~While a part of his intent was obviously to entertain, there is a culturally intelligent and politically astute side of Michael Jackson that has not been seriously explored.  Michael Jackson is the most inexhaustible humanitarian and lobbyist for change in our cultural memory~

Georgette Normanas is five

Director of Rosa Parks Museum

“There is no age limit to love.”

Michael Jackson lead singer of the Jackson 5

Taking exception to Dodinsky’s words ~Sometimes distancing yourself from an argument is the best form of rebuttal~ we find ourselves in a constant state of reachingas if four for the wider canvas.  Also at odds with F. Scott Fitzgerald, we do not see Michael in  ~Show me a hero and I’ll show you a tragedy.  Instead, a thorough study of the life and legacy of the man produces fascinating insights calling upon us to be prepared for greatness of mind.  It is a hero’s triumph over tragedy, for you see, Michael Jackson is an unparalleled influence in our world.  Once introduced to the artistry, it becomes a part of you like nothing else can.  His capacity to produce emotion and intimacy of heart  upon others achieves even greater effect when led by circumstances in his personal life.  He chose to make a path rather than following a trail, which meant reaching into uncharted territories, challenging the status quo, raising the level of debate in the world…and understanding full well the meaning of Socrates:  When theas is three debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.  Michael was willing to offer himself up for the greater good, winning the debate…knowing the price.  That level of commitment has influenced masses of people of all ages and cultures and colors and religions, inspiring voices around the world to take on the messages Michael lived.  Michael Jackson’s relevancy reaches beyond now and forevermore.

The range of Michael’s genius includes musical composition and songwriting,  vocal landscape, rhythm mastery, poetry, prose, original dance and choreography, performance and visionary and creative storytelling, humanitarian outreach and Utopian blueprint.  His fertile mind did not grasp defeat, but rather saw opportunity and potential in people who could achieve this better world.  He guides us with his God-given gifts, chosen for a single purpose…to show the world how to is two 

When we listen to his music, we find the loved stored there.  When we watch his performances, we find the love stored there.  When we read his words, we find the love stored there.  When we watch his storytelling through dance and short film, we find the love stored there.  When we see him sit on the floors of orphanages and hospitals all over the world, we find the love stored there.  When we watch him with children, we find the love stored there.  When we see him knocked down and watch him get back up again, the love is stored there.  When we visit Neverland and see a Utopian world created for all, we find the love stored is

“I believe Michael was sent here to earth to entertain us, to bring us all together and bring awareness to healing the world, and to dazzle us with his dance moves, just to inspire everybody to be a better person.”

Mengesha “Mystro” Francis  pianist

~Watching Michael work was like watching what Michelangelo must have gone through.  He was a genius~

Frank Dileo

“Michael wanted to revolutionize the way tours were being done.  He was always thinking like a great producer, too.  He was telling us we needed to design a way to maximize the audience that could see him with less travel time for him and the company.  So, he proposed setting up the show for 2 or 3 months in a single location, make that portal, as opposed to being on a plane, jumping from city to city twice a week.  Just as he did on the History Tour, when we went to Northern Africa.  The idea was to get up in a region that was struggling and could really benefit economically from having us there.  Everything Michael did came from a place of love and commitment to do good.  That’s the way he was with us working on the show.  You felt like you were as lovebeing nurtured, constantly stimulated and encouraged to come up with the best ideas in a collective situation.  And that’s where his art was coming from.  His concept was not just to make a great song you could dance to.  His way was to reel you in and get your attention so then you’d get the deep message.  That was the science to it.  That’s why his music transcended generations, appealed to children and older people…everyone.”

Travis Payne  Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour Plans

“When I was a little boy, he was my hero.  When I was a young man, he was my sanity,  taking me away from the pain of life and filling my heart with joy and wonder.  When I was 13, I saw  him live in concert and from the second he arrived on stage, I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life.  It was September 1987, and I have to this day never seen anything more extraordinary.  To this day, I have never seen a reaction from anoited fouran audience like the one he received.  I’ve never seen magic and glitter through the air and witnessed that electricity start up hearts the way he did that night.  And now, I’m certain the world never again will.  Thank you, Michael Jackson, on behalf of the dreamers of the world.  The world is a duller place without you.  I’m privileged to have lived in the same lifetime to witness even a moment of your glory.”

Darren Hayes of Savage Gardenanoited nine

“Michael Jackson did something that no one else in history has managed…he connected with people of every level imaginable…all over the world.  He seemed to speak to people at their very core and achieved the impossible.  He reached people on a deep emotional level.  And that is what any great artist or showman dreams of doing.  That is why Michael Jackson was so special  to me.”

David Blaine Illusionistawe inspiring five

“As I think  back to all the musicians I’ve done music videos for, I cannot think of anybody that has had that electrifying a presence when they kick in.”

Nick Brandt, Fine Art Photographer and Film Director

Michael not only set music alight, he has set us alight.  His influence inspires us to strive to be our better selves.  Through his work ethic, we have learned preparedness.  Through his enormous heart, we have found ours.  We look to Michael for answers when the winds of challenge tear at the very fabric of our faith.  Because Michael’s legacy is a vast tapestry of artistic endeavor touching on every aspect of the human  condition, his influence connects worldwide.  “He was a messenger, and like all messengers before him, the message was clear, and we often persecuted them for it…Joan of Arc, JFK, Gandhi, MLK, Jesus, all were saying the same thing and were anoited tenextinguished because of it.” Dan Reed. 

Michael Jackson’s artistry, his humanitarian efforts, his generosity and kindnesses are  etched on our souls.  His influence reaches far beyond his passing.  We are the  messengers of his legacy, crying out as one voice.  Producing efforts in us, his unconditional love will never die.

“You give of your talents, of your ability.  The talent that was given you by the Heavens.  That’s why we’re here, to bring a sense of escapism in a time of need.  If you’re a painter, you paint.  If you’re a sculptor, you sculpt.  If you’re a writer, you write.  If you’re a songwriter, you write songs.  If you’re a dancer, you dance.  You give people some love and some bliss and some escapism and show them that you truly care from the heart.  And, that you are there for them.  YOU ARE asap fiveTHERE FOR THEM.  And, that’s what I did.  It’s an important thing.”

Michael Jackson October 2001

“Let’s take this love and give it  to all  the people everywhere, in every corner of the earth.  And, that’s what we can give.  And, that will make the difference.  That will make the change.  It’s very important.”IN LOVE ELEVEN

Michael Jackson






A BRAVERY STILL RELEVANT…an immersion into social justice

“Maybe I look at the world through rose colored glasses, but I love  people all over the world.  That is why stories of racism really disturb me.  You hurt my heart and soul when you told me of your boyhood in Texas.  (To William Pecchi all our love twoJr.)  Because in truth I believe all men are created equal.  I was taught that and will always believe it.  I just can’t conceive how a person could hate another because of skin color.  I love every race on the planet earth.  Prejudice is the child of ignorance. love you two

Naked we came into the world and naked we shall go out.  And, a very good thing too, for it reminds me that I am naked under my shirt, whatever its color.  I’m sorry to bring up such past news, but in the car I was hurt by what you said.  I am so happy that you have managed to overcome your childhood past.  Thank God that you have graduated from such beliefs of ignorance.  I’m glad I’ve never experienced such things.  Teach your kids to love all people equally.  I know I will.” 

Michael JacksonAFRICA THREE


Robin Sharma

There is a sense of urgency creeping deep down into my soul.  I feel it early in the morning while laying in bed…and, again just before my eyes close in the dark, giving way to worry-filled dreams.  I am told that in the presence of a seer, the stone is softened… accepting that, my sense of urgency increases, because I believe that statement to be true.  Media blindness foists their inner demons onto a society KING TWOweakened by their paranoia.  In these days of information, refusing to be enlightened is a choice…an ignorant one.  I am drawn back to the page because I feel an obligation to share what I have learned and what I know to be true. In that way, I may help to transform ignorance into enlightenment…its ripples washing over a damaged world and advancing a knowledge which says, “Maybe we just need to finally listen to Michael Jackson.”  (Blacklives Matter)

Faith is a journey taken with others.  Michael knew that and called upon all of us to join him, reminding us that HE WOULD BE THERE…WOULD WE?  Resisting prejudice and hate, working for peace and justice, standing up against evil and oppression take bravery, resilience, an enormity of strength, an unwavering faith in God, and, a devoted love and faith in the people and their ability to use their power together.  The relevanceadult genius of this journey embedded in Michael also touches profoundly every other human being on the planet, the animals and, the very earth itself.  Michael’s artistry remains transformative to this day.  It has transformed me.  Reaching deep inside, where I find JOY NINEME, I know without a doubt…the entire world needs Michael Jackson…TODAY!

Our power of togetherness and strength lives on love.  That love comes from knowing Michael; his artistry, his legacy, his life, his messages.  The universal truths he lived and showed us…his teachings, are needed TODAY.

“Michael Jackson was never afraid to put himself out there for the truth as he saw it.  We could always count on Jackson to be the global leader of the band, to give voice to everything we were feeling.  His adult catalog is a trove of social activism…starvation, AIDS, gang violence, race relations, the environment.  It was Jackson who put on concerts for war-torn Sarajevo.  It was Jackson who put together a group charity song and concert after 9/11.  It was Jackson who used every ounce of his global celebrity to make a difference.  HE WAS THERE.”EMOTING


What happened to Jackson for his politics was so much worse than losing sales.  For speaking truth to power, Jackson made himself a target and he took a pounding for it.  The worst shots at him were taken by a white district attorney in California, who pursued him relentlessly for 12 years and charged with heinous crimes that were utterly disproved by trial.” GOLDEN

“They Don’t Care About Us, in large part, was a response  to the failure to convict police officers of the videotaped 1992 Rodney King beating, but also to Michael’s own degrading experience of police brutality in 1993.  To reread the criticism of the song today is to shake your head in disbelief at its disingenuousness.  It’s obvious that for some in power at the time, this was a dangerous song, and the objections were merely an attempt to deflect. 

“Michael not  only named and shamed the ignorance of prejudice, but he himself was without judgment when dealing with others.  In an exemplary way he succeeded to set an example of a sort of love that was not tied to conditions, a love which does not demand anything and not expect anything from others.”

From King of Pop to Mahatma

Journey of a Great SoulEMOTES

Margott Schuerings

Speaking to power brings with it resistance and retaliation.  Michael received both with the force of modern day lynchings…unprecedented selective persecution.  His physical and emotional pain through decades of life had no affect on his determination and will.  Seeing need, he showed up, always saying, “What do you need, and how can I help?”   With an understanding of what his forefathers had faced, he used his music, wrote powerful lyrics, challenging those in power…giving voice to voiceless victims around the world.  He was here to CHANGE THE WORLD.  And, CHANGE THE WORLD HE HAS DONE…

In Ferguson, they blasted  Michael Jackson’s “THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US” through car windows.

In New York City and Berkley, “THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US” was sung and MICHAEL AND FANSperformed by protesters.

In Baltimore there was a magical moment when the Morgan State University choir answered protest with a rendition of “HEAL THE WORLD.”

“The price has been paid, but the check was never cashed.  Maybe, we just need to finally listen to Michael Jackson.”

D.B. Anderson

The Baltimore Sungone too soon six


“Light gives itself freely, filling every available space.”  Michael Strassfeld

Joining Michael’s voice is where we find ourselves today.  It is up to us to educate the world.  We are the enlightened ones.  We are the hopeful ones.  Our strength comes from love, giving us power that no lie or hater can match.  We are obligated to share what we have benefitted from, and in that way…WE ARE HERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

Thank you, Michael, for never giving up and never giving in.

Thank you for showing us enormous bravery in the face of unparalleled cruelty and unprecedented dishonesty.

Thank you, Michael, for loving unconditionally, with a light that shines on.

We love you, MichaelCHILDREN'S LOVE

We are here for you.