REALM…a sanctuary

~I have seen the light and I must follow it~

Seth Adam Smith

To give someone a piece of your heart is worth more than all the wealth in the world…Michael Jackson

~Your voice is my favorite sound~

~And your name is my favorite noun~


I’m still here

Just because you cannot see me does not mean I am not here

Just because I’m in Heaven does not mean I do not care

I often see you crying, you often say my name

I want to hold you tight, I want to ease your pain

If you knew the truth, how much better you would feel

One day, we will meet again, but only when the time is right

When you step out of the darkness

I will be standing in the light

Sieba Sugul

“Prince and Paris affixed their father’s crown atop the stargazer lilies.  And as the rubies, emeralds, and sapphires caught the moonlight that danced across the night’s sky, we beheld not a funeral, but a coronation.”

Michael Bush 

THE KING OF STYLE…Dressing Michael Jackson

It takes a long time to reach God’s intention, his divine order supplying our light.  This special province where all prevails in seeking Michael, reveals a dream catcher in motion.  It is a refuge which embraces our journey from innocence to experience,  stopping not at experience, but instead gently eases us back to our childlike innocence.  Michael teaches the meaning of fugue:  one, two, three themes, several voices or parts coming together in complex form, marked with climax.  In this sanctuary we live the mantra:  Tomorrow starts today.

“As I desire to do only that which is good and constructive, life-giving and life-expressing, the Divine Abundance forever manifests in my endeavors.  Therefore, I know that I shall prosper in everything I do.  I know that I exist in limitless possibility, and that the infinite Good is right where I am and active in my experience.”

Ernest Holmes

In our efforts to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD as a means of educating the world, we hold to Sanaya Roman’s thought:  “Your words create what you speak about.  Learn to speak positively.”  Michael gets us in motion to heal ourselves, and then move into a world that seeks that healing.  With our attention comes our creative energy.  “Positive attention brings positive results.”  Lao Tzu  “It is the child that sees the primordial secret in Nature, and it is the child of ourselves we return to.  The child within us is simple and daring enough to live the secret.”

“One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal.  We must pursue peaceful end through peaceful means.”

Michael Jackson


Without connection, the world is dangerously wrong.  In Michael, our eyes awaken to really see.  His power to affect people spiritually cannot be denied nor replicated.  The universe doesn’t spin on suffering but rests on JOY.  I’m telling you to open your minds…Gotta put your heart on the line.  Michael Jackson incarnated wisdom, passion and love.  “The purest, most giving love I’ve ever known.”  Elizabeth Taylor  Bringing us together for a purpose, Michael championed causes on behalf of those who suffered, on behalf of children, on behalf of the planet.  He holds us fast.  He invested in us…this medley of people morphed into one.

“I look at things and try to imagine what is possible and then, hope to surpass those boundaries.”

Michael Jackson

~It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation~


As we stop to remember the past we are empowered by its teachings.  UNDERSTAND.  EDUCATE.  TRANSFORMATION.

“The influence of the life and music of the American Singer Michael Jackson 1958-2009  The British Council Most Significant Moments in the past 80 years.  A panel of 25 eminent scientists, technologists, academics, artists, writers, broadcasters and world leaders and 10,000 voters from around the world.”

~In a world of trends, he’ll remain a timeless classic~

Invincible Moonwalkers United

“We are only as blind as we want to be.”

Maya Angelou

“This will be our reply to violence:  To make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

Leonard Bernstein

~The earth has music for those who listen~

William Shakespeare

I don’t think there’s anything I had to teach them (Michael’s children) because my uncle taught them everything they need to know.  All the important things…their core ethics and values are so strong.  And, there’s moments where I just hear my uncle’s voice come out of them because of their love for people and their innocence.  I just try to make sure they know their father was one of the greatest, greatest fathers.  That’s why it’s tough for me because he never got to finish his job as a parent.”

T.J. Jackson

“To all those who judged a man without knowing anything about him, you now have a second chance to finally understand who Michael Jackson was.  His son is showing you what Michael Jackson’s heart was like.”

Laura Messina


“Basically, when we were growing up, my dad  was always talking about and showing us what he was doing to help the kids and help the world.  He taught me what it is to be a man.  He showed me what it is to be a father.  Giving back is something my dad did and he instilled in me and my siblings to keep doing it.  I think it’s just the way I was raised…honestly.”

“A Christmas Memory with Dad:  I don’t know if he bought all the toys, but there were a lot of toys.  He brought them in 2 sleighs.  And when he walked in all the kids…the whole room lit up.  And everybody was happy.  There was music, he was taking pictures and telling jokes to the kids.  We were there a long time.”

“Our generation focusses on trivial things, like who’s wearing what, who does what, who goes on vacation and where.  There are real problems in the world that can be helped, not by powerful people, but by ordinary people who arrive to devote their time.  I’ve got a great sense of loyalty and dedication to my family.  They inspire me and I hope that I inspire them.”

Prince Jackson

December 2016

“Unlike anyone in human history, way more than any president of modern times or emperor of the ancient age…it was Michael Jackson who was recognized by people all across the globe.”

Sasvat Pattanayak

New York Based Media Research Scholar

The Biggest Global Megastar That Ever Lived

“Let’s be grateful to God that he sent us such an angel to live amongst us for awhile and let us not be indifferent to the wrongs we see around us.  If Michael ever wanted us to do one thing that would make him happy as he looks down over us today, it would be not to turn away from the victims of oppression and aggression.  And, if in doubt about ever knowing what or how to act, just think:  WHAT WOULD MICHAEL DO?”

Dr. Patrick Treacy

“Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Prime Minister…These children are as dear to me as are all the children of the world.  Today, I’ve had a opportunity to see the face of transformation and civilization.  A moment like this means healing the world.  We must heal the world and ourselves.  We have to weave our life like a web, because we are part of this web.  Out of negligence, we have contaminated and polluted our planet.  In exchange, we have hurt ourselves.  In the life song of the ages is the dance of our blood.  The environment is an extension of our body and it gives the pulse of love and is the orchestra of the universe’s symphony.  It is music’s territory and enables us to rediscover our souls.  Let’s rejoice together in love today with unity and conciliation.  Let’s heal everybody and thus heal ourselves.  Let us make a covenant with life and let us celebrate with joy a new world…healed.  Thank you, especially to all the children of the world.  I love you all.”

Michael Jackson

Bucharest, Romania

September 1992

with Prime Minister Theodor Stolojan

As we take our lives in our hands, we become what we envisage.  With open minds we enter the realm…feel the sanctuary…join Michael’s fugue. 

Sending my love to you all for a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON and a 2017 filled with miracles.






Thank you, Michael.