“The pain of life touches me, but the joy of life is much stronger.”

Michael Jacksonangel to me eight

“We only live once, since we are given the gift of life it should be our persistent endeavor to immortalize ourselves no matter what field of endeavor we choose.”

Michael Jackson

“In many ways, the artist is his work.  It’s difficult to separate the two.”

Michael Jackson



Michael Jackson

Elizabeth Taylor spoke of  Michael’s burning desire to understand people who last, and what it was that defined staying power.  She innately knew Michael’s life would hold divinity…having attributes ranking below God, but above man.  Frank Dileo talked of people flocking to Michael…and, it is true…Michael is a people magnet of perpetual strength.  I remember as  a child being warned:  “You can fool some of the people all of the time; all of the people some of the time; but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.  The truth of Michael Jackson is that he is AUTHENTIC ALL OF THE TIME…and, ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW HIM, KNOW IT!  Quite simply, he is the you four Enduring fame requires constants…the person who possesses it is revealed time and time again without the slightest hint of tiredness or boredom.  Of course, it is charisma to the tenth power and beyond…an attraction that is both physical and emotional, reaching deep inside to our most private places while ultimately taking hold of our hearts. Our bond with Michael Jackson begins with his unparalleled talents.  He is a genius artist who possesses the full range of musical gifts.  “His genius as a musician is that he thinks of sounds in terms of images; his genius as a singer is that he creates melodic lines that evoke body lines; his genius as a producer is that he imagines a song as a concert.”  (MJJJusticeProject)  The way Michael saw the world came through in his soundscapes and his movements.  His creative mind skipped, jumped, circled and angel walking the planet fourdoubled back from one artistic vision to another.  He could see art everywhere, hear music in everything.  His photographic mind…musically and artistically, was like a sponge as he lived his life…HUGE…forgetting nothing.  Deeply internalizing both joy angel to me twoand sorrow, pain and play, Michael was a beautiful story hero and a wounded warrior.  His catalog of work offered his blood, sweat and God-given talents to people of every age, color and culture.  Because he believed that a great artist touches EVERYONE, his work speaks to EVERYONE.  It is lasting because we can find ourselves in it…we identify with Michael’s voice. We find in Michael’s work big thoughts…there is a universality of scope.  It is vulnerability, tragedy, victimization, injustice, facing evils in the world…and, then, unearthing bravery, finding the courage to stand for justice…and, finally, holding onto one another in faith and love.  No matter which of Michael’s pieces of art you choose on any given day, you will experience human drama.  Lasting power requires it.  Michael’s art is a perpetual flame of truth, a salvation of love.hands of love Michael’s truth lacks cynicism and hopelessness.  It isn’t about seeing problems as insurmountable.  Quite the contrary.  It is all about Keeping the Faith.  Only those who doubt, suspect and distrust mankind, sink into despair, quickly becoming the forgettable.  The lasting are visionaries, trusting that when we all come together, change will happen…coals burn hot in a fire of love.  Michael often said how much he loved people…with that love came innocent trust.  And, even when faced with betrayal after betrayal, his messages remained firm…his art reflected. “It’s all about love.  L.O.VE.”  ANGEL TO ME NINE Michael had a magic that is translated into every creation he made.  He had an authenticity that radiated from him in a glowing light.  He had a calm, loving heart that he wore on his sleeve.  He imagined a world where there would be no more hate, no more wars, no more hurting children, a healing planet.  He took all of the world’s cares and put them into astounding music and performance that left tearful people asking what more they could do.  His words, “WHAT DO YOU NEED AND HOW CAN I HELP?” live eternally in our hearts. Unlike others, Michael gave himself to his fans…being accessible, spending time, reaching out, offering himself, his home, his love.  Unlike others, his public life was for the fans…creating wearable art for every occasion…accepting and enjoying everything Fans gave him.  The bond created is lasting…EVERLASTING.  It has been earned. Hard work and seeking perfection, Michael embraced his gift of life, attempting  togenius two immortalize himself.  With unbelievable humility, he credited God for each treasure he created…channeling the music of the spheres.  His enduring fame has its fingers and toes reaching both backward and forward…new discoverers of “a love affair for a lifetime” are born.  Someone else finds themselves immersed in MICHAEL’S earth song mj and friendsIMMORTALITY.


Dream it!

See it!

Believe it!

Make it happen!

Michael Jacksongenius three

“I think he was simply The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived.”

Berry Gordy

“I think he IS The Greatest Artist That  Has Ever Lived.”



  1. He WAS the greatest entertainer that ever lived! There is no one like him…and there (in my opinion) never will be! He was one of a kind. He was also a GREAT humanitarian…he gave more money to charities, hospitals, children’s organizations than any other celebrity. Of course, the fact that he earned so much money with his musical pursuits, performances, recordings, and etc., made that all possible. How did he do it all? The energy, determination and ability to accomplish anything he set his mind to….still boggles MY mind. And I was able to see him do much of this. I shall never, never forget his easy-going ways…but the steely light behind those fabulous eyes of his told the tale. I say this every time I write about him….HOW MUCH I wish he were still here! The world needs him!

    • I have been reading about Michael again! And feeling sad that he isn’t here. Michael….I love you to the moon and back! Bless you!

  2. DREAM it…SEE it….BELIEVE it…..MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Those were his watchwords…and everything he did had truth in it! Who else could compose 50 songs for one album…only to choose 10? He was an endless reservoir of talent and music…Just like turning on a water tap….and music poured out of him. Myself, I could scarcely believe what I witnessed while watching him. This very gifted child grew into a mature artists…who never stopped. He also never ANYTHING people said get to him. He knew what he was about, and what he was here to do…that I absolutely know. Additionally…he was so generous with his money, his time….and he loved doing things for others. I never knew another like him, and I am sure I never will….he should still be here. Legends just shouldn’t leave!

  3. I remember when I first met him…I noticed his hands…they were so expressive and beautiful. (I am a pianist and thus notice hands). Michael’s should have been painted…they were like a work of art. He was a work of art. his face, his body (perfect for dancing), his voice was so unusual…and so powerful. He had a naturally excellent voice, but he trained it..and vocalized every day with an excellent coach. I loved hearing him vocalize…and he used to dance all day every Sunday…and fast (not eat anything during the day). He had a schedule and he adhered to it…always. And he encouraged others to do the same thing. Especially the people who were in his shows…they needed to be as vigilant as he. Michael was a perfectionist…he showed that in everything he did. I was in awe of his talent, abilities and genius. (And I had and have a good amount of talent myself). But Michael was something else entirely. How I wish I could call him on the phone and just talk…or maybe have lunch together. Whatever….I miss him so much.

  4. Here we are in the New Year…2016! I can’t believe it…this is the month of George BALANCHINE ‘so birthday, as well two very good friends. Last night I had a very powerful dream about Michael. And I felt like I was in his world with him….just the same feeling as when he was here. That was the amazing thing….his world was beautiful, uplifting, and special beyond belief. I woke up feeling so grateful for having known him. And being able to experience such a wonderful world! Thank you dear Michael!

  5. Michael was, in addition to all else, was the greatest EMPATH….no one else came close. He FELT everything. Much like a harp string pulled very taut which would quiver at the slightest touch! Being THAT sensitive has to hurt, and it did. Once he told me… hurts to be me. At first, I didn’t understand what he meant and I sat down to think about it. Then I got it. And in that brief second, it hurt me as well. So poignant! I felt what he feels all the time! Amazing! Now when I think about him, I get very teary! It definitely wasn’t easy to be him! Bless his heart!

  6. And today I feel the same way about Michael! How could such a wonderful man be gone?! And I feel like crying. But there is no use doing that. Happy New Year to you, dear Michael!

  7. And now it is June of 2017, that fateful month of his passing. I still cannot think of it without tearing up! He should still be here with me, with all of us! Dearest Michael…..I miss you so much. And look forward to seeing you again in another world! Bless you forever!

  8. So now we are in the fall of 2017….October 14th to be exact! I am not feeling well and so am in bed, watching TV! I think about Michael…..and marvel that my feelings and respect for him never change!! I don’t want to be involved with another man…..he was it for me! And more than enough for a lifetime! Love you, my darling Michael!

  9. January 15, 2018….Martha Luther King, Jr. Day! 9 years after Michael’s passing! There should be a MICHAEL JACKSON DAY! Why isn’t there, anyway? He did so much for people in the world! No other celebrity did as much. He was a great humanitarian, no doubt about that! I cannot believe all that he accomplished!!!! No one else even comes close! Dear Michael…..I love you so much and always will!

  10. Well….we are in the year 2020….January….14th….or 15th…I have been watching JIMMY KIMMEL….and his first guest….AL PACINO….I have remembered that I knew him when I was Piano Soloist for the NYCB….I actually went out to dinner with him and another friend….back in the 70’s in NYC! And remember that I really liked him very much. Of course, I was in my 20s at the time and so was Al! (He is actually a year older than I….) I forget that I am as old as I am!

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