“Don’t let anyone come to you and leave without being happier.”

Mother Teresa

~Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow men~  Mahatma GandhiALIGHT SIX

“I love that Michael faithfully shares how he is simply a conduit…that he always knew his power was of another source, and that he relentlessly demonstrated this truth by continuously choosing love.  He lives his faith.  An inspiration.”


~EVERYTHING I’VE ACHIEVED STARTED WITH A DREAM~  Michael Jacksonanoited thirteen

It all started in Michael’s heart, this human fusion between cultures, defining an understanding that we are all the same.  Like spores in the wind, music creates our landing pad.  Instead of colliding themes, we embrace a world of mutual respect.   Travel allows no room for bigotry, prejudice unable to survive in an enlightened world.  With genius comes a nonconformist foundation, creating a reality infinitely better because normal becomes obsolete.  Replacing what had heretofore been normal, Michael showed us a Utopia where the goodness of mankind rises out of unconditional love. Challenging the status quo, he believed the wrong shall fail, the right prevail.  “Michael had a gravitating force to help us realize ourselves in a beautiful way, his way.”  (The Love Connection)  For those who listen, the earth has music to share.  For those who listen, Michael’s music takes us home…to who we are, to who we should be, to our hearts.

~Home gives you courage to know yourself~

~Home gives you beauty for your eyes to see Neverland~alight three

~Home gives you love to complete your life~

~Home gives you sunsets to warm your heart~

~Home gives you friendships to brighten your being~

~Homes gives you patience to accept the truth~

~Home gives you comfort on a difficult day~anoited ten

~Home gives you rainbows beneath the clouds~

~Home gives you hugs when your spirit sags~

~Home gives you faith so that you can believe~ 

Michael Jackson…lines written on the underside of a handcrafted table at Neverland.

Believing that dreams do come true…believing that miracles do happen…believing that music sets us free…seeing art in everything…being inspired by nature, by play, by children…Michael’s artistry must be loved to be known.  MICHAEL JACKSON IS ART INCARNATE.  With that comes the understanding that everything he touched flowed from a heart that knew no limitations, and, came from a higher source.ANOITED EIGHT

“I simply believe.  I believe in the Bible and I get down on my knees every night and thank God and ask Him to lead the way.”  Michael Jackson

“Michael was precious, kind, humble.  He carried a light that shined so bright.  His music was a gift to the world and that is why he was brought here.  I was blessed to have known Michael.”  Joanelle Romero mother of Sage Galesi…Black or Whiteanoited five

 Michael Jackson’s schooling has no end.  Potent, multisensory…he is an artist who can bring down the stars.  In every detail lives his spirit seen through the eyes of a child…not childish, for Michael tackles every part of the human condition…but, human suffering and pain addressed with the innocence of pure and unconditional love.  He deals in universal truths…innovating paths, never following trails of the status quo.  As a historian, he has left behind a massive archive.

~Rock & Roll changed the world~

~Rhythm & Blues changed our hearts~

~Michael Jackson changed everything~

Without limitation or condition, we are here to make sure that the world knows more and more about the genius that is Michael Jackson.  Believing in dreams and miracles, we use our diverse talents and creative energies not only to bury lies and myth, but to share an artful life, whose legacy offers the blueprint for the world’s healing.   Michael alight fourwas chosen to bring light to the world.  We have been chosen to reflect that light to all who have been blinded.  This commitment propels itself forward each day with new truths which we record for all who choose to learn.

~To all Michael’s Fans…it is time for us to change the world~

~one tabloid

~one ruthless photographeralight five

~one network

at a time

~For the dedication he gave…for all the blood, sweat and tears…for all the music he made…for the talent he shared…and the love he gave to the world~

MJ Fans

Throughout my life I have only tried to help thousands upon thousands of children to live happy lives.  It brings tears to my eyes when I see any child who suffers.  Don’t treat me like a criminal, because I am INNOCENT.”  Michael Jackson

~taken from a personal statement live from Neverland on December 22, 1993 and alight twoaired by CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC

“I love them so much.  They’re my children, too.  I remember we were in Australia and we were in this children-with-cancer ward…I started giving out toys…I’ll never forget this, one boy who was like eleven, when I went to his bed he said, ‘It’s amazing how just seeing you, I feel so much better.  I really do!’  I said, ‘Well, that’s so sweet!’  That’s what he said, and I have never forgotten it.  It’s amazing, and that’s what we are supposed to do.”  Michael Jackson







~seeking justice

~listening to the innocence of childrenDANI TWO

~offering education

~knowing that right will prevail


From my heart to yours


Original Artwork by Dani


3 thoughts on “RISE UP!

  1. Michael was a great EMPATH….I never met anyone like him. He felt everyone’s pain, happiness, and he also felt the absence of caring for the planet…(he wrote a poem about EARTH…and also created EARTH SONG…It describes his utter sadness and desperation to move people to CARE!!!) He cared so very much…he was also very joyous in his personal life…and I always felt great delight and happiness being around him. I MISS HIM VERY MUCH! I know many people do…but sometimes when I have dreams about him, I feel he is really here again! He is ever present in my thoughts…and one of these days I shall see him again. That, I know. There will never be another person like Michael…he was UNIQUE!
    I love you, my dear friend….

  2. Bravo, Jude! The mission to pay Michael forward continues and it’s still far from being accomplished. Yes, I agree, we are here to show the world the genius of Michael Jackson and you, Jude, do your part of the mission brilliantly. I have so much respect and appreciation for your job. I literally do not see these days anyone who would pursue MJ schooling better than you. Your meaningful calls echoes Michael’s “we are here to change the world”, it seems so valuable and important, especially today when wars and craziness and hatred in the world began to multiply. That poem of Michael’s about HOME written by him of the other side of his Neverland table once again brought me incomparable feeling and understanding of his greatness. Thank you, Jude, for your tireless work,for keeping the bright lantern over great legacy of the ART INCARNATE – Michael Joseph Jackson.

  3. Beautiful as always, Jude! You have once again captured the very essence of this gentle, loving, gracious being who we were so fortunate to have for a (too) short period of time. The world did not take care of him, but we will hold him in our hearts forever, as will the next generations to come. He was definitely from a higher source, sent into a world such as this, to teach us how to love one another. Many did not listen and many do not listen still, but in a few hearts like yours the work carries on, and as Michael and all the Biblical heroes knew, it only takes a few…..

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