“The only thing that matters in life is having someone who understands you, who trusts you and who will be with you no matter what.”

Michael JacksonBrunei

“It hurts when you lose someone you love.  But people always seem to leave something behind for you to remember them forever.”

Michael Jackson

Is it art that imitates life or life that imitates art?  When opening his autobiography, Michael Jackson said, “I’ve always wanted to be able to tell stories, you know, stories that came from my soul.” Through four and a half decades, Michael took his fans on a continuous journey weaving stories in and out of songs, dances, prose, poetry beauty fiveand theatrical, dramatic performance.  “What did this amazing young man have to say, what stories did he want to tell, what had he experienced?  As it turned out, Michael had been in the public’s eye for so long that he had become very protective of those things his fans could not see, did not know.  He had been written about at every stage of his life.  Facts had been telegraphed, as had falsehoods.  He liked the idea that he could set the record straight in his own book, in his own words, but, too, there was an overriding desire to leave some things for himself and for those people he loved the most.”  Shaye Areheart 2009. The breathtaking phenomenon of Michael Jackson’s imagination, liberated in a talent  untamed and steeped in the past, created artistry which touched on the human condition and all its forms…a powerful force of pure love.  It encompassed art imitating life and life imitating art simultaneously.  “In many ways an artist is his work.  It’s difficult to separate the two.” Michael Jackson  Today, rereading Heaven Leigh’s beautiful fairy tale, MICHAELUNA, I thought about art imitating life. Magically, Luna and Michael traverse the shifting of life’s terrain, desperately holding onto love.  Suddenly, as these things often do when I allow myself to live in the moment, both fantasy and reality soundscapes emerge.  Seeing inspiration in every facet of Michael’s life, my understanding of Heaven’s storytelling brought me to the page.  The bridge between artist at workMichaeluna and Michael Jackson’s storytelling is the making of a life by what we give.

“What if Michael’s muse was a real being, watching over and inspiring him, as she had done for great musicians down through the ages?  But something unexpected happened when she began her musical relationship with him.  Magical and confusing feelings disrupted the realm of this heavenly goddess of song.  She fell hopelessly and impossibly in love.  Wouldn’t you?”  MICHAELUNA by HEAVEN LEIGHheaven

Two young lovers tasting from forbidden love, passionate and just out of reach, reminded me of Michael’s “I JUST CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU.”  The excitement of our first taste of love has an energy never to be revisited.

Each time the wind blows

I hear your voice so I call your nameijcsly two

Whispers at morning, our love is dawning

Heaven’s glad you came

You know how I feel

This thing can’t go wrong

I’m so proud to say I love you

Your love’s got me high, I long to get by

This time is forever, love is the answer.BADELEVEN

As in Heaven’s storytelling, a growing love affair burns through the intersections of life events.  The rushes of joy often meet with resistance.  Michael and Luna face fantastical obstacles, as Michael in real life was repeatedly surrounded by those whose intent was great harm.  Storytelling through astounding music, songs describing love’s undercurrents took shape in his INVINCIBLE ALBUM as a more mature Michael sang “HEAVEN CAN WAIT,” DON’T LET GO OF MY HAND,” AND DON’T WALK  AWAY.”

“The song is about the desire to elude death.  The singer has finally found love and joy, but now dreads it will be taken from him.  ‘Tell the angels no, I don’t want to leave my baby alone.’  The track is a supplication for time, to love and be loved without interference or intrusion.”  HEAVEN CAN WAIT Joseph Vogel MAN IN THE MUSICPERFORMANCE FIVE

“WHATEVER HAPPENS narrates the story of two people who still love each other deeply, but fear their relationship is in peril.  Whatever happens, don’t let go of my hand casting an uncertainty about the promises they make to each other.  In the outro, Jackson continues to plead desperately, but finds no resolution.”  Joseph Vogel MAN IN THE MUSIC

For me, DON’T WALK AWAY, is the most heart-wrenching love story I have ever heard.  “Don’t walk away.  See I just can’t find the right thing to say/ I try but all my painWORLD MUSIC AWARDS TWO gets in the way.”  I cannot listen to that without feeling a pain in my heart, tears streaming down my face.  Michael’s storytelling has evolved…a man creating out of deep emotional  pain…telling of physical and emotional, intimate, lost love.

As in Heaven’s storytelling, the lovers have taken a journey traveling through time and space.  And, as she includes the love of a parent and the love for humanity, so fans threeMichael’s music flowed into a more universal love affair.

‘SPEECHLESS was a love song about a pure, unconditional, safe kind of love he had never really sung about before (perhaps because he had never fully experienced it until he had children).  YOU ARE MY LIFE…the song no doubt had personal significance for Jackson, whose two young children had brought new meaning to his life.  Indeed, in many ways, it is the most honest musical expression of what his children meant to him.”


Joseph Vogel

“‘You can do this, Michael,’ he silently told himself as he approached her with such love and joy in his heart.  He held back tears that would surely make no sense to her.  As he got closer, he tried to read her mood by the look on her face, as he’d done a thousand times before.  She was staring at him.  He worried that his overwhelming emotions betrayed his disguise, and he tried with all of his might to look professional and composed.  ‘Daddy?'”


Heaven Leigh

Michael’s connection to other people’s lives and his deeply felt caring are now legend to millions of people around the planet.  With the passage of time, those who felt the need CHILDRENFOURTEENto keep Michael’s privacy have found an overwhelming desire to educate with stories of Michael’s tireless giving and unconditional love FOR EVERYONE.  I can honestly say, there isn’t a day that goes by when I turn on my computer and discover another beautiful reminiscence.  Today was no exception.

“In late May, 2009, I was with Michael when he was leaving Arnold Klein’s office in Beverly Hills.  The hype was building about the THIS IS IT shows and there was a swarm of paparazzi outside the building.  I was nervous about him being able to leave-the previous day had been a nasty experience both emotionally and physically; one photographer had shouted a question at him designed to be hurtful, then another had audibly banged Michael’s head with his over-sized camera.  It had been truly unpleasant and Michael had no reason to be in a good mood after the children

Today, a woman Michael didn’t know had gotten into the doctor’s office.  She was older and although I’d never seen her before, it seems she had a habit of chasing away paparazzi whenever she saw them near celebrities in L.A.  When she met Michael, obviously for the first time, she was in tears almost hysterical, ranting to him incoherently and for no apparent reason kept saying ‘Please’ as if asking for help.

I’m ashamed to say, she was getting on my nerves.  I could see he was tired and after the events of the day before, I was worried about him exiting the building safely.  I hadn’t even really spoken to him for that reason.  I just wanted him to get out of there and be safe.  And, I’m looking at this woman hugging him and ranting in his face, I wished he would say, ‘I’m sorry, I have to go.’ put his own well-being first and walk away.

Not Michael.  He stood in complete peace, stooped a little to look this older lady in the eyes and said in a low, kind voice that I remember too clearly, ‘Tell me what you need.  What is it you need?  How can I help you?’  Calmly, slowly, as if trying to instill with her daddy threesome of his equilibrium.  And still she couldn’t answer.  She was just rambling because she couldn’t believe that she really met Michael Jackson, who most people saw as an untouchable icon, the greatest entertainer of all time, who had broken so many boundaries in a stellar career over the past 4 decades.  She couldn’t believe that this man, who symbolized so much to her, had hugged her when she asked for a hug.  And when she pleaded aimlessly for something, she couldn’t even identify, he gave her everything a person could ask for.  He treated her with love, dignity and respect.  He lowered his head, gave her his time and offered of himself, even though he had no idea who this hysterical person was or what she wanted.

He hadn’t dismissed her.  He hadn’t thought of himself or how badly his bodyguards childhoodneeded to get him out of that building and away from the throngs of photographers.  THAT WAS MICHAEL.”  Maria Crawford on Michael Jackson…one month before he passed away.

Life imitating art…art imitating life.  Michael Jackson’s love spanned five decades taking on every form human beings understand.  MICHAELUNA magically represents the man.  The power of storytelling in word and music offer fantasy and reality…escapism and truth.



MICHAELUNA by Heaven Leigh…Amazon.comitc three

HIS tory







dreamsMichael’s definition of SOUL began like this:


       With his long, deep, vulnerable, humbling bows, hands clasped, head bowed, often down on one or both knees, arms outstretched, Michael offered himself to his FANS.  He offered his very soul to all who were fortunate to cross his unique path.  He was PATHOS INCARNATE:  possessing the quality of power in his music, storytelling, dance…all forms of his creative expression which evoked feelings of compassion and sympathy in others.thriller photo


You and I were never separate

It’s just an illusion

Wrought by the magical lens of


There is only one Wholeness

Only one Mind

We are like ripples

In the vast Ocean of Consciousnessbeautysix

The birds, the bees

The infinite galaxies

Rivers, Mountains

Clouds and Valleys

Are all a pulsating pattern

Alive with cosmic energy

Full of Life, of Joy

This Universe of Mine

Don’t be afraid

To know who you are

You are much more

Than you ever imagined

You are the Sun

You are the Moon

You are the wildflower in bloom

You are the Life-throb

That pulsates, dances

From a speck of dust

To the most distant star

And you and I

Were never separate

It’s just an illusionstrength

Wrought by the magical lens of


Let us celebrate

The Joy of Life

Let us dancemitmseven

The Dance of Creation

Michael Jackson  DANCING THE DREAMappearances

Yes, Michael evoked feelings of compassion.  But, it doesn’t end there, for Michael was a teacher.  He used the tools he had been given.  HE WAS CHOSEN.  Lessons came in many forms and were delivered to masses of people on every corner of the planet.  His art taught us how to live.  He believed in our power to make change.  Michael’s entire life was an art form.  Much was stunningly beautiful; his songs, his dance, his films, his performances, HE himself, his astounding good looks and sensuality and sexuality.  And, there was pathos evoked by great tragedy.dangerousagain


God uses the Suffering Servant to do what we cannot do.  The Suffering Servant remains silent and follows his destiny.  The Suffering Servant takes all the consequences in his single purpose which will not stop in his pursuit and willingly chooses to do what God wants.  (“What is it you want me to do next, God?”  Michael Jackson.)  We thought his punishment was for his sins, but he was bruised and wounded for our sins.  He was oppressed, yet he never said a word.  It was the Lord’s plan to bruise him and fill him with grief.  This righteous servant will make many to be righteous  before God.  He has poured out his soul unto death…ISAIAH 53 (This is the passage Michael was reading on his way to court in 2005 to hear the verdict.) SENSUAL

The totality of Michael’s soul and pathos has brought about massive creativity from every possible corridor of life.  Music, art, speeches, dance, film, tributes, articles, books, poetry, blogs, activist groups….all inspired by THE ORIGINAL.  In my lifetime, I have never before witnessed such a prolonged, vibrant, authentic and passionate outpouring of LOVE ART.  People from all over the world continue to be connected because of MICHAEL JACKSON.  It now reaches FIVE AND A HALF decades of work.  And, there are no indications that it is slowing down.  On the contrary, it is a speeding train.  The energy is boundless.  Speaking from my little corner of the world, I have seen a surge of interest in MICHAELJACKSONCHOSENVOICES.COM.  I am surprised daily by the spirituality and limitless

Michael provides me each day with THERAPY FOR MY SOUL.  When I get stuck, when I am discouraged, when I feel defeated, Michael feeds my creative spirit and gives me the strength I need with his artistry and his inexhaustible humanitarian role model. He inspires me to be better.  He excites me with his visionary talents.  HE IS MY INSTANT ANTI-DEPRESSANT.  With Michael, I discover MAGIC AND MYSTERY AND WONDER all over again.  I return to the fantastical world of my childhood.  And, at the same time, feel the passion of a woman.  I find a sense of purpose for my writing, and for my attempts to give what I can to a world that needs it badly.japan two

Let me give you a glimpse into the creative works of others who move in the world of Michael Jackson.  Each of these women have been given great talent in writing and art and I have been blessed to be allowed to share in their respective worlds.  Heaven, Michelle, Siren, Brenda, Mimi, and Liz  have all been hugely generous in sharing their art with me and with you.  Each of these women have inspired, just as all of us are inspired by Michael.

michelleElizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux  AN ANGEL AMONG US…We Called Him Michael Jackson and MICHAEL IN MY LIFE

DEAR MICHAEL Messenger of Love  Elizabeth JohnsonLIZ


A Spiritual Tribute

by Siren

This book is a personal tribute to an incredible inspiration, spiritual teacher, and the Sirengreatest example of Universal Love of our time.

I’ll never let You part,

For You’re always in my heart…


Brenda Jenkyns and Kathy O’Garren5th ann

Michael Jackson’s message of Love, peace, and tolerance changed our lives forever.  We hope that FOREVER LOVED, and our previous book, EVER AFTER, will contribute in a small way to help his legacy continue to change the lives of future generations.Christmas


A Magical Romance

Story by Heaven Leigh

Illustrations by Mimi O’Garren

MICHAELUNA is a beautifully illustrated Fairy Tale that asks: What if Michael’s muse was a real being, watching over and inspiring him, as she had done for great musicians down through the ages?  But, something unexpected happened when she began her musical relationship with him.  Magical and confusing feelings disrupted the realm of this heavenly goddess of song.  She fell hopelessly and impossibly in love.  Wouldn’t you?heavenheaven leigh

No one can explain Michael Jackson better than MICHAEL JACKSON.  And so, My Dear, DEAR Friends…I always ask myself when I am writing to you…WHAT WOULD MICHAEL SAY…WHAT WOULD MICHAEL DO?

“Thank you very, very much, Prince Albert.  I am incredibly honored to be chosen to receive his award.  I’d like to thank the World Music Awards and, especially, THE FANS!  You are the reason that I continue to do what I do.  I’ve been performing since I was five years old, so I haven’t had what you’d call an ordinary life.  But, I’ve been blessed with so many extraordinary opportunities and so many wonderful friends all over the world, that I wouldn’t change a minute of it.  Really!  I love you more!  I’m so proud.  I thank God.  I’m so proud that God gave me the gift of song and the world gave me the opportunity to be heard through music.  And, it’s because of moments like this, I can say with all my heart that I’m proud to be an entertainer.  And, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN YET!  I LOVE YOU.”  Michael Jackson Artist of the Millennium Award 2000 World Music Awards OF THE MILLENNIUM

I love you, My Dear Friends.  Thank you for all YOU do to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD, being an activist in protecting Michael’s life and legacy.

HIS tory


YOURstory  Please take a moment to read the amazing, profound and loving comments you have shared…I am always so very grateful when I can read YOURstories and learn from them.  YOU INSPIRE ME.  I LOVE YOU!  Jude


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