dangerous twoLift your head up high

And scream out to the world

I know I am someone

And let the truth unfurl

No one can hurt you now

Because you know what’s true

Yes, I believe in ME

So you believe in YOU

Help me sing!


This belief in oneself was a thread Michael brilliantly wove through all his messages.  All the colors and textures of this tapestry were then combined into a human love community where each believer spread love into the world.    When in Michael’s presence, be it public performance or through listening to his voice and  his music, magical connections are made.  People have carried Michael’s love messages for decades.  With the fifth anniversary of Michael’s passing just ahead, a river of creativity inspired by Michael, flows from him… creating tributaries all over the world.  Each stream reflects the uniqueness of the individual.  Some flow in speaking for justice, demanding that the abuse with impunity be over.  Some flow into creative humanitarian projects.  Some are revealed through pure imagination.  ALL ARE VALUABLE AND ALL ARE NECESSARY.  We each PAY MICHAEL FORWARD with love in our hearts.  The human love community is alive and well and growing stronger every day.ohthree

My stream has focused, in part, on compiling research I have been privileged to find.  My hope is that it is helpful to celebrate the words of others and experiences they have had in their love for Michael.  At times, I have spoken out demanding truth and an end to adolescent myth-making media disinformation and abuse.  I am even more convinced that justice for Michael Jackson is justice for all.  I believe that Michael’s message is essential for change in helping the world’s healing.  HE IS STILL THE MAN…and, as Celine Dion sang, ” CALL THE MAN…HE’S NEEDED HERE.”

Today, I would like to add this to the compilation because I believe it shows steps forward in giving the world Michael Jackson Truth.

“Michael Jackson ONE is a spectacular show not only for the sheer entertainment and athleticism exhibited by the Cirque Du Soliel talented cast, but also because it’s a keen look into the life, innovation and creative genius of Michael Jackson.  The MJOne Cirque Du Soleil show combines lights, acrobatics, and dance, accompanied by the music and clear crisp vocals of the incomparable Michael Jackson.  It is a complete 90 minute sensory overload that slaps the spirit awake then pummels the heart incessantly until every conceivable emotion is experienced.  Listing all the songs and medleys or describing how cleverly MJOne wove young Michael’s vocals with the deeper tones of mature Michael, won’t do the magical charm of this presentation justice.  It is more than a musical show…it’s an exercise in social awareness.  The audience leaves understanding more about Michael Jackson’s life and his message because Cirque Du Soliel and Jaime King carefully crafted within the different vignettes Michael Jackson’s world vision and mission.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7HnOOtZywYt square

King’s narrative uses Michael Jackson’s iconic glove, sparkly socks/shoes, sunglasses and fedora as transformative items weaving their magic upon the wearer.  Much like the intention and message of Michael’s music, bringing awareness and changing hearts and minds forever.

The well documented reality of salacious idiotic rumors and the invasive vitriol of the media is demonstrated immediately, as the audience is accosted pre-show, by aggressive paparazzi with light bulbs flashing.  While the them of Michael’s life being scrutinized and invaded is highlighted, it isn’t long before the audience is catapulted into how Michael views the world and not vice versa.tiithree

As a child, he enthralled us and promised, I’LL BE THERE and he kept his promise, as he was an ever-constant presence in millions of lives across the world.  Years later he wonders if we will afford him recompense for his fealty, as he queries, plaintively…WILL YOU BE THERE?  WILL YOU STILL CARE?

Every song is presented with the dazzling feats of the acrobats and dancers save one: BILLIE JEAN.  Rather astutely, Jaime King knew it would be wise to allow only the Maestro to shine, especially for this signature song.  Michael said he would ‘become one with the dance’ and it is only fitting that in this moment, his prowess should be hat twosingly highlighted as THE ONE.

The storytelling and songs sweep the spirit along at so fast a clip that there is no awareness of how much time has flown by only an anticipation of which great Michael Jackson song will next be set to Cirque’s vibrant visuals, colors and movement.  Seduction and forbidden love, common elements in Michael Jackson songs are smartly depicted through  blending DANGEROUS, DIRTY DIANA, and  IN THE CLOSET. Partnered with this medley is the amazing talent of a female aerialist dressed in blazing red, every muscle toned, tensed and executing the most arduous of maneuvers in mid-air that defies credulity.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy-3aPvYkkAdirty diana

Although not used in the program, WHY YOU WANNA TRIP ON ME could have been Jaime King’s blueprint as he deftly weaves the movement and intensity of talented Cirque performers through the most important focus of Michael Jackson:  ignoring social injustice…Michael believed each individual has the responsibility to change the inequities in this world and this is the message the show imparts.  Media should stop focusing on real or fictional idiosyncrasies of Michael Jackson, and instead address more important world problems.

During THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US, the performers are placed juxtaposition to extremely thought provoking images of war, the homeless, impoverished children dying of hunger, as well as gang violence, racial intolerance and bigotry, just to name a few.  Harsh visuals of reality and heavy messages, to be sure, from arguably the greatest entertainer that ever graced a stage.  Perhaps it gave many in the audience, who may have just been casual fans of the man, a new appreciation of the depth of this genius.  To make social commentary on realities of the world through his art is one of Michael’s greatest and surely most underappreciated achievements.sexy


It wasn’t enough for Michael Jackson to tell us what needed fixing, he tried to fix it and he implored us to do the same.  The Cirque show uses the MAN IN THE MIRROR finale to connect the whole audience, who by now is out of their seats dancing and singing.  As a whole, totally immersed in the massive love with Neverland visuals with Michael appearing to spread his certain kind of magic that only he can supply.  Hearts can’t help but surrender to his mantra of MAKE THAT CHANGE and can’t leave MJOne without newfound understanding of THE Man and awareness that it will take us ALL to make that difference across the globe.  (Review MJJJustice Project)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HhrZfPuwhgjam two

Rolling Stone…”A Virtual Parade of Wow moments…”

Chicago Tribune…”It is a strikingly beautiful and emotional show.”

Los Angeles Times…”It is a show that makes you miss the man and his art.  In its best moments, it makes you wonder what aspects of him ever really touched the Earth.”


What touches my heart about the show is that it bravely presents Michael’s truths, his genius, his message and his inexhaustible mission for the world.  PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD looks different each and every time it is done.  We bring our gifts to it.  Michael believed that if he used his gifts it would help others to find theirs.  That is what is happening.  I LOVE AND CELEBRATE EACH AND EVERY GIFT GIVEN TO PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.  WE ALL ATTEMPT TO BE THERE…TO STILL CARE… And, I estwolove you.


HIS tory






    I LOVE this, dear Jude! Love this whole piece. Thank you so much for this empowering look into why Michael gave HIS powerful messages through his art. 😉 We can BE his artwork now too – and create, create, create. I believe this brings laughter to the angels. xoxoxox

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