“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.”

David Brinkley

“The American Dream is something no wall can contain.”save michael thirty one

President Barack Obama

“Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?”

John Keats

~Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside~  Coco Chanelsave michael twenty one

“It is clear that Michael Jackson was more than a pop star!  More than a singer!  More than a dancer!  More than an entertainer!  He was clearly the voice of the people!  The voice of the disadvantaged!  The voice of the oppressed!  He was the message carrier of our time!


Michael Jackson spent his entire life in the arena, never choosing the sidelines, living under a microscope…in plain sight of this vast and complicated world.  He accepted Emily Dickenson’s words when she said:  ~If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain~  Instinctively he knew that in order to have faith you must become as little children.  With openness and curiosity, he squandered himself for a single purpose:  To show the world how to love.  Happiness is impossible to achieveSAVE MICHAEL SIXTEEN without action…what we can be, we must be.  And so, we do what we must with full knowledge that condemnation is the critic’s stock and trade. We look not to be ruled but rather…inspired.  Swimming frantically when days feel as if we are drowning with struggles, feeling our lifeboat sinking, we open our eyes and see Michael for the “first” time.  His oceans of words and deeds provide oxygen, and we breathe again as we rise to the water’s surface…saved once more!  Faced with the myriad of life challenges, we take each problem, work it and then move on to the next…the spine of our stories is MICHAEL.  His perspectives strengthen our dreams, comfort and soothe, and we move forward.  For all who have been gifted this book of knowledge have discovered that Michael Jackson empowers our imaginative flight, our creative endurance, as we become seekers of a better world.  “The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keepingsave michael twenty five awake the sense of wonderment in the world.”  Michael Jackson understood G.K. Chesterton’s words completely.  He leads with the power of example, his interpretations reflecting back on his inner soul.

Energy like you has no beginning and no end.  It can never be destroyed.  It is only ever shifting states.”

Panache Desai

Michael’s music provides the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.  (Ludwig van Beethoven)  And, truly is the blueprint spoken by Maya Angelou when she said:  Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”  Profoundly therapeutic in design, powerfully driven to activism in scope, we learn from the master our humanity.  We endure, overcome, move forward…only as good as our vision of the world.  Michael wassave michael twenty seven born believing, with an enthusiasm that allowed him to do great things, to inspire this creative partnership.  As if like little bees, we carry the pollen, inextricably bonded to one another by the Creator.

“The bravest sight in the world is to see a great man struggling against adversity.”


~With Michael  in plain sight, listing our loves helps us move toward them~



~The one designated and designed, anointed and appointed, to change the world~


“With every breath he took, Michael inhaled the world’s suffering and exhaled pure love.”

Reverend June Gatlin

“The more I watched him, the more I loved him.  It was like a magnet attracting the public wherever he went.  It was incredible.  No one on earth can compare to his beauty inside and out.  I met so many stars, talked to them all.  I’ve worked with them, but no one was ever near the charisma of Michael Jackson.”

Ruska Bergmansave michael twenty eight

“Michael Jackson lived under the glare of constant publicity and press intrusion for so many years, and yet, despite every single moment of his existence being scrutinized and examined by fans and critics alike, there has been no one who has ever been able to offer a shred of conclusive evidence that this much loved man, and most successful musical performer in history, ever did any harm to anyone.”


“If there’s one thing I have learned, it is there is genius in everything Michael Jackson did…his music, his dance, his performance, his vision, his words, his lyrics, his style.  The amazing thing was that with all he was, he was able to be a REAL person, who loved to be with people…working, having fun together, reaching out and rescuing the needy, being a father, son, brother, friend.  It is impossible not to love Michael Jackson at any age.”SAVE MICHAEL TWENTY

Frank Dileo


Paris Jackson

“When angels appear amongst us, we are compelled to crucify them.  Without the energy of his spirit, it could not be possible that every human being on this planet knew his music, his dance.  It did not matter that you were in inner Mongolia, or a potential suicide bomber in the Gaza Strip, or an Israeli soldier, or a kid from the most remote rural India.  Everyone knew Michael.  Everyone knew his songs.  Everyone knew his dance.  The few times I met Michael through my friend Deepak Chopra, (they were good friends), I met an extremely humble man.  One who made me feel like he was MYSAVE MICHAEL EIGHTEEN fan, rather than the other way round. He reminded me of a few others I have met, whose spirits were obviously uncomfortable with the limitations of their bodies, their spirits were dying to soar…and be universal.  Heath Ledger, Nusrat Fateh, Ali Kan were like that.  Spirits not wanting to be limited by their bodies.  All died young.  Like angels.  And, what is it with us that we cannot handle strong spirits?  Do we have to crucify them?  It was the agony that Michael Jackson had to endure in the last years…accused of crimes against children based not on proof, but flawed accusations.  When angels are among us, we are compelled to crucify them.”

Shekhar Kapursave michael seven

“The real Michael Jackson…most people see Michael Jackson as the King of Pop.  However, he was much more than that.  Those who were able to see beyond the music and the dance, beyond the lies propagated by the media, and the slander handed down by the detractors and hunters of gold, were blessed to meet the real Michael Jackson.  And, as they did, THEIR LIVES WERE CHANGED FOREVER.  They realized that he was a prophet-poet of the modern era, whose whole life was dedicated to help and heal the world, inspiring and uniting people, and bringing their consciences, with thesave michael eleven extraordinary art and philanthropy, and the life.  With his beautiful heart, compassionate and courageous, he represented everything that was good in a world gone wrong.  He was a messenger of love, of hope and peace in a world filled with hate, despair andsave michael six violence.  He was a spiritual guide whose wisdom has awakened, and continues to attract many around the world.  He was the epitome of artistic perfection and also an inspiring example of how we as human beings should be.  With his remarkable faith, strength and integrity, he taught us to keep being the light, despite the darkness around, to maintain the highest ideals, and to never give up.  In spite of their hearts and minds feeling broken by his loss, are these Fans who now follow in his mission to heal the world for us, and for future generations.”

Ankita Srivastava

Indian actress an modelsave michael five

Michael often said that it was his fans who made him.  More than any other artist, Michael was devoted to the millions of people who recognized the meaning of his life:  ONE CHOSEN TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW TO LOVE.  And, just like Michael, we fans will never be deterred! (MJ4EVER)  We keep educating.  That is how it works.  With each challenge, the wisdom of his guidance becomes clear to us in increments… the currents of life…Michael always in plain sight.

~Thank you, Michael, for saving us time and time again~