“A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission, can alter the course of history.”

Gandhispirtual two


Liz Johnson

“Through his “visits” he comes to us when we need him, in the most amazing and unexpected ways.”


~In her book, I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, Liz Johnson speaks of the inspiring movement to a higher level of consciousness, the powerful sensation of divine love and bliss…all motivating us to reach our full potential, awakening the healer inside~  We are reborn.  Accepting that Michael is the Avatar of our time isn’t difficult for those who have chosen education as the vehicle towards understanding…and, with the knowledge gained, all prejudice simply disappears.  June 25, 2009 saw Michael’s profound influence on the heart of man endure beyond his passing.WE ARE ONE

A storyteller is someone who can hold his audience in the palm of his hand~making them cry and laugh, taking them anywhere emotionally with something as deceptively simple as words…MOONWALKER.  A storyteller can listen, truly listen, as someone shares the threads of a personal tapestry of events.  A storyteller is curious, adept at the art of questioning.  A storyteller becomes invisible so as to allow life to unfold as if unseen.  Michael Jackson embodied the attributes of the most gifted of storytellers.  To know Michael is to embrace the essence of childlike curiosity, while at the same time feeling the care of one older than his years…the trustworthy wisdom of a wounded soul.HERO FOUR

Michael used disguise, a kind of meditation “with eyes open”,(Inge) to ponder as  he studied others.  Often described as loneliness, another way to look at it is to visualize a person pondering, contemplative, reflecting on the history of someone else’s story.  He was a sponge, soaking up details of the many lives who slipped in and out of his memory net.  His potent power of perception, his unique ability to engage in the pain and pleasure of humankind, the pure joy of laughter and play…each kernel of living sparked original thought.MR. WONDERFUL TWO

Michael loved the world, loved his Fans, loved people as he thawed hearts across the entire planet.  His accessibility touched lives whether seen or unseen.  We hear time and time again that his presence was felt even before entering a room and when he entered, the room changed, shifting molecules, creating energy fields.  Quite simply, we are not the same after Michael Jackson.  Michael believed in dreams, embracing the possibility of miracles, grateful that he was a magnet for miracles.humanity

Neverland is a magical place representing the totality of Michael Jackson.  For almost two decades, it was a place of healing, a place where children could be children, and adults could return to a childhood forgotten.  Today, Fans return once more, seeking Michael and the Utopia he created, and although many painful memories cannot be ignored, Fans find a peace and spiritual uplifting there.  Sunrises and sunsets provide healing to help us remember lessons Michael has taught:  I believe in me so you believe in you…help me sing~ If you only believe in the blessings of life, in the flamesgood and the fair and the just and the right, in the power of love~ and the world we once believed in will shine again in grace~ believe in yourself no matter what it’s gonna take. 

Tears flow with such intensity and we realize that being there is enough.  We are touched and seek to find words within the stillness of the hour.  Michael is there.

August 2015ahhh thirty

The whole of today was given to our trip to Neverland, and we spent it beautifully.  The magic of this place still stays so strong.  There are no words  to explain how one feels when you are here.  His spirit definitely soars over this place…HOME SWEET HOME.  I cannot even start to imagine how emotional Michael feels when he sees his home from above…and everything that is going on inside and around…mean people still continue to get his belongings out of Neverland, while his Fans, his most loyal Fans and devotees…Army of Love, still camp at the gates and pay their respects, showingfans ten him their endless love, devotion and admiration.  We spent long hours there, talking to all who come and go, having some lunch, decorating the place with our candles, pictures, stones with messages of love from the Fans, listening to Michael’s singing, taking long walks alongside the Neverland fence. 

The miracle happened when we stood altogether in front of the road which starts right behind the gates and leads to the depths of the ranch.  Silently, we cried because nobody wanted to say Good-bye.  But, we had to.  It was totally silent.  Suddenly, the one and only tree right behind the guard house started shaking, producing a hum-like sound.  We were mesmerized.  Michael was giving us a sign he was here, watching us and comforting us.  There was no doubt among us, Michael  was here with us.  He saw  our pain and sent us his love and compassion.  Our Dear Angel loves his devotees, he really does.

Irina Eropolova 

~Watching from afar~

~I am here with you~neverland again three

~I’ll be there~

~I’ll never let you part for you’re always in my heart~



~Thank you, My Dearest Sister Irina…for all your love, for sharing your beautiful pilgrimage with me, for ALWAYS BEING THERE~