A DIALOGUE OF THE DECADES…an immersion into a continuous thread of revelation

~If you know nothing of me at least know thisadorable always two

~That I lived seeking you and this was my best of joy


With a joi de vivre AWE TWENTY FIVE

Believing that music can save

Music can heal

Michael Jackson was a moving star

Never a constant one


If Jennifer Stone is right when she says that, “Longing is all that lasts”…our inexplicable longing reveals the sacred site of our souls.  This spiritual seat of feelings and sentiments, our effective state of consciousness, enables us to experience great joy and profound sorrow.  Ordinary doesn’t come into our warm and full hearts…quite the contrary, Michael Jackson defines the word extraordinary!  A nova who defies its nature by never burning out, his brilliant light burst into cosmic explosions.  More like the speed of light than the speed of sound, we see an artist who shone a thousand times brighter than any other.  Our never-ending longing demands of us greater and greater knowledge.BREATHLESS TEN  Studying the five decades that Michael Jackson danced the planet, a Maestro…this master of art…not only have we learned of his galactic talent, we have come to realize the immense significance of his legacy.  Our journey demands reclaiming more SEXY MAN SEVENTEENMichael…his stages of musical genius, his footprints left on the planet.

“Love, Love, Love.  That is the soul of a genius.”


Circumnavigating the curvature of Michael’s catalog of art brings with it the revelation that layer upon layer upon layer of artistry is like no other.  Unparalleled in scope and texture, with the very foundation of integrity, there is a freedom within the courage. This man combined perfection with creativity, career with outreach, work ethic with play, boldness within tenderness, confidence within humility, maturity that held innocence, joy strengthened by a wounded heart.  He wrote parables speaking from divine inspiration, and channeled the music of the spheres.  By holding masses of people in his hands, he guided a world love movement.  As a teacher and leader, his vulnerabilities aroused and influenced a collective worldwide energy. As his imagination discovered new worlds of creativity, we have discovered new worlds in our collective activism.AHHHHTWO All of this begs the question: Who else has ever done this?  What other human being has so extensively affected multiple spheres.  To be sure, there are artists who have written and composed beautiful music.  There are people who have done philanthropic works for the betterment of mankind.  There are orators who have given speeches that have affected the thoughts of generations.  There are leaders who have succeeded in bringing about cultural change.  There are stars of stage, screen, and music who are loved.  There are dancers who have mesmerized.  There are writers who have moved the human spirit.  There are those who have kept their humility, even their childlike innocence.  There are those who have faced great suffering and pain bravely.  There are those who have been cruelly attacked and treated unjustly.  But, in my lifetime and my studies, I have never discovered ONE human being that has done them all…save Michael Jackson.BE STILL MY HEART TODAY FOURTEEN

~compare…to examine for the purpose of noting similarities and differences, like and unlike characteristics

~contrast…with an eye to differences, placing together so differences are striking

~unique…existing as the only one…sole example…having no like or equal, unparalleled, incomparable, impossible to duplicate

Just the other day another online voting contest appeared, paring entertainers, giving  Fans an opportunity to support and award their favorite artist.  Michael Jackson is a part of a multitude of competitions like this.  During the five decades of Michael’s career, he was honored with awards…often these awards were the first to be given because Michael’s career constantly pushed the envelope.  Groups found it necessary to invent a new award because any pre-existing awards just didn’t fit Michael’s achievements.WOUNDED WARRIOR

“Any words one speaks or writes are sort of redundant in the face of what we’ve just seen and heard.  He is probably the most famous person on the planet, God help him. ahhhh four He has also sold more records than anybody else on the planet.  And he has also written, recorded and performed some of the most glorious music in the pop canon.  So along  with all the gaff written about him, it’s probably one such justification that he’s continually referred to as the King of Pop.  They came up with Artist of a Generation Award to give him.  But Michael Jackson has been making music literally since he was a baby.  So, what generation?  At least three have been listening to him already.  And, who will they give it to next year?  Or is this award in itself a one-off like the man himself.  Because childhood prodigy to adult genius, when Michael Jackson sings, it is with the voice of angels, and when his feet move, you can see God dancing.  So, tonight, the BRIT’s Artist of a Generation is:  Michael Jackson.”AWE TWENTY FOUR

The sheer volume of work Michael Jackson has accomplished, professionally, personally, philanthropically is unique.  Comparisons to discover similarities can only be done in part…contrasts being far more realistic.  Michael embraced his God-given talent with a joi de verve…offering himself completely, offering his fame, fortune, even his home.  In my lifetime, I have never witnessed the sheer volume of it all…witnessed someone offering their home and everything that included…with a pure and unconditional love for children and the inner child that lives in us all.  Opening his doors…asking nothing from guests but a smile…giving, asking nothing in return. Five decades of love, artistry, personal connection…has turned into a sixth.  People across the planet continue to flock to Michael.  A bond that is personal and unbreakable not only keeps Michael’s artistry alive…it continues his messages.  Who else can remain vital after leaving this earth?  Who else can inspire masses of people to make change…change for healing a wounded planet?  Who else inspires a quest for more knowledge?  Who else empowersAHHHH SIX a collective movement almost six years after they have passed?  Who else influences music and fashion and film almost six years after they have passed?  Who else inspires a quest for justice and an end to racism, prejudice and bigotry?  Who?

“You are connected to a higher source and you just go with the moment and you become one with the spirit, very much like religion.  It’s a God-given gift and you BREATHLESS SIXjust go with it.  I’m honored to have been given it and it’s fun to become one with the audience.  It’s a oneness, you know.”

Michael Jacksonahhh six

There is a longing that resides deep inside Michael Jackson Fans.  It is complicated and complex and emotional and passionate, just as it should be…how could it not?  Our dedication grows and with that growth comes our yearning to educate the world.  The demands of that are extensive because Michael Jackson is unique…that uniqueness is multifaceted, many layered, unparalleled…filled with wondrous magic and powerful threads of beauty, joined together in compelling revelations.  Inspired with:  I’m invincible…I’ve been through it all.  You can’t hurt me.  Knock me down.  I get back up.”  Michael Jackson.


~Words are our inexhaustible source of magic…capable of inflicting injury or remedying it.  Rowlings

We are here to carry on.

Judebreathless eleven