“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss.  But every once in awhile, you find someone who’s iridescent…and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”be still my heart today sixteen

Wendelin Van Draaner

“I have no aspirations to write a book about Michael Jackson.  Michael was a very complicated man, with many relationships with many people on many levels.  Many books are written (by body guards, best friends etc, siblings, ghost writers) which puts the authors even further away from knowing and understanding Michael and the entire story.  I think it is a great injustice to Michael to write a book assuming they really knew the man.  Only Michael could write his story and he did through his music.  JUST LISTEN.”

Karen Faye

Believing that something extraordinary is possible, consider taking the final journey home…certainly not unexpected in the grand scheme of things.  Feeding our dreams and, sometimes our nightmares, we have now left all of that behind, no longer haunted by our past.  With our triumph over tragedy, having found proof of love and proof of trust, we have chosen to believe our lives have made a difference.  Ah!  But what would that difference be?  Who will continue our story?  Who will celebrate the life to which we were born?  Will it be an honest and complete rendition?  If we add to theawe twenty six equation an epic life, what then?  I agree with Karen Faye…Michael’s life was complicated, huge in its proportions…layers upon layers, wonderfully paradoxical.  He represented the human spirit.  Each of us who are committed to PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD, protecting and preserving his artistry and legacy, constantly steep ourselves in source material to inform our writing, hopefully reaching as much of Michael’s tapestry as truthfully as possible.  I would like to believe that the rendition of my story would include memories from many, touching all aspects of my life, giving a clear picture of my character, but, that picture would be a sum total and not a singular impression. Quite honestly, I would want to tell my story. Michael said it himself…when we want to be close to him, listen to his music, the love is stored there…his History Album he said was a musical book.  He was his artistry, with each of his creations offering a window to his soul.  His inner life was unselfishly given to us everyday he danced the planet…a play of lustrous changing colors, a genius who saw answers before questions were asked, with magical iridescence.  Often showing awwwhis gratitude for his God-given gifts, he was rarely afforded respectful privacy, not even in death.  As in life, many wanted to attach themselves to him, seeking fame and fortune without merit.  Many have released books stretching associations beyond honesty.  Some have painted his entire life with the brush of a brief association.

We ask ourselves the questions:  What traits form the nature of  Michael Jackson? What moral and ethical qualities reference his behavior?

CHOSEN VOICES is a repository for Michael Jackson:  Transcribing Michael’s own words, studying Michael’s musical artistry, all aspects of his creative life, following his massive humanitarian life, sharing his messages, celebrating those who have been inspired to make change in the world.  Taken in total, a picture of the character of the man is absolutely clear.  Those who shared in Michael’s life have generously offered their loving memories.  When all is said and done, Brenda Jenkyns’ words ring so very true:  There’s no unknowing what we know. 


How are we so sure of who Michael Jackson was…we have studied and listened, and we believe.  Our goal:  To give the world the truth through education.AHHHH SIXTY ONE

~Michael…you are the reason we are here.

Your character has been revealed through a lifetime of choices that were true to who you were born to be…your character intact both in life and in death.

~You are all our reasons.

Through his iridescent lifetime, Michael has written, sung, danced, generously given, rescued, saved, empowered, giggled, performed, instructed, modeled, created, pioneered, and loved his story for the world…beautiful in mind, body and soul…confident in the knowledge that his fans new the truth and joined him in triumph over tragedy.

~All our reasons defined by the character of an iridescent man…and steeped in our understanding and love~

“A complicated and complex man…very real with a deep love and appreciation for art, awe twenty sevensomeone who very much embodied the dreams he inspired in others.  Michael loved challenge…to think out of the box and run head-on into the most daunting challenges.  Everything in Michael’s world was a reflection and companion to the whole…conveying a message and evoking an emotion, stimulating thought.  He didn’t believe in the impossible.  The appreciation for detail, and for things in life so often taken for granted was part of his magic.  He had magic because he truly believed it.  He didn’t believe in can’t or won’t.  He was a master at hiring the right people for what he needed done, perhaps because he had an uncanny ability to sense the highest potential in others andbj msg draw the best out of them.  Nothing could stay the same for very long.  He just had an eye for things that could work with a little magic added to them.  Living with intention and meaning is what motivated Michael.  To say that Michael was a perfectionist was an understatement.  He absolutely lived for performing live.  He put so much into every performance because he wanted it to be THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE MOST AMAZING SHOW ON EARTH.  Out of respect for his fans, it had to be full out every time.  Heahhhh forty seven was humble, but humility is not the antithesis of knowing the importance of commemorating milestones.  Michael took notice of everything.  To look like the real thing it had to be the real thing.  Michael was a muse, a riddler and a prankster, but most of all, an inventor who refused to believe anything was impossible.  Through him,fifty never looked so good four we embraced the same limitless philosophy.  HOW FAR CAN WE TAKE THIS…His mind, like the sky, simply knew not the concept of boundaries or limits.  Limitations, I learned through him, are either self-imposed or predicated by the limited visions of others.  Performance was a life, not a job.”

Michael Bush


Dressing Michael Jackson

“Michael Jackson was destroyed like no other person in our time.  You have to remember that Michael Jackson was innocent.  He was proved innocent in our courts.  If you read the transcripts of the trial it is insanity, it never should have gone to court.  We persecuted him.  Every person who ever bought a tabloid or watched the news…we all contributed to his death by taking in that form of gossip.  I believe Michael in a sense is an American martyr.  Martyrs are persecuted and Michael was persecuted.  If you go to Youtube and watch interviews of Michael, you don’t see a crack in the facade.  There’s this purity and this innocence that continue throughout his whole life.  If it had been an act, he couldn’t have kept it up.  If you watch his 1992 concerts in Budapest and compare it to concertsAHHHH FIFTY FOUR today, you see such uplifting beauty and a message that you won’t see in any other artist of our time.”

David LaChapelle

~American Jesus-Hold me, Carry me boldly~

We know the truth, we have all the reasons, and we listen as Michael generously gives us his story.





ART INCARNATE…an immersion behind the scenes

“Michael had an amazing eye.  It was he who dreamed up the white glove, the bits of tape on his fingertips, the uniforms.  It  was he who thought that marching down steps with dozens of blue-suited policemen would look cool, that running through the streets ANGEL FOREVERMOREwith hundreds of men in uniforms would be  dramatic and thrilling for the viewer.  He sought out the best talent to work with and oversaw every aspect of his music videos, which he actually thought of as short films, and always referred to as short films.

I was with him a few times when people would come to the house to try to get his approval on merchandise they wanted to create.  He wanted it to be of the finest quality, to be worth the money people would pay; he wanted it to last.  He was a perfectionist.  Look again at the music videos; really look at every detail, note the care taken with every shot, every outfit, the lighting.  His hand was in everything, his unerring eye was always the final arbiter.”

Shaye Areheart 2009a dancer's dancer five

“My attitude is if fashion says it’s forbidden, I’m going to do it.”

Michael Jackson

“It is nearly impossible to find someone Jackson worked with who didn’t walk away with a profound level of respect and appreciation.  From producers to assistant engineers to fellow musicians, they describe him as possessing a certain ‘aura.’ down-to-earth, humble and polite.  They describe his sense of humor and ‘boisterous’ laugh; they describe his curiosity; they describe his passion and excitement for each new project.awe five

Making music for Jackson was rarely an isolated act.  The idea might come in a moment of solitude, but it was realized in much the same way a director realizes a film:  through dynamic, decentralized interplay of creativity.  Once he found the right people, from the earliest OFF THE WALL sessions to his latest projects, the motto remained the same:  music first.”

Joseph Vogel  MAN IN THE MUSIC

~Jackson made “pop” multigenre, multimedia affair that was limitless in its range of sounds, styles and possibilities.  J.V.


“In the end, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and those you love, and work hard.  I mean, work like there’s no tomorrow.  Train.  Strive.  I mean really train and cultivate your talent to the highest degree.  Be the best at what you do.  Get to know more  about your field than anybody alive.  Use the tools of your trade, if it’s books or a floor to dance on or a body of water to swim in.  Whatever it is, it’s yours.  That’s what I’ve always tried to remember.”AWE FOUR

Stepping behind the scenes is time spent in a wonderland of magical creativity.  With a career spanning five and a half decades, not only were crowds mad for Michael, but, collaborators as well.  Quite simply, it was exhilarating to be with him.  A shy, humble man…who cherished art, appreciating those who made it…a man who is unequalled in work ethic, bringing with him a sense of joy and excitement for every detail of every project…one who channeled the music of the spheres…astoundingly birthed miracles before the eyes of all who shared in his visions.

I know that the creator will go, but his work survives.  That is why to escape death, I attempt to bind my soul to my work.”

Michael Jacksonlove you five

If we take the time, not only will  we find truth and purity in Michael’s performances…vocal, dance, live, film…we will realize that the behind the scenes work profoundly reveals the MASTER ARTIST at work…a chord of connection in our hearts drawn between artists and art lovers. Here, in CHOSEN VOICES, an attempt is made to gather truth and set it down for those who choose to find it.  Words are the vehicle…and, words matter.  It is a chance to once again marvel at KEEPSAKES.

“He changed my life.  And, it never stopped feeling that way.  When you did something Michael liked, he would say, ‘That’s it.  That’s perfect.  Lock this in cement.’  We called the versions that were special ‘Bible versions.’  We’d go through thousands of versions, but we’d put Bible by the best ones.  It was just an extraordinarily, pleasant, fun time because of the musical freedom.  You knew at the end of the day, you would have something.  It never got old, it never got  stale.”  Producer Bill Bottrelllove you four

“Behind the curtain was no façade, but a very real man with a deep love and appreciation for art, someone who very much embodied the dreams he inspired in others. “

Michael Bush

“He was a master at hiring the right people for what he needed done, perhaps because he had an uncanny ability to sense the highest potential in others and draw the best out of them.”

Michael Bush

“Michael’s creativity transcended anything Dennis and I thought could be perceived in reality.  He trained us to change the way we thought, the manner in which we looked around us, and helped us to understand what pushing the envelope really meant.  We knew Michael didn’t like when we looked and didn’t notice.  Michael made it clear that he wanted his clothes to encompass a whimsy that asked his fans, ‘Are you looking?  Did you notice?'”


Michael Bush

“Michael Jackson had the wisdom of a sixty-year-old and the enthusiasm of a child.  He was a genuinely shy, handsome kid who hid his amazing intelligence with small smiles and giggles.  But beneath that shy exterior was an artist with a burning desire, perfection and unlimited ambition to be the biggest entertainer in the world.”

Quincy Jones

“With Michael he never stopped creating.  He wasn’t an artist who said, ‘OK, I’ve got an album coming up, I better start writing songs.’  The songs were constantly flowing from him, and if it wasn’t a song it was a poem, it was an idea for a short story or a short film.  It was a constant creative process.”

Matt Forgerangel of emotion

“Michael loved finding sounds that the human ear had never heard.  Often he would say, ‘Brad, get me a sound that hurts really bad.’  That meant he wanted something that shakes him inside.  He simply heard music in everything (glass, metal, trash cans, baseball bat, basketballs…)and asked his collaborators to record it and store it for potential use.”

Brad Buxer

In truth, I really didn’t want the album to be about old songs.(History Album)  To me, greatest hits albums are boring.  And, I wanted to keep creating.  (The new album would be a powerful rebuttal to those who declared him dead: a record so strong, diverse, and bold that people would have no chance but to acknowledge it.)

Michael Jackson…Man in the Music

“It is amazing.  The writing process was like that on all the songs we did together…he was very fast, very intense.  Everything was written in a whirlwind.  It just came to him.  It  was exhilarating.”

Jimmy Jamangel to me six

“Michael was at another level…and it was a hell of a level  to go to.”

R. Kelly

“He’s the only person in my life where, when I saw him, my whole voice-box went.  I didn’t know what to say.  My hands were trembling.”

Wyclef Jean

“I don’t know that many people would have the patience or  work ethic to create the records that Michael did.  We’ll never have the budgets again, that’s for sure.  There was this constant pursuit for sounds the ear has never heard.”

Rob Hoffman

“There’s no other artist at his level…and, I’ve worked with many.  He is great to work with because he knows exactly what he wants.  He is so innovative…he doesn’t want the usual stuff that they play on the radio all the time, and he is very hands on.  Everything has to be as he wants it.”

Rodney Jerkinspure joy

“You can just hear  him having fun.  His spirit and emotion are totally there.  He knew in demos  he didn’t have to be totally perfect in his execution.  So, he’d be loose.  He’d throw in adlibs and dance or sing or pop his fingers or clap his hands.  You just hear  him enjoying himself.”

Matt Forger

A respite of solitude offers us excursions into creativity but, life is not lived in isolation.  The chords that bind us to one another grow stronger when they are securely wrapped around our hearts.  “Together!  Together!  Together!”  Michael sang and danced those words across the stages of the world…embodying the dream he envisioned as he inspired a planet.  Keepsakes he left for us…empower.  With his generous confidence in the power of the people,  he lavished upon us a belief that there is nothing we cannot do when we stand together.  When we peek behind the curtain, we see Michael’s faith in people painted on a portrait of joyous collaborations.  With each stroke, he lives out his dreams of a utopian world where every person is celebrated and the art in the painting lives forever.  In reaching for his best, we are invited to reach for ours.  He embraced potential in everything and everyone…even within the darkness of abuse and cruelty.  Art Incarnate…Michael earth song performance fiveJackson’s life…the final arbiter.



Michael Jackson

~exhilarated in his presence, Jude




In the Studio with Michael Jackson

Ireland…on an estate just outside of Dublin


In an interview with Access Hollywood, who shadowed Michael Jackson with Will iam, simply being flies on the wall, Michael was asked if this was an exploratory to get back into the music business…Michael replied, “I never stopped.  I’m always writing a potpourri of music, you know, that’s how it is.”

I awakened this morning with many thoughts which connected to Michael’s reply, in my OWN way, minute as it is.  I never stop Michaeling.  And, today, it feels like a potpourri of ideas.  “YOU KNOW, THAT’S HOW IT IS!”  Breathing in the morning air filled with hints of springtime, I created out loud.  The privacy of day’s start offers freedom, the sound of my voice falling only on Little Casey’s ears.  At least, I THINK he was listening.Nordahl

My mind is bursting with things I have learned and am thrilled to share.  So, today, bear with me.  Casey has taught me how to romp and that is what I am going to do. I am an outdoor walker.  Fresh air and movement heal, and, while walking, I have a COME TOGETHER TWOconversation with Michael.  It is one-sided, not having found the gifts Heaven Leigh and Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux possess, but, I do strive to listen.  And sometimes, just sometimes, I hear…the question is answered, “Where is Michael taking me next?”

“Every time I lived my life the way he taught.  Every time I defended him.  Every time I gave to charity, gave food for the homeless, I was being there for him.  I simply miss Michael too much to take solace for very long.  As long as the spirit circle was unbroken, Michael would be protected. I felt it was not only a privilege, but a duty to continue to fight for Michael and never quit.”  E.M. Billeaudeaux  MICHAEL IN MY LIFE

“When you do something and put your whole heart into it, and people don’t recognize its importance yet, realize that what you have created is what is important.  It is part of eternity now.  They will see when they are ready.  You have done your part in the creation.”  Heaven Leigh ANGEL MICHAEL ORACLES


Layers, like billowing clouds, weave in and out of daily living.  The tapestry of sounds and textures in Michael’s music are metaphors for the sounds and textures of life.  Writing blog articles weaves a magic for me that presents layers.  While listening this month, these layers have appeared:

Having the opportunity to have MICHAELJACKSONCHOSENVOICES.COM included in the first Michael Jackson Online Magazine “What’s REALLY Going ON?”.

Being invited to Co-Host with Heaven Leigh on her VALENTINE’S SPECIAL Blogradio show.

Joining Siren in her efforts to promote Michael’s book of poetry and prose DANCING BEAUTY AGAINTHE DREAM.

Contributing to Brenda Jenkyns’ BOOK OF LOVE to be placed at Forest Lawn on June 25, 2014



This potpourri of opportunity has deeply touched my heart and brought me into some of the multi-layered efforts that are happening around the world.  I am honored and PORTRAIT TWOhumbled.  I have dreams of doing more.

“My songs and dances are outlines for God to come in and fill.  I hold out the form…She puts in the sweetness.”  Michael Jackson

Remembering the week where millions of people around the planet tuned into the XXII Olympics…the outlines of Michael’s music and dance and style have been filled in by skaters.  Arenas alight with the energy of Michael Jackson.  His music excites and inspires young hat twoOlympians who competed for coveted medals.  Another of Michael’s dreams realized:  “AND MY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO GIVE THE WORLD WHAT I WAS LUCKY TO RECEIVE…THE ECSTASY OF DIVINE UNION THROUGH MY MUSIC AND MY DANCE.”  MJ

The layers in Michael’s tapestries included the magnificent sound, dancing artistry and style, giving Olympic skaters music, dance moves and costume art…MICHAEL’S BODY AS CANVAS…using WEARABLE ART.dangerous three


“As style of his own, Michael Jackson let his outer being expose the kind of positive and incomparable person he was.  Some call his style choices avant-garde…others call them a tour de force.  No one ever called them boring.  His tour gear always proved to be ahead of the curve and his read carpet appearances were always a topic of conversations for those who didn’t even consider themselves to be immersed in the fashion spectrum.  Michael Jackson dressed like a man prepared to fight a fashion war and come out victorious.”  FASHION CELEBRATION ON MICHAEL’S 53RD BIRTHDAY FASHION ARTICLE.  HONORING HIS BORN DAY

Is it any wonder, Olympic skaters choose Michael’s art…exciting, beautiful, cutting edge, sound-perfect, MAGIC!

My romping is coming to an end.  Hope I haven’t left you behind in a muddle.  Layers and textures, especially those created by an unparalleled genius, take time to comprehend.  The wondrous thing about this medium is that we can revisit the entire spectrum of Michael’s art whenever we choose…over and over and over.  The more we learn, the more we want to learn.  It is an adventure worth taking multiple times.MOTOWN 25

Thank you for coming along today.  I hope you were inspired to visit and revisit Michael’s art.  I love you.


HIS tory

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OUR story