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Michael Jackson was one of the nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met.  He really wanted to do more than just be a musical genius.  He wanted to heal and change the world through love, through kindness, through art and through music.  I do believe the world’s a better place because he was with us.

He was very gentle, very kind.  There was…I sort of describe it as a UNIVERSAL MICHAEL and Michael the individual.  There was this UNIVERSALIST MICHAEL who really wanted to change the globe, wanted to see the entire world focus on children.  He felt that if children were properly loved and cared for we would significantly reduce violence in the world…significantly reduce meanness, significantly reduce poverty.  That’s the UNIVERSALIST MICHAEL who thought he could heal the world through music, through humanitarian measures.  He was the greatest humanitarian in world history.  He actually is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest donor to children’s causes…which the media doesn’t like to focus on.  There is also the individual Michael who I dealt with who was a person.  He loved to see a child smile.  He built Neverland to see children happy…respecting them for who they were.  He was one of the wealthiest men in the world and could have spent all that money selfishly but, instead built a zoo, an amusement park, a theatre, had statues made devoted to the world’s children.  If you looked at the artwork in his house,peter pan a lot of it centered on children and seeing them happy and respecting them for who they were, their race, their religion, what part of the world they were from, what kind of native traditions they had.  This was someone who, as a person, loved to see a child smile, to see a child from the inner city who was growing up in poverty and violence, come to Neverland and look at a giraffe and smile, and look at an elephant and smile, get some free ice cream and just be happy.  It just meant a lot to Michael because he was a very, very good person! But, unfortunately, when you are that much of a genius and you’re that wealthy, all of the sharks are going to come forward. Michael was a person who just didn’t want to be wrapped up in money matters all the time or legal matters.  He wanted to do creative things.  He wanted to do humanitarian things.  That makes him even more of a target for frivolous lawsuits and frivolous claims  Of course, because the media wants shock value and they want to see people go down in flames, and they were desperately hoping that he would be convicted because it would mean stories for years about what he looked like and how he was doing in prison and was he going to kill himself…believe me, they were salivating over his conviction and they were trying to skew all the reporting in a way they hoped would influence the jury to convict him.  Even a lot of cheap shots at me throughout that time.  Everyone was hoping to profit off his destruction.  IT WAS TERRIBLE! It is one of my proudest moments in my lifetime just acquitting and vindicating him. In retrospect now, he only had approximately four more years to live.  At least he was there to be with his kids and just be  The trial was so unjust.  The case was so unjust and lacking in credibility.  At Michael’s burial, which I attended, a young man, who in the 80’s was a rather high-profile case in California when his father doused him with gasoline and set him on fire burning most of his body including his face…his name is Dave Rothenburg known as Dave Dave.  Michael took care of him.  Dave spoke at Michael’s funeral about what a kind and decent, generous, wonderful person Michael was.  I happen to know there were kids all over the world he did this for…disabled kids, children with illnesses and disabilities.  Michael would write checks for them…nobody publicized it.  He did it because that’s what his heart wanted him to do.  I think one of the cruelest things ever was to take his love for children, his desire to help kids and turn it against him and try and call him a monster as they did in the trial.  IT WAS JUST HORRIBLE.  It was just heart-wrenching to be there and watch him and see what a toll it took on him.  It was a dreadful experience.  It was painful.  It was horrifying  He couldn’t believe what he was listening to…some of the statements that were made.  He couldn’t believe that anyone could accuse him of harming children.  He couldn’t believe that anyone could accuse him of masterminding a conspiracy to falsely imprison a family, to abduct children, to extort.  THESE ARE THINGS THAT MICHAEL IS NOT CAPABLE OF EVEN IMAGINING…and, to formally charge him with this and then to call witnesses who were clearly not telling kidsthe truth to try to build a case against him was frightening and very disheartening for him.  Michael is a person who would often be up early in the morning walking through Neverland  to relax and get close to nature…to look at the sky and the moon and the stars.

I never expected Michael Jackson to be convicted on any felony count or misdemeanor.   I BELIEVED, AND STILL DO, THAT HE WAS COMPLETELY INNOCENT OF THESE FALSE ALLIGATIONS.  I had a very strong feeling that this jury was not going to convict him.attempted crucifiction

I met Michael Jackson during a very dark period.  The forces of evil were trying to take him away from us.  The man I came to know was a kind, gentle soul who really wanted to heal the world through music and art, love and decency.  HE SUCCEEDED!  He said this to me…”THE GREATEST THING YOU’LL EVER LEARN IS JUST TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURN.” sharing and receiving love


Tom Mesereau




6 thoughts on “VINDICATE MICHAEL JACKSON…Thank you, Tom Mesereau

  1. Phew! We don’t call him the White Lion for nothing!! 🙂 THANK YOU TOM Mesereau (and Susan Yu) for helping Michael when he needed it the most.

  2. Thank you Jude for this – it just brings tears to my eyes when I read about all the injustice Michael suffered throughout his lifetime! His inner strength must have been extremely strong. He is my life’s inspiration always! When I am troubled I remind myself of what Michael went through and find the courage to go on. God bless him!

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