PRIMAL…fundamental and original

“My main love is what I do for my fans.  I love my fans.  When I’m giving a concert and see my fans dancing and screaming excitedly, we’re bringing them joy, that’s what I love most.”

Michael Jacksonbliss

I feel I was chosen as an instrument to just give music and love and harmony to the world, to children of all ages, and adults and teenagers.”

Peter Pan, to me, represents something that is very special in my heart.  It represents youth, childhood, never growing up, magic, flying,  everything I think that children and wonderment and magic, what it’s all about.”bliss six

Michael Jackson

~four spiritual teachings that Michael Jackson left behind as part of his legacy:

~the lesson of oneness:  We are all one; we are all connected.

~the lesson of responsibility:  Michael felt a sense of responsibility for the homeless,bliss four sick, and hungry of this world.

~the lesson of sameness:  We are all souls in human ‘outerwear’.

~the lesson of courage and vision:  Michael Jackson thinks big; he had large visions.Give up fear, think above and beyond, and do not be afraid to let your light shine in its fullness.

Adele R. McDowell, Ph.D.bliss nine

“Michael knew and was genius at communicating not only lyrical and instrumental meaning, but with voice inflection, phrasing and emotion, he could send a message to that little light inside, triggering joy and connection with a primal ‘something’ that has no words or explanation of knowing and feeling that extends to other areas of life.  The Creator used music as Michael’s microphone to the world.”

Lauren Trainor  MJTributeportraitbliss eight

Michael Jackson possessed an inner force infused with originality, brilliantly colored by the fundamental…defining primal as what is of first importance.  His heartbeat gained  strength from all things magical. ~for those who don’t believe in magic will never find it~ Roald Dahl…Michael awakened people to the prospect of lustrous dreams, and to glorious possibilities as, collectively, dreams took shape.  Using his gifts of voice and dance, he stood before us completely vulnerable, offering his soul.  ~every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul~ W. Somerset Maugham  Transferring color and texture, Michael was in constant pursuit of light while at the same time, reflecting back laser beams which soothed our own souls, igniting passion.   Rediscovering magic, each passionate dream manifests an opportunity…a connectedness in a shower of sparks.  We findbliss seven ourselves travelers on a life-altering course, intimate and personal, soulfully connected.  And…here we are together…weaving dreams.

Although we arrive here from many different vantage points, the panorama of common experiences is astounding.  In our attempts to silence the world’s cacophony of sounds, we reconnect in choices that reveal who we really are.  Michael’s canvas delivers hope and inspiration no matter how often it is viewed, for with each return visit a sense of grace comes over us, and we rediscover the master teacher that is Michael Jackson…for we have learned that the greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.   And, with Michael Jackson, there is unlimited work to revisit.

“He moves the temple of his body and the chimes of his ego sound in the breeze of our awe.  He is on fire…a panther in Astaire’s weightless heaven.  Then, suddenly, that intergalactic smile.  Jesus, what a smile.  He wants us for his moonbeams.”

Chris Roberts.bliss five

“As a producer, this is the song…ANOTHER PART OF ME.  Just admire the instrumentation.  It’s so funky and it’s got instruments doing these intricate patterns, and it doesn’t have a chorus-chorus.  It’s the setup.  That’s the best pre-chorus ever written.  And then the pay off is ‘It’s just another part of me.’  The song shows why Michael is the King.”

Bruno Mars

~the 44th Annual Event United Negro College Fund

Contributions for philanthropy and the humanities, an academic discipline that includes not only the arts and science, but literature, history and philosophy as well.  Michael Jackson joined a long list of recipients which included:  Maya Angelou, Hunter S. Thompson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, Georgia O’Keefe, Prince Charles, Eudora Welty, Margaret Thatcherstunning beauty two and the Rev. Billy Graham, to name a few.

~the true definition of a doctor…one who teaches and inspires.

Thank you, Esh Sundar

“Michael, I’m sorry that Nancy and I could not be with you for this very special day, but I want to congratulate you for the honors you are receiving tonight from the United Negro College and the honorary degree awarded by Fisk University.  Let me be the first to call you…the new Dr. J.”

Ronald Reagan 1988

In the summer of 1990, Michael Jackson opened up his Neverland Valley Ranch to Dream Street Camp.  He invited 45 campers, all of whom were suffering from life-threatening illnesses.  They played video games, visited the amusement park and had lunch.  Michael, himself, gave them a personal tour of the ranch. MR. WONDERFUL TWO

Jet Magazine August 13, 1990

Looking back, while seeing what is in front of us, Michael is at the center… instrumental in our lives.  Our sustainable loyalty comes from a commitment to the mantra:  ~when one person believes in something it’s a dream.  When two (or more) persons share the same dream it’s the beginning of a new reality.  MJ  We have learned from Michael that love is our weapon, that with our voices singing as one we can accomplish the magic we believe in, turning away from silence, and turning toward his ever present words:  What do you need and how can I help? 

Our inspiration comes from Michael:mr. wonderful

~his music

~his dance

~his storytelling

~his lyrics

~his poetry and prose

~his short films

~his performances…recorded, film, live

~his speeches

~his philanthropic and humanitarian efforts

~his rescue efforts

~his generosity

~his Utopian Neverland totality of who he was

~his innovation, creativity, originality, pioneeringMR. WONDERFUL THREE

~his compositions and songwriting

~his social justice acts of civil rights for all

~his inexhaustible efforts on behalf of the voiceless…the children and the ecology

~his  sense of childlike innocence, play and joy

~his profound ability to speak to each of us through every human experience and struggle

~his pure and unconditional love

Michael  has taught us that our best dreams are when we are awake.  Awake, we find our best selves when we travel alongside Michael Jackson.  When we remain close to him, our true voice comes straight from our hearts.







5 thoughts on “PRIMAL…fundamental and original

  1. How did he do all that he did?
    That indomitable will, determination, huge heart, compassion, inexhaustible energy, and selflessness….only God himself could match all that. Michael had more faith than most…that is certain. And he was always grateful for all his gifts…there were so many. Bless you, my dear Michael! You are the best!!!!

  2. Those articles are my nutrition and I’m sure nutrition for many to satisfy the hunger to learn more about Michael . Jude is a master chef in feeding us. 🙂 This time she underlined so wonderfully four Michael’s main lessons (among others). All those four were aimed to hit the final target: to unite this world of divided people into one race of humans under a wise and loving watching eye of God. We ARE the One as being all God’s creations and we ARE the same under our skin – the courage to admit it for us and live it was Michael’s doctrine. For which together with his planetary humanitarian work he was rightfully honored with doctorate. Jude, I’m also so grateful for re-opening here again the secret of the magic of Michael’s art in terms of revisiting: you never get bored. On the contrary: it is always fresh, up-to-date, actual, educational and emotional to the point of hurt. You never get enough of him cause what he called for putting his heart on the line and the lessons he taught us with his art are timeless. In cacophony of world’s sounds each of us seeks for that one sound that connects us to and reveal our inner core. Dear Jude, we were blessed to find that sound for ourselves: our sound is MICHAEL JACKSON, the sound of L.O.V.E. Thank you, your work is brilliant as always!!!

  3. In August of 2017….you were such a blessing to the world, and to all who knew or worked with you, including myself. How lucky I was! I will always love you!

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