~He is our oxygen~

~Breathing life into our stories~

~Our messages growing with time~

Strengthening our souls~adore


“To sing together as one race, stem the tide, transform this place.”  MJ

“He made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.  He walked with the universe on his shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.”


~I don’t want normal, easy or simple.  I want painful, difficult, devastating and life-changing extraordinary love~ 

Olivia Pope

Today’s world can feel out of control with the loudness of closed-minded people whose mouths are always open, thinking that value comes by turning up the volume.  They have yet to learn that when you judge another you do not define them, you define yourself.  If we allow the twisting of reality to overtake us, we are faced with a kind of adore nineteenbondage, subjecting us to external forces that, if allowed, enslave.  Our activities are hampered to the point of confinement, creativity stolen.  And so we ask, are there treasures in these struggles?  How can we break free?  Who will come to our rescue?  Do we abandon all hope and surrender? 

Yet again we have been tasked with choosing counter strategies, as a disrespectful andadore seventeen untrue story enters breaking news cut and paste headlines.  With a false story portraying Michael’s movements after 9/11, and the casting of a white actor, we find ourselves once again asking…what sort of a world is this?  Will we find our greatness in the courage to overcome yet another obstacle in our efforts to preserve and protect his life and legacy.  Wayne Dyer said that what comes out of you when you are squeezed is what is inside of you. 

~Gamble everything for love.  If you are a true human being, half-heartedness does not reach into majesty~  Rumi

With our intention our reality is created.  We intend to move beyond the shadows, out of the darkness of lies and into the light of the truth.  We have the capacity of delight adore ninebecause we have been paying attention.  (Julia Cameron)  The catalyst that has captured our attention is both our mirrored reflection and our believing mirror.  He has asked us to look beyond ourselves.  His artistry rescues us from our feelings of abandonment.  Chosen to show the world what love looks like, he is the personification of:  The meaning of life is to find your gift.   The purpose of life is to give it away. W. Shakespeare  adore six

~What does love look like?  It has the hands to help others.  It has the feet to hasten to the poor and needy.  It has eyes to see misery and want.  It has the ears to hear the sighs of the sorrows of men.  That is what love looks like~  St. Augustine

Love.  Love. Love.  That is the soul of genius.  We take those words of Mozart to our hearts for we know what love looks like.

As Rumi said…Michael… “your face is what every religion tries  to remember.”adore thirteen

“May the very special memory of my beautiful and loving father be always in our world forever, especially through his wonderful and magical art, bringing endless happiness to children everywhere.  With all my love and blessings to the Kids of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  I love you, Daddy.”

Paris Jacksonadore eleven

“To the wonderful children and families who are loved and cared for by Children’s Hospital L.A.  On behalf of our dear and greatly missed father, Michael.  We love you all and wish you all to be in the best of health and have a very happy life.  With love from our family.”

Prince Jackson

“My father’s art and music will always make everyone happy.  I love you, Daddy.”

Blanket Jacksonadore ten

“Today’s world has many problems.  Many of them are hard to solve.  They require money, manpower, expertise, equipment, and so on.  But, what they require most is people who have the will to take them on.  People that will not give up until the job is done.”

Michael Jacksonadore four

“The more I’ve studied Michael Jackson and his work, the more convinced I am that he was a man of tremendous courage and deep psychological insight, fiercely committed to social change, wryly funny even during the most difficult times, and an artist to the very core of his being.  He was everything in terms of art, and the transformative power of art.  We have no unmediated access to the world, we can only access the world through our senses and perceptions, and art has the ability to challenge and change those adore eighteenperceptions.  That is a tremendous power and Michael Jackson understood that better than any other artist of his time.  He developed an artistic response that challenges our most fundamental beliefs about race and identity, and has changed us and our culture in ways we have not yet begun to measure.  He developed an artistic response that shakes the foundations of perception itself, and challenges some of our basic assumptions about how we see, interpret, and make sense of the world. That is the work of a powerful artist. adore fourteen

Michael Jackson’s Art of Connection and Defiance

M. Poetica ~Dancing with the Elephant

” Michael Jackson was a black man who was unafraid in his actions and in his speech to say out loud, ‘I am black and I’m proud of it.’  Who he was cannot be erased by the many attempts to rob him of his character and dignity.  They tried to do it while he was alive, and now in death, they are trying to rob him of his identity with this show, that cannot be overlooked.”

A.K. Staggers ~Writing Life as It Happens~adore seven

With unedited deep and intimate feeling, allowing wheat and chaff to be separated (Siren), we stand against the blustering bullies, those who again see Michael as a money machine.  We stand against those who lie for a living, allowing our wounds and the wounds Michael suffered to speak for us…while at the same time, feeling glorious rescue.  For, we move on.  On~ to blanket the world with truth.  On~ to educate.  On~ to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.  On~ to use the inspiration of his purity of heart, as he takes us places no one else can.adore three


Sherwood Anderson

Give me your wings so we can fly!

We love you, Michael!