“I’m not planning to write another book anytime soon,  If you want to know how I feel, you can check out HIS tory.  It’s a musical book.”GOLD SUIT TWO

Michael Jackson

“His tory is Michael Jackson’s most personal album.  From the impassioned rage of SCREAM to the pained vulnerability of CHILDHOOD, the record was, in Jackson’s words, ‘a musical book.’  It encompassed all the turbulent emotions and struggles of the previous few years.  It was his journal, his canvas, his rebuttal.”

MAN IN THE MUSICdangerous again two

Joseph Vogel

“At our house, we host MICHAEL MARATHONS.  Friends come to spend days, evenings and even stay for sleep-overs.  Marathons include short films, listening and dancing pleasures and CONCERTS…EVERYTHING MICHAEL.  Michael’s HIS tory World Tour is the most requested.

Jude Ling

There is truth in the capacity for enthusiasm being a sign of a healthy spirit and heart.  Michael Jackson’s creative enthusiasm knew no limits, bursting into world attention withbe still my heart ten intention, purposing musical history.  With unparalleled work ethic, a peerless imagination, and his pioneering, legendary visions, Michael sought perfection and greatness with each and every project he did.  A voice that vigorously trained, Michael’s compositions offered a vehicle for sounds the ear had never heard before.  Quite simply, he maintained his vocal gifts and worked to make them even better. Michael’s HIS tory double album is among the most magnificent work I have ever heard from this massively talented artist.  I am not one to quantify and compare songs and albums, performance and designs.  When asked what is my favorite Michael art, I simply say that to choose one would be like choosing my favorite breath I’ve taken.  Truly, I love EVERYTHING.  I turn to the HIS tory album for diversity and boldness…an honesty and power that grabs me and doesn’t let go.  Michael angry outrosignites my fuse.  Michael lonely, searching, is somewhere beyond powerful to me.  I learn about sampling to drive home message.  I feel desperate when hearing Little Susie’s plight.  I fall in  love all over again with YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  I sing at the top of my lungs with Michael’s cries against social and media injustice, greed and lies.  And EARTH SONG is absolutely Michael’s magnum opus…the most brilliant work of artistry written to save a dying planet.  Rather than simply putting out a greatest hits album, Michael selected some of his Number Ones and then set about writing new material.  He never believed in doing the ordinary.  It wasn’t a part of who he was. Soundscapes require multiple listenings to begin to grasp all that is recorded…the earth song performancematerial is simply too rich to take in all at once.  Michael’s short films for the album show a genius at work.  Each is art incarnate…being so far from typical pop genre video.  One must take the time to study each…SCREAM, THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US (two separate short films done), STRANGER IN MOSCOW, CHILDHOOD, YOU ARE STUNNING SEVENNOT ALONE, COME TOGETHER, AND, EARTH SONG.  This art could come from no one else but Michael Jackson.

“Whatever one makes of the hoopla surrounding the album,  one can scarcely ignore its amazing production values and the skill with which truly vast musical resources have been brought to bear upon the project.  Where most popular music makes do with the sparse instrumentation of a working band fleshed out with a bit of synth, HIS tory brings together such renowned studio musicians and production talents as Slash, Steve Porcaro, Jimmy Jam, Nile Rodgers,  plus a full sixty piece symphony orchestra, several choirs including the Andrae Crouch Singers Choir, star vocalists such as sister Janet Jackson and Boyz II Men, and the arrangements of Quincy Jones and Jeremy Lubbock.  Indeed, the sheer richness of the instrumental and vocal scoring is probably HISTORY AGAINunprecedented in the entire realm of popular recording.”  Daniel Sweeney

And then, we come to the stage production of the History World Tour, with its 82 shows performed for 4,145,000 Fans, in 58 cities, 35 countries, on five continents, a duration of 404 days…the tour reaching 1,000,000 more fans than Michael’s Dangerous WorldHISTORY WORLD TOUR Tour.  Michael again brought THEATRE to the stage.  The sheer massiveness of staging, lighting, wearable art innovation, and set pieces which included a spaceship and a tank…INCREDIBLE.  And for the Ladies, let’s not forget the golden suit…Oh, Dear, where was I!  Oh, yes, THEATRE.  MICHAEL MADE HISTORY!earth song  With each world tour, Michael’s well-crafted, innovative approach to contemporary performance moved up a notch.  Far beyond other artists, Michael brought drama and theatre to audiences, using his storytelling artistry and his music to delight all the senses, appealing to all ages, colors, cultures.  Each stage progressively got bigger…the History stage gave Michael a great area to OWN IT.  A true artist owns his stage and MICHAEL JACKSON IS A TRUE ARTIST!  Michael believed in bringing his audiences every bit of blood, sweat and God-given talent he had in him.  HE DID THAT BLACK OR WHITE PERFORMANCEFOR 82 SHOWS.  Theatricality went to the 10th power during Michael’s performances of SCREAM, THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US, IN THE CLOSET, SMOOTH CRIMINAL, THRILLER, EARTH SONG AND HISTORY.   Billie Jean was magnificent along with all Michael’s other classics.  DANGEROUS brought theatre reminiscent of SMOOTH CRIMINAL…only, more so.  And then there is EARTH SONG…theatre and opera all in one.  STUNNING. For those who come to our MICHAEL MARATHONS, many who have never seen Michael in concert…to a person, marvel at the energy Michael gives…from INTRO TO OUTRO and everywhere in between.  The History World Tour also offers powerful messages for audiences to ponder long after they exit the stadium.  The tribute to each country hosting the tour is powerfully done as the show concludes and Michael’s massive sampling aired from the yana twosong History.  There is so much to see, to hear, to enjoy, to ponder! During this same time frame, Michael wrote, choreographed and performed/filmed GHOSTS, wrote and produced the BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR album and worked tirelessly on humanitarian efforts…and, he became a FATHER.DADDY ELEVEN HIS story captured the emotional turbulence of living.  It is art at its finest.  Performance Art in both short films and live stage shows showed Michael’s passionate commitment to his music and to the quality, professionalism, energy and perfection he gave his entire lifetime.

“Michael was at another level, and it was a hell of a level to go to.”  R. Kellyhappy birthday five








believe“You know, sometimes I feel so guilty when I have dinner or breakfast because I realize how so many people don’t have those simple things that we so much take for granted.  And people, they sit at the table and they pray and all that, which is beautiful, but to do something is the thing, you know, you have to act.  I think it’s important to help out as much as you can.  If one person would just help one child they’ve done so much and if you can do that, it would be beautiful, just to help one person would be a lot…it’s CHILDREN ON STAGEa big step forward because it’s a lot to be done, and children all over the world are in such need.” 

Michael Jackson

I am overcome with the unimaginable intensity Michael Jackson possessed in his heart, his profound commitment to children, to people, to the planet.  And, I realize that this one aspect to a multilayered character of the man drives so many to act for good.  Physically, Michael felt the pain he saw. It caused him to cry before masses of people during performances, and it caused great anguish in private times.  Charity is applauded by us all…giving to alleviate hunger, suffering and pain.  But, Michael Jackson put himself into the situations, physically traveling to be with those who were suffering.  He sat in hospitals and orphanages, in homes and backstage holding those who suffered. Their pain transferred to him.  He took it into his soul.  That fact moves us.  He told us about it in speeches and in interviews.  He was able to put it into amazing lyrics in anthems, all having now become titles for cause.  God bestowed upon Michael an enormous amount CHILDREN FIVEof gifts.  The gift of moving masses of people by example, with words, with stunning music, with unparalleled performance empowers those who are Michael-educated to accomplish goals we may never have imagined before.  It is a spiritual journey that brought Michael to us and that journey continues as his life inspires those left behind to act.  His passion has become ours.  His humility and inexhaustible efforts on behalf of humankind create in us a will of iron.  “Help me to help the children.”  Michael Jacksonhtwfcgift

“It was in a children’s hospital near Cape Town during the South Africa leg of the History Tour in 1997.  On that same day, Michael had also visited an orphanage where many of the kids had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.  South Africa clearly touched his heart, as it did mine.  During the weeks there, he was even more open and affectionate than usual, had a lot of fun and received a warm welcome everywhere he went.  I saw him both before and after the hospital visit but I didn’t want to intrude by going into the wards with him.  What happened inside,CHILDREN AGAIN AND AGAIN however, summed up why Michael was a soul of the dearest kind.  He was accompanied by his cinematographer, a wonderful, warm and gentle man named Joe Wilcots, who later recounted the following to me.  Michael was being shown through the hospital by doctors and nurses.  They were doing the usual things…greeting children on the wards, giving them presents, spending some time with them.  Then, they walked along a corridor between wards and there was a separate room with one child in it.  Michael asked why the child was alone and htwsevenwhat the room was.  The doctors told him it was a quarantine room…that they had to restrict who could go in because the child was seriously ill and they didn’t know what was wrong with him or whether the boy’s illness was contagious.  The doctors carried on walking.  Michael hung back and when they had gone ahead a little, he ducked into the room  All hell broke loose.  The doctors and nurses BADSIXpanicked but none of them wanted to follow Michael into the room unprotected.  Joe told me they watched through the window as Michael sat on the bed with the child, spoke to him and kissed him on the forehead.  Then Michael just calmly came out of the room and of course the doctors didn’t want to scold him…he was Michael Jackson, after all.  But they were clearly anxious.  Afterwards, Joe asked Michael why he had done it…what on earth he had been thinking to take what could have been such a serious risk with his own health.  Michael replied very inspirationsimply: ‘I wanted to do what the child’s mother would, if she was here.’  He knew no danger would keep a parent from their child.  No risk would stop a mother reaching her child and making sure he knew he was loved.  This has always epitomized, to me, Michael’s relationship with children.  He seemed to feel a parent’s love and a parent’s responsibility to every child in the world.  It is so hard for the rest of us to imagine the scale of such love, such worry, such pain.  Most new parents are overwhelmed by the emotions they feel for a single child.  Who can possibly cope with that intensity multiplied by hundreds of millions.”  Maria Crawford  UK A LIFE FOR LOVEhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OAVMpm5oLAh the world

The power to move masses of people for good comes from a man who felt the pains of the world so deeply and felt a profound responsibility to make change…to love unconditionally.  For many, this is an unimaginable intensity.  For those who know Michael, our love makes it all clear.  Michael’s life gives us the blueprint for healing the world.  It is a blueprint that he tested every day of his life.  Michael’s vision and application of this blueprint is the real deal…and, WE ARE HERE TO PAY IT FORWARD.NEVERLAND

I love you!


HIS tory