“Light gives itself freely, filling  all available space.  It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe.  It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.”

Michael Strassfeldheavenly eyes

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

Victor Hugo

Michael’s life, his artistry, and body of work represent pure and unwavering love at its strongest.


Michael Jackson

Bathed in the light, Michael and his Fans chant the deeply personal mantra, “You’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, incredible, I love you so!”  During the devastatingly cruel episode that filled the mid 90’s for both Michael and his Fans, one thing became clear…an unbreakable bond existed.  In an interview with yet another close-minded, agenda-ridden “serious journalist”, Michael said that when he looked out over the sea of faces, seeing candles alight, he knew it would be okay. With unconditional  love and acceptance, Michael gave off a brilliance that captured souls more powerfully than J.K.Rowlings magical wands.  they don't really care about usMichael aglow, gave and received energy.  He transmitted its strength while at the same time causing reciprocal transformation.  Widely acknowledged, Michael is a spiritual teacher…allowing us to understand that everything will be okay.

The lesson of Oneness:  We all are one.  We all are connected.angel of purity

The lesson of Responsibility:  Michael felt a sense of responsibility for the homeless, sick and hungry of the world.

The Lesson of Sameness:  We are all souls in human ‘outerwear.’

The Lesson of Courage and Vision:  He had large visions.  He was not afraid to be himself, his full out-in-the-world, out-of-the-box self…unafraid to let his light shine in its fullness.

Dr. Adele R. McDowell

Spending time with Michael Jackson is uplifting…life changing in its scope and intricacy.  “Love, love, love…that is the soul of genius.”  Mozart  What on the face of it looked to be an impossible quest, Michael’s power of compassion for others, how he treated people, trumped any doubt.  It is often said that people can either see the glass half empty or half full.  Michael always saw the glass overflowing.  He simply could not see failure when the world was in the hands of the power of the people…a people with love in theirperfection in life hearts. 

“When he went to India on a trip, and he was driving on the roads of Delhi, every time he saw a child who looked poor, not only would he get out of the car and give them something or give them money, he would dance with them!  He would hold their hands and dance with them in joy, repeatedly over and over again.  His producers and managers would all freak out in their paranoia and fear, yet he was transmitting this beauty of innocence of dance, of play, of joy, that childlike state.”

MAN BEHIND THE MIRRORbillie jean madison

The light of Michael’s teaching shines directly from his heart.  Its vibrations are felt and acquired with laser intensity.

“Most people see Michael Jackson as the King of Pop.  However, he was much more.  Those who were able to see beyond the music and the dance, beyond the lies propagated by the media and the slander perpetrated by the detractors and gold-diggers, were blessed to know the real Michael Jackson. heal the world dangerous

And, as they did, their lives changed forever…for they realized that Michael Jackson was a poet-prophet of the modern age, whose entire life was dedicated to helping and healing the world, inspiring and uniting people, and up-lifting their consciousness with his extraordinary art, philanthropy and life.  With his sexy dangerousbeautiful compassion and courageous heart, he stood for all that is good in a world gone bad.

He was a messenger of love and hope and peace in a world filled with hatred, hopelessness and violence.  He was a spiritual guide whose wisdom awakened and continues to awaken many around the world.  He was the epitome of artistic perfection and also an inspiring example of how we as human beings should be.  With his remarkable faith, resilience and integrity he taught us how to carry on being the light despite the darkness around, to hold onto the highest ideals and to never ever give up.

And though their hearts and minds feel broken and shattered with the immeasurable loss, it is these admirers, to whom Michael Jackson was more than the King of Pop, that are now carrying on his mission of healing the world for us and our future generations. 


Ankita Srivastava  Indiahistory montage

Michael has taught us that trust comes from love.  He taught us bravery while in the center of sorry exercises of mass media bullying played out in continuous looping.  He showed us what real love looked like, felt like…truthful always for the highest good.  Paris said that she hoped her Daddy would be remembered as “the greatest and the nicest guy ever!”  For those who do not live their lives in morbid horror of genius and talent, Paris has gotten her wish.

“The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life.  It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena in all of creation.”

“I’m just a person who wants to be honest and do good, to make people happy and give them the greatest sense of escapism through the talent God has given me.  That’s where my heart is, that’s all I want to do.  Just let me share and give, put a smile on people’s faces and make their hearts feel happy.”black or white short film two

“In a world  filled with hate, we must still dare to hope.  In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort.  In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream.  And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

Michael  Jackson

We come from all over the world, every country, every nationality, every age…we come together…bathed in the light that was given freely, enlightened by a man who has never asked for anything in return, united in our determination to carry on his message of love. Empowered and freed, we find kinship and a sense of ONENESS.  Michael continues to travel in the light, his music and artistry, his compassion and love, brighten our days and fill our nights with sparkling wonder.





  1. I love this article, it brings tears to my eyes. Yes we the fans were and always will be at one with Michael. Those who aren’t fans just don’t understand this bond. It is truly a thing of beauty to be treasured.
    Love lives forever.

  2. Jude….you have written the absolute truth. Michael was such a shining light…to everyone he knew. I always felt uplifted just walking with him….and playing the piano for him while he sang, was a wonderful experience. And when I played for him, he was always so grateful….I often performed my concert pieces for him…and he loved to listen….and his remarks were so astute. What a musician he was! And to think he was never formally educated in music…like I was. But that didn’t matter…His innate knowledge was more than most people’s! I loved working with him, talking to him, eating dinner with him….all was magical. When Michael was around, everything was just A-OK! He was so much fun, in addition to being brilliant and funny. I say this very often….how I wish he were here!

  3. I have said this before……I wonder what Michael would have thought of the political climate today and Donald Trump. They were friends, not close, more like acquaintances. Michael’s beliefs were the antithesis of Trump’s. He worked diligently to help and improve the lives of people! Michael was just so good…..the same cannot be said of the new President. If only Michael were here…..he would have some ideas. Bless him forever!

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