~The epitome of western celebrity obsession …a 21st century lynching…I think this trial will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in journalistic history~

Charles Thomsonsavior fifteen

~Michael’s wistful desire to heal the world with love, music and artistry clashed horribly with the barbaric way he was exploited.  The world is a far better place because of him.

Tom Messereau

~Financial advances had been offered for book deals to a number of individuals with the expectation that the thematic direction would be Michael Jackson’s being sentenced savior thirteento prison for the rest of his life.  After he was acquitted, tabloids continued to offer significant monetary bounties for people who would come forward with reports of any improprieties by Michael Jackson.  Some of his “friends” conspired against him, and some of his employees shopped the tabloids for the best deal for “secret information” of one kind or another.  The more money on the table, the more sordid the allegations became.  It was the profiteers who lost from Michael Jackson’s innocence, from his legal vindication.  Literally billions of dollars would have been made by tabloids and mainstream media if Michael Jackson had gone to prison.  Stories under their control, not his, would have been cranked out across many years in the future.  Many relished the prospect of sheer enjoyment of a prospective triumph over the man-the mega star- who had made himself so unavailablesavior seven to them.  On a slow news day, they could always design a story about the misery and sorry plight of Michael Jackson in jail.  Topics would include brutality directed at him by other prisoners, mysterious pen-pals and secret marriages, furtive visitors, downward spiraling health, jail-bred idiosyncrasies, and suicide watches.  When would he finally end it all.  And just think-they would savor writing the words…he once was king~

~To contribute to making Michael Jackson’s situation as bad as possible-for his image, his reputation and his feelings-this was the most publicized trial in world history~


Karen Moriarty

Truth about Chandlersavior eight

~It is never too late for truth to prevail, especially if the unproven allegations still cast shadows of guilt over someone’s character.  Then, and only then, can real freedom and justice prevail~

Geraldine Hughes

June 26, 2009

(“I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me tell lies.  Now, I can’t tell Michael how much I’m sorry and if he will forgive me.  Now, for the first savior sixtime, I can’t bear to lie anymore.  Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me…it all was my father’s lies to escape from being poor.”

Jordan Chandler)…Tom Mesereau disclosed, at a Harvard Lecture after the trial, that he had witnesses who were going to say that Jordie told them that molestation by Michael Jackson never happened, and that he would not speak to his parents again for what they made him say.  Jordie sought and got legal emancipation from his parents in a court of law and then disassociated from them.  DEFENDING A KING Dr. Karen Moriarty

“If I go through with this I will win big time.  There is no way I lose.  I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever.”

Evan Chandler

Court Document


re: Case 1993

Michael expressed his disagreement with the insurance company that paid the settlement in 1993 despite protests from Michael Jackson and his legal team.  Michael Jackson could not control or interfere with his insurance carriers’ demand to settle the dispute.  The prosecution (Sneddon) has no evidence because the fact is the 1994 settlement was undertaken at the direction and insistence of the insurance company, savior fiveMichael Jackson had no choice in the matter.

(The media led the public to believe it was Michael Jackson’s decision.)

Excerpts from recorded telephone conversation between Evan Chandler and Dave Schwartz:

Chandler:  I had a good communication with Michael.  We were friends.  I like him and I respected him and everything else for what he is.  There is no reason why he had to stop calling me.  I sat in the room one day and talked to Michael and told him exactly what I want out of this whole relationship.  I’ve been rehearsed about what to say and savior fourwhat not to say.

Schwartz:  What has Jackson done that made you so upset?

Chandler:  He broke up the family.  The boy has been seduced by this guy’s power and money.  I am prepared to move against Michael Jackson.  It’s  already set.  There are other people involved that are waiting for my phone call that are in certain positions.  I’ve paid them to do it.  Everything’s going according to a certain plan that isn’t just mine.  Once I make that phone call, this guy is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it.  And I’ve given him full authority to do that.

~In my opinion, the only thing worse than someone being crucified for a crime they did innocent elevennot commit, is being crucified for a crime they were not even charged with.~

~I have been trying for ten years to get this information out to the public.  During the investigation, I stepped forward and provided this information to the defense investigation team.  When the case settled, the information that I provided which would savior threehave come out in a court trial, did not reach the public.  I was at a loss as to how to go about getting this information out to the public’s attention so they could know what I have known all along-that Michael Jackson was  innocent of the allegations of child molestation~

~Withholding news:  For instance, they did not report that the TWO grand juries, one in Santa Barbara and the other in Los Angeles could not find a single credible piece of evidence to indict Michael Jackson of child molestation charges.  Network and cable TV producers did not interrupt their normal programming to advise the world that, NOsavior ten EVIDENCE COULD BE FOUND TO INDICT MICHAEL JACKSON OF CHILD MOLESTATION, countering their initial reports and allegations.  The media instead let that news go unreported and/or did not place the same significance about bringing the information to light as they had to the more salacious accusations, and they allowed all the allegations of child molestation to be reported.  The earlier reports were allowed to remain embedded in the minds of millions of Americans and others throughout the world~

REDEMPTION  Geraldine Hughessavior eleven

When questioned by Attorney Tom Mesereau, June Chandler testified that she never suspected anything inappropriate going on between Michael Jackson and her son. She told the jury that Michael was a part of their small family.  When Mesereau asked if she ever helped Jordie with his homework, when he asked about Michael playing video games with Jordie, Ms. Chandler acknowledged that yes, Michael had helped with homework and had been a good friend to her son.  CONSPIRACY


Opening words before cross-examination of Gavin Arvizo

~The amount of power and money it had taken to establish this place (Neverland) was keenly evident.  The fact that Michael was clearly the wealthiest inhabitant of the Los Olivos area was a fact to be pondered.  People had to wonder why the Santa Barbara DA used more law enforcement to raid Neverland than was ever used to catch a serial killer in the history of the United States.  When Tom Mesereau would later question whysavior nine the police force would need as many as seventy people to do an inventory of Neverland, he would point out that, at the time of the raid, Michael was not even on the premises.  That Michael’s ranch needed to be raided by a small army of law enforcement, seemed excessive~

~Jesus Salas, employed by Michael Jackson for 20 years as a personal house manager.  He told jurors that Michael’s property was visited by children from all around the globe, and estimated that he’d seen hundreds of thousands of children visit Neverland, each of them having the time of their lives.  Jesus Salas said that as much as Michael enjoyed playing and having fun with kids, the pop star often liked to be left alone in his dance studio or in his recording studio to work on his music.  Salas said that Michael would spend hours on end doing his creative work- allowing the day to day operations at Neverland to be handled by his employees.  Salas confirmed that Jackson let his employees take care of the twenty-seven hundred acre property, mentioning that Michael had a full security innocent eightunit on the grounds because there were no fences around Neverland.  For the record, Jesus Salas told the jury that even though intruders were sometimes caught on the property, none of the Neverland security people carried a gun.  Michael didn’t want any weapons at Neverland.  Michael was more concerned about children’s safety~savior sixteen

After testifying, Bob Jones and Stacy Brown, in the last days of the trial, just before the verdict, released Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask.  Many people never passed the inside flap, reading a statement that said:  “Jackson’s arrest on child molestation charges could…bring down the curtain on show business’ longest running freak show”.  The book was poison.  The book was vicious.  In the end, the effort to place it into the hands of readers around the world failed miserably.

~Leno…Judge Melville ruled that Jay Leno could indeed make public jokes about the savior twotrial.  Leno would make more jokes about Jackson during the trial than he ever had before, fueling the court of public opinion.  “Michael Jackson’s lawyer said he will not play the race game, mainly because he can’t figure out what race Michael is.”  People seemed eager to help Leno out.  People loved making jokes about Michael Jackson.  The Tonight Show went back to its old tricks, the list of Jay Leno’s jokes about Michael Jackson became even longer.  Everything the media was reporting became daily fodder for Leno’s team of producers.  But no matter how much the trial seemed like a joke, the life and reputation of Michael Jackson was really on the line.  The prosecutorial  team was not laughing about seeing Michael Jackson put behind bars.  They wanted the entertainer to serve hard prison time~acquittal 10

Fans stayed the course with Michael Jackson through his worst ordeal.  Michael’s strength came from the people who loved him and admired his work.  No other entertainer could have drawn people from so many walks of life:  every creed, race, and nationality was represented.  People of all ages and religious denominations had flown in and had dedicated themselves to Michael.  The fans who were there created a synergy that was undeniable.

CONSPIRACYsavior ten

This journey back has been profoundly painful.  What is written here is a small portion of what is available to those who seek the truth.  All that is placed here is  a continuing effort to hold to the goal of PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD in a repository of Michael’s life and legacy.  We feel gut-wrenching pain as we look back on the brutality delivered with glee and complete lack of humanity or remorse.  We see here both law enforcement and media criminal behavior, lacking in accountability and ethics, under nosavior twelve restrictions or penalty.  Further study will also reveal that this behavior lives on.  June 13, 2005 at 2:25 PDT in Superior Court of the State of California, Santa Barbara…MICHAEL JACKSON WAS UNANIMOUSLY FOUND NOT GUILTY ON 14 COUNTS.  1993 Two Grand Juries could not find a single credible piece of evidencemake that change two to indict Michael Jackson of the child molestation charges.

We must continue to actively defend Michael Jackson by delivering the facts and truths to the world.  A media obsessed with the destruction of Michael’s life and legacy is alive and well with uncontrolled force.  Michael has taught us that we, the people of the world, are empowered by our VOICE AS ONE strength. 





We are aiming with everlasting love for you, Michael.




born to entertain“There is a deep truth in innocence.  It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view.”  Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is often referred to as childish…a child who never grew up.  He is even criticized for that.  But, the simple fact is, Michael just never lost the magic and wonder of living.  If being childlike is characterized by a lack of cynicism and negativism, if it refuses to throw away childish things in an effort to be sophisticated and single-minded, there is no doubt Michael Jackson held onto childlike qualities.  Those who view this as naïve and simple-minded, unintelligent and out of touch, miss the mark completely.  One of the things we learn as we really take the time to get to know Michael Jackson is that his values described his life style.  He didn’t say one thing and do another.  He valued the wisdom of children.  He listened to their conversations.  He encouraged them to think for themselves.  He refused to become a part of the adult community that operated on greed, judging others, living life solely for oneself.  He didn’t lie or cheat to get ahead. Remember the old adage, “Out of the mouths of Babes”?  Children see adults clearly. They tell the truth until educated to do otherwise.  They do not see color, race, culture, religion…those are things taught to them as they grow.  “What we need to learn from children isn’t childish.  Being with them connects us to the deep wisdom of life, which is everpresent and only asks to be lived.” (Michael Jackson Dancing the Dream).  This wisdom is woven into every aspect of Michael Jackson’s actions, whether it was in his professional career or his private life.  Put simply, he walked the talk.  He was the child. be

But, he was an astute, articulate, powerful man who just happened to also be a genius.  So, thinking of him as a man-child has its dangers for the man was anything but a simpleton.   He had the responsibilities of providing for his family from the time he was a child.  He knew from an early age what hard work was.  He was educated and expected to behave like a professional when his peers were playing hide-and-seek in the park.  When he set out on his solo career at age 21, he was the CEO, overseeing a billion dollar enterprise.  He invested brilliantly.  He created a magical wonderland called Neverland, a massive undertaking intended for the happiness of others.  He employed thousands of people and made billions of dollars for his record company, tour companies and an insane number of attorneys.  He was the face for PepsiCo and LA Gear.  Creatively, he was the MASTER.  His was an imaginative visionary until the day of his death.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this is not the definition of a childish person.eo

Volumes have been written and will be written in the future detailing Michael Jackson’s contributions to music, dance, recording, design, art, performance, theatre, business, film, theme park designs, and humanitarian and philanthropic contributions.  As Michael’s vaults are opened wider, we will be overwhelmed by the contents.  WHEN I SAY GENIUS, I AM NOT KIDDING.golden pants

To think that this astoundingly successful man could maintain a child’s heart, respond to the world with a child’s purity and love, is sometimes more than we can comprehend.  Certainly, the adolescent myth-making media didn’t possess any of the tools to understand.  Conversely, they made misunderstanding an artform.  Of course, highly dubious motives are at the core of it, but, low ceiling imaginations, low intellect and a penchant to turn things into something sexual play heavily in their world.  The media thrives on cynicism and enjoys judging in a most self-righteous way.  And, their obsession with Michael Jackson is legend.

To facilitate our understanding, let’s turn to the expert on Michael Jackson…and, of course, that would be the man himself.  His parable “Wise Little Girl” gives us great insight.  This is taken from DANCING THE DREAM.bad girl

“I know a wise little girl who cannot walk.  She is confined to a wheelchair, and she may spend the rest of her life there, since her doctors hold out almost no hope of ever making her paralyzed legs better.  When I first met this little girl, she flashed me a smile that burned me with its blazing happiness.  How open she was!  She wasn’t hiding out from self-pity or asking for approval or protecting herself from a sense of shame.  She felt completely innocent about not being able to walk, like a puppy that has no idea if it is a mongrel or champion of the breed.  She made no judgments about herself.  That was her wisdom.  I have seen the same wise look in other children, ‘poor’ children as society sees them, because they lack food, money, secure homes, or healthy bodies.  By the time they reach a certain age, many of these children grasp just how bad their situation is.  The way that adults look at their lives robs them of that first innocence that is so precious and rare.  They begin to believe that they should feel bad about themselves; that this is ‘right.’  But this wise little girl, being only four, floated above pity and shame like a carefree sparrow.  She took my heart in her hands and made it as weightless as a cotton puff, so that it was impossible for me to even begin to think, ‘What a terrible thing.’  All I saw was light and love.  In their innocence, very young children know themselves to be light and love.  If we allow them, they can teach us to see ourselves the same way.  One sparkle from a little girl’s gaze contains the same knowledge that Nature implants at the heart of every life-form.  It is life’s silent secret, not to put into words.  It just knows.  It knows peace and how not to hurt.  It knows that even the least breath is a gesture of gratitude to the Creator.  It smiles to be alive, waiting patiently for ages of ignorance and sorrow to pass away like a mirage.  I see this knowledge showing itself in the eyes of children more and more, which makes me think that their innocence is growing stronger.  They are going to disarm us adults, and that will be enough to disarm the world.  They feel no reason to spoil the environment, and so the environment will be cleaned up without a quarrel.  A wise little girl told me the future when she looked at me, so full of peace and contentment.  I rejoice in trusting her above all the experts.  As light and love drive away our guilt and shame, her prophecy must come true.”hug

We see the silent secret Michael spoke about in him.  He glowed with light and love as a small child and that luminescence continued through his entire life.  It has taught us to see light and love in ourselves and in one another.  This light has raised our consciousness to help heal our planet, our children and hearts around the world.  Holding onto childlike innocence, Michael inspires masses of people to imagine a better world.  “He moves like God is going through him.  He’s just natural.  There’s a purity to it.  He’s a pure person.  There’s no malicious intent in him at all.  He’s a kid.  That’s the true essence of a kid.  There’s nobody more kid-like than Michael Jackson.  People say, ‘Oh, he needs to grow up, he’s a 40-something year old man, but, the truth is that’s what makes him special.  He sees the world in a different way.  He can read the mind of an adult better than an adult can read his mind.  That’s what makes him special, Mike has the mind of a kid and when you have the mind of a kid, you’re smarter than an adult.  You see through the BS.  Kids…you know how they are, they say the truth.” Brad Ratner American Film Director, Producer and Music Video Director.mtv

Michael Jackson was perceptive.  Michael Bush talks about it when he says, “Michael possessed a keen emotional intelligence that made him adept at analyzing body language and interpreting facial expressions.  He could tell if you were bored, engaged, or excited about an idea just by looking at you.”

“For me, he was by far the most fun person I’d ever been around in my life.  I just miss the fun.  Everyone has their own thing about him as an artist, but, I always go back to the person he was, such a fun person.  When I was a kid, if I knew we were going to see Uncle Michael, I would have butterflies in my stomach because I knew we were going to have the best time.  He was the ultimate hangout person.  The type that would talk about nothing til five in the morning, but at the same time, you’re getting tons of lessons.  I just miss the person, the human being.”  Austin Brown Nephew (Rebbie’s son.)bryton

That trusting, fun, funny person eagerly gave to all who spent time with him.  He often said how much he wanted to bring joy into people’s lives, and, without a doubt, he did.  Many have said he should have been more cautious, less trusting.  But, childlike innocence and distrusting are not compatible…it is an oxymoron.  Michael was Michael in everything he did, every action, every word he uttered.  He was authentic.  That was his identity.  “Stay true to you.  He was persistent on me just being real, real in my sound, real in myself.  Also to work hard at creating my own identity.”  Austin Brown.  That is the advice Michael gave.  And, that is the philosophy he lived by.

“Michael was like a harp string, he was so sensitive and vulnerable that every breath of wind or emotion would reverberate through him in sensitivity.”  Jane Fonda


My Dear Friends…we are on a journey seeking knowledge and understanding into the tapestry of a massive life.  “Every life is both tragic and miraculous, I think, but this was so much more intense in Michael’s iconic life simply because of the scale of it.” ( L. Luzajic)  Michael’s childlike innocence, his trust and vulnerability are woven into the fabric.  This aspect of his character informs every other layer of his life and with it comes unconditional love, finding goodness and potential in people and the sparkle of light in the joy of being alive. Thank you for PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD with me.  I love you with all my heart.

art incarnateJude














“Our personal history begins in childhood and the song ‘CHILDHOOD’ is a reflection of my life…it’s about the pain, some of the joys, some of the dreaming, some of the mental adventures that I took because of the different life I had, in being a child performer.  I was born on stage and ‘CHILDHOOD’, it’s my mirror—it’s my story.  MJ

“He was always considerably passionate about his music, even back then.  It was what he loved to do and we supported him.  Michael knew that he would not have accomplished the level of stardom he did if it weren’t for his commitment as a child.  He remained grateful in his accomplishments, and though I’ve heard him complain about his sacrifices, I know he believed strongly in his purpose: to inspire the world with his art.”  Katherine Jackson  Never Can Say Goodbyebaby chimp

Take a moment and think about your life growing up…your childhood.  Paint a picture of it with words.  How does it look?  What does it sound like?  Now, imagine that childhood as a working child.  Imagine having to attend school, do your homework, try to get along with your brothers and sisters and…take voice lessons, learn songs, rehearse with your siblings, voice train, dance train, be in the studio, on stage… traveling back and forth from one place to another.  And, imagine this was a 24/7 schedule with no time for birthdays or holidays or vacations or PLAY.  Does the rigor of that lifestyle sound familiar to you?  I know it doesn’t for me.  Of course, life has its challenges for us all,daddy and kids but, my childhood also included time for hide-and-seek, hopscotch, running, roller skating, swinging and more.  My birthday was always a special kind of day because I got to choose exactly what I wanted for my birthday dinner.  I always had my favorites including a layer chocolate cake for my birthday cake.  Santa always arrived at our little apartment, even though I never, ever got to meet him.  And, to think he got in when we didn’t even have a fireplace or chimney! The Easter bunny arrived on time, too.  No one in my family depended upon me to work and earn wages.  When it was discovered that ballet class was really not my forte, I simply stopped my lessons.  Nothing happened to my family…we just laughed about it.  I truly cannot imagine the responsibility placed on the shoulders of a very young child.  Granted, Michael was a child prodigy.  But, he washeal the world four also a CHILD!

“So here’s what I remember.   I remember singing at the top of my voice and dancing with real joy and working too hard for a child.”  Moonwalk

“I remember my childhood as mostly work, even though I loved to sing.  I wasn’t forced into this business by stage parents.  I did it because I enjoyed it and because it was as natural to me as drawing a breath and exhaling it.  I did it because I was compelled to do it, not by parents or family, but by my own inner  life in the world of music.” MoonwalkBAD 1

I do not find it difficult to understand Michael’s love for play when he had none of it as a child.  His unparalleled talent, commitment and work ethic produced the most successful entertainment career in history.  Along with material and professional success came time to carve out some fun.  HURRAY!!!!!

For inspiration, Michael found wonder in the natural world, with animals and with children. His beautiful song, SPEECHLESS, was inspired after watching children at daddy sixplay.  To him, play was necessary for his creativity.

“When I begin to feel a little tired or burdened, children revive me.  I turn to them for new life, for new music.  Two brown eyes look at me so deeply, so innocently, and inside I murmur, ‘This child is a song.’ It is so true and direct an experience that instantly I realize again, ‘I am a song also.’ I am back to myself once more.”  MJ Dancing the Dream 1992forgiveness

For me, I feel inspiration just being here with you.  As I write these words, look through my reams of pages of research, pour over books and articles, the inspiration I felt when this journey began multiplies.  Thank you for your time.  Be inspired for the rest of your day.


“But while singing and dancing were, and undoubtedly remain, some of my greatest joys, at that time what I wanted more than anything else were the two things that make childhood the most wondrous years of life, namely, playtime and a feeling of freedom.  The public at large has yet to really understand the pressures of childhood celebrity, which while exciting, always exacts a very heavy price.

“That is what the Sabbath has always been to me.  A day of freedom.  Now I find this freedom and magic every day in my role as a father.  The amazing thing is, we all have daddyseventhe ability to make every day the precious day that is the Sabbath.  And we do this by rededicating ourselves to the wonders of childhood.  We do this by giving over our entire heart and mind to the little people we call son and daughter.”  MJ  My Childhood, My Sabbath, My Freedom December 2000Daddy



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