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      Welcome to ChosenVoices.  I am happy you are here.  I have a story to tell.  It’s a story about exploring the life of the most inspiring person I have ever known.  Michael Jackson’s life was nothing short of epic.  I cannot wait for you to discover what I have learned about Michael’s musical and creative genius, his unparalleled performances, his love for people, for children, for the environment, his vision and imagination and his desire to use his gifts to help change the world.  His life has been life-changing for me.  Maybe it will be for you, too.  So, here we go.

     “I’ve always wanted to be able to tell stories, you know, stories that came from my soul.  I’d like to sit by a fire and tell people stories-make them see pictures, make them cry and laugh, take them anywhere emotionally with something as deceptively simple as words.  I’d like to tell tales to move their souls and transform them.  I’ve always wanted to be able to do that.”  Moonwalk 1988criminal

With those words, Michael Jackson opened his autobiography.  I have always believed that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

     2009 was a particularly difficult time for my family and me.  On June 25, 2009, my heart was ready to receive what, in a word, I would call LOVE.  Watching, with an estimated billion people around the globe, Michael Jackson, the man, the creative genius and inexhaustible voice for change, reappeared in my life.  I had always adored Michael’s music and short films.  I could listen and watch and never get enough of his magic.  But, the journey that began for me on June 25th was deeper than that.

     In the next months, I read and reread Moonwalk. I watched This Is It many times.  I searched for all CD and DVD performances.  I viewed wonderful Fan videos on YouTube.  Then, I read Dancing the Dream.  I WAS TRANSFORMED.  Over the course of the next three and a half years, I have read, studied, listened to and viewed CDs, DVDs, books, speeches, interviews, rehearsals, public appearances and more.  I transcribed thousands of words.  Michael gave voice to everything I believe in.  He lived out these values daily on a world stage.  He inspired.  He was a teacher.dirty diana

     During an Ebony Magazine interview in 1987,  Michael was asked what interested him most about life.  He replied, ” What interests me most about life is learning, finding out new things, exploring different worlds.”unc

       Armed with an avalanche of research and a growing library, what was next for me?  Have you ever had something happen that touches your heart so profoundly you want to climb to the rooftop of your house and scream out, “EVERYONE, LISTEN! THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!”  Maybe not such a good idea.  I began coming up with other avenues for sharing:  adding a “Food for the Soul” postscript to all my emails, creating elaborate Michael Jackson artists’ dates with my husband.  I found myself needing more.  THERE IS A CHINESE PROVERB WHICH SAYS. “IF SOMEONE SHARES SOMETHING OF VALUE AND YOU BENEFIT FROM IT, YOU HAVE A MORAL OBLIGATION TO SHARE  IT WITH OTHERS.”funeral

       Having read books written by MJFans, following postings on several justice project websites, reading comments beneath amazing YouTube videos, I hungered to be a part of that global community of kindred spirits.  THIS BLOG puts MY heart on the line.  Postings will focus on Michael’s creative and humanitarian genius…his heart and his unconditional love for the world.  It is written to HONOR the artist and the man.  I invite comments and dialog.  Comments that dishonor Michael will be deleted.



     Is it possible to love someone you have never met.  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  I am inspired daily by Michael.  If you, too, have been introduced to the gift of that inspiration, I hope you will share your journey with me.  Together, we will feel the LOVE.  IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE!            Jude

“I remembered what John Lennon said, ‘Elvis was my idol and Chuck Barry was my teacher.’  WHAT A WONDERFUL THING TO SAY.”  Michael Jackson 1981 American Music Awards Chuck Berry Tributeannie


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  1. Thank-you Jude for your blog. I grew up feeling in love with “My Michael” as I thought of Him in my head! But even though I have believed, for most of my life, Him to be an angel, I was brought to my knees on June 25, 2009. I too wanted to scream out to people, “Oh my God! This is importt! We have killed another Messiah of Earth. We have killed God’s representative for our New Age.” It is up to us to continue to put our hearts on the line…for Him…because He did this for all of us.
    Thank-you again, Sister Jude.

  2. I seen michael on t.v since I was 6 and he was 10. I always wanted to dance with him since I was 6yrs old. never had money or good luck. I just love his music. he is a inspiration to me. his death broke my heart. I lost my memory do to the thyroid problems. and had a dream I met michael in heaven. and I started to see him, this was 2 yrs ago. I am better now. michael will always have a special place in my heart. 2 yrs ago I also cryed to god for his life, because people were mean to him. god bless his soul. he was always innocent and deserved better out of life. people only took advantage of him. all the greedy people.

  3. You do have a wonderful blog, Jude <3
    So full of Michael LOVE and WISDOM.
    "Have you ever had something happen that touches your heart so profoundly? "
    Indeed, I have. I met Michael and he touched my life, invaded my heart and soul in ways I couldn't imagine was possible. I owe him my life!

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  4. Your story sounds like my story! June 25, 2009 is that day that changed my life forever. It was mind boggling to me ( and still is really) that someone I never knew, or was never really a fan of could shake my life to the core. It was like the person I was before no longer exhisted. How could this be? As you say, that was the day you received LOVE. It is true, although I had been wrapped up in my own life raising 5 kids, I had always had a connection to God as LOVE, my prayer being “Jesus reduce me to LOVE”. I remember seeing Michael and J5 on the Ed Sullivan show. I remember the milestones, MOTOWN 25, seeing Thriller videos, BAD and Black or White. However, that was before YOUTUBE or internet, so I never saw a concert, and only heard his music on the radio. I remember being touched by Man in the Mirror’s message. I remember seeing the trial reported on TV, I wasnt a hater, I just hoped it wasnt true. So how could this man change my life in such a powerful way? When he passed, I couldnt eat, sleep, I lost 15 lbs. I devoured YOUTUBE videos and concert videos, I saw This is It at the cinema 15 times, and like you when I read Dancing the Dream, it was then that I was hooked completely. How could I have missed this dynamic spiritual soul while he was here. It has taken a long time to deal with that guilt. I have come a long way in awakening, and realize that time is an illusion, and I now can go back to the trial and send him love and support. I can be a fan at the concerts and experience his unbelievably magical presence. I see him as the Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance, destroying the old to bring in the new. He changed the world in countless ways we are still discovering. Mainly planting that seed of Love in millions of hearts all around the world to become his Soldiers of Love to carry on his legacy, his Fanmily, to teach us about Oneness, compassion and caring for all, especially the children. THAT, is a miracle. He has shattered cultural barriers and raised the level of consciousness. The more I learn about him, the more I love him. He has taught us how to live laugh and love. My family thinks I have gone stark raving mad. And I guess I have. I will never be the person I was before June 25, 2009. Thank you Michael

    • Wow Peacelover – I could be reading about myself when I read your words. I’ll love Michael forever…..

  5. Welcome to my world, Jude! My what story is similar to yours except mine began in 1992. It is outlined in detail on my blog With a Child’s Heart as well as in my two published books “Conversations” and “Michael: A Short Story “when both available at
    Please know that you are not alone!

  6. Like you I was not a fan before 2009 his passing affected me more than I could of ever imagined. How can a man who I’ve never met affect me in such a way crying in the cornered my room, with such a pain in my chest, it felt like my heart was torn in two, legs buckling under me, as I went about my daily life trying to take some control but to no avail. I read all the books I can find and websites, all his CD’s, DVD, YouTube videos, pictures , calendars, magazines, speeches, interviews, anything I can find and I am still learning and it is forever.
    Like he said
    It’s All For LOVE.

  7. You are providing such a beautiful tribute and a service to those of us who are having the same experience by expressing it so eloquently and clearly. It is also factual and verifiable for those who have doubts and questions and may be just finding out about Michael through you. We are his voice and I so appreciate the way you are using yours.
    Love is the Answer,

  8. Dear Jude,

    myStory is so similar to yourStory. I always loved his music, dance moves and adored his look. But I was busy with living my life. Then June 25th 2009 happened and changed my life once for all. Michael became – beside my son – the most important person in my life and made me to one of his soldiers of love. I never ever thought this could happen until June 25th 2009 and now I could never ever imagine to live without him ever-present in my thoughts, heart and normal daily life.

    And yes, it is absolutely possible to love someone you have never met.
    And this love for the king of my heart makes me happier than any other love I ever experienced in my life.

    Sending you Michaelic love and hugs.

  9. Dear Jude,

    I just wanted to say I love the way you word things Jude when it comes to spreading the Love.

    You story is very similar to my story about Michael Jackson I felt his pain as I got the belt or the wooden spoon if I did not do something perfectly. I knew exactly what it was like to not have a childhood.
    Ever since I was a little girl Michael Jackson was the man of my life. I loved you so much. Michael Jackson was the kid I would listen to on my cassette tape when I was sent to my room.

    No other entertainer has ever had every single song, on every single album be a number one hit on the charts for several weeks at a time. In Fact Michael made it into “The Guinness Book Of world Records”
    No other entertainer could ever dance like him either, Michael was a perfectionist, but he did it all for all people, animals, children, rain forests, all oceanic species. The fact of the matter is, is he did it for us! All Michael ever wanted was a clean earth for us and everything else.

    Michael you died on my mothers birthday in 2009! My heart stopped also on that day. My life will never be the same. That was by far the hardest day of my life. Time has completely stopped since I got the news of your passing from my uncle on my mothers birthday. You were my uncles best friend and you always stayed at his 5 star hotels often renting an entire floor. I have no idea if my uncle was one of your best friends though. Once you passed away my uncle sold his chain of hotels and bought a ranch in Oregon in your memory Michael. My uncle was also a World renowned chef and you loved his food.

    I am in college at 41 years old getting my first degree in Forensics! My second degree will be my Doctorates degree so I can become a Medical Examiner and my 1st plan is to get some real Justice for you Michael Jackson! Nothing can stop me now. I remember speaking to you by phone 6 years ago, you were so shy, and so kind. Now I am fighting for you, or at least it is my goal.

    Michael you are so LOVED by so many people. I refuse to put anything in past tense when it comes to you. You never did for all of us fans. I Love you and I miss you like crazy Michael Jackson. May you Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. You are safe in GODS hands now. Until we meet again my friend, I will work so hard to get Justice for you and the entire Globe. Muah Phhoooooo catch that kiss I blew to you Michael.

    Love Always,

    Amy Lee

  10. I’m so happy to find this lovely blog, thank yo so much for letting people into your world and your heart. Reading the comments just on this first post reminds me just how many of us experienced what I will always call a miracle on June 25th 2009. A miracle so unexpected, so intense that I for one would have believed myself to be going crazy if it weren’t for two things: That what I was experiencing was the most REAL and powerful thing I had ever experienced in my life; and that there were other people across the globe who experienced it too.
    I hardly knew what Michael Jackson looked like in 2009, I had lost track of him after Thriller. But I was brought to my knees by his passing, and proceeded to feel my heart torn open, and the grief of what felt like a thousand lifetimes poured out of me, and was transformed by tears of pure love as I had never felt it before. I honestly feel that I was spiritually transformed and continue to be, by Michael. Elizabeth, in a comment above, wrote that she felt we had lost a modern Messiah. I have felt the same –I know it in an unshakeable way. But we also, so many of us, found our Messiah archetype in him, and understood the allegory from the depths of our souls.
    i didn’t mean to write all of this; what I wanted to get to was this: how even now, five years later, I go through cycles when I am drawn so strongly back to Michael, to the need to hear his voice and dance his music and feel his love; and each time this magnetic pull occurs, and I surrender to it, I find another beautiful place like this one you’ve created here, Jude, to remind me not to doubt, and to know that even though I can’t share the depth of this experience directly with anyone in my current life, it is an infinite comfort to know that around the world, there is a community of people who have the same incredible story, and the same transformational, incredible love-light in their hearts for this beautiful soul, love and wisdom incarnate, Michael Jackson. Thank you for this reminder <3

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