~One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:  that word is LOVE~

Sophoclesaccomplished five

“They scream, they cry, they love, they support, they defend, they listen.  My fans are everything.”

Michael Jackson

“Michael Jackson’s passing was a stimulus for many people:  inspiration, motivation, dynamism, commitment, vows, direction, achievements, new perspectives, spiritual awakenings.  People all over the planet began to do things to mark his passing, tributes to remember Michael. Many among them are artists.  Some people found that they were wasting their lives, some were wasting their talent, some were in a way that did not suit them.  Many remembered the words of Michael about working hard on your passion and not giving up.  He inspired an entire generation of the young, and crossed over to other generations.  No child should grow up without Michael Magic.”

Reverend B. Kaufmann  Writer and Educatoraccomplished three

~If true love is what you really feel~

~It can erase a world of sorrow~

~You will find the love that you really need~

~And create a great tomorrow~


Michael Jackson

While shape-shifting, we find ourselves mapping our heart territory with revelations that expand our understanding of the realm of possibility.  LISTEN!  LOOK!  REALLY SEE!  REALLY HEAR!  Our truest current form holds tightly to the deepest part of ourselves.  We are strengthened, clarifying who we really are with personal journeys that mark us.  In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:  To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men. We have arrived at our creative collaborations.  One man, whose historical weight and beauty affects theaccomplished fifteen many, defines for us the quality of our lives. “Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul:  Where there is compassion, even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless.”   Eric Hoffer’s words ring amazingly true in the continued culture of opportunists piggybacking upon one another with the sensational story.  Michael Jackson remains the most famous person on the planet.  Paradoxically, that translates into making art or making trouble.  In more ignorant quarters, the crazy-makers continue their war with words and misinformation.  Sensational headlines strike at Michael’s life,  legacy, and his children.  What they fail to comprehend is that WE COLLABORATORS speak for Michael Jackson.  And, we are here right up until the time the truth is known to all.  Michael’s incandescence fuels our creative flight in as many ways as there is art to communicate with the world.  Fans seek to reveal Michael’s truths, his artistry, his legacy by taking action in diverse ways, understanding that creativity brings solutions to problems.accomplished fourteen

You all know that nobody ever gave on stage like Michael Jackson.  But, Michael  was also a true humanitarian who gave just as much off stage as he did on stage.  Michael and his family came from humble roots and Michael always cared very deeply for those in need.  And, beyond all his records that he set as a recording artist, Michael even made the Guinness Book of World Records for the most charities supported by a pop star.  Because he gave so much for so many of us, for so long, Michael Jackson will be with us forever.”

Kobe Bryantaccomplished four

~In Mahayana Buddhism, there is an enlightened existence known as ‘bodhisattva’ who decides to postpone nirvana in order to alleviate the suffering of others~

~Character is defined in action~

~Character is defined in honesty~

~Charity is giving expecting nothing in return~

~a teacher strengthens and clarifies who we are~


Together, we collaborators, sing and dance, we paint and write, we gather and organize.  We display beautiful flowers and artwork, we research and educate,  we give interviews, share stories, work tirelessly to continue Michael’s message to heal the world, rescue the children, save the planet.  Michael believed in us before we believed in ourselves.  He built and paid for his legacy with his blood, sweat and God-given talents.  He never gave up on us.  His words soothe, excite, define, challenge, teach, inspire, nurture, heal, rescue…always giving hope, with a sense of acute sensitivity, he gave unconditional love.

“We were a constant reminder of how he transforms lives, moving people, through his music, to live in the spirit of love and peace and tolerance, and to embrace his message to heal the world.”

Talitha Flutterbyaccomplished twelve

Dear Friends,

All over the US, Europe and East, in the last few months, I had the real thrill of seeing many of your smiling faces in the audiences at my concerts.  As you know, I haven’t been on tour for some time, so it’s really wonderful to come back and be thrilled with your support and friendship.  I feel tremendous waves of love coming out of the audience as soon as I get on stage.  And, I’m still feeling it after the last notes of the band.  Thank you for being such great and loyal fans.  It means so much to me…more than you ever will know.  I wish you all peace and happiness in the coming year.  I love you.

Michael Jackson

All we have learned ends up defining the quality of our lives.  One man can have an accomplished eleveneffect on so many.  We are spiritually and creatively connected, our service defined by Michael’s language of love…always asking:  What has been done?  What is left to do?  It is a world of action.  “Where there is great love there are always miracles.”  What Willa Cather says is revealed.   Each day, the number of collaborators grows as many more speak out.  The tapestry of creativity is woven with color and texture in a collective group energy.  Adversity has not only been an education, but has also deepened our heart and art, creating empathy and compassion for the adversity of others.  Nothing separated Michael from his creations.  Channeling brought him closer to intimacy.  His gentleness connects all people.

“The foundation of his being was an extraordinary God-given musical talent…let’s call it the genius that it was.”

New York Public LibraryACCOMPLISHED TEN

“He’s a great artist.  He really brought dance and staging into the pop world through his videos and concerts.  No one before him had done anything like that.  He was ahead of his time with everything he did.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber

“This may sound strange, but people feel the energy coming from him, almost as if he was endowed with superhuman powers.  People usually are in a state of shock when they find it, you can’t even talk.  Actually, Michael casts a magic spell.”

Cynthia Horner  Right On! Magazineaccomplished seven

“Michael has a special relationship with his fans based on mutual love and understanding.  He expressed this to us collectively by dedicating so much to his fans, and individually showering those of us fortunate to meet him with attention and love.  No matter where he went or what he was doing, he would take time to stop and talk to us, accept gifts and letters for which he was always so grateful…and, do anything he could to make us feel special and loved.  Michael couldn’t say NO.  That’s why I, like many of my friends, never asked him for anything.  When he did sweet things for us, it meant so much more.  And, he did so much…inviting us to accompany him on shopping trips, in limousine rides, and to theme parks, writing us sweet little notes and letters, giving us hugs and making us feel special.  He made our dreams come true again and again and again.

Talitha Flutterbyaccomplished eight

He was simple, kind and genuine.  Michael Jackson was a true genius.  When he was on stage, everybody was looking at him.  He had a rare gift that inspires people of all races, all countries, all over the world.”

Mohamed Al Fayed

“Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color way before Tiger Woods, way before Oprah Winfrey, way before Barack Obama.  Michael did with music what they later did in sports, in politics, and in TV.  And, no controversy can erase that historic impact.”

Reverend Al Sharpton

“At the time that he releases THRILLER, I always argue that MTV was arguably the best example of cultural apartheid in the United States.  Michael Jackson became one of the first African-Americans to be a global icon.  He has brought together all races, ages, and religions all over the world for many years, and still  is today.  He is without a doubt the most successful and legendary artist of our time.  He is known all over the world.  He raised our social consciousness to a deeper level while changing ouraccomplished six everyday culture.”

Mark Anthony Neal

Professor of Black Popular Culture

Duke University Department of African American Studies

~and from the family

“There’s love, trust and memories of insane fun my cousins and I always had with Uncle Michael.  Such a magical childhood I had, full of imagination and dreams, favorite Disney characters, and endless candy and popcorn…movie nights where we begged not to have to go home.  Too much fun.  RIP to the biggest kid that ever lived.  I love and miss you, Uncle Michael.”

Yashi Brown

One of the most important lessons I learned from my Uncle Michael…TRUE CHARITY.  He taught us, my brothers and me, at a young age, that it’s not charity if you announce it to everyone saying ‘HEY, LOOK WHAT I DID!’  True charity is when you do something for someone, or give money or time to something and nobody else knows you did it.  That was one of the first things our uncle reminded us about when we started to have success with 3T.  Be charitable and give back.  Use your success andaccomplished thirteen fame for good.  Visit children’s hospitals.  Give yourself to the less fortunate.  Make your music count for something.  My uncle was truly amazing.  Not only did he do all of these  things and more.  We learned best by his example.  There will never be a purer soul than my Uncle Michael.  People put him through Hell here on earth.  But now, he is finally in Heaven.  I miss him so much.”

Toriano Adaryll Jackson

“Seven years…rest in peace…my best friend in the entire universe.  I love you more than anything.  Things may be a little shitty in the press right now, but everyone knows it’s all bull, and I swear on the family name, I will protect you for as long as I live.  There’s no one like you, and there never will be.  Thank you for touching millions of hearts, but especially, my own.”


June 25, 2016apple twelve

~My passion for painting, and the way I understand it better by studying the paintings of people like Poussin, has helped me to defy first impressions. In a landscape, it’s not what you see right in front of you that is all that is there.  That’s not what it is that you see.  Most of the time, what is painted is what is between you and the image~

Michael Jackson

Our imaginative flight with Michael Jackson ensures our strength through creative endurance.  Joyously aware of the divinity that guides us, we continue to work and play in a body of knowledge so profound and beautiful that it brings with it daily awakenings for more and better understanding.  “The harder we look at it, the more we see.”  Siren.


Watercolor angel

Where do You begin?

I cannot define Your edges

Your colors seep into me and contaminate my senses

So that I no longer understand

What separates You from God

Or why I even need to…

ART & SOUL by Siren

We come together in a collaboration powered by love.  Our voices ring out with color and texture, our words broader and more expansive, filled with emotion.  We are on a pilgrimage which embraces the confluence of past, present and future.


Dedicated to

Michael Jackson’s Legacy CharityLEGACY EIGHT

MJL has partnered with the Romanian charity Asociatia Faborisa to help fund the renovation and re-furbishing of the Paediatric Ward at the Marius Nasta Hospital in Bucharest.  We look forward to uniting once again to bring Michael’s magic to another part of the world, in his memory, and through his precious example.






Michael Jackson