I Have This Dream

Some people say I live in a fantasy because I see the world differently.  Visions gorgeous fivecome to me in my sleep.  I close my eyes to see what God is showing me.  Close your eyes and imagine with me.  See the wonder of every living thing.  If we can live the way it is in my dreams, love will take us to a place where God can be seen.  This is my dream.  I have this dream…I believe the world a place for all humanity.  If we could take love to its highest level, more than the world has ever seen. 

I have this dream

Let’s put God on display

Angel of love come my way.dangerous six

It’s really up to you and me

Our world together in harmony.

In my dream I see Heaven and the face of the one perfect being

I see people turning into angels and God giving them their wings.

I have this dream

This, I believe

I believe the world’s a place for all humanity

If I could take love to its highest level

More than the world has ever seen,

I have this dream.

Michael JacksonHANDS

If we believe that “freedom is choosing your burden” (Hephzibah Menuhin), and, “Discontent and disorder are signs of energy and hope, not of despair” (Dame Cicely Veronica Wedgwood), then, Michael’s inexhaustible CRY for love and humanity in the world demands in our character… ACTION.  “WHY SHOULD WE ALL USE OUR CREATIVE POWER?  BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THAT MAKES PEOPLE SO GENEROUS, JOYFUL, LIVELY, BOLD AND COMPASSIONATE TO INDIFFERENCE… TO FIGHTING AND ACCUMULATION OF OBJECTS AND MONEY”  (Brenda Ueland). world music awards Within Michael’s character is an unlimited divine creativity which always, always, ALWAYS led to action.  Mary Daly speaks to this when she says that creative potential itself in human beings is the image of God.  Michael’s faith and trust in God and the potential of all living things to influence change, are a source of inspiration and hope, fueling a fire of passion around the globe.  With increased education, our vistas expand with a force of love in enthusiastic and diverse responses. WE TAKE CREATIVE ACTION!  “Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” (Goethe)  Defying restrictions, actions reveal colors and choices and flavors …all deemed worthy.  Unlimited imaginations mingle together as artists and wordsmiths and founders and lovers significantly change the world’s landscape.

THE DREAM CONTINUESif you only believe

“CRY revisits a sentiment Jackson had been delivering his entire solo career.  Its roots go back as far as the Old Testament as poet-prophets like Job and Jeremiah assessed a world of suffering, injustice, and despair and tried to find hope in the darkness.  They also tried to provoke awareness and action.  Similarly, Jackson ‘cries’ because he sees tragedy all around him and internalizes it.  He sings of people barely holding on, not knowing when the pain will end; he sings of ‘stories buried and untold,’ of people ‘hiding the truth’; he sings of illusions and masks (‘faces filled with madness’, ‘people laugh when they’re feeling sad’),  Then, in the chorus, he makes a plea (with listeners and himself) to somehow overcome.  What connects us isn’t pretending the tragedy doesn’t exist, but seeing it for what it is and confronting it as a collective.  As with previous anthems, it takes the help of the choir (symbolizing community) for him to find hope and resolve.  The majestic call and  response he engages in at the climax is classic Michael Jackson, demonstrating the purposeful communication  that must take place if we are ever to ‘change the world'”  MAN IN THE MUSIC   Joseph Vogel







Finding grace at our darkest moments, at moments of great pain, we collectively CRY. smile two Michael’s message rings out in our minds and nourishes our souls renewing inspiration with a powerful gratefulness.  We are refreshed in a JOI DE VIVRE knowing the love we share.

Angel Michael’s Messagedancing the dream two

I left the world to be with you

So that the world could better see

All that is in my heart is true

Now you must shine your light with me

To hold aloft a dream so real

A touch so soft the soul must feelPERFORMANCE THREE

To be my voice to be my heart

And all that must be done-to start

Within each one lies dormant seeds

When love is watered then set free

We’ll reach what’s further than the skyfans two

To help them heal for which they cry

For if your hearts can just believe

Souls will fly…will be released

Hold on-escape all doubting thought

A perfect gift to you is brought

You are the sparkle in my eyes

You are the freedom from all lies

A strange idea-that you’re earthlingsartist at prayer

But hear my plea-of bliss I sing

We’ve journeyed on through time’s vast doors

I’ve held you once-or twice before

Release your fear and you will see

Angelic souls we’ll always bedangerous five

Do not forget to laugh through tears

Hold your loved ones close and dear

And when they go to speak my name

You dare to dream-we’re all the same

We’ve laughed before-we’ll love again

So live in joy-today begin

I hear you, yes-each sigh, each breath

For love remembers all that’s best

In life we stumble-lose our way

No road is perfect-tolls are paidearth song eight

But life is just a joker’s dance

 A king’s a pauper at second glance

Perfection sits on love’s fair throne

Forgiveness is never alone

So light your way with others’ dreamsANNIE LIEBOWITZ PHOTO SHOOT

Make their lives better than they seem

You’ll feel a glow inside yourself

When others fall, your hand will help

You’ll listen to their deepest cries

“Love me, for I am you inside”

MichaeLove Always

Heaven Leigh


“His laugh was the sweetest and purest I’ve ever heard.”  Brooke Shields  Today, we will laugh and we may cry.  We are joined and comforted by the love we share, each with our own interpretation.  And, when we dare to dream…WE WILL SHOW THE earth song nineWORLD.  I love you, Michael.  I love you, Dear Friends.


HIS tory





2 thoughts on “SHOW THE WORLD

  1. Every day, our Michael’s words inspire me to try again to “touch the sky,” “change the world,” be “the chosen one” in at least some small way. I cry, truly, because I know there’s something I can’t find, something I’m not doing, something I’m not facing that will make a real difference. This is what “if we all cry at the same time tonight” means to me: when we each – all together – feel keenly that sense of need in the world, tugging at our hearts and forcing us to find the strength to follow where our hearts lead, then we’ll have truly, deeply learned to love. I know this interpretation is weak, so weak, compared to what our Michael must have been thinking and feeling when he wrote and sung those words; but it’s the best I can muster — and I hope that Michael accepts it, from wherever he is in the universe.

  2. Another touching article, one to think about and share (I did!). He makes ppl think….and we are here to continue to act remembering His words and deeds. He had and has a Dream.
    Just read the Joe Vogel book: Earth Song….we here FEEL the Michael with all His concern, struggles…for Us, the Earth, animals…not even for himself. In His Heart He carried other lifetimes…He could not do IT by Himself…we are here now to honor Michhael…Thank you for tHis Jude. LOVE reading your posts as you know already. Marry

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