~The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all~

Walt Disney

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and all right tencompassion…against injustice and lying and greed.  If people all over the world would do this, it would change the earth.”

William Faulker

~We rise by lifting others~  Robert Ingersoll


Chinese Proverbzita five

“The connections between Michael and his followers transcend time, distance and circumstances, for their relationship of unconditional love remains as strong and tight as always.”

Elizabeth Johnson  DEAR MICHAEL 2012

~A song is a mantra, something you repeat over and over.  And, we need peace.  We need giving.  We need love.  We need unity.  I want the whole world to sing this song:  WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE~

Michael Jackson’s response to 9/11all right fourteen

As the world tends to break everyone, we hold onto the hope that many of us are stronger in the broken places…and, that those broken places put us in the right place.  It is God’s work, choosing for us the right place, even if we don’t know it at the time.  We don’t always receive what we are sure we want.  Instead, we are given what we need.  Often asking ourselves:  Why is that a relevant question…our interests aligned, we simply do not stop asking.  Meeting Michael Jackson…no matter what form the contact…causes a chemical reaction that is transformative and purposeful.  Our journey defines this:  KNOWING the truth and GETTING justice are not the same thing.  Our need to put things right echoes from all corners of the planet, often reminding us that we may be knocked down, but we all right fiveare not destroyed…nor will we be.  Encountering an often repeated statement in the media, “There is nothing good about this guy.”  Wolf Blitzer The Situation Room CNN July 6, 2009, not only do we use our anger, but  pity those who see depravity in normal behavior, thankful we are not inside their minds.  We are determined to change the sound bites and end the seemingly never-ending myths, hoping for a classic blowback that will show the world media agendas, justifying their cynicism as a higher calling.  How are we meant to survive it all?  The answer is clear:  We look to Michael Jackson’s life, artistry and legacy as a guide.

“If DANCING THE DREAM, MOONWALK, his life and lyrics weren’t enough to tell allright twelveall we need to know, then no book is going to change a hardened heart.”

Dee Pfeiffer

The entry lies before us.  The teacher is here.  Michael  is meant to survive.  We areall right eight meant to survive.

“It’s so inspiring how Michael’s fans, friends and supporters remain inspired to care after so many years.  That is a truly great legacy that should be aspired to.”

Sarah Conley  International Elephant Foundation

This journey we find ourselves passionately devoted to is as unique as the man himself.  Students of history, we realize we can find no other human being as abused, inALL RIGHT SEVENTEEN this or any other century.  In the age of instant communication, a lie can spread around the world with the touch of a button…never to be erased.  Without accountability, there is no fear of reprimand.  Opinions become fact, agendas masked, releasing conscience from cut and paste mentality.  Those claiming to be friends, after being shown loving hospitality,  often delight in sharing…causing us to ask:  After spending time with a friend, how many of us returned home talking about their nose, alleged surgeries they might have had, the alleged parentage of their children?

“I’m a great fan of art.  I love Michelangelo.  If  I had a chance to talk to him, or read IN LOVE ELEVENabout him, I would want to know what inspired him to become who he is, the anatomy of his craftsmanship, not about who he went out with last night. That’s what’s important to me.”

Michael Jackson Oprah interview 1992

(What was Oprah’s next question:  “How much plastic surgery have you had?”)

(LARGE THOUGHTS FOR SMALL MINDS…The teacher opened the door…the student remained outside.)

(One wonders, how many other people Oprah asked that question!  And, more importantly, what was HER agenda.  I think we know the answer.)

“We are all familiar with the role of the media in the constant replay of innuendos and false claims’ nauseating proportions, while not paying attention to peace, justice, humanitarianism he was so greatly involved in.”

THE LAST DANCE How Harlem Remembered Michael Jacksonall right fifteen

Frederick Monderson 2011

Michael said:

~I’m a Black American and I’m proud of it.  I’m honored by it.

~I don’t bleach my skin.  They once said I wanted a white kid to play me in a Pepsi Commercial…that is a rumor.

~The Bill Clinton Inauguration rumor…saying I didn’t want to do it, is a false rumor.all right seven

~I’m not gay.


1996  Deposition

~Jesus said to love children and be like children, be youthful and be innocent and pure and honorable.  He was talking to his Apostles…they were fighting over who was the greatest of them all…and, Jesus said, “Whoever humbles himself like a child is the greatest among you.”  He surrounded himself with children.  That’s how I was raised to believe…to be like that…to imitate that.~

“It pains me to watch the human suffering taking place in the Gulf Region of my country.  My heart and prayers go out to every individual who has had to endure the pain and suffering caused by this tragedy.  I will be reaching out to others within the music industry to join me in helping to bring relief and hope to these resilient people who have lost everything, from the bottom of my heart, to help the victims of hurricaneALL RIGHT SIXTEEN Katrina.”  ~within 24 hours of the tragedy~ October 7, 2005

“Whilst Michael’s messages of love and tolerance supercede him, we must also remember his message of truth and resilience in standing up and fighting for what you believe in, no matter who the target and however bleak the outcome may be.  A voice for the voiceless, an answer to the lies…Long may Tabloid Junkie reign, and long may it serve as an example of a man not afraid to speak out.”

Iconic Magazine  Celebrating 20 Years…HISTORY 20

~My fans will go down in history for their loyalty, their love, and their strength.  UNENDINGGod bless them.~

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has taught us to think.  He has taught us to dream.  The world spins on dreamers.  We accept the fact that bad things will continue to happen, strengthened in our certainty that the truth fears no questions.  Our numbers prevent us from being stretched past the point of resilience, grateful to have chosen to enter through Michael’s magical door of unconditional love…happily welcoming all who accept thisall right three mantra:  When you want to know Michael Jackson…ASK HIM!

Accepting that for a time~an Angel walked among us~ WE PAY MICHAEL FORWARD WITH ALL OUR LOVE!


Zita…The True Gift





“She used to always rub my face and I never used to understand why.  She used to say I had beautiful hands and I used to say, ‘Why, don’t all hands look alike?’  But now I see what she means because now I do it to my kids.  I rub their facescreate two like that because they are so sweet.  I never understood why she did it to me.  Then, you grow up and you realize that it’s an endearing thing to say, ‘I LOVE YOU’.”

Michael Jackson (Memories of Rose Fine)

~The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be~

Dalai Lama michael's hugs

“We wanted to do a film (GHOSTS) that’s very scary, but it should be a roller coaster ride with peaks and valleys, all kind of emotions.  You know, there’s some pathos, I insisted on it.  I hope you enjoy it.  I hope it’s inspiring to a lot of people, and I hope it scares you.  I hope it makes you laugh and I hope it makes you cry.  That’s all I want to achieve…just some real entertainment.’

Michael Jacksonearth song brit awards

It is necessary to pay due diligence when peeling off the layers of Michael’s gift of touch if we are to truly understand it.  So unique in its scope and depth, his survival instinct did not include pulling others under to save himself, for no matter how dark the days, Michael took the higher ground…remaining calm in the face of chaos.  A true legend reflects the living life, and the life remembered after death, with the sum total offering inspiration in helping others to live.  For those who know and, for those who don’t,  our peeling honors the gift.  Michael valued touch in an expanded definition which unconditionally accepted that…you take less than you give…always look forward, and never let go.  Hearing the millions of voices crying SAVE ME, Michael believed in miracles that touched both the inner and outer lives of humankind with every touch motivated by LOVE.  Dismissing the philosophy that you can only play the game…but never win, he stood in a position of power defending unpopular causes with a firm hand and a gentle heart.  Michael reached out to teach, illuminate, and inspire…all the while entertaining us with his magical artistry.  In truth, there is only one side of the Michael Jackson story and, for those who, in their increasingly cynical minds,  believe that a chain reaction to hearsay, gossip and rumor innocent elevenhas no end, Michael’s crusade goes on.  We have chosen not to be accomplices to media and extortionist bullying.  Soul-power is at stake here, for Michael has shown us that our real power lies within.

~We are the Guardians of Michael’s Legacy~

Accusation isn’t proof, repeating a lie doesn’t make it true, the line between investigating and persecuting is a fine one not to be stepped over, Michael’s life revealed to us a media that was wrong 100% of the time.  Touching us with the strength of dissent, our search engines have been empowered with a singular mission:  TO PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.  This instrument has given strength to THE NEW MEDIA, also called CITIZEN JOURNALISM.  “The speed of communications is wondrous to behold.  It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.”  Edward R. Murrow

~WE HAVE MUCH TO DO~activist seven

Masquerade the heart

Is the height of haunting souls

Just not what you seek of me

Can the heart reveal the proof

Like a mirror tells the truth

See the evil one is you

IS IT SCARYhandsome and pensive

Michael Jackson~  GHOSTS

Fearless and motivated by LOVE, each day we more deeply understand the love.  It is a gentle caress of a beautiful hand, the soft kiss of a gentle man.  It is the penetrating look from eyes that seem to go on for miles.  It is the hug that never ends.  It is the fire that ignites our sense of injustice and propels us into social justice activism.  It is the ~sparkle from a little girl’s gaze containing the same knowledge that Nature implants at the heart of every life-form~  Michael’s touch is felt in every song, every dance, every performance, every speech, every interview, EVERYTHING in his creations.

~It is simple trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view~

“I believe that people living together in unity is one of the most important messages we can teach our children.”ghosts nine

Michael Jackson

~What one wishes is to be touched by truth and to be able to interpret that truth so that one may use what one is feeling and experiencing, be it despair or joy, in a way that will add meaning to one’s life and will hopefully touch others as well.  This is art in its highest from.  Those moments of enlightenment are what I continue to live for~

Michael Jacksonactivist six

With one voice, touching with unconditional love,


WE ARE WHO WE PROTECT…who we stand up for

~Michael’s greatest success was YOU, his worldwide fans, who are changing the world with love.  YOU ARE HIS CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT.~


~Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before you, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.~


He was a man of power; of positive power that brought people together in the time he lived.  He brought people from ALL walks of life, ALL nationalities, friends and foes alike.  He was healing in the spirit because he healed a lot of people with his music and with his spirit.  Being in his presence, when he visited hospitals, the children would miraculously be healed.  Michael should be remembered for being one of the most positive and unselfish human beings that ever lived.  He just happened to be a singer and a dancer.”

Jonathan Moffet

Connected in a community, believing in a story greater than myself, sometimes there is a feeling of being frozen in time.  But, it isn’t a trapped feeling, quite the opposite. respect Joined together, we fans each recognize a transformation of our own stories as we grow in our understanding of Michael’s story.  We have begun to realize that WE are a valuable part of Michael’s Legacy.  To be sure, Michael’s journey is frozen in each and every detail, every event, every accomplishment…but, his ice sculptures burn brightly with brilliant light and intense heat.  Consciously, We cherish each connection as bonds grow in strength, intensityahhhhh sixty three fueled.  And, although Carl Jung stated~Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood~ we are dedicated in our mission to both understand Michael’s complex, multi-layered messages and, spread his legacy around the world.  Across the breadth of Michael’s journey lies the emotional sincerity of Michael’s heart, his very soul.ahhhhsixty

“He was so shy, he’d sit down and sing behind the couch with his back to me while I sat there with my hands over my eyes with the lights out.  I think the thing for him was he was a complete triple treat.  He could sing like nobody’s business, he could dance like nobody’s business with electric performances.  So, every time he hit the stage, no matter what he was doing, no matter what type of song he was doing, all eyes were on him.  I think Michael was a sheer natural, dropped on this earth by the Most HighART FOR MICHAEL to show everyone how to do it…and, he did it.  He was born with talent, you don’t learn it, no one teaches you how to be Michael Jackson in grade school.  The true, true stars are people with unique and unbelievable talent like no one else.  He didn’t sound like anyone else, he didn’t dance like anyone else, and he had ahhhhh sixty twothat special something that only stars have.  There are a lot of people who assume they’re stars…he was a real star.  Around the world, this guy is held up in honor as the greatest entertainer.  He transcended everything.  He was that uber star, not just a regular star.  I think now, people are trying to remember the joy that he brought into everyone’s lives, and also the sheer greatness of this talent, which is what you should be applauding at this time.  This is one of those times in our lifetime that we saw a real beacon.”

Randy Jackson

~Michael knew and was genius at communicating, not only lyrical and instrumental meaning, but with voice inflection, phrasing and emotion.  He could send a message to that little soul light inside, triggering joy and connection with a primal ‘something’ that has no words or explanation.  The miracle is the permanence of connection, and the expansion of knowing and feeling that extends to other areas of life.  The Creator used music as Michael’s microphone to the world.”performance art nine

Lauren Trainor  MJ Tribute Portrait

The Belgian saying:  ~One speaks evil of friends in order to divert attention from one’s own mistakes~  goes to the heart of  despicable lies and liars who seem incapable  of cleanliness of thought.  Attempts to discredit, with soundbites and smear campaigns, distortions and vulgarity, continue.  The media is free only to those who own one, their intent to put forth in the court of public opinion ~What got broken here doesn’t go back together again~   Enter the NEW MEDIA, sometimes called  CITIZEN JOURNALISM…Integrity and objectivity, education and truth, message and historical facts have now become the whole reason for doing what we do…we are here to changeomg ten the world of cynicism, low standard dirty interpretation…loading up all fears and allowing them to fly away.  Heaven Leigh said it beautifully when she wrote:  ~Michael was a champion of the poor and oppressed.  In his goodness, he gave wisdom to those in authority so that all people may enjoy justice, peace, freedom…to share the goodness of his creation~  His story continues in his artistry and with those who carry his messages, determined to obliterate organized smear campaigns for all time.  Michael’s clean thinking took him to very high realms and we are determined to protect this truth:  He was a man of his word…and, his word is intact still.  We are here to see that truth live on into future generations.  We are not taking NO for an answer.innocent eight

“Michael’s story becomes a much less complicated one when you see the obvious…that he was a rebel and a social justice fighter in the style of Gandhi.”

D.B. Anderson  Citizen Journalism


~a gentle genius with unparalleled stamina~  Karen Faye

Edward Hopper describes ART as necessary and attaches these five reasons:  Art is a natural human behavior~Art is communication~Art is healing~Art tells a story~Art is a shared experience.  Michael Jackson is the only force that can inspire people across the world to dance and celebrate in complete UNISON…his artistry touches EVERY human experience, communicating and healing us, storytelling in unforgettable shared experiences.  Taking this description of art a step forward, Michael Jackson’s artistry HUMANITARIANS TOGETHERinspires activism for change in the world.  It comes from a place of innocence and purity.

“My greatest inspiration comes from kids.  Each song, every dance I do, all the poetry I write.  It’s all inspired from the level of innocence, that consciousness of purity.  And, children have it.  I see God in the face of children.”

Michael Jacksonoh baby

We honor the struggle we share with Michael willingly, with the vulnerability he taught us, knowing we are all in this together.  We have asked ourselves: What are we growing toward?  Navigating the powerful currents surrounding Michael’s life and legacy, we connect to each other, presenting both individual and collective stories that empower a change in the public perception of Michael Jackson.  This is our cause.  These are our goals.   Becky Barn defines the importance of preserving his life and legacy when she said:  “Often, when a celebrity parts prematurely, there is a frenzy of the media and a period of mourning deep into the public, and then, life goes on.  This is not the case with Michael Jackson, whose influence is still felt on a daily basis in the music world and whose absence is still being referenced frequently.  Will we find another pop star who is so revered and loved?  Who has impact so deep and sustainable in the landscape of diversitymodern music?  Few believe that there is a possibility.”

“I totally enjoy what I’m doing…and bringing joy into people’s lives, to me, if I can bring one second of joy into a child or grown-up’s life, I have achieved my lifetime ambition.”  

Michael Jackson

Great artistry is complicated and magical.  A great artist gifts the world with wonderments.  A genius presents big thoughts, multi-layered, intricate to the extreme.ahhhh fifty nine  Aligned with the powers of the universe, Michael Jackson requires of us to revisit, nourish and define our thinking and understanding.  “Magic is what happens when you have encountered the divine.”  Phyllis Curott  Without a doubt, we have encountered the divine in Michael.

WE ARE WHO WE  PROTECT, WHO WE STAND UP FOR!  With a massive crowd of smart people who love Michael, we have his back, and fully intend to open the doors of justice and truth.

“Angels wait for us to call them.  They walk beside us all the time, they guide, heal andbilliejean classic protect us.  We can develop deep and illuminating relationships with angels, if we just call them.  No task is too small, no task is too big to call on our angels.  Thank you, Michael, for your angelic inspiration.  We love you.”

Betelgeusemj Mcol


Artwork Robyn Starkand

THE ONE…a truth immersion

“To say the man is a genius is an understatement.  He cradles each note, coaxes the music to depths beyond reality.  God blessed him and squandered nothing, but loved it all.  Michael knew how to put together every tone, every nuance to make magic.  You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to see this again and again.  Memorize it and say to yourselves. ‘I SAW GENIUS IN MY LIFETIME.'”angel love

Elizabeth Taylor  (THIS IS IT)

“What I picked up on Michael Jackson, because I study people when I watch them, is the way that he counts the rhythm with his feet and his neck at the same time is crazy…so he’s hearing multiple things at once…and, I don’t know anybody who does that.”

Wyclef Jean of the Fugeespure sex

“One morning, Michael came in with a new song he had written overnight.  We called in a guitar player, and Michael sang every note of every chord to him.  ‘Here’s the first chord, first note, second note, third note,’ etc.  We witnessed him giving the most heartfelt vocal performance, live in the control room through an SM57.  He would sing an entire string arrangement every part.

Steve Porcaro once told  me he witnessed Michael doing that with the string section in a room.  Had it all in his head, harmony and everything.  Not just a little eight bar loop ideas.  He would actually sing the entire arrangement into a microcassette recorder complete with stops and fills.”

Rob Hoffman

“He had the capacity to lose himself in the music completely, dancer disappearing in the dance.”

Glen Ballardspectacular six


Michael Jackson  January 2005

“One of my fondest memories of MJ is the first time he and I sat down  to write out a set list for the show.  He showed me a computer print-out of what the fans voted as the songs they most wanted to hear, and then he showed me a handwritten list of what he wanted based on that information.  We had a very difficult time trying to get that list together.  If we did all of his hits, he would have been on stage for about two weeks!  What was great about the time we had  together that day was seeing first-hand the love and passion he had for pleasing his fans, and wanting to make sure they were  getting what they wanted from our show.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked with an artist that loved his fans more!”

Michael BeardonSPECTACULAR

As dawn appears on the horizon of a new day, I realize when awakening from my dreams, that joy is humanly possible.  From peaceful sleep to gesture, my dreamlike wonders transform thought into word, creating once  again on the page.  “This is the place that you choose to be with me when you thought you could be in another world.”  MJ  Determined to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD, attempting to learn from life’s hard knocks and Michael’s soft touches, sometimes dazed by confusion, I take stock of where I have been and where I am going.  Some might think that after writing hundreds of articles, thoroughness would fold beneath hidden impossibility…meaning ~could there be anymore to learn, anymore to say, anymore to do?  That would hold true if Michael Jackson’s life had only a singular dimension.  Accepting Krishnamurti’s words:  learningFOR THE FANS FOUR is movement from moment to moment…TAKING Michael brings with it a love for the impossible task of knowing it all, stretching moments into years. Vigorously, we in the Michael Jackson community search in our attempt to supply light and enlightenment…drawing a line of distinction between the myth-making media and THE NEW MEDIA.  We have lived and are living with a GENIUS IN OUR LIFETIME, and the constructive power of our words soothes our fears, allowing us to benefit from them.  Simply put, WE STAND FOR THE TRUTH.  Michael dreamed dreams that gave answers to questions heretofore unasked.  With unparalleled genius, he gave language to joy and sorrow, suffering and bliss…great gesture leading to envisioned peace.  With sumptuous music, dance, story, performance, prose and poetry, his dream of Utopia became ours…his channeled visions delivered our lessons and with them, a yearning.  With a narrative written each and every day, we reclaim Michael’s essence, decodingspectacular four the layers of his messages.  As with all great art and great artists, it is an ecstatic intellectual, emotional, complicated and personal journey…taking a lifetime.  The delicious power of Michael’s magic potently connects us to ourselves.  The more we know, the more  we want to know…and, the greater our bond grows between one another and, to Michael. Taken a step further, with the power of love inside, we yearn to share that life-altering, life-saving love with the world…as within, so without.

Healing the world…one child at a time…one animal at a time…one person at a time.beauty personified nine

“I personally have been moved by Michael’s genius artistry, its tapestry of layers, through the entirety of his performance…starting with the intro, held captive to the outro…being entertained to the max, being stirred, being suspended, being heightened, leading to a heart impacting crescendo that stirs one deep inside.  The outro of MAN IN THE MIRROR gets me every time I see it, and I leave truly wanting to change any of my ways that are not leaving this world a better place.”


There are times when the media mantra: FEAR…the oldest tool of force…If we are distracted by fear of those around us, it keeps us from seeing the actions of those  in power above, can temporarily pollute our resolve, with its incessant bullying and lies, cutting and pasting with abandon.  We feel frustration with those who cling to myths refusing to be educated in the truth…continuing to close their minds.  Just when we feel battered and helpless, one of the lovely ripples washes over us, cleansing away our doubts, refreshing our minds and reminding us of Michael’s words:  KEEPING THE FAITH MEANS NEVER GIVING UP ON LOVE.   “Michael believed in magic, he believed that we could change the world, and he had such unconditional love that when you were around him, you couldn’t help but believe it, too.”  Kelli Parker BEAUTY PERSONIFIED TWELVE

“The texture and control of his voice  was absolutely extraordinary.  He paints mosaics with his voice, like Michelangelo paints pictures.  He had a voice of the Sistine Chapel…and it seems like when he sings, he’s reaching out and he’s touching you, putting his hands on you…you are moved.  All of us musicians have that, but some…only a chosen few, have it to the depth and the degree that Michael  had it…and, he had it to the greatest I’ve ever seen.”

Jonathan Moffett

“My mind understands that he is no longer with us, but my heart and soul just cannot beauty personified tenseem to grasp it.  Michael’s music has been the soundtrack of my life and now, when I hear one of his songs, my eyes automatically begin to fill with tears.  Then, I check myself, for as long as I can still groove to his music, it’s easier for me to believe that Michael’s somewhere in the universe, doing his thing.  I don’t like being reminded that he died.  Legends don’t die.  Michael’s talent overshadowed his enormous humanitarian spirit, his magic brought all of us together.  He will never be forgotten.”beauty personified eleven

Shaquille O’Neill

Michael’s music holds our stories, embraces our hearts and triggers emotions that uplift our souls, our inner and outer listening humbled.  Our multitudes sing and dance.  Michael’s artistry brings with it self-discovery and a realization of our connectedness.  Our true voice comes from our heart with a personal bonding, acting in accordance with Michael’s truest nature…our truest nature.  We join together in a common purpose…TO PAY MICHAEL FORWARD…giving light to the truth and moving toward a Utopian World.



Michael Jackson

With all my love,




Each artist makes the world his or her own, and in doing so, elevates it.  And, in doing that, elevates us.

(taken from the film)  ” WORDS AND PICTURES”AWE

“In the scheme of things, Michael Jackson’s legacy is not defined by the ones who attempt to take him down, but, by how he remained standing.”


“What wound does ever heal but by degrees.”


William Shakespeare

If Buddha is right and “we do not learn by experience but by our capacity for BEAUTY SIXTEENexperience,” then, our endurance has once again been tested.  The way we see the world comes out in our choices, our actions and our words…our resolve either weakened or strengthened.  It is so easy to be drawn in by bullies.  They are loudangelic six and spew venomous words that raise our temperatures.  Bullies are well-practiced in pushing the right buttons, their unimaginative strategies, tedious.  We have heard it all before.  Uneducated and refusing to change, they doggedly hang on to old arguments and use inaccuracies and lies as fuel.  In Alexander Pope’s words, “Some people will AWE THREEnever learn anything because they understand everything too soon.”

Our great good fortune is that we come together because we have the truth, and with that truth, we have a future.  Through Michael, we are a community called to reach out to the world as we continue to deliver Michael’s messages.  Our energies, not devoted to hate or destruction, follow Michael…who knew the way, traveled the way, and showed us the way.  Having studied Michael’s life and legacy, our memories are a net inspired by Michael’s example…WHO SAVES A LIFE SAVES THE WHOLE WORLD.  David Nordahl clearly stated a truth when he said that Michael wasn’t a ME kind of guy. AN ANGEL He was always thinking about others.  That said, we clearly do not have time for destruction and hate.  There is too much to be done.

Michael’s talent and fire as an artist have taken us places we have never been before, giving us the larger view.  His gifts and talents, energies and vision make us feel our best, make us want to be our best.  No amount of hating or bullying can ever achieve that.

Activism is a part of reaching for justice, working toward equality and fairness, demanding ethics and accountability.  The unlawful, unethical, unprofessional actionsmagic nine that came together in an attempt to destroy Michael Jackson are public knowledge.  That history cannot be forgotten, nor repeated.

Speaking of Tom Sneddon…”He abused the legal system, committed perjury, paid off witnesses, cost Santa Barbara County millions of taxpayers dollars.  He abused the spirit, legacy and personal property of an artist and humanitarian.”

Karen Faye

“Michael  Jackson was shrewd and audacious enough to invest his capital into the white man’s game of music publishing.  A very young and uniquely influential Black man suddenly became perceived by the establishment as one who was getting disconcertingly above his station.

Sneddon has cynically and relentlessly attempted to systematically annihilate Michael ANGEL EYES THREEJackson.  He had written to the FBI asking them to convict Michael under the Mann Act…a law created in 1910 to entrap boxer, Jack Johnson in 1912, for what are now regarded as racially-motivated reasons.  The FBI disagreed, despite LAPD being enthusiastic about this line of inquiry.

TS oversaw a successful change in the law that enabled him to resume his baseless AWE TWOchasing of Michael in 2005.

(Sneddon…[nothing more] than a footnote in the epic cultural event that was the life and career of Michael Jackson.)

excerpts from “A Cold Man:  An Article on the Death of Michael Jackson’s Arch Nemesis”  Sylmortilla

“When Michael died, the world came to a halt.  News broadcasts were interrupted, traffic came to a standstill, and people left their homes and took to the streets as if pulled by some invisible force, or maybe just a desperate need for support and togetherness.  They grabbed sheets of cardboard to craft signs of love or placed balloons and flowers at locations he had visited.  Many lit candles in front of framed photos in their living rooms, and celebrities, world leaders, and ordinary people alike poured their hearts out…shock, disbelief, pain…Michael Jackson?   Dead…gone forever.  In all countries, on all continents, people mourned his passing.  No matter race, creed, social status, ethnicity or origin, people were joined in the process ofDANGEROUS PERFORMANCE FOUR missing him.  This is the impact Michael Jackson had on the world.

[T.S. You were here and you are not.  That’s  it.  It’s not making a difference.]  And, in the end, I want to thank you.  I want to thank you because through your actions, your callousness, and your hate, you have shown me exactly who I do not want to be.

I choose kindness, forgiveness, serenity and compassion, and most of all, I choose love every single time.  MICHAEL TAUGHT ME THAT.”

Sandra Sasvari














Social Justice, equality, ethics, professionalism, fairness…Michael Jackson put his frustrations with the world’s problems into his music, his dance.  He called us all to action.  Critics, bullies and the media tried to convince the public that Michael’s messages were either ridiculously simple-minded or self-serving…historically getting it wrong over and over again.  That hasn’t changed.  What has changed is that truth is in the hands of masses of people.  Relying on an uninformed and ignorant world population isn’t working anymore.  The NEW MEDIA is brutalityenlightened with the truth.

The degrees of healing continue as wounds heal.  We are elevated by Michael’s life and legacy.  We love deeply because he loved us first.  He has taught us that those who bully and hate will continue to twist and turn things into lies.  He taught us that if you tell a lie often enough, it will be believed.  He taught us to see the larger view.  When people feel good about themselves, they are good to one another.  He taught us the power of the people coming together as ONE  VOICE for change.  He told us to always remember the children.  He taught us to cry out for one another.  He taught us to listen to the earth.  With great pain and struggle, he taught us how to bravely live…forgiving, not hating.  We know from Michael that there is much to be done.  LOVE IS THE ANSWER AS WE GO FORWARD TO CHANGE THE WORLD.angelic two

Thank you, Michael, for being the truth.

I love you, Michael.

I love you all.




“I believe we have two lives…the life we learn with, and the life we live with after.”


“Michael’s Spiritual/Artistry…neither can be removed from one another.  We are the world.  Our path has been chosen.”


“Surviving meant being born over and over.”gem

Erica Jong

Our choices design ourselves.  Restless, we agitators accept that there is something more to why we are here.  New discoveries are made when we suddenly see things that have always been there, taking the time to look with new eyes.  In David Spangler’s words, “The universe works with you and for you. It is not your enemy.”  We realize that it isn’t too late to be sweetie fourwhat we hoped one day we would be.  Michael Jackson speaks to souls longing for connection.  He magically weaves us together, emotionally interlaced in a  communionhandsome man four of hope.  The trajectory of each of our lives is altered.  With the study of Michael’s words, be they in lyrics, prose, poetry, speeches or interviews, we discover who WE are.  He is an angel walking the planet, whispering in our ears, giving expression to the divinity in his life.  That divine spirit assists us as we maneuver our way through the maze of real life, creating change, for OURSELVES and for a world we have only envisaged.

The spirit of LOVE motivates Michael’s life and artistry.  We take that love as a starting place for the creation of our own lives…overcoming despair, reaching toward hope.  When our lives intersect with Michael’s, we suddenly find ourselves spending time thinking about how we are going to live NOW!  Through our education, we untangle the twisted lies of “ancient” media agendas, our departure incredibly triumphant, joining together in powerful soul memories.gem two

As Michael lived and Ralph Waldo Emerson described…”To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart, is true for all men…that is genius.”  Michael offered his heart on his sleeve.  The power of his love, while devotedly true to his gifts, his humility, and his heart’s memory of gratitude…offers a blueprint for living.  Never falling into the despair of, “There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.”  Michael’s storytelling reached into every possible human joy and human tragedy.  He was born over and over again, creating and recreating.  His discontentment tirelessly reached for world healing.  Both the power of prayer and personal faith filled his heart.  But, he believed that ACTION was crucial for healing.

A dreamer, a goal-setter, a perfectionist…Michael refused to accept anything less YOUTHthan his best, always dreaming of a better world.  And, he believed that these powerful dreams WOULD come true.  “My dreams usually do come true,” he smilingly shared, in an interview during the BAD World Tour in 1987.


Willa Cather


Carl Jung

Our spirits haven’t been taken by a media, relentless and calculated, practicing a distortion of facts to support their shameful, corrupted theories.  On the contrary, we have strengthened our spirituality, our sacred center.  This journey we have undertaken with Michael Jackson has revealed a man who represents pure love and values.  We have heard his words and been swept away by his music, embraced by his emotions and vulnerabilities. But, that is not the extent of it.  Our spiritual awakening joins in our sorrow as we share Michael’s pain, both physical and emotional.  Injustice upon injustice delivered during Michael’s life transmits our sorrow into wisdom.  WE KNOW.  WE BELIEVE.  OUR ACTIONS TO PAY MICHAEL FORWARD ARE BASED IN TRUTH.  Quite simply, we are better, we have chosen our own destiny.  We are changed.

“The power of music is the power of the soul.  VH1 honors the musician who GOLDENgoes beyond sharing the soul and shares time, energy and resources to help others.”


June 22, 1995

If choice is destiny’s soul mate, then we have chosen well.  We are on a personal journey leading us to PERSONAL growth, which in turn leads us to “make that change” for a needy world.  Michael is our teacher, our spiritual leader, our muse, our inspiration and our hope.  His life and artistry speak to humanity.  The sheer volume  of it offers a spiritual path without end.  We who have chosen this path are gifted beyond words.  I believe we are obligated to share this privilege with others…because MICHAEL JACKSON IS FOR EVERYONE!



I love you, Michael!

I love you, Dear Friends!

HIS tory







Is it possible to be both scattered and solid?  Among the many questions I have asked this week, that is one.  Plato said, “The life that is not examined is not worth living.”  On the one hand, I truly know what I believe, but, I often reflect upon the means I am using to share this burning passion that has taken over every inch of me.  Accepting where my gifts lie, I embrace those who do many wondrous things that I cannot.  Since studying Michael Jackson’s life, I have come to realize the magnitude of sexy elevenhis gifts and talents, the vastness of his actions, the purity and endlessness of his love.  All have inspired activism.  I am drawn to words.  Michael opened his autobiography by saying he always wanted to be a storyteller.  He was a magnificent one, using words, music, rhythm, dance…his voice and his body “spoke” magically.  His magnetism created joy wherever he went.  Fans came away from the experiences with a sense of wonder, all the while, thinking about his messages, deciding how they might make a change.beauty again two

The articles I write speak to Michael’s life, his legacy, his humanitarianism.  I hope that while compiling research I offer a sort of repository of Michael’s words and the words of those who love him.  Having all the research in one place might be helpful and educational. While often speaking to the choir, revisiting leads to nurturing and definition.adorable again two

When I falter, when the pain of accusation strikes my body with such force as to knock me down, I turn to Michael for help.  Words, lyrics, music, message all help to bolster  me up again.  I turn to beautiful kindred spirits who write with spirituality that I so need.  The way I see the world comes out in my words.  And, sometimes, those words may be just what is needed by another soul.  I am hopeful and I continue.  I feel a responsibility to share what I have learned.  Message delivered makes a difference.  It is what brought me to Michael.  IT LEADS TO ACTION.  “Action is character.”  F.Scott Fitzgerald.

And so, this week has been hopeful and treacherous all at the same time.  The bloody accusations of WR and S are gleefully recounted in tabloid press, lurid and perfectly hateful.  We ask over and over and over again WHY?  At the other end of the spectrum, I am writing and preparing for my first ever Michael student.  A dear friend who is a vocalist, performer and teacher, will be the first artist to come study with me as I share THE MASTER.  I have known that I needed to share Michael’s artistry in another WHO IS IT TWOway…beyond the page.  This is my attempt to do that.  Having spent 34 years in education, I am giving back the best way I know how.  This gift to my friend is offered to inspire her in new ways.  I want it to be a joyful, organic experience.  I am eager to share many of the wonderful books I have accumulated in my Michael Library.  Our sessions will be filled with Michael’s vocals, rhythms, beatboxing, dancing, storytelling, artistry, performance, message and more.  Sending more ripples off into the world…if art is not what you see, but what you make others see…then, we know, MICHAEL WILL  DO IT.handsome again

I’ve decided that I am too old to be governed by fear of liars.  Our NEW MEDIA views integrity more important and truth a constant.  With love in my heart, I turn from self-interest being my resting spot, and aspire to intelligence.


And, what of NEVERLAND?  When I discovered Michael’s quote I found myself crying with him.  I felt the pain of loss thinking back to the years when Neverland offered a respite for those in great need, when it offered a place to rediscover the magic of childhood, the beauty of the natural world.  I wish I could turn back time.

“My fondest memory at Neverland was one night when we had a houseful of bald-headed children.  And one little boy turned to me and said, ‘This is the best day of my life!’  You had to just hold back the tears.”

Michael Jacksonhumanitarian two

I can so relate to Michael’s emotions.  I remember a student writing to me about his year in third grade…his final sentence was, ‘And, I wish I could do it all over again!’  I joined Michael in tears.  I WISH WE COULD DO NEVERLAND ALL OVER AGAIN.neverland thirteen

“If Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch family residence is lost forever, it will be a tragedy felt for all eternity!  Never in the HIS tory of our world has someone’s home been so totally dedicated to something this beautifully created primarily for the beneficial healing found inside Neverland for underprivileged, handicapped and terminally-ill children.”beauty again three

Rob Stinson

“A DIAMOND IS CREATED UNDER STRESS.”  Michael Jackson was a diamond of the highest quality.  We love him because he loved us first.  The voice we offer to the world NEVERLAND FOURTEENon his behalf is under the stress of a culture that sees depravity in normal behavior…a mentality of ‘Why work when you can sue Michael Jackson?’ (T. Mesereau) We watch the force grow, often feeling powerless…our tears watering our collective soul.  But, there is an empowerment in the flow, the energy of so many.  With it comes our diversity of activism.neverland fifteen

I love you, Michael.  I love you, Dear Kindred Spirits.  If I could turn back time, I would.  All I can do is offer my heart on the line.


HIS tory






Michael Jackson

Our world offers countless opportunities for deception to be second nature.  Regular portions of it appear round the clock defining a sound bite version of a fractured form of history.  For those who have offered up their souls, the contractual agreement is permanent and regularly begs to increase its numbers.  In the midst of this single-minded culture, one appears who cares about his soul…a man that is totally incapable of deception, someone who can’t conceive of it.  Michael Jackson lived for five decades facing bartered souls who were engaged in a vocation lacking in ethics and humanity.love ten  While he was looking in the mirror, making changes for the betterment of mankind, the bartered souls sought to hunt him down.  While he tirelessly worked to heal the world, cried out to engage the power of the people, pleaded for the earth’s song, looked for ways to do more, used his voice for the voiceless, the soulless ones ratcheted up their vendetta using their obsessive, considerable force.

A liar’s force has one purpose, to destroy…and, one flaw, to perpetuate.  And, although deception comes as second nature, it is based upon a house of cards.  Education is its primary enemy.  The liar forced deception needs to keep people ignorant.  The very definition of LIGHT is Michael Jackson, and, his light beams with enlightenment, because unlike the destructive intent of force…Michael’s light brings empowerment.  HE was empowered by its divine strength and WE are empowered by revolutionaryits illumination. IT HAS IGNITED A REAL TIME SPARK ACROSS THIS ENTIRE PLANET.  Never underestimate the power of the people.  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE INTELLECT AND CREATIVITY OF MICHAEL’S ARMY OF LOVE.  We are the NEW MEDIA whose purpose is to educate, protect and advance Michael Jackson’s MY LOVElegacy.

“The day will come when this genius who lived among us will  be recognized, not just as  a cultural icon, but, also as an artist, revolutionary, and a teacher of great mastery.  Those who scoff or laugh at the idea, or who protest the loudest because of their own failings, will fade into oblivion one day, and the truth of this true revolutionary artist will be revealed.”

Barbara Kaufmann on Michael Jackson

“History books will never capture the essence of your humble soul and the lives you literally saved.  Video archives will never accurately depict the excitement you caused EVERY time you set foot in public or on a stage.  The best mankind can do is observe your genius and pay it forward as an example of how a GORGEOUS MANtrue ANGEL walked among us.”

Jodi Gomes Executive Producer of “Jacksons:  A Family Dynasty” and Michael’s friend

“You cannot underestimate what Michael’s popularity was and still is overseas  dirty diana sevenno matter where we went. And when we went to some places in Eastern Europe that not too many years before there actually were tanks in the streets, there were people becoming quite emotional all over the world.  That is one memory that will stay with me forever.  Everybody wants to know what he was really like.  He was very professional and came across as very intelligent.  At the end of the History in the closet twoTour, he posed for pictures with the crew, but, not just a group shot.  He posed for pictures individually.  Greg and I are both in a picture with Michael.  Everyone always asks the same question, ‘Is that real?’…and, that’s exactly what Michael was…HE WAS REAL.” Benny Kirkham Lighting Designer History World Tour

“Michael Jackson had voluntarily adopted the mantle as the father of all the world’s children-both those of a young chronological age and those adults-the ‘lost’ ones.”



Michael Jacksonperformance ten

We delight in the warmth of the spark, truth’s light, and we accept that deception’s purchased souls’ force is real.  Truth is the ultimate victory.  With our souls intact, empowered by the light of education, SPARKLING IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…We, Michael Jackson’s New Media, write HISTORY.



HIS tory





“I’m interested in making a path instead of following a trail and that’s what I want to do in life-in everything I do.”DWT TWO

Michael Jackson, Ebony, 1979

“There is no way his light can be contained now. Too many have been affected…changed.  It is done.  Now, we have the Bliss of living him.”


Michael Jackson Fifth Anniversary


“At the end of his remarkable journey, the fuse was lit in our hearts to follow his light.

Jude Ling

The HONESTY PATH versus the “myth trail”…WE in the Michael Jackson Fan Community have discovered the realities of truth, and are defining those realities by forming THE NEW MEDIA…alight in the bliss, our lives changed.  Our collective energy is thwarting media vicious assault.   Lies and unethical practices have for years garnered “talking head” adulation.  But, as with the boy who cried wolf, such repeated behavior in the face of real fact reaps backlash…and, the distrust that ensues grows a tap root so strong that it reaches everywhere.  Some may find a steady diet of ridicule, sarcasm yokohoma twoand disrespect entertaining, but the savageness leads to asking WHY?  For the Fan Community, each blow felt by Michael Jackson, empowers and strengthens resolve…there may be debate from time to time, but, when faced with a choice…THE NEW MEDIA CHOOSES MICHAEL JACKSON.  Loyalty and inspiration are well-DIRTY DIANA SIXearned.

Those whose attacks take the shape of defaming Michael and painting a self-serving picture have yet to realize that walking the talk requires deep commitment far beyond an interview on network television.  These people neglect to remember Michael’s INEXHAUSIBLE TALK-WALKING.  Michael’s public and private life was the very definition of PURE LOVE.  HE NEVER CHANGED.  It is a mistake to underestimate Michael Jackson’s Legacy…and, to underestimate the light power affect he has in the world.

“Nothing would make me happier than if someone were comforted knowing the enormity of Love, respect, and reverence that is demonstrated at Holly Terrace inHANDSOME TWELVE His name on that day by so many.  And these are only the few that can travel there…imagine the immensity of everyone on earth who Loves Him coming together on that day???!  They wouldn’t even fit inside the gates.  Nothing can undo our love and what we know.  He is a HUGE LIGHT in this world-like nothing before.  I SO believe in Him with all my soul.”

Siren…Reflections June 25, 2014

Forest Lawn

There is a growing congregation commemorating all dimensions of living well…kindred hearts who have honored privacy, but now, wish to celebrate.  My efforts in memory- keeping lead me to the page.  Over and over again, I live the Chinese Proverb:  “If photo shoot twosomeone shares something of value and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”  My dream is to provide a record in PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD.  It is my attempt to assist in the NEW MEDIA…telling Michael Truths.

“Michael wanted to be photographed in an artistic setting and the Brooklyn Museum gladly accommodated us all.  We shot in the midst of ancient and contemporary history and it was powerful to be in that space.  We worked with celebrity fashion stylist, Phillip Bloch, to develop concepts for wardrobe and then his team went shopping.  We really wanted him to lookphoto shoot elegant and timeless on the cover.  We found a number of looks that would achieve that and presented them to Michael.  He ultimately chose what he would be happy to wear, which turned out to be far more outfits than we had time to shoot.  It was a lot of fun to work with someone who looks great in clothes.  MJ was the perfect fit for everything we put on him.  He’s got the body that any woman or man would die for!  At 49 years old, he had a slim dancers’ body.  It was a lot of fun to work with someone who looks great in clothes, who knows how to move his body and who understands the camera.  It was magic!  (“I think that MJ was very sexy.  I think that anytime I put clothes on him, he looked better than any supermodel.”  Rushka Bergman)  For a man nearly 50, he was still incredibly limber.  He showed a few of his classic moves during the photo shoot…the leg twist/kick move in particular. He’s still got it!  (Bryan Jackson Ebony/Jet)

The stories of MJ being extremely gracious are shown to be true.  He made a special wmcig threeeffort to shake the hand of every single photographer assistant, make-up artist, lighting person, magazine representative and venue staff member on set…something that impressed his personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams and Ebony/Jet Editor-in-Chief, Harriette Cole.  What I loved the most working with MJ was how kind he was to everyone.  He was gracious to the elevator operator, the guard and the executives in the museum.  He made sure to thank each person who was in ear shot when the shootGITM THREE was over.  He was generous and kind.  Did some people feel intimidated by him?  I don’t know if that’s the right word.  I think some people were mesmerized.  Some were pinching themselves wondering if they actually were in the presence of the King of Pop.”  New York September 2007  L’Uomo Vogue and Ebony/Jet  LAST PHOTO bow twoSHOOT DOCUMENTATION

“Recently, a young man asked me what it was like to share the stage with Michael JacksonBeing on stage with MJ was a ride in a whirlwind.  The entire band, singers, and dancers accepted the challenge of bringing it in the same way Michael brought it.  We weren’t stopping til the train pulled all the way into the station.  Michael hit it hard, so hard, too hard!  Every single night out, he would hammer down the show like he was trying to bust up a mountain.  It was always: ‘This is my last show.’  Most of us say it, but, that’s the way he did it!  He danced hard.  He sang hard.  He always struck me like an artist just getting in the business and trying to make a name for himself, like he had something to prove.adorable twenty one  He tried to slay it as well.  We rode Tyrannosaurus Rex into the mouth of a volcano.  We surfed the lava, the board melting under our feet.  Whatever MJ did, we followed him.  If he stopped, we hit the brakes.  If he kept going, we fired it off.  All the way up.  All the way down.  Talk about a high.  WOOO!  After each show, it felt like I’d ridden a comet to the moon.  Can’t even describe it to you.  My first world tour.  MJ’s first world tour.  We were out to conquer the universe.”  Dorian BADTWENTY-FOURHolley  2013 

“Michael Jackson inspired millions of people around the world, he is the artist the other artists look up to.  Meeting MJ may be considered quite an unreachable privilege, he’s the star among the stars, a dream that few, even in the entertainment world, can say they have achieved.”  Gessica Puglielli and Gianni D’Andria

At 2:26pm on June 25th, following a moment of silence, as we stood in a huge circle joining hands in front of Holly Terrace, a group prayer was offered from one very elegant man.  His prayer was so deep and inclusive and full of LOVE…one that acknowledged who Michael was and what He came here for.  He spoke of Michael’s message and impact on our hearts…and, we cried from JOY.  Then, we all sang MAN IN THE MIRROR from our souls like we couldn’t hold it in, like a gospel choir.  It was spiritual and of such FORCE! 

Holly Terracechildren thirty one


The truth dazzles!  In reaching for it, we see its blinding light.  Although we often wish it would happen more quickly, we accept its gradual force and we are grateful.  “Perhaps everything terrible is in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.”  Rainer Maria Rilke  We are inspired by a man who could turn pain into fuel and burn it for the good of the planet.  His impact drives us forward to share what we know.  As the NEW MEDIA grows, can justice be far behind?  Everything inside of our beings and outside in the world joins together in action REACHING FOR THE TRUTH.

I love you.


HIS torychildren thirty







“He’s very demanding in that he doesn’t allow us to settle.”love your weapon

Making of GHOSTS

Travis Payne

 “Press freedom is essential to our democracy, but the press must not abuse this license.  We must be careful with our power.  We must avoid, where possible, publicity circuses that make the right of fair trial a right difficult to uphold.  We must avoid unwarranted intrusions upon people’s privacy.  Liberty and, no less, one’s reputation in the community are terribly precious things, and they must not be dealt with lightly or endangered by capricious claims of special privilege.”


Walter Cronkite


Settling…a word that was not found in Michael Jackson’s vocabulary.  “I’m a perfectionist by nature.  I like things to be the best they can be.  I want people to hear or watch something I’ve done and feel that I’ve given it everything I’ve got.  I feel I owe an audience that courtesy.  When you know something’s wrong for you, you have to make difficult decisions and trust your instincts”  Michael Jackson MOONWALK BAD REHEARSALS

I have discovered something that is very wrong for me and falls into the category of SETTLING in a huge way.  Each morning when I turn on my computer, I feel this ache creep into my belly.  I have come to dread seeing the day’s sound bites for fear one or more of them will be yet another attempt for today’s media to wave their brainwashing,hands two unencumbered sword and thrust it into Michael Jackson.  A wave of relief cools my sweaty brow when I see nothing.  And, I ask myself…IS THIS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE?  Shouldn’t I feel delight in anticipation of an article sharing Michael’s truths?  Shouldn’t my heart race feeling a glow that warms my senses and tells me AT LAST…THE DAY IS HERE.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1MGCNYU4WEFUN AGAIN

Enter NEWSWEEK’S attempt to reclaim their place in periodical prowess.  Who do they use to kickoff their campaign…OHHHH, OF COURSE, IT’S MICHAEL JACKSON.  A beautiful picture of Michael graces  the cover, for we all know that Michael’s image sells.  I hesitated ordering the magazine, again, that ache in my belly…that “HERE WE GO AGAIN” feeling.  But, to stay ahead of the information highway, I placed my order, remembering Michael’s words: “AND YOU DON’T GO TO BUY IT, AND THEY WON’T GLORIFY IT, TO READ IT SANCTIFIES IT.”  Struggling with the dilemma of ignoring it or facing it, I almost wished it would never be delivered.talking

To tell you that I studied it would be an understatement.  I virtually MEMORIZED it.  Then, I allowed the text to swirl in night’s filled with unsleep.  What I ultimately decided was that I was NOT going to be GRATEFUL that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  THAT WOULD BE SETTLING.  The many errors that stood out in individual stories revealed typical lack of quality and research which has lost the media our confidence and their believability.  The final article was MYTH-MAKING at its best…in fact…in typical CUT AND PASTE “standards”…it was an article written JULY 13, 2009!sexuality

WE, THE NEW MEDIA, have moved on since July 13, 2009.  We have read and researched and studied and viewed and written and shared…AND, WE HAVE TOLD MICHAEL’S TRUTHS.  We are not lazy and WE DO NOT SETTLE.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUBPCPhkjzc

Since David Gates is either unable or unwilling to do the research and to tell the truth, WE WILL.  I often wonder how long it is going to take for today’s media, whose line between journalistic integrity and tabloid has been erased, to realize that THE NEW twymmfMEDIA has access to a wealth of information and has been educated.  Those who want to know the truth CAN.  So, allow me to correct the media hype.

“My father announced calmly…’Motown called!’  A chill ran down my spine.”  (Later, after the audition), “We were jubilant when we learned we had passed the Motown audition.  (Later still), “They decided that our new album would be called ‘Diana Ross presents the Jackson 5” Michael Jackson MOONWALKrttthree

“Michael did not partake in traditional exercise to keep fit touring, his ritual involved fasting and dancing for several hours every Sunday.  In an effort to also develop vocal endurance for his choreography, Michael would sing and dance by himself in the studio.  He was intuitive in his methodology and believed in hard work and perseverance.  His aim was to deliver a high-energy performance, constructed with ground-breaking choreography and special effects for every single show he did.doubt

Katherine Jackson



“When I perform, I lose myself.  I’m in total control of that stage.  I don’t think about anything.  I know what I want to do from the moment I step out there and I love every minute of it.  I’m actually relaxed onstage.  Totally relaxed.” WORKING

“Michael told me that his original Thriller jacket was made by Marc Laurent but that his first performance Thriller jacket was for the Bad Tour was done by Bill Whitten.”

Michael Bush



“Michael simply viewed his new image as a kind of performance.  The world was his stage, and he was ready to try out a new character.  As the sexual dynamism irradiating from the arch of his dancing body challenges government standards for nuclear meltdown.  Undeniably sexy. Absolutely safe.  Eroticism at arm’s length.”

“Once the songs were chosen for recording, it was about creating sounds the ear hadn’t heard before.  He wanted to innovate sonically.  A perfectionist has to take his time, Michael explained.  He shapes and molds and sculpts that thing until it’s perfect.  He can’t let it go before he’s satisfied…he can’t”smooth criminal five

“Anybody who charges studio hackery is too narrow-minded to be able to hear pros out-doing themselves.”

“Bruce Swedien describes as the widest variety of soundfields.”gitm

“Jackson refused to simply rest on his laurels or repeat proven formulas.  He was ready for a new challenge, a new sound and a new vision.”

“”With this diverse, talented creative team, Jackson tackled DANGEROUS with all the energy, imagination and hard work he possessed.  Recording would take place, on and off, for nearly three years, which tested everyone’s patience.  However, Jackson was on a creative high and his passion was infectious.  He wanted DANGEROUS to be his best work yet.  He wanted to prove he could make a great album without Quincy Jones.  He wanted it to sell one hundred million copies.  He wanted the quality to be so high the music would live forever.  These were lofty goals, but then, Jackson was never one to aim low.”

“Jackson’s perfectionism meant he refused to release anything until it was as close to dangerous albumthat mark as possible.”

“Before people even heard the music, they were confronted with the fascinating album cover.  Mark Ryden created a sleeve so symbol-laden it could provide grist for an entire symposium of pop psychiatrists.”sexy

“Michael Jackson’s finest song and dance is always sexually charged, tense, coiled…he is at his most gripping when he really is dangerous.”

“Michael was at another level and it was a hell of a level to go to.”

“The sheer richness of the instrumental and vocal scoring is probably unprecedented in the entire realm of popular recording.”

“I don’t know that many people would ever have the patience or work ethic to create the records that Michael did…we’ll never have the budgets again, that’s for sure…There was this constant pursuit for sounds the ear has never heard.”come together dance


“No, I am not gay.”  Michael Jackson

“Michael believed that his clothes served one purpose and one purpose only:  showmanship.  People thought that Michael ran around wearing his famous sequined glove, but it was only worn when he was moonwalking.  He didn’t care about wearing his show clothes beyond the purpose they were intended to serve.  He loved to keep people guessing because it meant they were paying attention.

Michael Bush



“John Landis would be perfect for “Thriller” since our concept for the short film featured the same kind of transformations that happened to his character (in An American Werewolf in London).  Michael Jackson MOONWALKthriller

“No, there was never any discussion about Vincent Price being in the film.”  Michael Jackson 1999 MTV Interview

“We didn’t have time to track down the original so Dennis immediately began to cut a pattern for a military jacket.  This might be the last image the world would see of Michael, if the family decided to allow it and he needed to be wearing the stones of a king:  pearls.  ‘If anything happens to me,’ Michael told us, ‘please don’t put that glove on me.  That glove is only for Billie Jean.’  Michael Bushbj hat

“We’re beginning our tour tomorrow and I wanted to talk to you about something of great concern to me.  We’ve worked a long time to make this show the best it can be.  But we know a lot of kids are having trouble getting tickets.  The other day I got a letter from a girl in Texas named Ladonna Jones.  She’d been saving her money from odd jobs to buy a ticket, but with the current tour system, she’d have to buy four tickets and she couldn’t afford that.  So, I’ve asked our promoter to work out a new way of distributing tickets, a way that no longer requires a $120.00 money order.  There has been a lot of talk about the promoter holding money for tickets that didn’t sell.  I’ve asked our promoter to end the mail order for ticket system as soon as possible so that no one will pay money unless they get a ticket.  Finally, and most importantly, there’s something else I am going to announce today.  I want you to know that when I first agreed to tour, I decided to donate all the money I make from our performances to charity”  Michael Jackson July 5, 1984ijcslythree

May 10, 2008  Foreclosure on Neveland Valley Ranch cancelled.  “I am pleased with recent developments involving Neverland Ranch and I am in discussions with Colony and Tom Barrack with regard to the Ranch and other matters that would allow me to focus on the future.”  Michael JacksonNEVERLAND TWO

April 14, 2009 Neverland Valley Ranch Julien Auction cancelled.

The final article in the Newsweek Magazine spews the writer’s bias toward Michael…it is an old  and tiresome tale and one the educated world community knows to be false.  I must say, as a female, the writer hasn’t a clue about Michael’s sex appeal and amazing good looks.  That aside, I return to the Walter Cronkite statement.  I do believe one’s reputation in the community is important.  Michael’s reputation and legacy are important…he expressed those feelings often.  And, Paris, Prince and Blanket want their father to be respected and treated fairly and honestly.SWEAT

And so, we come back to SETTLING.  Yes, this periodical contains Michael truths.  Here, I have outlined my rebuttal for its falsehoods and inaccuracies.  I will place it with my growing collection of Michael research and I will refer to it in future.  Each of us will draw our own conclusions.  I am sure it is clear my sensitivity is high when it comes to all things Michael.  I will not settle for SOME Michael truths.  On this I follow Michael’s lead and refuse to aim low.  As a society, I can think of no other profession that practices unprofessionalism, inaccuracies, private agendas, unpreparedness, sloppiness and unaccountability.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qLY0vbrT8Qitc

I continue to be strengthened by THE NEW MEDIA…we who take the time to learn and to educate and to practice truth. The first step in solving a problem is to realize there is one.  I am not saying that as human beings any one of us is completely perfect.  But, at the end of the day, I remember Michael’s words, “I like things to be the best they can be.”gorgeous three

Thank you for all YOU do to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD AND TELL HIS TRUTHS.  Together, we will never settle until the world knows.  I love you.


HIS tory