You love to pretend that you’re good

When you’re always up to no goodBE STILL MY HEART AGAIN AND AGAIN THREE

You really can’t make him hate her

So your tongue became a razor

Someone’s always tryin’ to keep by baby cryin’

Treacherous, cunnin’ declinin’

You got my baby cryin’

Lift your head up highSEXINESS TWO

And scream out to the world


And let the truth unfurl

No one can hurt you now

Because you know it’s true

Yes, I believe in me

So, you believe in you

Help me sing!

With the words BREAKING NEWS, the media sets to its task of telling us how to think, with a mandate which gives them unlimited use of the airwaves, and a force that often blows only wind.  Daily, we give our permission to be brainwashed, or, at least that is what talking heads are counting on…mindless acceptance of their version of reality. We DANGEROUS AGAINmay throw our hands up saying, “What can we possibly do?  They have the force.”  Michael’s TABLOID JUNKIE delivers one answer…”You don’t go and buy it, and they won’t glorify it, to read it sanctifies it.”  We simply shut it down, turn it off, refuse to buy it.  Ratings and money drive today’s version of journalism.  But, we in the Michael Fandirty diana again two Community feel strength in a collective to persist in our efforts to make change.  THE NEW MEDIA holds onto the philosophy that TRUTH MATTERS.  Beyond that, we are dedicated to educating the public with MICHAEL TRUTHS because defending Michael Jackson matters.  It matters because the life and legacy matter.  It matters to Michael’s children and family.  It matters because telling the truth matters.  That is what we want our children to learn.  The fact is, today’s youth are skeptical of media reliability.  They have been lied to and they know it.  That reality worries me.  When I was their age, I trusted.  I want our children to hang on to ideals and repel cynicism.  But, how can they? Paying Michael Jackson Forward is necessary for the bigger picture.  Michael’s life is a huge life that touches people all over the world.  The layers of his life seep into every facet of the human condition.  When truth is told and justice done for Michael, it will greetingsrepresent universal truth and justice for all. Each day, I come to the page to share what I have learned.  Each thread of Michael’s tapestry reveals his character.  Each choice he has made with his life cements that character in our minds.  The honesty, caring, generosity, creativity, spirituality, work ethic, unconditional love, paint the portrait of the man in great detail.  We defend Michael out of love and the knowledge of the person we KNOW him to be.  Therein lies our power. “It was the human family that stood foremost in Michael’s mind.  ‘We are the world,’ he said.  And against this backdrop, he challenged freedom-loving individuals to act heroically for the betterment of all.  ‘If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change,’ he said.  At bottom, his music was driven by the ancient dream of the brotherhood of man.  He saw redemption in a bonding of all gorgeous again fourindividuals in simple humanity.  Human solidarity-LOVE-was for him the foundation of Justice and the meaning of Life! In short, Michael’s artistry was an energy that inspired resistance against all forms of cultural and political repression.  It was a music whose vitality cried out for a liberation of the human spirit.”  MAN IN THE MIRROR by Gerald L. Campbell With the mountains of research into Michael Jackson’s life, we absolutely KNOW the man.  In that KNOWING, we are able to educate those whose minds have been polluted by myth-making media.  Armed with truths, we meet ugly accusations from extortionists who seek to profit from their lies.  Our persistence teaches our children that THERE IS POWER IN THE TRUTH! “IN A WORLD THAT CONTINUES TO BE MUCH TOO COLD AND BRITTLE, MICHAEL JACKSON ESTABLISHED HIMSELF A MUCH-NEEDED PROPHET FOR be still my heart again fourOUR AGE.”  Gerald L. Campbell Michael’s message was LOVE.  He lived that message everyday of his 50 years. Now, it is up to us. I love you, Jude HIS tory MYstory YOURstory OURstory

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