GLOW…an incandescent portal

~Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive~

Hafizglow fourteen

“That’s a Glowing Soul when you can just listen and feel the words shine into minds and hearts.  It’s what I find about Michael’s music and lyrics…they glow because they come straight from the heart.  We can feel it when it happens.  Glow cannot be made…it creates itself because it comes from the right place deep within a true loving and kind soul.”


“When Michael was on stage, he was total energy…so much energy…well, did you know, he glowed.”  Orianthi  “So, it is true what Orianthi said about him glowing.  He glowed.  He could light up a room, a stage, an arena.  You could be standing in a room alone and with no sound, he would enter, and the feeling in the room changed.  You could just feel him.  You could have your back turned to him and you knew he was there, with no words.  He lit up the room.  I pictured Michael and his beautiful face and I know my eyes were wide open as I blurted out…OH, MY GOD!  HOW CAN A PERSON DO THAT!  Only God could have done that to Michael.”

Michael Bushart of

Believing that past is prologue, we have come to a place where each lustrous soliloquy Michael uttered has opened a portal, leading us to something that is bigger than ourselves.  “There is only one way to avoid criticism:  Do nothing.  Say nothing. Be nothing.” (Aristotle)  Michael chose to be SOMETHINGWe have been tasked to do the same.  Every time he was hit, he stood back up again.  So they hit him harder.  Michael defines the Standing Man. (Bridge of Spies)  And in standing, the waves of thought in his head gain power as they move to our shores.  “Conformity is like a blanket that leaves your feet cold.” (Dead Poets’ Society)  Instead, Michael lived deliberately, strikingGLOW SIX out to find new ways to reinvent our world toward one end:  Heal the suffering.  There is great difficulty in maintaining strong beliefs in the face of conformity.  Swimming upstream, Michael stirred status quo waters.  Rarely passing open windows, always creating new paths, Michael saw no accidents, only opportunities and potential.  Michael never fled the battle field, making love a weapon against any evil.  The heat from the glow of his actions has created a Love Movement unparalleled, compelling us to realize our strengths as we become the people he envisioned us to be.GLOW EIGHT

“The power of the play goes on and you may contribute a verse.  What will your verse be?”

Dead Poets’ Society

~Don’t grieve…anything you lose comes round in another form~


The strength of Michael’s glow is our saving grace.  When first the warmth of his light wraps itself around us, we are unable to live another day without him.  We need his heat, feeling alive with beauty, passion and love.  With this light of knowledge, we search for the verse we will add to this glorious Michael Jackson Symphony of Hearts.  Our union arises from a common purpose, singular interests, and devoted service.

~Nothing is impossible~GLOW TEN

~Dreams really do come true~

“Love, Work!  Work, Love!”


Resplendent, emitting visual light, filled with emotion, aglow with purpose, Michael invites us to seize each day, every opportunity, as we feel his imposing appearance just up ahead.  Armed with total commitment, we sing and dance with glee, research and gather knowledge to educate the world, offer respect and tribute for one who has earned it unconditionally.  We turn to Michael’s artistry when facing life’s hardships.  We paint, draw, play, write, share loving and life-saving memories, bestow beauty at Michael’s resting place.  Asking the question:  WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE…we turn our energies and gifts to continuing Michael’s work in rescuing children from poverty and hunger.  We bring to reality Michael’s dreams of homes for children, education for their minds and, showing them our unconditional love.  We search the GLOW SEVENworld for causes that Michael believed in…and then, with devotion, try to make each one  a reality.  With hearts beating as one, we defend Michael’s life and legacy, seeking justice.  This is the nature of our work.  We can because we know the truth.  With determination, we will keep asking the same questions until we get the answers we are looking for…and then, we will say Thank You! (Thank you, Beloved Gene and Judy)

The global impact of Michael Jackson is unparalleled with a LOVE MOVEMENT like no GLOW SIXTEENother.  His Glow is felt by hundreds of millions of people spanning the planet…every age, color, race and culture.  His history is prelude to a better world for today.  He has enlightened us, empowered our days, filling our minds with dreams.  In times of crisis, character is defined.  We understand what the definition is…we are the storytellers.

~For future generations~glow thirteen



4 thoughts on “GLOW…an incandescent portal

  1. Absolutely beautiful as always, Jude. Not only are the words heartfelt, but the photos you have chosen for this piece truly show Michael’s ‘glow’. I honestly believe that we can all ‘Be God’s Glow’, although for many of us, it doesn’t always come as naturally as it did to this amazing man who glowed from a very young age, and continues to glow today.

  2. From the point of view on literary text (having a bachelor University degree in literature myself) I see it close to perfection. Bravo, Jude! I have already pointed and must repeat again: the fabric of the article beautifully adorned with the scattered fitting quotes of people of wisdom and those who were struck by Michael Jackson’s meaning, mixed with Jude’s own deep thoughts, shines with its significance and makes the whole process of reading a sheer joy and pleasure. But not only this. It casts a deeper and broader glance of Michael’s overwhelming and magical effect on everyone who was happy enough to experience being around him. Some stunningly powerful phrases of Jude are still hammering into my mind. Yes, Michael is the God’s Glow. And I mean it: not “was” but “is”, because like the light of distant stars in the Universe still shine on and come closer after the star itself has disappeared ages ago. Michael’s Divine Light, his Glow will never ever abandon us too and ages ahead it can be the brightest torch in their darkest parts in people’s lives. This glow, this light will never end, it will never fade away, it will last forever.. while the human race will be capable to still stay humans. Michael’s glow saved me, it saved many other lives alike. Others who were not aware before were enlightened by his brightest glow. The glow which lightened up the portals of wisdom and in the same time pointed at the infinity of work the humanity is yet have to complete to make this world better fit for living. “Be God’s glow” – was Michael’s call. Indeed, had we all followed his suit the whole world would have been nothing but Michael’s Neverland – Paradise on Earth. Bravo, Jude! We want more!!! <3

    • Beautifully written, Michael is with me in heart and soul wherever I go. I feel compelled to speak about him with anyone I meet. I feel we have all come together in Michael’s light, he had a purpose, he also gave us that purpose to go out and spread love, knowledge and healing to the world.

      I have a need inside me to speak about Michael, ever chance I get. There is no Uber driver that picks me up, that doesn’t get a quick tutorial of Michael’s life, to right the wrongs, so many people believe.

      I have been told more than once, thank you for sharing Michael’s truth with me. I go away feeling that’s one more who might take a second look at Michael and realize what this world really lost, a genius filled with artistic talents some people never even knew he had. They also missed out on his love and what it meant to the world.

      To me he mean’s love and sharing. If I look back now on my life, I never would have thought me the shy girl in school would be speaking to people all over the world in a single day. I always hated public speaking, but I found myself walking up to a microphone, not even knowing what I was going to say to all those people sitting in the ONE show, it just happened, before I realize what I was doing, I was talking about Michael and why we are all here. This was not like the old me, Michael changed me all during my years growing up, his influence began on some of my first dates with “I Want You Back” playing on the radio. When I became a mother, I would dance around singing and dancing to his beat. When my daughter was old enough she demanded to watch Moonwalker everyday. She had a whole routine she made up herself and would dance around and at the end would conclude with the customary HeHe on her toes. Really she was playing the little blonde girl because the teddy bear was always involved in her act. She played Michael and the young girl in her performance. Now my daughter has a daughter of her own, at Halloween she sent me a little video of my grand daughter dancing to Billie Jean. She is just two years old, but her toes were pointing down and up trying to follow along with Michael, I still watch it very frequently, when I need a smile that little short video will just bring a smile to my face and love in my heart.

      I am so thankful Michael came into my life, I will be a part of his Army till the day I shut my eye’s for the last time. I love you Michael forever <3

      Thank you both Jude and Irina, both of you have touched me with your words. Love and understanding our mission. <3

  3. There is NO question that Michael had a glow about him. He emitted energy and heat from his body within. I always wondered why that was the case….Now I know the answer. He was definitely a healer….I, myself experienced that. I remember having a splitting headache and he just put his hands on my head and face. This unbelievable warmth went through me… and my headache simply disappeared! Like magic. He was magical. How did that happen? I don’t know, but after that experience I looked at him differently. As a great artist, of course, but also as so much more. He was given many gifts including that of healing. No wonder people flocked to him…… one day I will learn the entire truth of him. And I look forward to that day!

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