“Don’t let anyone come to you and leave without being happier.”

Mother Teresa

~Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow men~  Mahatma GandhiALIGHT SIX

“I love that Michael faithfully shares how he is simply a conduit…that he always knew his power was of another source, and that he relentlessly demonstrated this truth by continuously choosing love.  He lives his faith.  An inspiration.”


~EVERYTHING I’VE ACHIEVED STARTED WITH A DREAM~  Michael Jacksonanoited thirteen

It all started in Michael’s heart, this human fusion between cultures, defining an understanding that we are all the same.  Like spores in the wind, music creates our landing pad.  Instead of colliding themes, we embrace a world of mutual respect.   Travel allows no room for bigotry, prejudice unable to survive in an enlightened world.  With genius comes a nonconformist foundation, creating a reality infinitely better because normal becomes obsolete.  Replacing what had heretofore been normal, Michael showed us a Utopia where the goodness of mankind rises out of unconditional love. Challenging the status quo, he believed the wrong shall fail, the right prevail.  “Michael had a gravitating force to help us realize ourselves in a beautiful way, his way.”  (The Love Connection)  For those who listen, the earth has music to share.  For those who listen, Michael’s music takes us home…to who we are, to who we should be, to our hearts.

~Home gives you courage to know yourself~

~Home gives you beauty for your eyes to see Neverland~alight three

~Home gives you love to complete your life~

~Home gives you sunsets to warm your heart~

~Home gives you friendships to brighten your being~

~Homes gives you patience to accept the truth~

~Home gives you comfort on a difficult day~anoited ten

~Home gives you rainbows beneath the clouds~

~Home gives you hugs when your spirit sags~

~Home gives you faith so that you can believe~ 

Michael Jackson…lines written on the underside of a handcrafted table at Neverland.

Believing that dreams do come true…believing that miracles do happen…believing that music sets us free…seeing art in everything…being inspired by nature, by play, by children…Michael’s artistry must be loved to be known.  MICHAEL JACKSON IS ART INCARNATE.  With that comes the understanding that everything he touched flowed from a heart that knew no limitations, and, came from a higher source.ANOITED EIGHT

“I simply believe.  I believe in the Bible and I get down on my knees every night and thank God and ask Him to lead the way.”  Michael Jackson

“Michael was precious, kind, humble.  He carried a light that shined so bright.  His music was a gift to the world and that is why he was brought here.  I was blessed to have known Michael.”  Joanelle Romero mother of Sage Galesi…Black or Whiteanoited five

 Michael Jackson’s schooling has no end.  Potent, multisensory…he is an artist who can bring down the stars.  In every detail lives his spirit seen through the eyes of a child…not childish, for Michael tackles every part of the human condition…but, human suffering and pain addressed with the innocence of pure and unconditional love.  He deals in universal truths…innovating paths, never following trails of the status quo.  As a historian, he has left behind a massive archive.

~Rock & Roll changed the world~

~Rhythm & Blues changed our hearts~

~Michael Jackson changed everything~

Without limitation or condition, we are here to make sure that the world knows more and more about the genius that is Michael Jackson.  Believing in dreams and miracles, we use our diverse talents and creative energies not only to bury lies and myth, but to share an artful life, whose legacy offers the blueprint for the world’s healing.   Michael alight fourwas chosen to bring light to the world.  We have been chosen to reflect that light to all who have been blinded.  This commitment propels itself forward each day with new truths which we record for all who choose to learn.

~To all Michael’s Fans…it is time for us to change the world~

~one tabloid

~one ruthless photographeralight five

~one network

at a time

~For the dedication he gave…for all the blood, sweat and tears…for all the music he made…for the talent he shared…and the love he gave to the world~

MJ Fans

Throughout my life I have only tried to help thousands upon thousands of children to live happy lives.  It brings tears to my eyes when I see any child who suffers.  Don’t treat me like a criminal, because I am INNOCENT.”  Michael Jackson

~taken from a personal statement live from Neverland on December 22, 1993 and alight twoaired by CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC

“I love them so much.  They’re my children, too.  I remember we were in Australia and we were in this children-with-cancer ward…I started giving out toys…I’ll never forget this, one boy who was like eleven, when I went to his bed he said, ‘It’s amazing how just seeing you, I feel so much better.  I really do!’  I said, ‘Well, that’s so sweet!’  That’s what he said, and I have never forgotten it.  It’s amazing, and that’s what we are supposed to do.”  Michael Jackson







~seeking justice

~listening to the innocence of childrenDANI TWO

~offering education

~knowing that right will prevail


From my heart to yours


Original Artwork by Dani







Nelson Mandelaactual five

Martin Luther King

Michael  Jackson

~all in a struggle with power, greed, jealousy, those threatened by pure love~

“To be a star you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness…for that is when the stars shine brightest.”

Napoleon Hill

~Magical child was ready to bowACTUAL

Sow the seed, pick up the plough

With effortless ease, without a sigh

Without a tear, without a cry

With silent perfection

Under God’s direction

To sing together as one race

Stem the tide, transform this place

Michael Jacksonabout twelve

Of late, we have been subjected to a world pointing out violence and devastation, the paint still wet on a portrait of human suffering.  Many voices urge us toward separatism with a distrust of those whose path winds differently from ours.  Seeing into the heart of darkness is both horrifying and seductive, for it creates in it a fear which overtakes us with hopelessness and distrust…putting us in a constant state of great distress.  How contagious hatred can be.  Has hell taken the place of paradise?

~Our problems are manmade

~They can be solved by manactual two

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

When coming face to face with tales of madness, our answers must be drawn from the light.  This light shapes our way of seeing, focusing not on ourselves, but on others.  It shines on those outcast by circumstance, molding us into peaceful warriors…without limitations or condition…whose spirits never die.

“In the stillness  of the quiet, if we listen, we can hear the whisper of the heart giving strength to weakness, courage to fear, hope to despair.”

Howard Thurmanabout three

“Today, we stand together all around the world, joined in a common purpose, to remake the planet into a haven of joy and understanding and goodness.  No one should have to suffer, especially our children.  This time we must succeed.  This is for the children of the world.”

“What we need to learn from children isn’t childish.  Being with them connects us to the deeper wisdom of life which is ever present and only asks to be lived.  They know the solutions that lie waiting to be recognized in our own hearts.”

Michael Jacksonabout fourteen

In Rumi’s words: ~Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty~  Few have the gifts Michael Jackson possessed, and few have been chosen to cause a love moment of gargantuan size, encompassing the entire planet…to SAVE the planet.   Wisdom and solutions are to be found in the profound simplicity of a child’s heart.

“For without laughter, without joy, without smiles, without happiness, without magic…there’d be no children.

Their souls are the universe.  See it sparkle through their eyes and know we’re all constellations connected in the same, great big world of love.actual four

Love that exudes through the pores of children all over the world, ready to hug, kiss, talk to, laugh and comfort anyone and everyone!  To them, everyone deserves that!  There are no limitations and conditions to their heart.

Oh, we can learn so much from children!”

Ashley Sullivan

Khalil Gibran tells us that ~The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, but rather, leads to the threshold of your mind~  Michael Jackson has led us as the most powerful teacher of our time, for he touches every age, every race, every culture, every religion.  Through his artistry and his mantra of What do you need and how can I help…all is revealed:about seven

~Now be silent.  Let the One who creates the words speak~ 

~He made the door

~He made the lock

~He also made the key


I believe that Nelson Mandela was correct when he said…History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.

In the light of morning, in the middle of the night, when swimming in doubt or drowning in pain, in the joy of a giggle, when faith is clouded, when a need for escape overtakes us, when dancing is the only thing that will help, when singing at the top of our voices empowers…we find our sanctuary in MICHAEL JACKSON.  He shows us the changes that need to be made…turning random acts of kindness into INTENTIONAL ACTS OF KINDNESS. 

“He made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.  He walked with the Universe on his shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.”actual seven


Our hearts and minds have been touched profoundly this month.  Two treasures revealed…Greg Gorman’s photograph of Michael the Dancer, deep in creative thought…and, the exquisite parable written by Brenda Jenkyns with the magnificent Siren and her beautiful paintings.  These treasures offer hours of study and layers of learning, true to Michael Jackson Excellence…giving blood and soul to the work.

“The Maestro devoted his life to giving all of himself to the world.  Eventually, the seventh childtime came when he chose to close his eyes for the last time and melt into the melody again, in the form of pure love.  At that instant, an exquisite glow radiated out across the land, kindling Sparks of Creation within the hearts of people everywhere. The people looked at each other in a new way, and saw  that there were no differences between them.  The Knowledge of Oneness shone away thoughts of separation.  They chose to devote their lives to becoming their true selves, inspired by the Maestro.  They did this by expressing their creativity, and by loving one another as he had loved them.  Many who hadn’t known the Maestro in life felt their hearts open, and began to remember the Oneness that had been so long forgotten.  The land was filled with artists, dancers, writers, bakers, teachers, healers and endless other expressions of the soul.  The Dance of Life that the Maestro had  demonstrated became their Truth.  They were wrapped in His Beloved arms once again. “

Brenda Jenkyns and Siren

The 7th Child is dedicated FOR MICHAEL, OUR MAESTRO.  It is a masterpiece of word and picture…a parable offering greater wisdom with each visit.

Greg Gorman’s photograph offers layers of discussion and has garnered many ABOUT TWENTYviewpoints.  For me, it has been a pictorial definition of Siren’s words:  Heaven hath no beauty greater than this.  It has haunted my dreams, setting me aright with a key to rekindling my creativity.  After a month of quiet at the page, both The 7th Child and the Gorman photograph have inspired me to new words.  Finding REFUGE in Michael’s artistry and in the artistry of those inspired by him, such sanctuary has given new blood pulsing through my veins…expressions of my soul…finding my true self.about ten

~Nature caresses you, the rhythm of each dawn and each sunset is part of you…the falling rain touches your soul and you see yourself in the clouds that are playing tag with the sun~

A Child is a Song

Michael Jacksonabout eight

“I want tolerance and harmony between mosques and churches.  Together we are one.  Religion shouldn’t make enemies.”

Ahlam  11 years old from Gaza

~Magical  children, don’t worry how

Don’t delay, this moment’s now~

Michael Jacksonabout two

Our refuge is in Michael Jackson’s artistry and legacy, his message and life…

“For to have faith is to have wings.”  Peter Pan

I love you all!











Michael Jacksonalove six

~He’s never let us down.  His religion was decency.  He spent a lifetime fighting its enemies~  A. Sorkin

~He who sings, prays twice~  St. Augustine

October 24, 2014  Foggia, Italy

Parish of the ‘Beata Vergine Maria Immacolata from Assisi

Friar Alessandro D’Assisi

“They have painted him to us in a terrible way.  They have destroyed him.  They have presented this man as if he were a monster, telling us lie after lie.  Do you know why?  Because of envy.  Because Michael Jackson was a man who dedicated his life to good, for charity, and to spread love through his music.  You have to get to know things.  We must listen to those who lived with him.  You have to read what he wrote.  You have to see the facts…foundations which he founded, the money he gave to charity to build structures to care for people in need…his presence in the first person.”alove five

~Many countries pay tribute to and remember their warriors fallen in battle.  Michael Jackson was a warrior of a different kind, who faced conflict and adversity in his own life and fought his battles with LOVE.   He knew that not only personal conflicts, but also those between nations, could be healed if we all tried to understand and love each other more.  Sadly, the world still isn’t listening.   But let us always remember, and give thanks, that Michael tried so hard to make it happen~  MJLalove three


Redemption is the ultimate deliverance from sins and consequences by means of a sacrifice.

It takes both time and spirit to reach understanding fully.  As Rumi said, we feel quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what we truly love.  Reaching the point where our understanding reveals a human being who was designed for giving… with a growing cast of characters, Michael’s timeline underscores our own lives.  The fight is just getting started as we, in mass, come to the rescue.  It is THE MICHAEL JACKSON MOVEMENT…a legacy of protection.

~It starts in this room, and goes all over the world~

Our ritual of love is reborn over and over again as Michael’s artistry binds us together.  We are witnessing a changing landscape.  Education is replacing “prejudice is ignorance” with what some call citizen journalism.  Its universal appeal has infused us with purpose and design, defining who we are by how we live.  Telling the truth, but being painted a liar, is no longer acceptable.  Using words, creating with paint, singingalove thirteen and dancing, we tell our stories, we share our research, we come together from all over the world, finally and completely erasing myth, with our refusal to believe it is never-ending.  Michael Jackson has revealed the secrets of life to us…passionate and persevering, we speak for him.  The historical collection grows, link by link, stronger everyday.  Steering through both shallow and deep waters, our mission is to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD for future generations, seeking justice, and attempting to continue Michael’s charitable works throughout the world.  Years of experience have shown that delivering the truth is in our hands.alove two

~The reality of Michael Jackson’s humanity…the implications and inferences of his art are so monumentally and magnificently global that nothing American television could do to besmirch his character could ever, if you will, deny the legitimate genius that he represents…and, America has responded, as indeed has the globe~alove fourteen

Michael Eric Dyson

“He was the consummate performer, the ultimate showman, the creator of the biggest-selling album of all time…who 3 decades ago crashed through racial barriers on the music charts, ushered in the music video age, and remade the pop music landscape.” New York Times November 2012

He taught me so many things.  He taught me about loving animals, vegetarianism, animal rights, environmental issues, caring about your fans, how to treat your fans-in fact, that the moment you meet your fans may just be a fleeting moment for you, and sometimes you’re in the middle of things you’ve got to take time for, but to them…they’re going to remember this moment for the rest of their lives…how important it is for that exchange and how to treat them.  He was the big brother I never had, honestly.  Thealove fact that when I did get arrested for drug possession in 1990, even though his image was squeaky clean and by all rights he could have stepped aside and moved me back, he didn’t.  He called me and I got that message on my answering machine which said, ‘Hi, Corey.  It’s Michael.  Is everything OK?  Call me if you need me.’  He was my friend.  He was supportive…and, thank God for that.  That really showed me the value alove eighteenof what type of person he was.”  Corey Feldman

“When Michael was in London in 2005, Paris saw a whole row of balloons in the lobby of a hotel.  She wanted one and hotel staff ran around trying to find scissors to cut her one.  Michael stopped them and said to Paris, ‘I’m sorry, Paris, you cannot have one.  They are not here for us.  They’re for charity.  I love you, but, just because you are my daughter does not mean you can have whatever you like.’  She cried and the hotel staff went to get a balloon.  Michael said, ‘She is my kid.  I’ve told her no, and she needs to understand.”  Karen Faye Make-up Artistalove fifteen

“You know, there was one moment.  I was playing a piano and he was standing next to me.  All of a sudden, he stretched his hands, looking upward.  It seemed to me that it was very important to him.  That’s why I left the room and switched the lights off.  After half an hour, I came back to the room.  He was whispering, ‘Thank you for my talent.  Thank you for everything I’ve got.  Thank you for all the people who love me.  Tell me what I should do and I’ll do it.’  It seemed to me that it was the moment of his communication with God.”  Seth Riggs  Vocal Coachalove eleven

~the effort to discover an authentic self, to strip away layers of alienation and culturally imposed identity, and find a soul in a clear, unimpeded communion with the sacred~

Cynthia Eller

~Let us not forget…sometimes we all wonder why our life’s journey is not like we expected or wanted.  The most important lesson is, it is not what we get out of it, but what we give back.  Michael spent decades giving back and teaching the world how to love one another.  He did not boast or make public most of his charity giving because he gave from his heart.  Michael left us with an important message…HEAL THE WORLD~ LOVE THE CHILDREN~ LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  Some years have passed and we have shed many tears.  It is time to keep working on Michael’s Humanitarian Legacy~  keep healing the world, keep loving the children and loving each other.  PAY IT FORWARD WITH LOVE.  WE MISS YOU, MICHAEL~  MDFalove eight

Each day we are suspended in Michael’s endless optimism as an ambassador of good will around this world, with an influence that lives on.  The events of his life, so real, and so interwoven with ours, continue to inspire and bring hope to multitudes of people.  Refusing to accept nothing less than perfection, Michael has taught us to reach deep down inside for the potential that lives there, to truly understand the range of possibilities open to us…splendidly bright.  He is the source.  We are the messengers.

The ultimate teacher, the truth of his legacy powers the movement we share.  What we have learned completes us and we are taking over…we have the truth…this is our mission…to see it through!  THE MICHAEL JACKSON MOVEMENT!

KEEPSAKESalove four

We are looking around in the lost and found of our hearts…and, each time our eyes and ears discover a precious piece of Michael’s artistry we rush to share it.  Everywhere we go, everything we see, everywhere we look Michael is there.  Lovingly, we tend his memory.

~I have proven my part.  The pain of life touches me, but the joy of life is so much stronger.  LOVE IS MY MESSAGE~  Michael Jackson

October 28, 2009  34th Annual Awards Gala of the T.J. Martell Foundation

Michael Jackson was honored with the first LIFETIME LEGEND AWARD for being the largest donor of the Foundation in its 34 year history.  The Foundation supports research for treatments and cures for leukemia, cancer, AIDS.

Thank you, Michael, for being present in the first person.alove ten

We love you.


Autumn Leaves/Michael’s Autumn

Mimi O’Garren









~I’m a lover, not a fighter~

Michael JacksonADORABLE MAN

“Never confuse gentle with weak.  Some of the most gentle men have been the most courageous warriors of our time.”


“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.”

Aldous Huxley


Falling in love over and over again is truly a bonding experience.  Although frequently asking how is that justice, often having the feelings of being in a loaded, lopsided game, we adhere to facts while stoking rage as fuel.  Taking energy from Michael, we are never broken and always feel the calling noble.  Michael’s passionate dance of life defined ~Let music set you free, only then will you belong to me~ (A.L.Weber), teachingaio nine us how to think and how to dream.  With dedication and perseverance, he offered himself…vulnerable, intimate, poetry in motion.  His rays of light were transmitted, susceptible to being wounded or hurt.  Clear, crystalline, translucent, Michael’s courage to give everything defined his power as a gentle warrior…always victorious, heightening the poignancy of his expression. His life defined by it, triumphant no matter the ripples, made stronger by the weak moments.  His ability to speak to the human heart revealed an enlightened creativity which blessed us with the revelation of an understanding of our potential, and gave oxygen to our souls.  With the understanding true to who we really are, we begin within, moving toward opening our natural channels.

~Creativity blesses me~aio eight

~Creativity blesses others~

There is always mystery at the heart of Michael’s creativity, its layers seductive, calling us to more discovery as we peel them away…playing with the exultation of the possible. (Martin Buber)  Rising time and time again, Michael lifts us with a gentle strength that is defined by the most powerful force on the planet:  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf suggests that if dreams don’t scare you, then they are not big enough…Michael’s philosophy was IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DO IT BIG, DON’T BOTHER.  Dreaming small was never an option…never settling for near enough.  Through this boundless world of imagination, Michael fills each unique vessel, pulling usmercy two deep into what we truly are.  Not afraid to reveal the pain and struggle of life, whether his own or that of others,  Michael used his voice, his compositions, his dance, his performance, his lyrics, his prose and poetry, never fearing intimacy.

~Expressing your feelings is not the same as falling apart in front of someone else-it’s being accepting and true to your heart, whatever it may say.  When you have the courage to be intimate, you know who you are, and you’re willing to let others see that.  It’s scary aiobecause you feel so vulnerable, so open to rejection.  But, without self-acceptance, the other kind of courage, the kind that heroes show in movies, seems hollow.  In spite of the risks, the courage to be honest and intimate opens the way to self-discovery.  It offers what we all want, the promise of love.~

DANCING THE DREAM  Michael Jacksonomg twelve

“Michael Jackson regularly used vulnerability to open hearts, bridge divides and create trust.  The level of transparency helped us trust him even more and trust is power.  But, Michael always used his pain to highlight the desperation in other peoples’ lives, to connect us with each other, and inspire us to take action.  On stage his expressions, tenderness, open-heartedness and childlike enthusiasm helped us to see, that under certain conditions it can be safe to express those raw and naked places in front of other people.  Those public displays of vulnerability were extremely important…they normalized vulnerability, particularly for men.  They made it okay for us to be vulnerable, too.”


“His music had an extra layer of inexplicable magic that didn’t just make you want to dance but, actually made you believe you could fly.”

Madonnaaio seven

“No barrier stood before this man that he didn’t challenge and break down.”


Michael has allowed us a glimpse into a Utopian world through a collective lens…the innocence of children, and the bravery of a gentle warrior.  He has assembled his Army of Love with the mandate:  MY FANS ARE ACTIVISTS.  THEY WILL DEFEND ME.  A aio fivetimeless voice of freedom, tender love and creative sensibilities, Michael leads the way.

~My Fans are the reason I continue to do what I do.  I see them as my family, my friends, my children~

You are so beautiful to me

Your true love showed me the way

The way I had to go

I walked with you

A thousand miles

Through hurtful lies

Standing strong, with youaio two

Fighting this all through (so through)

You are so beautiful

You are so colorful

You are so magical

You are salvation to me

You dried my tears

Washed away all my fears

The hole in my soul

Was covered up

Because of you

You are so beautiful

You are all that I am

Deep in my soul

You were there

Michael Jackson 2006

We stand for Michael, and in doing that, we stand for humanity.  With love as strong as steel in our hearts, we reach out to this complex world, peaceful and gentle warriors.




STAND UP!aio four

We love you, Michael.

We are standing.




~The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all~

Walt Disney

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and all right tencompassion…against injustice and lying and greed.  If people all over the world would do this, it would change the earth.”

William Faulker

~We rise by lifting others~  Robert Ingersoll


Chinese Proverbzita five

“The connections between Michael and his followers transcend time, distance and circumstances, for their relationship of unconditional love remains as strong and tight as always.”

Elizabeth Johnson  DEAR MICHAEL 2012

~A song is a mantra, something you repeat over and over.  And, we need peace.  We need giving.  We need love.  We need unity.  I want the whole world to sing this song:  WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE~

Michael Jackson’s response to 9/11all right fourteen

As the world tends to break everyone, we hold onto the hope that many of us are stronger in the broken places…and, that those broken places put us in the right place.  It is God’s work, choosing for us the right place, even if we don’t know it at the time.  We don’t always receive what we are sure we want.  Instead, we are given what we need.  Often asking ourselves:  Why is that a relevant question…our interests aligned, we simply do not stop asking.  Meeting Michael Jackson…no matter what form the contact…causes a chemical reaction that is transformative and purposeful.  Our journey defines this:  KNOWING the truth and GETTING justice are not the same thing.  Our need to put things right echoes from all corners of the planet, often reminding us that we may be knocked down, but we all right fiveare not destroyed…nor will we be.  Encountering an often repeated statement in the media, “There is nothing good about this guy.”  Wolf Blitzer The Situation Room CNN July 6, 2009, not only do we use our anger, but  pity those who see depravity in normal behavior, thankful we are not inside their minds.  We are determined to change the sound bites and end the seemingly never-ending myths, hoping for a classic blowback that will show the world media agendas, justifying their cynicism as a higher calling.  How are we meant to survive it all?  The answer is clear:  We look to Michael Jackson’s life, artistry and legacy as a guide.

“If DANCING THE DREAM, MOONWALK, his life and lyrics weren’t enough to tell allright twelveall we need to know, then no book is going to change a hardened heart.”

Dee Pfeiffer

The entry lies before us.  The teacher is here.  Michael  is meant to survive.  We areall right eight meant to survive.

“It’s so inspiring how Michael’s fans, friends and supporters remain inspired to care after so many years.  That is a truly great legacy that should be aspired to.”

Sarah Conley  International Elephant Foundation

This journey we find ourselves passionately devoted to is as unique as the man himself.  Students of history, we realize we can find no other human being as abused, inALL RIGHT SEVENTEEN this or any other century.  In the age of instant communication, a lie can spread around the world with the touch of a button…never to be erased.  Without accountability, there is no fear of reprimand.  Opinions become fact, agendas masked, releasing conscience from cut and paste mentality.  Those claiming to be friends, after being shown loving hospitality,  often delight in sharing…causing us to ask:  After spending time with a friend, how many of us returned home talking about their nose, alleged surgeries they might have had, the alleged parentage of their children?

“I’m a great fan of art.  I love Michelangelo.  If  I had a chance to talk to him, or read IN LOVE ELEVENabout him, I would want to know what inspired him to become who he is, the anatomy of his craftsmanship, not about who he went out with last night. That’s what’s important to me.”

Michael Jackson Oprah interview 1992

(What was Oprah’s next question:  “How much plastic surgery have you had?”)

(LARGE THOUGHTS FOR SMALL MINDS…The teacher opened the door…the student remained outside.)

(One wonders, how many other people Oprah asked that question!  And, more importantly, what was HER agenda.  I think we know the answer.)

“We are all familiar with the role of the media in the constant replay of innuendos and false claims’ nauseating proportions, while not paying attention to peace, justice, humanitarianism he was so greatly involved in.”

THE LAST DANCE How Harlem Remembered Michael Jacksonall right fifteen

Frederick Monderson 2011

Michael said:

~I’m a Black American and I’m proud of it.  I’m honored by it.

~I don’t bleach my skin.  They once said I wanted a white kid to play me in a Pepsi Commercial…that is a rumor.

~The Bill Clinton Inauguration rumor…saying I didn’t want to do it, is a false rumor.all right seven

~I’m not gay.


1996  Deposition

~Jesus said to love children and be like children, be youthful and be innocent and pure and honorable.  He was talking to his Apostles…they were fighting over who was the greatest of them all…and, Jesus said, “Whoever humbles himself like a child is the greatest among you.”  He surrounded himself with children.  That’s how I was raised to believe…to be like that…to imitate that.~

“It pains me to watch the human suffering taking place in the Gulf Region of my country.  My heart and prayers go out to every individual who has had to endure the pain and suffering caused by this tragedy.  I will be reaching out to others within the music industry to join me in helping to bring relief and hope to these resilient people who have lost everything, from the bottom of my heart, to help the victims of hurricaneALL RIGHT SIXTEEN Katrina.”  ~within 24 hours of the tragedy~ October 7, 2005

“Whilst Michael’s messages of love and tolerance supercede him, we must also remember his message of truth and resilience in standing up and fighting for what you believe in, no matter who the target and however bleak the outcome may be.  A voice for the voiceless, an answer to the lies…Long may Tabloid Junkie reign, and long may it serve as an example of a man not afraid to speak out.”

Iconic Magazine  Celebrating 20 Years…HISTORY 20

~My fans will go down in history for their loyalty, their love, and their strength.  UNENDINGGod bless them.~

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has taught us to think.  He has taught us to dream.  The world spins on dreamers.  We accept the fact that bad things will continue to happen, strengthened in our certainty that the truth fears no questions.  Our numbers prevent us from being stretched past the point of resilience, grateful to have chosen to enter through Michael’s magical door of unconditional love…happily welcoming all who accept thisall right three mantra:  When you want to know Michael Jackson…ASK HIM!

Accepting that for a time~an Angel walked among us~ WE PAY MICHAEL FORWARD WITH ALL OUR LOVE!


Zita…The True Gift





~A man who was completely innocent offered himself up for sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world.  It was a perfect act~

Mahatma GandhiPURITY SEVEN

~To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived-This is to have succeeded~

Ralph Waldo Emerson

~A truly rich person is the one who is in contact with the energy of love every second of his existence~


~To be creative means to be in love with life.  You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little poetry to it, a little more dance to it~


~Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity~

The Prophetawesome four

I agree with Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov when he declared that the human soul needs immensity…for only in immensity can the soul be happy and feel free to breathe.  With acceptance of free will comes great responsibility, and yes, often great loss.  When we are faced with losing something we love, free will gives purpose to loss, leading us to  different choices.  Our lifeline receives its strength from one who has lived before, danced the planet, showing us that what is now proved was once only imagined.  As our paths circle back to right wrongs that have been done, we continue our instruction.  Michael Jackson believed in the power of imagination:  “An artist’s imagination is his greatest tool.  It can create a mood or feeling that people want to have, as well as transport you to a different place altogether.” MJ  Michael believed that the imagination was capable of producing miracles.  It has no limitations…everything that exists was once imagined.  Holding onto our Angelic Being, we stay aligned with our true selves.PURITY ELEVEN

Enter those who wonder: How badly do you have to break it to make it work.  Part of us wants to keep our imagination free of thoughts we do not wish to materialize.  However, we stand firm on this:  When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him…Euripides 

This week has brought with it yet another attempt by the media to keep myth alive in the form of a new book.  Once again, we are called upon to stand for the truth…believing that when words are both true and kind, they can change the world  (Buddha)  The truth is, there is no one else to do it.  We have been chosen by Michael to continue his wow eightLegacy.

“The human spirit  is in trouble, but he has whispered his love into many of us and we are the ones who will carry it forward.  We are responsible because we KNOW.  He is the living demonstration of everything beautiful, just, and integral…ALWAYS.”


We are taking over, we do have the truth…our mission is to see it through.  ANOTHERbeau PART OF MICHAEL…our lifeline is securely tethered, our truths firmly grounded in Michael’s own words, our imaginations free to breathe.  In loving life, Michael left behind creative and imaginative assistance for this critical time in human history, steering us in ways that keep us aligned with our moral compass, believing in magic and miracles with the power to heal…the shimmering of his soulful voice, the comet-like swirl of his dance provide the hope we need to extricate ourselves from a cynical and judgmental crawl, to take flight in dreams of unconditional love.  Those dreams are rooted in Michael Jackson Truths.  To that end…PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD  MEANS TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.  Words matter!


“Eventually, I would buy the ATV music publishing catalogue, which included many of the great Lennon-McCartney songs.  But, most people don’t know that it was Paul who introduced me to the idea of getting involved in music publishing.  I was staying with Paul and Linda at their house in the country when Paul told me about his own involvement in music publishing.  He handed me a little book with MPL printed on the cover.  He smiled as I opened it, because he knew I was going to find the contents exciting.  It contained a list of all the songs Paul owns and he’d been buying the rights to songs for a long time.  I had never given the idea of buying songs any thought before.  When the ATV music publishing catalogue, which contains many Lennon-McCartney songs, went on sale, I decided to put in a bid.  I consider myself a musician who is incidentally a businessman, and Paul and I had both learned the hard way about business and the importance of publishing and royalties and the dignity of songwriting.  Songwriting should be  treated as the lifeblood of popular music.  The creative process doesn’t involve  time clocks or quota systems, it involves inspiration and the willingness to follow through.”

Michael Jackson  MOONWALK 1988beau two

“The merging of ATV with Sony establishes our commitment to create one of the largest music publishing ventures in the world.  We have been working on this for over a year and now with the two of us together, the sky is our only limit.”

Michael Jackson December 1995

“I want to clarify a silly rumor.  The Beatles catalog is not for sale and will never be for sale.”

Michael Jackson 2001PURITY FOUR

Michael Jackson was a businessman.  He invested in songwriters, often giving songs to Black artists who had not received anything from record companies for the songs they wrote.  Using investments is common practice for all and was a practice for Michael.  However, Michael’s LIFELINE was his unparalleled talent, his tireless work ethic, his devotion to his artistry, his unequaled imagination, and his commitment to his Fans…and yes, HIS GENIUS!

~The moonwalk is a dance I would love to take credit for, but I can’t because I have toPURITY SIX be completely honest here…these Black children in the ghettos are….they have this phenomenal rhythm of anybody on the earth.  I’m not joking.  I get a lot of ideas from watching these Black children.  They have perfect rhythm.  Just riding through Harlem in the 70’s and early 80’s, I would see these kids dancing on the street…sliding awesome threebackwards, kind of like an illusion dance, I call it.  I took a mental picture of it.  I went  into my room upstairs in Encino and I would just start doing the dance and create and perfect it.  But, it definitely started with the Black culture.  No doubt.  That’s where it comes from.”

Michael Jackson speaking with Reverend Jesse Jackson March 2005PURITY FIVE

Michael Jackson was truth personified.  He gained his fame and fortune through hard work and unparalleled talent.  He did not reach the level of King of Pop at the expense of others.

“He was a consummate performer who understood exactly how to put on a show and bring a crowd of thousands to their feet.  Technically speaking, Michael is a lighting designer’s dream.  There were no holds barred with him and even if some of his ideas seemed to come from left field, we found ways to do them.  He was the kind of artist that you could reach as far as you wanted for effects, but nothing would upstage him and it would only serve to support what he was doing.  He knew artistically what he wanted.  He was always focused on the actual presentation of the show.  He was involved technically, musically, and with every other aspect of the performance.  He wasawesome seven real.  He was thoroughly involved, but not necessarily at the beginning of something.  He waited until something was established and he would edit, comment, ask for additions…asking for them very quickly.  But, there was always a specific part of the show that was dedicated to his wanting to heal the world in whatever way that he or his music could accomplish.  I found the reaction worldwide was always the same wherever he went.  In many locations, the concert-goers may not speak a word of English, but they knew all the words to all the songs.  You would always hear them singing in unison.  It was phenomenal.  In the television concert footage from the Dangerous Tour in Bucharest, Romania, the absolute immensity of his audience was obvious.  I’ve done tours with such artists as Madonna, where we’ve had 100,000-200,000 people in stadiums.  But, this was the largest crowd I had ever seen.  I don’t know how they personally viewed him, but Michael was definitely a kind of Pied-Piper or Messiah inPURITY TEN some of their eyes.  He espoused love for everyone and I guess they really picked up on that.

In 1988, the year prior to the wall coming down in Germany, we played the Reichtag, the old Parliament.  Concerts were performed on the front grounds and you could hit the Berlin Wall with a  rock from the back door of the venue.  We raised extra lights and sound gear so something could be heard and seen on the other side.  We were told that the size of the audience listening on the street on the other side of the wall was 10 times the size of what we saw in front of us…which was a complete sell-out.  That was one of the most memorable moments that I have ever been a part of, and to be a  part of it with a Michael Jackson tour makes it even more so.awesome six

On our tour, Michael was definitely an INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADOR OF PEACE.  You cannot underestimate what Michael’s popularity was and still is overseas.  No matter where we went, and we went some places in Eastern Europe that, not too many years before, there were actually tanks in the street.  There  were people becoming quite emotional all over the world.  I am proud to have worked for a guy that you could tell everyday he was a consummate professional.  Michael Jackson worked harder than anyone else on the tour.  People see the over-simplification of his life in the media, but I know that he was a really good boss, and I know he was an incredible performer…just from my personal  experience…and, I saw a couple hundred of his shows…I CAN PROVE IT.WOW SEVEN

I believe in Warsaw there were like 400,000 people in one place.  You really don’t get a grasp of the enormity of it.  Michael was more than a singer/songwriter…he was a performer…THE IDEAL PERFORMER.  If you have never sat in a stadium of 400,000 screaming fans all waiting to see what he does next, you can’t grasp the magnitude or depth of his life and the millions of people he inspired to be great.”

August 4, 2009

Bryan Matthews, Peter Morse, Jim Watts, Benny Kirkham, Greg Brooks


~I gain strength from God.  I believe in Jehovah, God very much.  And, I gain strength from the fact that I know that I am innocent.  None of the stories are true.  They are totally fabricated.  It’s very sad and it’s very, very painful. I pray a lot and that’s how I deal with it.  I’m a strong person.  I’m a warrior and I know what is inside me.  I’m a fighter, but it’s very painful and at the end of the day, I’m still human, you know?  I’m still a human being so it does hurt very, very, very much~  Michael Jacksonawesome nine

“It was you who put your heart on the line.  It was you who stepped forward to defend someone you love.  It was you on a worldwide basis who supported me as my army, my soldiers of love.  You were always there.  You were always loyal.  I love you forever.”

Michael Jackson 45th Birthday Celebration

We breathe free in the immensity of our chosen path, using imagination to create mental images and concepts that are not actually present in the senses, but instead, limitless in scope and design…encircling the world with our collective dream:  This bond of love, against all odds, here to protect Michael Jackson’s legacy, will be paid forward… forever. 

~inspired by Rumihot twelve

~We were born with potential

~We were born with goodness and trust

~We were born with ideals and dreams

~We were born with wings

~We were born not to crawl

~We have wings

~And with Michael, we are learning to fly!



With all my love and gratitude,








“I am very pleased to present the 2000 Millenium Award to an artist whose music, generosity and unmatched showmanship have lent color and brightness to the 20th Century.  A thousand years from now when the history of popular music is examined, no single performer will be as remembered and as celebrated as Michael Jackson.  It’s rare for a child performer to be successful in his adult HOT EIGHTEENcareer, and then, still that career to take off into the stratosphere as Michael’s did.  And, at the close of the century, he has sold more records around the world than any single artist in the history of the medium.  His influential song WE ARE THE WORLD and his international HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION are just two of the many charitable efforts that have raised millions of dollars for hundreds of causes.  Simply put, Michael  Jackson’s influence on entertainment, on charity, and in fact, on an entire culture is absolutely immeasurable.  As we enter the 21st Century, we can look forward  to even more HOT SEVENTEENoutstanding achievements in music and feature films from this incredibly talented artist.  It’s been a privilege to witness Michael’s dazzling journey over the years which has transformed him from singer to a superstar, and from a charming little boy to a dignified man.” 

Prince Albert of Monaco 

World Music’s 2000 Artist of the Millennium Award

Monte Carlohot twelve

“I wish the world could know the real Michael Jackson.  Michael always said that if you talked about the good you did in the world, it cancelled the beneficence of the gift.  So he was very private about his humanitarian work.  Nobody will ever know how much he did for the world and for the children.  The world will never know what it lost because they took Michael from his work…and  that cheated not just him of his future, but it cheated us all.” 

David Nordahl  Artisthot nine

“The biggest misconception about my brother was  that his legendary shyness made him timid…but, he was a man of principle, especially where his roots as a proud black man were concerned.  And, he wasn’t afraid to speak up on this when he was riled.”

Jermaine Jackson

Michael Jackson eclipsed his rivals…making them dim or obscure by comparison.  Unlike the eclipse of September’s blood moon, Michael’s gentle touch often slipped by unnoticed by the world’s hungry and greedy eyes.  Or, what is more likely, those unseeing eyes simply spent their time in the gutter, determined to appeal to the shabby cynicism and doubt of hatred.  As the media and those with agenda celebrate Michael’s passing with stories of addiction, bankruptcy and self-hatred, the educated have realized the world has been cheated, leaving us with the question:  “To the Media and Conrad Murray:  Help us to understand why you shouldn’t pay for this?”  In holding onto blame, we understand its paradoxes…still striving to bury the seemingly never-ending myth.  The force of Michael’s enemies prove how very powerful he was by their strength in trying to destroy his legacy.  “When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him.”  Euripides  We believe that little minds are tamed by misfortune, hot fifteenbut great minds rise above them. Washington Irving…and so, we live with the paradox of seeking justice and continuing message and purpose…all done in the name of LOVE. As Charles Dickens proclaimed:  HAVE A HEART THAT NEVER HARDENS, A TEMPER THAT NEVER TIRES, AND A TOUCH THAT NEVER HURTS.  With hearts, tempers and touches, we move forward in the world with our mission of love;  standing on principles, seeking justice, determined to change the world.






~He is so massive it will  take a globe full  of people, each using different methods of expression, to be able to collectively communicate who he was.  That makes each of us crucial because we aren’t responsible for a general audience, but for a few very specific souls who are waiting for exactly what we are offering to help ignite their minds and hearts and take them to Michael…it is the intimacysiren three of awakening even one soul~



Each day we grasp another opportunity to put things right.  Michael has shown us a love for which each of us can only be grateful.  With that gratitude we know the truth in Michael’s words:  THINGS WILL GET BETTER IF YOU JUST HOLD MY HAND…NOTHING CAN COME BETWEEN US IF YOU HOLD MY HAND.hot eight

~In addition to the humor of Michael, it was the embodiment of love…I’ve never met anyone who loved you more than Michael.  When Michael said, “I love you,” you felt that it was true~  John Bahler  May 2011

“If you’re capable of stripping your thoughts of everything you’ve ever known, thought, or thought you’ve known about love, if you could just strip it for a moment, relieve yourself of that and then ask yourself:  What is the highest form HOT TENof love like?  My answer to you is…if you want to see an example of that in flesh in this century, LOOK AT MICHAEL, because there is no agenda, he didn’t love to be loved, he loved because that’s what he was.  HE WAS LOVE.  He couldn’t help hot thirteenit and it wasn’t conditional, it wasn’t for sale, it couldn’t be manipulated.  You know, you could kick Mike in the face, turn around and help him up, ask for forgiveness and he would forgive you and say, ‘I LOVE YOU’, and he would mean it. You know, it’s pure, it really is pure, it is not tainted.  I think there is a tendency to be suspicious because it is so rare.  The average person is not familiar with that kind of love.  We operate so much in a kind of mutual way…I love you if you love me first.  I’ll love you back.  We are very suspicious of free gifts…and, that is what he gave ~FREE GIFTS~  He  couldn’t help it.  It just oozed out of him.  It was  who he was.”

Amalia Amaki  Artist, Critic, Writer, Poet, Historian

Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art

University of AlabamaWOW SEVEN

“I want my children to see the world with astonishment and without fear, to have goals and live life fully.  I will always be on their side.  The purpose in my life is my children.  I am a human being, not a phenomenon…just a guy who wants to bring up my children and live in peace.”

“I have hundreds of songs…I write all the time.  I think of rhythms and dance all the time.  People don’t know that side of me.  I want to make a new album, but I want to do it right.  It’s a lot of work.  I plan every detail, it takes me years.  Many songs are special, each song represents something special-charity or relationships or world peace.  I can’t choose one favorite because they all come from the soul.  It’s not just written words that rhyme.  My mother instilled in me being charitable from the time I was a boy.  The more I grew, the more I was convinced that it  was what I had  to do.  I hate to see suffering, people in need.  God gave me a gift and I have the responsibility to use it, return it to others.  I will do that until I have no more to give or when the Lord calls me home.  I love my Fans.  If I could meet everyone of them, I would.  When I see other famous people complain about their fans, it makes me angry.  If I can give them time, it is worth it.  I live for them and I am gonna  die for them.  I want the fans to know that I’m not finished…I am going to be back bigger than ever.   I owe it to them, to my kids, and to me.   I want my kids to see what their Dad can be.”

Michael Jackson Interview ~ Summer 2008  (Chris Dakota)hot seven

We, in the Michael Jackson Community, are a family…and it is true when people say it’s not the blood that defines your family, it’s your heart. (Irina Eropolova)  With tenacity fueled with intense emotions~carried to another place~convinced that Michael’s justice and legacy are for all people~our faith doesn’t make it easier, but instead makes all things possible.


Amalia Amaki

We live for YOU, Michael.

We love you.


Thank you, Siren, for your beautiful words and stunning art.

Thank you, Irina, for thoughts that inspire.



~Never letting fate control my soul~

“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.  Some musicians ~Springsteen and U2~ may feel they got their education from the streets.  I’m a performer at heart, I got mine from the stage.”WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE THREE

“It always surprises me when people assume that something an artist has created is based on a true experience or reflects his or her own lifestyle.  Often, nothing could be farther from the truth.  I know I draw on my experiences at times, but I also hear and read things that trigger an idea for a song.  An artist’s imagination is his greatest tool.  It can create a mood or feeling that people want to have, as well as transport you to a different place altogether.”

MOONWALK~  Michael Jacksonspirtual two

There is within our hearts a powerful need, gut-wrenching in its depths, to tell Michael Jackson’s story, thereby obliterating abusive lies and myth.  Each day we rise, the dream of lifting others with an artistry that is potent with love resonating in our hearts…going forward to make ripples that wash across the entire planet.  ~The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is! Those words from Winston Churchill move us away from silence.  With education rippling, we surround Michael’s legacy with people who honor and respect him.  We are determined to increase the numbers of those enlightened.magical man four

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation.  We must take sides.  Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.  Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

Elie Wiesel


Michael’s courage gives foundation to his integrity and inspires us to take our leap…and, although struck by the constant din of the dubious and abusive, we will not magical man threeallow ourselves to be blocked.  Instead, we simply look for another door.  The depth of discovery comes as layer upon layer upon layer of timeless art is peeled away, communicating:  ~Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength~  S. Francis de Sales  The strength of Michael’s character proves that it is not in his DNA to harm.  ~Rotten hearts are indeed unable to create the wonderful and uplifting music and lyrics benefitting mankind like Michael did.  It’s not in their DNA.  Music is a gift from the heavens and this is where they never enter and cannot get a glimpse…while Michael Jackson’s mind and heart were residing there.  But those who don’t even have a concept of it, will never understand.magical man two


Matthew 5:8

“I read this passage in my hotel room before the Memorial Service.  I thought about Michael.  I thought about how  pure his heart was, and how he was able to bless so many people with that purity.  And yet ridiculed, accused and abused, he still managed to maintain the pureness of heart, so that everyone who crossed paths with him felt his love.  He warmly welcomed all of us on the TII Tour.  His disposition was so genuinely sincere.  That’s what I focused on during HEAL THE WORLD.  Looking into the faces of the children, I remembered Michael’s love for them. A King of Pop as a legend of our time, and as the first and last of his kind, Michael’s  message was even greater…”There are people dying, if you care enough for the living, make a better place for you and for me.”  This message gets right down to the truth.”magical man

Judith Hill

TII Tour Backup Singer

“In addition to the humor of Michael Jackson, he was the embodiment of love.  I’ve never met anyone who loved you more than Michael.  When Michael said ‘I love you!’ you felt that it was true.”

John Bahler Composer, Producer, Arranger  Motown Recordsgolden boy

In being true to who we are, we have discovered the opening of our natural channels.  We no longer grapple with vagueness, allowing fate to control our souls.  Expecting every need to be met, an answer to every problem, an abundance on every level, and growth in spiritually…Michael’s artistry empowers:  ~I am the moonlight, you are the spring, our love’s a sacred thing, you know I always will love you~ we have found our true north.  How we really use our lives determines who we are.  Michael has offered us a wide range of possibility.  His creativity blesses us.  God’s energy flows through Michael and into us, providing oxygen for our souls.  The act of soul is never golden boy fourfinished…holding us as a lover, rocking us as a child.  Wishing we had taken better care of Michael when he was cold and sick, holding onto him with so much strength that even God couldn’t have pulled him away, we are now here to stay.  Our message to Michael…our prayer…is that his life~ shaped and planned, perfect as a circle~ has taught us great truth.  We write our own stories now, making them up as we go along, figuring it out as we go…not an hour in our lives without Michael.  Some days, our anger is a map, showing us the next step.  We try to remember that despair is a sin, that no one is cut off from God.  Using our gifts more creatively, realizing that nothing dies harder than a bad idea, we actively fight on in defending Michael Jackson.  Our faith in him gives us sight.  We move with waves of hope and resistance, sending ripples into the world.  Our meditation with Michael leads us to light and change, a  wisdom strengthened by doing. 

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances:  if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Carl G. Junggolden boy three

Michael Jackson offers a continuous thread of revelation.  We are devoted to sharing each thread with the world thereby creating a tapestry of people who KNOW.  ~Nobody loves what they do not know, nobody defends what they do not love~  Liz Johnson  Our determination is to educate, knowing that when that happens, love happens…and, the collective grows.

~Take away this never-ending sorrow

~Take this lonely feeling from my soul

~Michael…we gather strength from our love memories~

Thank you, Michael Jackson.

“I wanna take this time to say Thank You to Michael Jackson.golden boy two

Thank you for coming into my life with such beautiful music.

Thank you for bringing me joy and bringing the planet joy.

Thank you for giving me escape.

Thank you for helping me define me and my dreams.  When you’re in the Ghetto, surrounded by crime and violence, you gave me escape.  I escaped from all the drama around me listening to your music.

Thank you for your dreams.

I used to dance and I wanted to dance like you.

I used to draw pictures of you.

Thank you for letting me work with you.magnificent man four

Thank you for reaching out to me and trying to teach me things about the music industry and how cool  people can be, but at the end of the day, loving and appreciating the craft.

And, appreciating the Fans.

Thank you for flying me to Ireland to work with you.

Thank you for coming to the show and talking to me on the telephone and answering phone calls.

And calling me on Father’s Day knowing  that I don’t have a Dad.  Thank you so much.

Thank you for being a friend.  You didn’t have to wanna know me, but you got to know me.

We have all lost a great artist and a light to the world, a true talent.  I will always HAND OF MAGICremember you.  You are the strongest person I have ever met.

You’ve undergone so much scrutiny, so much criticism from either wicked journalists who have nothing better but to criticize.  You have seen the music industry rise and fall.

You were not just the King of Pop, you were the King  of the Industry.

There will never be another artist to impact the world the way you have.

There will never be an artist who sells as many records as you…NEVER.

There will always be MJ copycats.

Thank you so much…you made the world a wonderful place.  You brought us joy…and, we thank you for that.


Will. I. Am

We all have a passion to enlighten the world with what we know.

Fate will not control our souls.

~My life has taken me beyond the planets

and the stars

And you’re the only one

that could take me this far

I’ll be forever searching for your loveangel on earth five

Michael Jackson 

We love you, Michael…we are forever.




“A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history.”

Gandhispirtual two


Liz Johnson

“Through his “visits” he comes to us when we need him, in the most amazing and unexpected ways.”


~In her book, I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, Liz Johnson speaks of the inspiring movement to a higher level of consciousness, the powerful sensation of divine love and bliss…all motivating us to reach our full potential, awakening the healer inside~  We are reborn.  Accepting that Michael is the Avatar of our time isn’t difficult for those who have chosen education as the vehicle towards understanding…and, with the knowledge gained, all prejudice simply disappears.  June 25, 2009 saw Michael’s profound influence on the heart of man endure beyond his passing.WE ARE ONE

A storyteller is someone who can hold his audience in the palm of his hand~making them cry and laugh, taking them anywhere emotionally with something as deceptively simple as words…MOONWALKER.  A storyteller can listen, truly listen, as someone shares the threads of a personal tapestry of events.  A storyteller is curious, adept at the art of questioning.  A storyteller becomes invisible so as to allow life to unfold as if unseen.  Michael Jackson embodied the attributes of the most gifted of storytellers.  To know Michael is to embrace the essence of childlike curiosity, while at the same time feeling the care of one older than his years…the trustworthy wisdom of a wounded soul.HERO FOUR

Michael used disguise, a kind of meditation “with eyes open”,(Inge) to ponder as  he studied others.  Often described as loneliness, another way to look at it is to visualize a person pondering, contemplative, reflecting on the history of someone else’s story.  He was a sponge, soaking up details of the many lives who slipped in and out of his memory net.  His potent power of perception, his unique ability to engage in the pain and pleasure of humankind, the pure joy of laughter and play…each kernel of living sparked original thought.MR. WONDERFUL TWO

Michael loved the world, loved his Fans, loved people as he thawed hearts across the entire planet.  His accessibility touched lives whether seen or unseen.  We hear time and time again that his presence was felt even before entering a room and when he entered, the room changed, shifting molecules, creating energy fields.  Quite simply, we are not the same after Michael Jackson.  Michael believed in dreams, embracing the possibility of miracles, grateful that he was a magnet for miracles.humanity

Neverland is a magical place representing the totality of Michael Jackson.  For almost two decades, it was a place of healing, a place where children could be children, and adults could return to a childhood forgotten.  Today, Fans return once more, seeking Michael and the Utopia he created, and although many painful memories cannot be ignored, Fans find a peace and spiritual uplifting there.  Sunrises and sunsets provide healing to help us remember lessons Michael has taught:  I believe in me so you believe in you…help me sing~ If you only believe in the blessings of life, in the flamesgood and the fair and the just and the right, in the power of love~ and the world we once believed in will shine again in grace~ believe in yourself no matter what it’s gonna take. 

Tears flow with such intensity and we realize that being there is enough.  We are touched and seek to find words within the stillness of the hour.  Michael is there.

August 2015ahhh thirty

The whole of today was given to our trip to Neverland, and we spent it beautifully.  The magic of this place still stays so strong.  There are no words  to explain how one feels when you are here.  His spirit definitely soars over this place…HOME SWEET HOME.  I cannot even start to imagine how emotional Michael feels when he sees his home from above…and everything that is going on inside and around…mean people still continue to get his belongings out of Neverland, while his Fans, his most loyal Fans and devotees…Army of Love, still camp at the gates and pay their respects, showingfans ten him their endless love, devotion and admiration.  We spent long hours there, talking to all who come and go, having some lunch, decorating the place with our candles, pictures, stones with messages of love from the Fans, listening to Michael’s singing, taking long walks alongside the Neverland fence. 

The miracle happened when we stood altogether in front of the road which starts right behind the gates and leads to the depths of the ranch.  Silently, we cried because nobody wanted to say Good-bye.  But, we had to.  It was totally silent.  Suddenly, the one and only tree right behind the guard house started shaking, producing a hum-like sound.  We were mesmerized.  Michael was giving us a sign he was here, watching us and comforting us.  There was no doubt among us, Michael  was here with us.  He saw  our pain and sent us his love and compassion.  Our Dear Angel loves his devotees, he really does.

Irina Eropolova 

~Watching from afar~

~I am here with you~neverland again three

~I’ll be there~

~I’ll never let you part for you’re always in my heart~



~Thank you, My Dearest Sister Irina…for all your love, for sharing your beautiful pilgrimage with me, for ALWAYS BEING THERE~



~Michael surrounds us in the safety of his love, the knowledge of his suffering and the strength of his bravery~SEX APPEAL FOUR

~our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with the truth~

Thich Nhat Hanh

“I am grateful that I am a magnet for miracles.”

Michael Jackson

God pushes gently both from within and without, encouraging us to use gifts and talents.  Michael Jackson understood.  With crystalline clarity, his comprehension of love wrapped with a pulse of energy that healed, transformed, inspired.  Spirituality that allowed for real magic, he risked everything.  His wounds scarred over with glorious beauty, a regenerative soul which was often called eccentric, but in reality was simply original.  He shared Louise Nevelson’s life choice:  “I am closer to the work than to anything on earth.  That’s the marriage.”  But like with all else in Michael’s world, his life choices went far beyond one SEX APPEAL SEVENexplanation.  The greater his suffering, the more powerful the healing, for he experienced each to the full.  His vision was acute…forward, backward, peripherally.sex appeal two  Hypervigilant, authentic, emotionally sophisticated…and yet possessing an innocence so pure to be incomprehensible for those living in a distrusting and cynical world.  Amidst a hailstorm of abuse, Michael’s will would not let go the basic responsibility:  WE are here to bring love and care to a dying planet.  Reading and truly studying everything he could get his hands on, he learned from the stories of others.  The net of his memory knew that the best way out was walking through…knowledge being power.  He teaches us that serious daring starts from within.  His music and dance, presented to us outwardly, came from an inner spirit.  Today, the media holds on to its cynicism, proof of the words of Thomas Carlyle ~skepticism is not intellectual only; it is moral also; a chronic atrophy and disease of the whole soul~

~When you are born in a  world  you don’t fit in, it’s because you were born to help create a new one~  Justice4MJSEX APPEAL TEN

~Never apologize for being correct.  Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you.  Never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time.  If you’re right, you know it.  Speak your mind.  Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth~Ghandhi

Michael  Jackson’s artistry offers gateways to inspiration that millions of people walkSEX APPEAL THREE through everyday.  Joining together on this dancing path…the more we learn, the greater our empowerment to invent a new world.  Encountering cold that deserves no mercy, those that choose media over truth, we simply out fact and out love them.

Beautiful Michael~  Your generosity and devotion to us is beyond human understanding.  You gifted us with endless opportunities to find You, to keep You close, to never be without Your love.  You are here.  I can hear Your voice whenever I choose.  I can see Your beautiful face and look deep into Your eyes anytime I  desire.  I can smell Your fragrance, read the words from Your heart asangel on earth four often as I like.  I can watch You move and lose myself in Your grace at my leisure.  You gave All of Yourself that we might have the choice to be Yours and surrender in the Bliss of Your Love.  I choose You.  Thank you for choosing me.  Eternally, Brenda Jenkyns

All who have come out of the shadows and into the light find that more is expected…the distinction between work and play dissolves.  Our spirit compass points the way.  Born again, we refuse to allow our inner child to be survived by an adult, nor will we be overwhelmed by the expectations of others, for we live the secret.  ~It is the child that sees the primordial secret in Nature and it is the child of ourselves we return to.  The child within us is simple and daring enough to live the secret! Lao-Tzu  Imagination gives shape to our world, and with it, change redefines the experience.  Possibilities  shift to probability (Juliafifty beautiful Cameron)

Our unconditional love has led to our creativity.  With voices, words, writings, dance, music, paint, cause, community, gatherings, celebrations, social causes, activism…we reconstruct Michael’s home in our hearts and minds.  Time and time again, OUR FRAMES OF LOVE  lead us to the SOUL WHISPERER (Elizabeth Johnson)  In her new book I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, Liz defines this movement of millions across the planet when she says that having Michael  in our souls helps us to heal…mentally, physically, spiritually.  The power to heal and  to perform miracles comes through his art, his words, his actions and his humanitarian example.  Michael’s music helps unblock the inner flow of our LIFE FORCE ENERGY…A SOUL WHISPERER.

~if you just set people in motion, they’ll heal themselves~ Gabrielle RothASTONISHING

The word frame is defined as a particular state, as of the mind, to conceive an idea, shape or adapt it to a particular purpose.  Michael’s energy sets us in motion to do more, be more, LOVE MORE.  With singing, our collective password, we have transcended the laws of nature…WE BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.  Each of our creations are wrapped in frames of love. 

~I believe the lasting revolution comes from deep changes in ourselves which influence our collective life~  Anais Nin

Children of the world, we’ll do it

With song and dance and innocent bliss

The soft caress of a loving kissSEX APPEAL EIGHT

We’ll do it.

Dancing the Dream

Michael Jackson

We love you Michael because we know no other way to live.




~When one has fully entered the realm of love, the world-no matter how imperfect-becomes rich and beautiful, for it consists solely of opportunities for love~

Kierkegaardbright eyes

“If you stumble about believability, what are you living for?  Love is hard to believe, ask any lover.  Life is hard to believe, ask any scientist.  God is hard to believe, ask any believer.  What is your problem with hard to believe?  Reason is excellent for getting food, clothing and shelter.  Reason is the very best tool kit.  Nothing beats reason for keeping tigers away.  But be excessively reasonable and you risk throwing out the universe with the bath water.”

Yann Martelbreath away five

~Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind.  To walk safely through the maze of human life one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.


As a full moon spills its glow across the planet, sparkling points of light too numerous to count, join together forming a single whole while becoming one in action.  It is a potpourri in unison, an alliance of kindred souls…it is August.  Worldwide, Fans connect, influenced by the ultimate connector,  Michael Jackson.  This phenomenon is often difficult to describe.  A global influence that to some may seem intangible.  At its core lies the ultimate question:  How to harness suffering to productive ends.  But, like everything in Michael’s life, it is a core with many layers, each containing elements of the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue. August also brings with it a layer of celebration.  Unlike June’s pilgrimage, August is the birth of one who would change theBON EIGHT world…for Michael lived for love and died for love.  The unconditional aspect of his love gives way to endless possibilities, living and lasting.  His artistry was about liberation.  It has freed us from bondage, transforming that which was dormant into an awakening.

Within our pilgrimage is found Michael’s immortality.  He lives on across this planet with a legacy of music and artistry and mission…unmatched and unequalled.  Joined in a common purpose, harboring no boundaries or borders, we step out of our daily routine BON NINEto embrace both justice seeking and celebration.  And although some ignore the massiveness of it all, events touch with a marvelous magnitude.  For many revisit, nourish and define.  For many, it glistens with a fresh newness of spirit.  For all, music and dance, laughter and tears, chaos and solitude uncover treasures on the edge of several realities.  We experience a beatitude~ extreme blessedness and exalted happiness.bright eyes three 

~Just let me share and give and put a smile on people’s faces and make their hearts feel happy.  We need peace, we need giving, we need love, we need unity~ 

Michael Jackson

“Yes.  I am a dreamer.  For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

Oscar WildeBON SEVEN

~My goal is to change the world…and to change the world’s consciousness about children, about ecology and the planet, to make it a better place for everybody, starting with the children.  That’s the future, really.  And, I’ll stick with it forever, until it is done~

Michael Jackson

At the heart of Michael’s artistry is EMOTION…not only what you hear, but what you FEEL…every part of it wrapped in LOVE.  Inspired by many things, Michael felt it all was done in the heavens.  “I listen to the music and just create from there.”  MJ  We feel itBON SIX as a sense impression.  We embrace this antidote:  anti-hatred, anti-war, anti-ignorance, anti-abuse, anti-oppression, anti-prejudice, anti-bigotry, anti-fear…and, we celebrate unconditional love that empowers and releases us from bondage.  We gather to continue what Michael lived for: TO CHANGE THE WORLD’S CONSCIOUSNESS.

~I know each person can make a difference in the life of someone in need~breath away twelve

Michael  Jackson

Point of Light Ambassador 1992

Presented by President George H. Bush

Gathered under the moonlight together, in a realm of love, Michael’s legacy is alive in him and in us.

~When you want to be close to me listen to the music.  The love is stored there and will never die~

We celebrate YOU today, Michael!BON FIVE

Thank you for being our inspiration and our hope.

We love you!


Blessings and safe journey to all who travel by air, journey on roadways…or stroll in judetheir own backyards.

PRIMAL…fundamental and original

“My main love is what I do for my fans.  I love my fans.  When I’m giving a concert and see my fans dancing and screaming excitedly, we’re bringing them joy, that’s what I love most.”

Michael Jacksonbliss

I feel I was chosen as an instrument to just give music and love and harmony to the world, to children of all ages, and adults and teenagers.”

Peter Pan, to me, represents something that is very special in my heart.  It represents youth, childhood, never growing up, magic, flying,  everything I think that children and wonderment and magic, what it’s all about.”bliss six

Michael Jackson

~four spiritual teachings that Michael Jackson left behind as part of his legacy:

~the lesson of oneness:  We are all one; we are all connected.

~the lesson of responsibility:  Michael felt a sense of responsibility for the homeless,bliss four sick, and hungry of this world.

~the lesson of sameness:  We are all souls in human ‘outerwear’.

~the lesson of courage and vision:  Michael Jackson thinks big; he had large visions.Give up fear, think above and beyond, and do not be afraid to let your light shine in its fullness.

Adele R. McDowell, Ph.D.bliss nine

“Michael knew and was genius at communicating not only lyrical and instrumental meaning, but with voice inflection, phrasing and emotion, he could send a message to that little light inside, triggering joy and connection with a primal ‘something’ that has no words or explanation of knowing and feeling that extends to other areas of life.  The Creator used music as Michael’s microphone to the world.”

Lauren Trainor  MJTributeportraitbliss eight

Michael Jackson possessed an inner force infused with originality, brilliantly colored by the fundamental…defining primal as what is of first importance.  His heartbeat gained  strength from all things magical. ~for those who don’t believe in magic will never find it~ Roald Dahl…Michael awakened people to the prospect of lustrous dreams, and to glorious possibilities as, collectively, dreams took shape.  Using his gifts of voice and dance, he stood before us completely vulnerable, offering his soul.  ~every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul~ W. Somerset Maugham  Transferring color and texture, Michael was in constant pursuit of light while at the same time, reflecting back laser beams which soothed our own souls, igniting passion.   Rediscovering magic, each passionate dream manifests an opportunity…a connectedness in a shower of sparks.  We findbliss seven ourselves travelers on a life-altering course, intimate and personal, soulfully connected.  And…here we are together…weaving dreams.

Although we arrive here from many different vantage points, the panorama of common experiences is astounding.  In our attempts to silence the world’s cacophony of sounds, we reconnect in choices that reveal who we really are.  Michael’s canvas delivers hope and inspiration no matter how often it is viewed, for with each return visit a sense of grace comes over us, and we rediscover the master teacher that is Michael Jackson…for we have learned that the greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.   And, with Michael Jackson, there is unlimited work to revisit.

“He moves the temple of his body and the chimes of his ego sound in the breeze of our awe.  He is on fire…a panther in Astaire’s weightless heaven.  Then, suddenly, that intergalactic smile.  Jesus, what a smile.  He wants us for his moonbeams.”

Chris Roberts.bliss five

“As a producer, this is the song…ANOTHER PART OF ME.  Just admire the instrumentation.  It’s so funky and it’s got instruments doing these intricate patterns, and it doesn’t have a chorus-chorus.  It’s the setup.  That’s the best pre-chorus ever written.  And then the pay off is ‘It’s just another part of me.’  The song shows why Michael is the King.”

Bruno Mars

~the 44th Annual Event United Negro College Fund

Contributions for philanthropy and the humanities, an academic discipline that includes not only the arts and science, but literature, history and philosophy as well.  Michael Jackson joined a long list of recipients which included:  Maya Angelou, Hunter S. Thompson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, Georgia O’Keefe, Prince Charles, Eudora Welty, Margaret Thatcherstunning beauty two and the Rev. Billy Graham, to name a few.

~the true definition of a doctor…one who teaches and inspires.

Thank you, Esh Sundar

“Michael, I’m sorry that Nancy and I could not be with you for this very special day, but I want to congratulate you for the honors you are receiving tonight from the United Negro College and the honorary degree awarded by Fisk University.  Let me be the first to call you…the new Dr. J.”

Ronald Reagan 1988

In the summer of 1990, Michael Jackson opened up his Neverland Valley Ranch to Dream Street Camp.  He invited 45 campers, all of whom were suffering from life-threatening illnesses.  They played video games, visited the amusement park and had lunch.  Michael, himself, gave them a personal tour of the ranch. MR. WONDERFUL TWO

Jet Magazine August 13, 1990

Looking back, while seeing what is in front of us, Michael is at the center… instrumental in our lives.  Our sustainable loyalty comes from a commitment to the mantra:  ~when one person believes in something it’s a dream.  When two (or more) persons share the same dream it’s the beginning of a new reality.  MJ  We have learned from Michael that love is our weapon, that with our voices singing as one we can accomplish the magic we believe in, turning away from silence, and turning toward his ever present words:  What do you need and how can I help? 

Our inspiration comes from Michael:mr. wonderful

~his music

~his dance

~his storytelling

~his lyrics

~his poetry and prose

~his short films

~his performances…recorded, film, live

~his speeches

~his philanthropic and humanitarian efforts

~his rescue efforts

~his generosity

~his Utopian Neverland totality of who he was

~his innovation, creativity, originality, pioneeringMR. WONDERFUL THREE

~his compositions and songwriting

~his social justice acts of civil rights for all

~his inexhaustible efforts on behalf of the voiceless…the children and the ecology

~his  sense of childlike innocence, play and joy

~his profound ability to speak to each of us through every human experience and struggle

~his pure and unconditional love

Michael  has taught us that our best dreams are when we are awake.  Awake, we find our best selves when we travel alongside Michael Jackson.  When we remain close to him, our true voice comes straight from our hearts.







HERO…immersed in flight

“I think a hero is any person really interested in making this a better place for all people”


“I don’t understand how you manage to love a mob of birds that has just tried to kill you.”

“Oh, Fletch, you don’t love that!  You don’t love hatred and evil, of course.  You have to SEAGULLpractice and see the real gull, the good in every one of them, and to help them see it in themselves.  That’s what I mean by love.  It’s fun, when you get the knack of it.”

Jonathan Livingston SeagullSTUNNING MAN TWENTY ONE

Richard Bach

Michael Jackson interprets religion for me and helps me to redefine and strengthen my faith in people… my faith journey with God.

Jude Ling

CAPTAIN EO…Epcot 2015 shares its vow of the future as a place where anything is possible and everything is super fun.

It is never too late to right a wrong, declaring ~If you continue with your lies, I will continue with the truth. (Prince Jackson) Our response to impassioned interest is research, no longer orphans in a storm, but rather, claiming verity as our potent symbolic expression for change.  Emotionally invested, millions of intrepid voices boldly shining light on a gallantry larger than life.  Michael has taught us to cast aside limitations, releasing all chains of body or thought and accepting Bach’s words ~The gull sees farthest who flies the highest.  We travel in a world wherestunning man twenty three media focus depends on the pleasure and enjoyment of other people’s pain, often creating the climate of pain in manufactured controversy, while falsely justifying their acts by claiming it is what the public wants.  A constant diet of licensed bullying and abuse is in a feeding frenzy daily.  With heightened imagination an altruistic Michael Jackson, rather than enjoying the pain of others, asked the question: What do you need andadorable beyond two how can I help?  Earning his fame and fortune through talent and hard work, he didn’t depend on the destruction of others to achieve greatness.  His flight took him higher.  Rising above a peculiar view of reality, he instead freed himself of the bonds of hatred, refusing intimidation.  ~In casting you out, the other gulls have only hurt themselves, and one day they will know this, and one day they will see what you see.  Forgive them, and help them to understand.  (Bach) Fans across the globe recognize August as an opportunity to revisit, nourish and define the true meaning of heroism.  Michael Jackson’s artistry is transformational, enlightening and empowering.  Its truths inspire a knowing in space and time…to really care for the man and his principles.  If the price of being a thousand years ahead of your time is being misunderstood (Bach), we are here to make a course correction in that flight pattern.  ~Don’t believe in what your eyes are telling you.  All they show is limitation.  Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly. (Bach) We are here to fly.  We are here to stay.stunning man twenty five


Learning from the teachings of Michael Jackson

~a serious and prolific artist

~a genius in thought and artistic expression

~an activist for social justice with sharp social insights

~nuanced in emotional understanding

inspired by Marie Merrimac College professor of English

The ability to forge strong connections, to offer deep insights into all manner of human experience, to inhabit the story and the storyteller, Michael Jackson infused his artistry  with the dexterity to step inside the life struggles of humanity.  Opening his autobiography with the words ~I’ve always wanted to be able to tell stories, you know, stunning man twelvestories that came from my soul.  Often saying that he wanted to be the voice for the voiceless~ the children and the ecology~ Michael gave voice to that massive goal and beyond.  Through his writing, singing, dancing and performing, Michael connected with the fragile and the forgotten.  He spoke for those society openly ignored with distain:  the homeless, abused, marginalized, otherized, those caught in abortion struggles, caught in abusive marriages, those bullied, those stunning man fourteenforced to sell their bodies and souls, children denied a childhood, runaway children, those who were the victims of prejudice, racism, bigotry, those caught up in war, the attacked, the addicted, those who were the objects of years of damaging controversy.  His complex lyricism held deep insight as he stepped into and occupied the characters and their plight. Embracing the pain, Michael used every fiber of his being in the portrayal, changing points-of-view and agonizing over each.  The music and performances were breath-taking in scope and imagination, while unburdening and captivating, opening all to the potent possibility of love.  His intelligence and vulnerability, his pure heart and unconditional love moved souls across the globe.  Only those predisposed to agenda, cynicism, and narrow-minded artistic viewpoint remain untouched in their prejudice of ignorance.

“During his life, Michael layered his music and dance with meanings and metaphors that spoke to the various aspects of the human condition.  In 1991, he presented his BLACKstunning man beyond OR WHITE video and accompanying PANTHER DANCE, which addressed issues of racism, bigotry and rage.  In contrast to the themes of cultural brotherhood and uplifting messages of the first part of the video, the CODA  sequence, misunderstood by some, expresses Michael’s personal resistance to the dark underbelly of human nature.  One can see every fiber of his body rebelling against injustice, fear, hate and poverty.  Significance lies in the lack of music…Michael is the music and the message and the warning.”

Tribute Portraitstunning man eleven

“To dance with Michael Jackson, to take his outstretched hand, is about more than honoring a difficult and extraordinary life and immense gifts…though it is time we did that without grudging, judging and telling lies.  It is something we must do for ourselves and for each other…not in an attempt to keep ourselves safe from the present pain and danger, but to move farther into the most perplexing aspects of our own lives, and confront them with joy.  It is a way of choosing the kind of future we want and the kind of people we want to be.  Dancing with Michael Jackson will mean letting go of hatred and fear, acknowledging beauty in what seems strange to us and being willing to take a chance.  It will demand that we deal with other people imaginatively, empathetically, in what we think of as our own space, and with respect.  In these ways, the dance Michael invites us tostunning man twenty two dance is a kind of ethical practice.  It is a way of living up to our creeds and professions, and of taking responsibility for our privileges.”

Toni Bowers Professor of British Literature University of Pennsylvaniaadorable beyond

“Michael fought for the tolerance of all people.  Michael fought the good fight.  He was someone who understood.  If he was burned, he built a burn unit.  If a hospital needed beds, he built the beds.  If they needed money in developing countries, Michael gave.  He never stopped giving and he touched those whose lives could  be reconstructed.”

Taken from a speech given by Congresswoman Sheila Lee Jackson July 7, 2009

To fight against venomous American racism, to threaten white supremacy…Michael bravely stood up to make this world better.  He did it with the masterpieces of his artistry.  He did it with his global outreach that knew no bounds.  He did it with his generous heart and his unconditional love.  He saw potential in the world’s people.  He imagined a Utopian world and created its prototype in NEVERLAND.  He inhabited human struggle, whether his own or that of others.  He refused to be boxed in, labeled or silenced…at the hands of Conrad Murray, he has moved on…but, his legacy speaks magically and stunning man twenty sixharmoniously sings and dances around the world.  His messages are ongoing as charities bearing his name seek to continue what he started.  MICHAEL’S HEROISM IS FOREVER.

I love you, Michael!

I love you, My Dear Friends.magnificent man three



August 29, 2015

57for michael


Armond  White

BAPTISM…immersed in healing waters, wrapped in a blanket of light

Vox populi

~the voice of the peopleABILITY THREE

“Mahatma Ghandi knew how important bringing the world’s attention was to gaining freedom to India without using weapons.  In some ways, he was the first person to truly understand the importance and power of the public.  He has always been an inspiration to me and it gives me even greater joy and pride to be recognized by his people.  We have the same message:  TO BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD.”

Michael JacksonABILITY TWO

Bollywood Humanitarian Award from the People of India


~the voice of the people is the voice of God

~Trust is like that-it always seems to come down to trusting in yourself.  Others cannot overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own.  Trusting yourself begins with recognizing that it’s okay to be afraid.  Having fear is not the problem, because everyone feels anxious and insecure sometimes.  The problem is not being honest enough to admit your fear.  Whenever I accept my own doubt and insecurity, I’m more open  to other people.  The deeper I go into myself, the stronger I become, because I realize that my real self is much bigger than my fear.  In accepting yourself completely, trust becomes complete.  There is no longer any separation between people, because there is no longer any separation inside.  In AWE FORTY TWOthe space where fear used to live, love is allowed to grow.”

Michael Jackson  DANCING THE DREAMability four

~love empowers

~hate consumes

Lately, my mind is awash with all manner of thought…real, and conjured by gripping doubt and paralyzing fear.  In the middle of  a life crisis, it is difficult to envision the bigger picture, because you find yourself reeling and reacting to sideways and front-on blows…often feeling formidable and downright ruthless.  Driving from the hospital, I was often amazed that I found my way home through blinding tears, panic a constant companion.  As is so often true, a before, during, and after picture begins to take shape when the stresses and pressures from a life struggle begin to subside, and our minds and bodies are freed for reflection.  “Others cannot overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own.”  The time arrives when the ordinary no longer feels menacing, and emotion becomes recollected in the light of gratitude.  Inner strength is empoweredABILITY by regaining faith, and that renewal brings with it an acknowledgment that it was a shared journey all along.

“But you have an angel in you.  Everybody does.  I can see it right now ,and I thought you could, too.  It all depends on what you think you are.  Your angel is a speck of light perched at the very center of your heart.  It is smaller than an atom, but just wait.  Once you get close to it, your angel will expand.  The closer you awe fortycome, the more it will grow, until finally, in a burst of light, you will see  your angel in its true shape, and at that very instant, you will also see yourself.  So now I am looking for my angel all the time.  I sit silently turning my gaze inward.  It wasn’t long before I caught a glimpse of something.  ‘Is that you, Angel, holding a candle?’  One flicker and it was gone. Yet that was enough to set my heart wildly beating.  Next time, my angel will be waving a lamp, then holding a torch aloft, then lighting a bonfire.  That’s what the angel-watcher promised, and now that I have caught sight of glory, I know enough to believe.”

Michael Jackson  DANCING THE DREAMawe thirty-nine

Acknowledging hindsight as a forerunner to a better foresight, I am mindful of the cleansing waters given by earthly and heavenly angels who have been both felt and seen.  As I number them, I feel baptized in their love.  This was not a solitary act, but an entire community of minds and hearts.  And, at the center of it all I stand, better for the journey, stronger from the caring, their contagious belief, welcomed and washed in a raining power of the people~never underestimating the people…always trusting that time will sort good from bad.awe thirty eight

And, once again, Michael Jackson was my rescuer…never waiting to be asked…always saying…What do you need and how can I help?

My mantra these past weeks has been taken from Michael’s composition KEEP YOUR HEAD UP~ Everybody say that time is borrowed…and, hanging down your head just ain’t no good, and if you dare to rise above tomorrow, just give yourself a chance, fight the circumstance, rise and do it again…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP TO THE SKY…KEEP YOUR MIND UP, STAY ALIVE…GIVE ME YOUR WINGS SO WE CAN FLY…KEEPfamous foot YOUR HEAD UP TO THE SKY.

~I have cried those words, screamed those words, sung those words…everyday! 

There are those who as yet have been unable to embrace Michael Jackson as a classic…someone who has never finished saying what he had to say…failing to realize that Michael Jackson is a MOVEMENT.  Sometimes I have been told to think about changing direction…pick a different topic and write about that.  The truth is…I AM WRITING ABOUT EVERY TOPIC.awe thirtyseven

Declare the Voice of Michael Jackson as World Heritage

Michael Jackson fans believe that his artistic and personal contribution by far exceeds the contributions made by other artists, backed by the many records Guinness obtained in that area(humanity) as well as his career and his great philanthropic spirit which transcends generations, and are still present in his songs today.

Council Representative of UNESCO Change.orgyes fifteen

Words matter.  What we say as we continue to share Michael Jackson with the world matters.  Language is the key to the heart of people. (Deedat)  As Steven Aitchison said, “Your words have the power to hurt, to heal, open minds, and change the world.  Never forget the responsibility you have over the words you speak.”YES THIRTEEN

“I’m passionate about getting the truth of this man heard and passionate about having his heartbeat felt around the world.  He inspires the words I write.  He inspires the actions I take.”


Zita humanity

Michael offers a safety net for all who are in despair…a blanket of love that comes from deep within…a knowing that comes from a wounded soul.  He not only believes in the voice of the people, he inspires it, and with the inspiration comes empowerment.

~Michael out-sang his cynics, he out-danced his doubters, and he out-performed the pessimists when they knocked him down…he got back up.  Every time they counted him out, he came back…MICHAEL NEVER STOPPED!  MICHAEL NEVER STOPPED!  MICHAEL NEVER STOPPED!

Reverend Al Sharpton

Michael Jackson MemorialYES TEN

July 2009

I am reminded of Stranger in Moscow.  Michael sang of isolation and despair, feeling the grip of betrayal and pain.  He used rain in both his recorded and short film performances, creating deep emotions of anguish and ultimate recovery.  Baptismal waters raining down cleansed all who appeared in the iconic artistry of the short film.  I have felt those rains these past weeks.  I have felt the abandonment as if alone on an island floating in the ocean with no sight of land.  Life has been a tangle as I fought to do what was necessary and overcome flight fear.  All the while, Michael stood alongside, offering perspectives and solutions, either by word or action.  No, I am not moving to another form of writing for I have found the answers to every human drama here.  And, I am committed to sharing each one with the world.  In the space where fear has lived, love grows.  YES TWELVE

“Throughout it all, in fact throughout his whole career, Michael’s remarkable instrument continued to remind us that a voice is more than just the sound of a pair of vocal chords flapping against each other at high velocity, more than the air that rushes across the diaphragm of a studio microphone.  It’s a conduit that can convey the entire spectrum of human emotion directly from one mind, one heart to another.  It’s a seamless blend of one manart and craft, of gift and effort, of intellect and emotion.  And, while it may be reinforced with style, music or celebrity for it to be effective, for it to be transformative…it has to be able to stand on its own.  When all is said and done, after we’ve stripped away its accoutrements, a voice as magnificent and as timeless as Michael Jackson’s is nothing more and nothing less than a window into an incomparable artist’s soul.”

The Michael Jackson OpusYES EIGHT


Renewed in my hopefulness, reflective in gratitude, baptized by love, I once again have looked into Michael’s soul and found my light.

I love you, Michael.  You are my inspiration and my hope.


~for Tom with my love

Courage doesn’t always Roarawe fortyone

Sometimes courage is that quiet voice at the end of the day saying:

I will try again tomorrow.

and..THANK YOU, DEAR ZITA, for your inspirational writings and artistry in SIMPLY MICHAEL.


WIPE THE TEARS AWAY…remaining immersed

I need your love

I need you now

I need your light right here todayAAAA

I need you now

Michael Jackson

Of late, I have been thinking about the words you only fail if you give up.  Returning each day from my husband’s hospital bed, I found myself reaching out for the unbroken chain inspired by Michael’s words~nothing can come between us if you just hold my hand.  The chaos of life begs the question:  Do we remain in shadow or risk moving on, hopeful in the knowledge that the sun will once again shine.  We in the Michael Jackson Community daily reap the harvest of Michael’s unparalleled legacy.  Coming face to face with a man who not only sought the sun but, for us, created its intensity, we sing in one voice:  STAY.  The contrasts between the ordinary and extraordinary, in an accumulated wisdom, offer metaphor for human experience.  And, the wealth of that accumulated wisdom comes in many forms:  the music, the storytelling, the recordedAAAA 2 and live performance, prose and poetry, speech and dance…potent symbols found within the context of sight and sound.  Engaged in magical artist/audience interaction, we unburden ourselves for a time, feel the intensity of place and spirit, and then gain new dimensions as we leave, feeling empowered and inspired.  Under that power of heightened imagination, we bravely return to the ordinary, resolved to leave shadow behind.  That has been my story these past days, the pain of which I find a measure of comfort in sharing, reclaiming the words of Neale Hurston when he said: ~There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.  Life sets in motion a series of battlesaaaa3 often measuring the pulse point of our vulnerability.  I have found myself weeping with tears I thought would never stop.  Summoning the courage each time a new challenge appeared, my glimmers of light came from Michael.  Insistent voices in my head, I return to the page, in that privileged business of sharing the truth.

“It’s useless to keep stepping on Michael Jackson, despising a man who has been the salvation of many.”

Steve Jobsaaaa5

In our most private moments, we often wonder how many more books and articles will be sent into the world which reveal intimacies.  Who among us would want every person who ever spent time with us telling all.  My life, of late, has not seen me at my best.  Would I want the times when I have fallen apart to be broadcast to the world.  There is no individual whose life has been picked over with such abandon save Michael Jackson.  Those who shared confidences choose a definition of the word that has little to do with privacy.  Now, we even are privy to his private moments attempting to mask his vitiligo and severely burned scalp.  I ask myself this question:  Is this what Michael would want?  It isn’t only the myth-making corruption of the media that offers Michael upaaaa4 for the microscope.  Recently, I have been reminded that revealing Michael’s most private moments gives the work we do credibility, offering a balance.  But then,I recall an elderly friend who shared a life secret:  When you demean someone you care about, you demean yourself.  CHOSEN VOICES, INNOCENT VOICES, and THE IMMERSION PROJECT will not join in the dissection.  We are here to share the artistry, legacy, humanitarianism and soul of the man, rejecting the premise that if it is positive, it is sentimental idol-worship.  Each of us brings our gifts and perspective to the work. aaaa6 Offering no red herrings, we each join Michael in his legacy for we are here to carry on his messages to the world.  We only fail if we give up. Wiping my tears away, my husband and I go forward, carving out a new normal, a new path.  Wiping the tears away, our fascination goes deeper into the immense human heart of Michael Jackson.  Wiping the tears away, we take our daily dose of contemplation and learning (Vlasta) and ignore myth devotees…for Michael Jackson was born to win and we are here to be the conduits of his powerful soul memory.

“He was born a Prince, destined to become King.  He was the gift from above-extraordinary and utterly misunderstood by many.  It is the irony that in spite of what little the world gave Michael, he  gave us his ALL.  He was an innocent who tried to Heal the World with all the love he had to give.  In just one single stride across any stage, he stole the hearts of millions, captivating in a sense without even knowing.”

Susan Brookesaaaa8

~What is the definition of cool?  Michael Jackson made Heal the World.  He could do that because he was golden.  He was himself.  He didn’t have  to try to be cool.  Think about a lot of your favorite bands and groups.  Would they make a song called Heal the World?  No, because they are too concerned about their leather jackets.  Ironically, they are probably wearing leather jackets because of Michael Jackson.  If you can’t make it being yourself, you will ultimately fail.  KW.


“My mother knew her polio was not a curse, but a test that God gave her to triumph over, and she instilled in me a love of Him that I will always have.”


Michael Jackson

 I wipe my tears away in the knowledge that each day I am inspired by aaaa9Michael Jackson to revisit, nurture and define my faith…going over afresh while in the midst of change.  In many ways, June’s past determines our community’s present.  Through chaos and hardships, Michael embraced the life lived and the people as he found them.  His light shines in us and through us.  We honor the light and apply our gifts and diversities to be God’s glow.

We love you most, Michael.aaaa10


My love and amazing admiration to you, Dear Tom.

RELEASING DOVES…an immersion into Michael Jackson Metaphor

~The foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love~

Michael Jacksonvindication two

“This is what he was teaching, preaching, and sharing with the world.  His music and concerts were a format to inspire, connect, and move people into states of ecstasy and EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, but the message underlying was this:  LOVE.”


Familiar to the Michael Jackson Community is the iconic picture of a woman releasing doves…one for each NOT GUILTY verdict…as the verdicts were read on June 13, 2009 inside the State of California  Superior Court.  What has become abundantly clear is the dichotomy of the two mutually exclusive and contradictory groups surrounding the white innocence soaring above them.  Cries of ecstasy filled the air revealing an unbreakable bond, both understood and incomprehensible.innocence four

“My fans truly are a part of me…we share something that most people will never experience.” Michael Jackson

It is life we are dealing with, which often begs the question:  How can it touch some people and not others?  Why do some choose to live in the shadows while others make the choice to break free?  Is it a crisis of faith or a crisis of self?  Does the Phoenix rise from the ashes or burn out of existence? June 13, 2005 saw a media empowered with uncontrolled, unaccountable force.  The bond of haters is a loose tether connected on the strength of destroying those they have chosen to hate.  Their allegiance to one another goes no deeper than a kind of blind rage, which over time turns itself inward.  It is ego that drives them in their attempt to mold the world into their narrow image of it.  It is a temporary organization lacking courage of conviction.  It is a choice to remain in the shadows never allowing the light of truth to bring change.  It is all consuming and binds with restraints of prejudice, racism, bigotry, sexism, judgmentalfan and proud in a supreme restriction of mind and lacking in soul altogether.  Unable to comprehend one who sees positive in the worst suffering, potential in everyone, the rescuing of a world through the innocence of a child’s heart, haters choose to destroy what they are incapable of understanding.

“This case is about one thing only, it’s about the dignity, the integrity, the decency, the honor, the charity, the innocence and complete vindication of a wonderful human being named Michael Jackson.”awe thirty two

Tom Mesereau

June 13, 2015 saw a calmness in the warmth of love, as fans from all over the world worked tirelessly to educate the public with the truths of that day a decade ago.  The quiet of the media revealed a lack of bravery having no ability to admit wrong, stand tall, take responsibility and ask for forgiveness.  The boisterous bullies were silent save one, who although admitted some wrong, continued myth-making slanders with inaccuracies about Michael’s life after June 13, 2005…simply replacing one set of public brainwashing for another:  Michael being suicidal, Michael running from his country, Michael homeless, disavowing any facts about Conrad Murray being responsible for Michael’s death, ignoring Michael’s comeback.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH.awe thirty six Turning the looking glass around, the notion of a media running for cover begins to reveal itself…instead of preparing a comprehensive presentation of all facts (which are available to anyone who has the most rudimentary skills of research) they said NOTHING.  If a person can be accused of a crime after death, cannot the media be angel man elevenheld accountable after the fact? History will forever record:  INNOCENT June 13, 2005.  It will record the lack of media ethics.  It will record a lack of a standard of care for one human being to another.  It will record criminal acts done to secure a conviction.  It will record a celebration before the verdict as the prosecuting team gloated.  It will record Michael Jackson leaving the courthouse  A FREE MAN.  It will record a media, determined to save face, brainwashing the public with their own version of the truth…accusation, verdict, conviction, sentencing.  A DICHOTOMY TO THE TENTH POWER.awe thirty five As we watch each glowing white dove ascend into the heavens, we in the Michael Jackson Community, ascend with it…empowered by the one who walked free that day…empowered by his bravery, his life, his vision, his artistry and legacy, his unconditional love.  We have come out of the shadows, breaking free with our diversity and beauty.  We are not silent.  Defending Michael Jackson is in our blood.  It will not go away.  It is our mission to see it through until we have educated a planet.  Michael was in a league of his own.  He has empowered us to join in our league of PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD AND CONTINUING HIS MESSAGES FOR THE WORLD.

“Michael Jackson is still very active in my life.  He seems to still constantly beawe thirty four around me.  He was one of the few people I have ever met in this entire business who never had a bad word to say about anyone.  He approached everything without ego.  I know this sounds bizarre, but the first few years I worked with him this was the closest person I know who was a Jesus character because he always was just so kind and loving to everybody.”

Vincent Paterson

I was asked recently to consider standing down.  Although cloaked in the words “moving on” it meant to give up PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD…erasing his name and awe thirty threelegacy from my writing.  Initially, my heart simply sank.  I remembered all the times Michael was betrayed and I cried.  Commitment and loyalty define the love in the Michael Jackson Community.  We are here to stay. I am here to stay for as long as I am able, hopeful that the day will come when the entire world will share in being a part of Michael Jackson’s unconditional global love.

I send my love out to you all.

I love you, Michael.






~The epitome of western celebrity obsession …a 21st century lynching…I think this trial will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in journalistic history~

Charles Thomsonsavior fifteen

~Michael’s wistful desire to heal the world with love, music and artistry clashed horribly with the barbaric way he was exploited.  The world is a far better place because of him.

Tom Messereau

~Financial advances had been offered for book deals to a number of individuals with the expectation that the thematic direction would be Michael Jackson’s being sentenced savior thirteento prison for the rest of his life.  After he was acquitted, tabloids continued to offer significant monetary bounties for people who would come forward with reports of any improprieties by Michael Jackson.  Some of his “friends” conspired against him, and some of his employees shopped the tabloids for the best deal for “secret information” of one kind or another.  The more money on the table, the more sordid the allegations became.  It was the profiteers who lost from Michael Jackson’s innocence, from his legal vindication.  Literally billions of dollars would have been made by tabloids and mainstream media if Michael Jackson had gone to prison.  Stories under their control, not his, would have been cranked out across many years in the future.  Many relished the prospect of sheer enjoyment of a prospective triumph over the man-the mega star- who had made himself so unavailablesavior seven to them.  On a slow news day, they could always design a story about the misery and sorry plight of Michael Jackson in jail.  Topics would include brutality directed at him by other prisoners, mysterious pen-pals and secret marriages, furtive visitors, downward spiraling health, jail-bred idiosyncrasies, and suicide watches.  When would he finally end it all.  And just think-they would savor writing the words…he once was king~

~To contribute to making Michael Jackson’s situation as bad as possible-for his image, his reputation and his feelings-this was the most publicized trial in world history~


Karen Moriarty

Truth about Chandlersavior eight

~It is never too late for truth to prevail, especially if the unproven allegations still cast shadows of guilt over someone’s character.  Then, and only then, can real freedom and justice prevail~

Geraldine Hughes

June 26, 2009

(“I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me tell lies.  Now, I can’t tell Michael how much I’m sorry and if he will forgive me.  Now, for the first savior sixtime, I can’t bear to lie anymore.  Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me…it all was my father’s lies to escape from being poor.”

Jordan Chandler)…Tom Mesereau disclosed, at a Harvard Lecture after the trial, that he had witnesses who were going to say that Jordie told them that molestation by Michael Jackson never happened, and that he would not speak to his parents again for what they made him say.  Jordie sought and got legal emancipation from his parents in a court of law and then disassociated from them.  DEFENDING A KING Dr. Karen Moriarty

“If I go through with this I will win big time.  There is no way I lose.  I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever.”

Evan Chandler

Court Document


re: Case 1993

Michael expressed his disagreement with the insurance company that paid the settlement in 1993 despite protests from Michael Jackson and his legal team.  Michael Jackson could not control or interfere with his insurance carriers’ demand to settle the dispute.  The prosecution (Sneddon) has no evidence because the fact is the 1994 settlement was undertaken at the direction and insistence of the insurance company, savior fiveMichael Jackson had no choice in the matter. sbspbhcaccess.org

(The media led the public to believe it was Michael Jackson’s decision.)

Excerpts from recorded telephone conversation between Evan Chandler and Dave Schwartz:

Chandler:  I had a good communication with Michael.  We were friends.  I like him and I respected him and everything else for what he is.  There is no reason why he had to stop calling me.  I sat in the room one day and talked to Michael and told him exactly what I want out of this whole relationship.  I’ve been rehearsed about what to say and savior fourwhat not to say.

Schwartz:  What has Jackson done that made you so upset?

Chandler:  He broke up the family.  The boy has been seduced by this guy’s power and money.  I am prepared to move against Michael Jackson.  It’s  already set.  There are other people involved that are waiting for my phone call that are in certain positions.  I’ve paid them to do it.  Everything’s going according to a certain plan that isn’t just mine.  Once I make that phone call, this guy is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it.  And I’ve given him full authority to do that.

~In my opinion, the only thing worse than someone being crucified for a crime they did innocent elevennot commit, is being crucified for a crime they were not even charged with.~

~I have been trying for ten years to get this information out to the public.  During the investigation, I stepped forward and provided this information to the defense investigation team.  When the case settled, the information that I provided which would savior threehave come out in a court trial, did not reach the public.  I was at a loss as to how to go about getting this information out to the public’s attention so they could know what I have known all along-that Michael Jackson was  innocent of the allegations of child molestation~

~Withholding news:  For instance, they did not report that the TWO grand juries, one in Santa Barbara and the other in Los Angeles could not find a single credible piece of evidence to indict Michael Jackson of child molestation charges.  Network and cable TV producers did not interrupt their normal programming to advise the world that, NOsavior ten EVIDENCE COULD BE FOUND TO INDICT MICHAEL JACKSON OF CHILD MOLESTATION, countering their initial reports and allegations.  The media instead let that news go unreported and/or did not place the same significance about bringing the information to light as they had to the more salacious accusations, and they allowed all the allegations of child molestation to be reported.  The earlier reports were allowed to remain embedded in the minds of millions of Americans and others throughout the world~

REDEMPTION  Geraldine Hughessavior eleven

When questioned by Attorney Tom Mesereau, June Chandler testified that she never suspected anything inappropriate going on between Michael Jackson and her son. She told the jury that Michael was a part of their small family.  When Mesereau asked if she ever helped Jordie with his homework, when he asked about Michael playing video games with Jordie, Ms. Chandler acknowledged that yes, Michael had helped with homework and had been a good friend to her son.  CONSPIRACY


Opening words before cross-examination of Gavin Arvizo

~The amount of power and money it had taken to establish this place (Neverland) was keenly evident.  The fact that Michael was clearly the wealthiest inhabitant of the Los Olivos area was a fact to be pondered.  People had to wonder why the Santa Barbara DA used more law enforcement to raid Neverland than was ever used to catch a serial killer in the history of the United States.  When Tom Mesereau would later question whysavior nine the police force would need as many as seventy people to do an inventory of Neverland, he would point out that, at the time of the raid, Michael was not even on the premises.  That Michael’s ranch needed to be raided by a small army of law enforcement, seemed excessive~

~Jesus Salas, employed by Michael Jackson for 20 years as a personal house manager.  He told jurors that Michael’s property was visited by children from all around the globe, and estimated that he’d seen hundreds of thousands of children visit Neverland, each of them having the time of their lives.  Jesus Salas said that as much as Michael enjoyed playing and having fun with kids, the pop star often liked to be left alone in his dance studio or in his recording studio to work on his music.  Salas said that Michael would spend hours on end doing his creative work- allowing the day to day operations at Neverland to be handled by his employees.  Salas confirmed that Jackson let his employees take care of the twenty-seven hundred acre property, mentioning that Michael had a full security innocent eightunit on the grounds because there were no fences around Neverland.  For the record, Jesus Salas told the jury that even though intruders were sometimes caught on the property, none of the Neverland security people carried a gun.  Michael didn’t want any weapons at Neverland.  Michael was more concerned about children’s safety~savior sixteen

After testifying, Bob Jones and Stacy Brown, in the last days of the trial, just before the verdict, released Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask.  Many people never passed the inside flap, reading a statement that said:  “Jackson’s arrest on child molestation charges could…bring down the curtain on show business’ longest running freak show”.  The book was poison.  The book was vicious.  In the end, the effort to place it into the hands of readers around the world failed miserably.

~Leno…Judge Melville ruled that Jay Leno could indeed make public jokes about the savior twotrial.  Leno would make more jokes about Jackson during the trial than he ever had before, fueling the court of public opinion.  “Michael Jackson’s lawyer said he will not play the race game, mainly because he can’t figure out what race Michael is.”  People seemed eager to help Leno out.  People loved making jokes about Michael Jackson.  The Tonight Show went back to its old tricks, the list of Jay Leno’s jokes about Michael Jackson became even longer.  Everything the media was reporting became daily fodder for Leno’s team of producers.  But no matter how much the trial seemed like a joke, the life and reputation of Michael Jackson was really on the line.  The prosecutorial  team was not laughing about seeing Michael Jackson put behind bars.  They wanted the entertainer to serve hard prison time~acquittal 10

Fans stayed the course with Michael Jackson through his worst ordeal.  Michael’s strength came from the people who loved him and admired his work.  No other entertainer could have drawn people from so many walks of life:  every creed, race, and nationality was represented.  People of all ages and religious denominations had flown in and had dedicated themselves to Michael.  The fans who were there created a synergy that was undeniable.

CONSPIRACYsavior ten

This journey back has been profoundly painful.  What is written here is a small portion of what is available to those who seek the truth.  All that is placed here is  a continuing effort to hold to the goal of PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD in a repository of Michael’s life and legacy.  We feel gut-wrenching pain as we look back on the brutality delivered with glee and complete lack of humanity or remorse.  We see here both law enforcement and media criminal behavior, lacking in accountability and ethics, under nosavior twelve restrictions or penalty.  Further study will also reveal that this behavior lives on.  June 13, 2005 at 2:25 PDT in Superior Court of the State of California, Santa Barbara…MICHAEL JACKSON WAS UNANIMOUSLY FOUND NOT GUILTY ON 14 COUNTS.  1993 Two Grand Juries could not find a single credible piece of evidencemake that change two to indict Michael Jackson of the child molestation charges.

We must continue to actively defend Michael Jackson by delivering the facts and truths to the world.  A media obsessed with the destruction of Michael’s life and legacy is alive and well with uncontrolled force.  Michael has taught us that we, the people of the world, are empowered by our VOICE AS ONE strength. 





We are aiming with everlasting love for you, Michael.





~NOT GUILTYacquittal 10





~NOT GUILTYinnocent nine








June 13, 2005

Superior Court of the State of Californiainnocent eleven

County Santa Barbara

2:25 PDT

Jury’s unanimous verdicts: 8 women, 4 men (Ages 20-70) 32 hour deliberation…found no evidence to show that Michael Jackson had sexually abused the child

4 month trial

130 witnesses

“Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.  Cicero


“THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!” Michael to Tom Mesereau

Judge Rodney Melville, who had handled the case with such dignity, who had kept everyone safe and sound, who had not tolerated any disruptions whatsoever,  read a statement to the court:  We the jury, feeling the weight of the world’s eyes upon us, all thoroughly and meticulously studied the testimony, evidence, and rules of procedure presented to this court and since January 31, 2005,  following the jury instructions, we confidently came to our verdicts.  It is our hope that this case is a testament to the belief in our justice system’s integrity and truth.innocent eight

With those words, Michael, from behind the defense table, resumed his vast composure.  In some strange way, Michael seemed to have the appearance of an ancient king.  There was something imperial about him.  So absolutely commanding with his presence, Michael  listened with quiet intent as the statement from the judge was being read.  With his head held high, the superstar remained motionless.  Only those who could see him close up, could detect a slight tear running down Michael’s face. (Conspiracy)


Outside, Michael fans who’d heard the verdicts over a live television feed that surrounded every inch of the courthouse, were on the street dancing and singing and going wild.  One woman released white doves, others released balloons, some threw confetti, and hundreds of people screamed and cried tears of joy.  The Jackson family, now in unity, walked past the thousands of reporters from around the world  who were hoping for an interview.  With one hand clasped to his heart, Michael Jackson blew a kiss to his fans, then disappeared into a black Yukon SUV…a free man.innocent on all counts

~before:  Jermaine as he recounted the nervous moments before the King of Pop learned his fate.  “I heard my sister Rebbie say that Michael read a few scriptures from the Bible and he was stomping his leg into the car…saying, WHY?”

~after:  According to Jermaine, the King of Pop sought comic relief immediately following the exoneration.  “He had a sandwich and he put on the Three Stooges, and he just laughed, and it just was some positive entertainment…and, the family came up.  We hugged and talked…It was very, very tough, because he had done something I don’t think I could have done.  He stood up, and he held his head up all the time.”

“Without God, my children, my family, and you, my fans, I could not have made it through.  Your love, support and loyalty made it all possible.  You were there when I really needed you, and I will never forget you.  Your ever-present love held me, dried my tears, and carried me through.  I will treasure your devotion and support forever.  You are my inspiration.”EDUCATED ONE

Love, Michael 

In an interview given to BBC radio, lawyer Tom Mesereau says that Michael entered the hospital after being acquitted.  He said Michael  was suffering from dehydration and weight loss.  

“After all was said and done, after the tears, after the glee, the prayers and the public farewell to Michael Jackson, one journalist would study an obscure element of an exhibit entered into evidence.  It was a note handwritten by the superstar, etched inside one of his books.  And it was this permanent etching that would forever capture the essence of Michael Jackson.  In the book, the superstar had written the words: ‘Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys faces, this is the spirit of boyhood, a life I never had and always will dream of.”  (Conspiracy)


~WE STAND BY YOUR SIDE HOLDING FIRMLY TO THE TRUTH, BOTH WHAT WE KNOW IN OUR HEARTS AND WHAT WE KNOW FROM FACTS.  And, because we love you and believe in what’s right,  we will do whatever we can to stay updated with the facts…educating ourselves and those who will listen.  MLP

Painful as it is to revisit and relive the abuses Michael Jackson faced,we must, for the myth devotees continue.  Their delight in trying to bring Michael down lives on, for very little has changed since Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi wrote:  Ostensibly, a story about bringing a child molester to justice, the Michael Jackson trial would instead be a kind oftm homecoming parade of insipid American types:  grifters, suckers and no-talent schemers, mired in either outright unemployment or the bogus non-careers of the information age, looking to cash in anyway they can.  The MC of the proceedings was DA Tom Sneddon whose metaphorical role in this American reality show was to represent the mean gray heart of the Nixonian Silent Majority, the bitter mediocrity itching to stick it to anyone who’d ever taken a vacation in Paris.  The first month or so of the trial featured perhaps the most compromised collection of prosecution witnesses ever to be assembled in an American criminal case…almost to a man, a group of convicted liars, paid gossips and worse…hawkers.  In the next six weeks, virtually every piece of his case imploded in open court, and the chief drama of the trial quickly turned into a race to see if the DA could manage to put all his witnesses on the stand without getting any of them removed from the courthouse in manacles.”lies three

Albeit a satirical look at the trial, one bitter truth remains…You always know how powerful you are by the force of your enemies trying to bring you down.  The citadel of cynicism, toxic and all about their ego strength, hold steadfastly to lying for a living.  Savagely, a steady diet of ridicule, disrespect and falsehoods feeds their unethical appetites.  We continue to live in a time where the media has forced itself into our homes as judge, jury and executioner, with entire networks dedicated to their cause.  Destruction of winners their mantra…with Michael Jackson the ultimate prey.HANDSOME IN WHITE

“Looking back on the Michael Jackson trial, I see a media out of control.  The sheer amount of propaganda, bias, distortion and misinformation is almost beyond comprehension.  Reading the court transcripts and comparing them to the newspaper cuttings, the trial that was relayed to us didn’t even resemble the trial that was going on inside the courtroom.  The transcripts show an endless parade of seedy prosecution witnesses perjuring themselves on an almost hourly basis and crumbling under cross examination.  The newspaper cuttings and the TV news clips detail day after day of heinous accusations and lurid innuendo.”

“Daily Variety described the Jackson story as ‘ a godsend for media outlets, particularly cable news channels and local stations looking to pump up Nielsen numbers in the final week of the all-important November sweeps.”not guilty

“During the Neveland raid DA Sneddon who unsuccessfully pursued Jackson in 1993, and his officers breached the terms of their own search warrant by entering Jackson’s office and seizing hoards of irrelevant business papers.  They also illegally raided the office of the PI working for Jackson’s defense team and lifted documents from the home of the singer’s personal assistant.  Sneddon was later caught seemingly trying to plant fingerprint evidence against Jackson, allowing accuser Gavin Arvizo to handle adult magazines during the grand jury hearings, then bagging them up and sending them away for fingerprint analysis.  Aware that Jackson was bound by gag order and therefore powerless to respond, prosecution sympathizers started leaking documents vindication twowhich the media hungrily pounced on.  Newsweek tried to undermine the jurors selected by stating: The Jackson trial may hinge on something other than race…and, we don’t mean the evidence.  Diane Dimond seemed to use Janet Ariviso’s welfare fraud as roundabout proof of Jackson’s guilt, signing off her New York Post article with the gob smacking line:  Pedophiles don’t target kids with Ozzie and Harriet parents.” Both Fox and CNN reported that Michael was going to be convicted…there is no question.be yourself

“So what happened when Jackson was acquitted on all counts:  Red faces: Second thoughts: A little soul-searching, perhaps?  Maybe one expression of regret for the rush to judgment:  Naawww.  The reaction instead was rage liberally laced with contempt and the odd puzzled expression.  Its targets were the jurors…HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A CABLE ANCHOR HELD UP TO SCORN.”be still my heart today five

~celebrity factor

~not guilty by reason of celebrity

~the Teflon molester

~the loony tunes outside the courthouse

~sad, sick loser who uses his fame and money to dazzle the parents of children he takes a shine to

~fans that are sad, sorry dick-wits

The story was over.  There were no apologies and no retractions.  There was no scrutiny, no inquiries or investigations.  Nobody was held to account for what was done to Michael Jackson.  The media was content to let people go on believing their heavily skewed and borderline fictitious account of the trial.  That was that.

When asked about those who doubted the verdicts, the jury replied:  They didn’t see what we saw.  Charles Thomson

Painful as this is, it is only the tip of the iceberg…telling only a part of what happened unchangedand touching on only a bit of what IS HAPPENING STILL.  We didn’t see the truth.  Those who perpetrated this SHAMEFUL EPISODE IN JOURNALISTIC HISTORY continue to go unchecked, unpunished and free to do exactly the same thing to ANYBODY.  “I think that we have developed an industry of would-be experts who are not professional, who are not experienced, who are very amateurish about  their comments about what’s going on in courtrooms, and who are willing to give opinions when they’re not even there.  And, I think it has become the theatre of the absurd, and I think it reached its lowest level in this case.  Tom Mesereauhandsome man forever

“We need to understand the power media has upon our minds and not overlook it.  This is one of the most important lessons of Michael Jackson’s life, and if we are truly going toward an ideal of truth, exposure, integrity, and honor, we should examine these ruthlessly and make a decision how we will consume media.”  Raamayan Ananda

“I don’t want any of my fans to worry about me…I am strong and I know I can win this trial because I know I am totally 100% innocent.”  Michael Jackson

June 13, 2005




“I love to draw-pencil, ink pen.  I love art.  I go on tour and visit museums in Holland, Germany, England…you know, the huge paintings.  I’m just amazed.  You don’t think a painter could do something like that.  I can look at a piece of sculpture or a painting and totally lose myself in it.  Standing there watching itpain and becoming a part of the scene.  It can draw tears, it can touch you so much.  See, that’s where I think an actor or performer should be…to touch that truth inside of the person.  Touch that reality so much that they become a part of what you’re doing and you can take them anywhere you want to.  You’re happy.  They’re happy.  Whatever the human emotion, they’re right with you.  I love go for the heartrealism.  I don’t like plastics.  Deep down inside, we’re all the same.  We all have the same emotions and that’s why a film like ET touches everybody.  Who doesn’ttouch two want to fly like Peter Pan?  Who doesn’t want to fly with some magic creature from outer space and be friends with him?  Steven went straight to the heart.  He knows…when in doubt GO FOR THE HEART.”

Michael Jacksonbaby boy

Life is complicated.  Triumphs and tragedies, no matter how big or small, help to reveal patterns that slowly lead to greater understanding.  We react to what is happening when it is happening.  Later, when we take a breath and come out of crisis mode, we can choose our best examples of faith and land upon someone we trust.  Collectively, not only have we found that someone, we are committed to keeping his legacy of ideas alive.  Not given to hatred, never allowing himself to drown in tragedy, often witnessing the worst of human nature, Michael Jackson found his way into the heart’s soul of millions of us.  We feed off his strength, and the idea of setting his life and legacy aside never enters our consciousness…for those who cling to the myth of lies would like nothing better.  We have entered with no innocent eleventhought of departure.  Not easily distracted from the paths he created, we have learned his dialogue toward understanding and creating a beautiful world together.  In our reading, viewing, listening, study, we have grown to appreciate those who occupied different parts of his life…deciding who to trust and who to leave behind.  Using Michael’s life choices, we have learned the outlines of Michael’s character and have witnessed his legacy flooding the portrait with brilliant color.  If we stray too far from center, we return to lean on his ultimate message:  LOVE
And, although assaulted with unparalleled brutality, Michael taught us that it is never too late to keep your head up!an angel walking the planet

And so, the recent sale of Neverland has once again shot an arrow through our hearts.  It is a Dejavu of the kind that puts a different definition on Michael’s words: When in doubt, go for the heart.  Here we are standing and falling together again as those with power distance themselves from Michael’s Utopian Vision…a mighty heart giving, expecting nothing in return.  Quite the opposite, the sale of Neverland has nothing to do with vision or giving, and everything to do with money and taking.  Trying to come out of crisis mode, this loving community has reached back into the archives for pictures and words and feelings in an effort to recreate those magical years when Michael presented the world with a glimpse of heaven.  Remembering the time that children were enchanted in a place where a smile was the only currency required, we promise to keep Michael’s dream alive for future generations.who charity

Neverland appeals to the child inside of every man, woman and child.  It’s a place where I feel that you can return to your childhood.  I love it and I will always love it, and I will never, ever sell Neverland.  Neverland is me.  It represents the totality of who I am.”

Michael Jackson

~Ever since the age of 17, Neverland Valley Ranch had been a vision forming in his mind as part of his dream of doing something that would benefit the children of the world.  Michael wanted to build a sanctuary for children in need, especially the underprivileged, handicapped or terminally ill, as well as for animals.  And, if Michael had  a dream, as we all know, he would not stop chasing it until he had succeeded in making it come true.  Brick Price remembers how Michael was very good at visualizing what he wanted.  The project of building Michael’s dream, that had started on bare dirt soon turned out to be the development of a world class amusement park.  Michael literally was Neverland’s soul.touch

Michael had taken great care for every ride at Neverland to be modified in a way that guaranteed for children to be safe.  Each staff member was trained every 6 months on how to handle special needs children on rides.  Besides that, as Rod Sumi remembered from the time he worked on the ranch, all the employees were offered the opportunity to get schooling if they wanted to increase their education.  He and his son, Seth, who was also employed at the ranch at the time, took that opportunity to learn sign language.  This enabled them to communicate with more of the children.  Michael paid for all the books and gave them time off from work.ending

Unfortunately, although nothing is ever certain, recent developments pretty much indicate that Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch might be lost forever.  Never in the world’s history has someone been so completely dedicated to doing something that would benefit the children of the world.  As Michael’s true and loving fans, let us try to find comfort in the thought that, whatever the future of Neverland Valley Ranch will be, Michael DID succeed in building his longtime dream.  Throughout many years, he brought incredible joy to the thousands and thousands of children, as well as adult guests, who were able to spend time at love of fansNeverland.  Nothing can ever take away all the beautiful, heartwarming memories they have from their unforgettable time spent at Neverland.  Most importantly, Michael, as he so eagerly wanted, will be remembered by many primarily not as a personality, but as an extremely caring and very charitable person!

Rob Swinsonman in the mirror dangerous world tour two

Neverland went for the heart and succeeded in capturing the multitudes.  It is a part of history that will not be duplicated.  Along with the massive volume of Michael’s legacy, we in the Michael Jackson Community are here to make sure none of it is forgotten.  And, the Gentle Heart that created it all remains a global treasure to be preserved.

~There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

Nelson Mandelaactivist six



~we lose ourselves in you~











WEAVING THE SPACEsexy dancer two





Michael Jackson


“History books will never capture the essence of your humble soul and the lives you literally saved.  Video archives will never accurately depict the excitement you caused every time you set foot in public or on stage.  The best mankind can do is observe your genius and pay it forward as an example of how a true angel walked among us.”

Jodi Gomes

“He was an angel walking the planet.”

Kenny Ortegaperformance art nine

“And, just when you think you know him, he gives you more.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Life offers up a litany of challenges, each requiring a response…and, with each response, our interior portrait is drawn.  Connecting the dots, what we say and what we do reveals our truth.  We often navigate these waters by adding restrictions and qualifiers to our good intentions.  We believe in humane treatment, but we must take care of our own.  We believe in justice for our kind of people, but we forget that when anyone’s rights are violated, we are all at risk until justice is redressed. We believe in AHHHEIGHTEENthe teachings of religion, but want to decide WHO is worthy of love and forgiveness.  We want an impartial and truthful justice system, but we willingly join the media as accomplices in unethical bullying and character assassination. We believe that every child deserves a childhood, but, we turn away from uncomfortable mirrors held up for us to see dark reflections.

Michael Jackson faced down qualifiers and restrictions throughout his entire career.  He held a mirror to society’s good intentions, questioned authority and addressed issues that were often uncomfortable for many to face.  Unwilling to stay in his place, he became a powerful black man actively speaking out for change.  He spoke out for those who were suffering, mistreated, victims of war and poverty, abused…for a ravaged planet.  Often calling out YOU AND ME, he invited us to join him.  His artistry inspired and rallied us for cause.

A leader is one who thrills and inspires while reaching a powerful connection.  Tightness is replaced with expansion.  Restrictions and qualifiers are laid aside and a beauty of collective purpose and understanding is reached.  As if by a miracle, the bond grows and even death cannot break its hold.  Michael Jackson’s uniqueness comes in public panther nineinteraction, artistic performance…his gift of both physically and emotionally being able to feel the pain of others.  He identified with abused children, women who contemplated abortion, abusive marriage, the terminally ill, abused animals, a ravaged earth, those who were social outcasts, those living in abject poverty, those bullied, those falsely accused, victims of greed, victims of the system, the crucified, those caught up in war and violence, the lonely, the betrayed…those with disabilities.angel in blue

Discovering SEEING VOICES brought me to the page today.  Sensitive to those who cannot hear, seeing hands weaving the spaces between friends, thinking of them as being, as though seeing…voices.  Beyond his body being a canvas, he was a storyteller through bodily movements.  His dance was felt over every inch of his body.  His hands interpreted emotion, telling us what he felt inside.  Without restriction, Michael Jackson danced love into life with intimacy and vulnerability, revealing who we are and who we can be.    Erasing for us those restrictions and qualifiers, we have been freed to understand the world through his eyes, his heart, his hands.  SEEING VOICES is a metaphor for a life woven together.

SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH MICHAEL’S EYES…no boundaries or borders, no restrictions or qualifiers.ahhhh thirty six

~No, all children are our concern~

Two little boys in London killed this other kid and I was going to visit them because the Queen gave them adult sentencing for life.  They were like 11 and 10 year-old boys and I was going to the prison to visit them.  (When told that he was an idiot, he was rewarding them for what they did) Michael asked HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?  I bet if you track their lives, you can find they didn’t have parents around, they didn’t have any love, nobody to hold them and look in their eyes and say I LOVE YOU.  They deserve that even if they are going to get life.  I just want to say I LOVE YOU and hold them.  The information came out they came from broken families, were never watched as little kids, never attended to…their pacifier was those Chucky movies with stabbings and killings.  And, that’s how they became conditioned to that.”hand with tape

Michael Jackson

Unconditional love…the words are easy to say, but far more difficult to carry out, especially when the conditions are uncomfortable.

Speech without sound

Face to face

Hands unboundSENSITIVITY

Weaving the space between friends

Weaving the space between human beings, meeting face to face, holding onto each other and saying:  I LOVE YOU.  No matter how difficult, Michael Jackson made unqualified, unrestricted choices.  Through his eyes we are all the same.  Through his eyes every child deserves a childhood.  When Michael sang HAVE YOU SEEN MY CHILDHOOD  he was speaking for all children, for all of us.  When Michael created Neverland he wanted it to be a place for children of all ages celebrating CHILDHOOD…TRACING WHAT’S ON ALL MINDS, what we remember, chasing down ghosts and seeking change.