Ciceroepic performance

Michael Jackson’s art transcended every way that human beings have thought of to separate themselves and then healed those divisions…at least at the instant that we shared his music as the globally understood grammar of love.”

Michael Eric Dyson

Michael Jackson’s multi-faceted artistry came from deep within his soul, revealing a connection between the roots of all living things, leading to universal self-discovery.  His marriage to his art, cherished for a lifetime, went beyond a singular body of experience.BEAUTY FOREVER TWO  He sang and spoke, danced and created:   as a child, as a man.  His sounds were food for the brain of all mankind, his power was used constructively to bring light where only darkness existed.

Michael was unique on every level.  Since he saw art in everything, it isn’t difficult to understand that he included his body as canvas…from the top of his head to his beautifully long, slender fingers, to the tip of his magical toes.  Those who know Michaelonce easily understand that his face held a stunning beauty, captivating all.  Through time, with age and changes in hairstyles, make-up, life experiences…depending on the creative vision of each era and each project, Michael’s biography was “written” on his face.  Michael’s art constantly pushed the envelope, creating excitement, a pioneer in visual images.  How frustrating it must have been, to live in a world of narrow-minded, limited imagination myth-makers, who distorted every possible facet of Michael’s artistryBEAUTY PERSONIFIED EIGHT and personal life.  Those who claim to have been friends and proceed to denigrate Michael’s appearance lend truth to the statement, “With friends like these, Michael didn’t need any enemies.”  And, with all forms of media who gleefully give time to these so-called friends, claiming to be bastions of equal opinions, Michael’s artistry continues to be assaulted.

Try as they might, the reality is that Michael Jackson’s art is a definitive way to reach the truth.  The truths he sang about, spoke about…the stories he told…trigger our emotions and uplift our intentions, and no amount of media fodder changes that.  Using every gift God gave to him, Michael spread his messages to a global public.  He used his travels to experience first hand the world’s sufferings and beauties.

Michael continues to hold us in his hands.  Because he acted in accordance with his truest nature, those who experience his art feel its authenticity, its sincerity, its universality.  It is all real because Michael is real.  Far exceeding the idea of product, human beings are drawn to the heart and soul of another human being…when that human being gives it all for love.  We are drawn to Michael’s stunning appearance, andICONIC POSE then travel through his genius musical mind, right down into his heart.  And, there we stay.  We are captivated, mesmerized, attracted and bonded forever.  Moving from physical appearance and fashion leader, Michael gives all his energy, all his talents, and all his love to those who are within his grasp…devotion to his artistry and to the man, personified seven

What holds Michael to masses of people across the planet, what causes hundreds of millions of people to flock to him, is his artistic message.  Not only do we experience deep emotions…we come to serious realizations about ourselves.  Our epiphanies change who we are and help us focus on the next step.  Those who have missed this, either accidently or by design, claim idol-worshipping, fanatical mindlessness.  In reality, cynicism or agenda has gotten in their way.  Researching  has taught me that Michael’s artistry is irresistible to those who come with open minds.  Why?  Because it deals with the human experience, the human condition, the basic goodness of man, the gifts of innocence in a child’s heart, the saving of the planet, the rescuing of children, the power of music and dance.  It is about pure and unconditional love.  WHO COULD POSSIBLYTIMELESS RESIST?

THE SEVEN VIRTUES, a beautiful book by Siren, offers stunning paintings of Michael and, studied definitions.  Each virtue defines Michael so completely, it takes your breath:  Diligence, Chastity, Humility, Patience, Charity, Temperance, Kindness.  Simply put: We recognize Michael’s character of… upholding convictions, work ethic, capability of not giving up, honesty, embracing moral standards, selflessness, ability to calendarconfront fear, endurance, generosity, unlimited kindness towards all, proper moderation between self-interest and public interest, compassion, trust without prejudice, inspiring kindness in others.  Many often say that a sense of bliss comes over them when theypure love sixteen journey alongside Michael Jackson.

Michael described it in these words:


You and I were never separate

It’s just an illusion

Wrought by the magical lenses of perception

Let us celebrate the joy of life

Let us dance the dance of creationKING FIVE

Who could possibly resist?  Yes, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.  But, that title is only the beginning of the definition of the man…a starting point.  Further education opens up a universe of where we can go.  As we learn more and more, we feel compelled to follow the Chinese Proverb that tells us that once we learn something that we have benefitted from, we are obligated to share it with others.  Michael has given usANGEL FACE TWO the mantra to HEAL THE WORLD…and, in order to do that…we will share what we know.  We will carry on Michael’s messages and visions for the future.  That is our devotion to the man we love…who loved us first.

We see the dream and the glory, we bask in Michael’s artistry, we listen and we learn.

“I believe children bully for attention.  I think you could trace every evil in adults to when they were growing up.  We have to be so careful and love and be loving toursall the time.  Know how you are hurting them later on in every little incident.  I read children’s eyes and find out who is hurting the most and give them the longest hugs…I pick the fattest or the most grotesque-looking, and people would say, ‘Why did you pick that one?’ and I would say, ‘This is the one who needed it the most.’  When I look into the eyes of my son, Prince or my daughter, Paris, I see miracles and beauty.  Having children allows me to enter that magical and whole world every moment of every day.  I see God through my children.  I speak to God through my children.  I am humbled for the blessings he has given me.”SCHOOL TWO

Michael Jackson



Thank you, Michael.  We will sing with you forever.


“The only limits  you have are the limits you believe.”

Wayne Dyer


You are the sun

You make me shine

More like the stars that twinkle at nightANGEL TO ME FIFTEEN

You are the moon that glows in my heart

You’re my daytime, my nighttime, my world


Michael Jackson

Each of us in this vast Michael Jackson community receives the warmth of Michael’s light.  And, embracing our diversity, the angles of his light touch us in our own personal way.  When we think about it, we welcome brightness with degrees of enthusiasm.  Sometimes, we open the curtains of our minds with great excitement.  Other times, we draw the shades.  When love sparks actions, all in its proximity are changed, fueling a communion of energy.  We then decide how much, if any, light will come into our hearts, and, if that decision includes an ending point.  This heartedness is essential for the trajectory of our spiritual journeys.  With commitment and patience comes  wisdom.  Our togetherness of support is pivotal.angel in blue two

And so, we teach ourselves to work in uncertainty, for we are compelled to deal with everlasting blows from world media and a culture of greed.  There is a Jewish Proverb that says, “He that can’t endure the bad will not live to see the good.”  We have chosen to live with bad in our efforts to educate it into the good…knowing full well that the more powerful you are, the more force enemies will use to take you down. (MJJJustice Project)   And, Michael Jackson’s power is showing no signs of weakening almost six years after his death.BE STILL MY HEART TODAY TEN

I recently heard someone say that Fans should stop obsessing about Michael, stop looking for new truths, stop purchasing Michael catalog artistry, stop trying to right all the wrongs, and move on.  Dear Zita, (Simply Michael), answered that blue angelstatement with a definition for obsession…it is a passion for the truth.  I stand alongside  that with every fiber of my being.

For many in the Fan community understand that to solve a problem you must first realize that there is a problem.  Michael’s light that inspires people across this planet has yet to reach those whose minds have been polluted with a filthy cloud of media myth and extortionists’ lies.

“I think my image gets distorted in the public’s mind.  They don’t get a clear or full picture of what I’m like despite the press coverage I mentioned earlier.  Mistruths are printed as fact, in some cases, and frequently, only half the story is told.  The part that doesn’t get printed is often the part that would make the printed part less sensational by shedding light on the facts.”

Michael does not deserve less than he gave…and to many, we are dedicated to bringing Michael’s truths to the world through education and a continuation of his messages of healing and love…shedding light on the facts.  Using the past to propel us forward, our harmonious energies create change.  We discover new truths every day, eager to hear new Michael sounds, feeling again the joy of his genius.   Shaped and fashioned by this bond of love, we are determined to invent a new world.wma 1996 once more two

One  thing this journey has taught me is that pure intent and honesty have found no home in the media and extortionists’ plans.  Michael was never censored by those who seek limitations and boundaries…and, neither are we.  We seek the continuous thread of revelation eagerly and are not about to stop.  This is a lifetime passion, constantly making new discoveries, often revisiting Michael’s artistry, knowing we will suddenly understand messages that were always there, and yet, we are seeing them for the first time.  Those who define this as obsession disagree with George Eliot when she says, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  The sheer magnitude of what Michael gave…musically, artistically, spiritually, his humanitarianism, his role model for living, in words and lyrics, theatre, performance, dance, excellence, innovation, culture change…can only be understood, fully appreciated, and adequately shared when time is taken…this is our passion for truth as Zita said…we have learned from it, thrived on it, and owe it to the world.

And so, we continue with the truth.

Letter from Gregory Peck

January 4, 2003one only

Dear Michael,

You are recognized as a great artist all over the world, but very few know you as a father.  We have been close friends and have known you over twenty-five years.  We have spent many times together with you, Prince, Paris and Prince Michael, who all played happily with our own grandchildren.  We, and our children, who are of your generation, have always admired you as a loving and caring father.  Your children could not have had a better father.  They love and respect you.  You raised them with gentleness, kindness and genuine concern for their well-being.  Their joy and love are a reflection of your attention and love as a parent.  Those who criticize and judge you should do well to look into their own family life.  We have seen you countless times as an attentive and devoted father and we join your many friends who stand beside you and your family now.

With love,hand of love two

Veronique and Greg

“I trusted Martin Bashir to come into my life and that of my family because I wanted the truth to be told.  He persuaded me to trust him, that he would be honest and do a fair portrayal of my life…and, he told me that he was the man who turned Diana’s life around.  I am surprised that a professional journalist would compromise his integrity by deceiving me in this way.  Today, I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before…that someone who had gotten to know my children, my staff and me…whom I let into my heart and told the truth to…could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him and produce this terrible and unfair program.  Everyone who knows me will know the truth which is that mysuper bowl sixteen children come first in my life and that I would never harm any child.  I also want to thank  my fans around the world for the overwhelming number of messages of support that I have received, particularly from Great Britain, emails to me saying they were appalled by MB.  Their love and support has touched me greatly.  My greatest accomplishment, my greatest joy are my children.  This is what life is all about.  This is what love is all about.”angel to me fourteen

Michael Jackson

A beautiful sign seen upon entering Neverland Valley Ranch said:  Dieu en mon Droit  (God and My Will)  Bathed in Michael’s ever present light, together with our own will, we are guided into the future…protecting his legacy, furthering his messages…steadfast in our determination, passionate for the truth to be told. and affirming our unique and diverse glow.

!For you, Dear Michael, we are here to stay!real beauty

Jude…in search of more light!