SCHOOL THE WORLD…an immersion into re-educating

Call the man who deals in love beyond repair

He can heal the world of hearts in need of care

Shine a light ahead when the next step isn’t clearawe ten

Call the man

He’s needed here

Celine Dion

~martyr…one who undergoes severe or constant suffering

~saint…a person of great virtue or benevolence, founder of a movement

~human…sympathetic, humane, having the nature of mankind

Random House Dictionaryawe twelve

I wish people would stop regurgitating what they hear others say or post about my family and do their own research.  Lies never =the truth.  It is really up to all of us to re-educate the brainwashed and point them toward the truth.”

Tai Jackson

“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”


Experiencing extremes of emotions, we find bonding magnified as would a flame on a mountaintop be.  The abundance of our research only serves to preserve a field of vision underscoring a potent power in love.  Unified in this intense education, we can no longer bury our feelings because that would  mean burying our very souls.  Our orbit of knowledge grows daily and with it, our passion.  It is a shared history.  It refuses to awe nineaccept anything but truths, feeling personal betrayal when confronted with inaccuracy or deliberate lie.  In truth, we are branches on the same tree, albeit curved and clustered in a myriad of diversity, and not necessarily with the same degree of sap.  Spirituality, depth of study, openness of heart all inform understanding, and with our knowledge comes grateful joy. Tai Jackson’s words certainly give us a call to arms, for even though much has been accomplished, there is much to be done.  And so, I take to the page today, my heart heavy and my desire to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD alive and well, and beating within my chest.  Untangling the twisted truth of ancient lies seems to be our mantra these days.  Even though the internet offers actual footage, actual interviews, actual events, many cling to what they have been told by media, or, they simply do not have the time to devote to research.  How very fortunate we are that the Michael Jackson community is vast and vigilant, with an array of talents and gifts and diversity all seeking to reverse lies and give meaning to:  Lies never = the truth.  We restless agitators know that there is more to Michael Jackson then his unparalleled fame and fortune.  Digging intogreatest entertainer the layers these excavations have found:  human being, martyr, truth seeker, eternal artist, pioneer and legend, vanguard and standard bearer, justice seeker, saint, and lover.  God spoke to Michael in the language of music and he sang and danced and spoke that language for us…both he and we are chosen for a higher purpose…following awe eightdreams that demand responsibility.  We follow Willa Cather, feeling great love leading to miracles.

“Remembering that the past gives power to the present.”

Fae Myenne


“Michael was not only my brother, friend, inspiration and spiritual peer in music, he was love in the purest form.  Michael was able to give us the affection and tenderness of a child, but at the same time, give us the thrill of a beast.  The joy we gained from his life helped us get through so many trying times.  Words can never express or replace the loss that we have endured with his departure.  I have no choice but to remain inspired and continue to carry the torch for one of the most  incredible talents to walk on the earth.  God will never make one bad decision, so I must accept my responsibility in grief and stay strong and keep striving for excellence.  In Michael’s words to me, ‘Sean, you were blessed with a gift so your responsibility is to spread your talent and love to everyone you meet.  I love you, Michael.”

Sean Garrettawe seven

“Like the old proverb says, ‘Do not judge a man until you have walked 2 moons in his moccasins.’  Most people don’t know me, that is why they write such things in which most is not true.  I cry very, very often because it hurts and I worry about the children…all my children all over the world…I live for them.  If a man could say nothing against a character but what he can prove, history could not be written.  Animals strike, not from malice, but because they want to live.  It is the same with those who criticize.  They desire our blood, not our pain.  But, still I must achieve.  I must seek truth in all things.  I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world, for the children.  But, have mercy, for I’ve been bleeding a long time now.”

Michael Jackson 1987thud

“”Get out of there!’  Thomas Mesereau advised his weary, worn out, but relieved client by telephone. ‘ Why?  What have you heard, Tom?’  Michael Jackson asked his attorney, with anxiety in his voice.  ‘No specific words, but the District Attorneys are humiliated and angry over your acquittal, Michael.  They won’t stop until they get you on something.  You need to get out of their reach.’  Mesereau was advising his client and friend to ‘GET OUT OF DODGE!’ for his own safety and peace of mind.”

DEFENDING A KING ~His Life and Legacy Karen Moriartysexy dancer two

Michael’s innocent story in which he admitted sharing his bed with children was misinterpreted by social agents.  What Michael meant was that he shared his bed in the sense of ‘giving it’ to children who stayed at Neverland.  The notion that he sleeps with boys was a concoction by the prosecution.  What he said very openly was that he allows families into his room.  His  room is the size of a duplex.  It’s two levels.  He’s had mothers sleep there, fathers sleep there, sisters sleep there, brothers sleep there.  The prosecution concocted this little saying about sleeping with boys because they thought it would turn off the jury, and they failed.  We did have to explain who Michael Jackson was to the jury, that he’s a very creative spirit, a very gentle soul, a brilliant musician, a brilliant choreographer, and a very sensitive person who’s very concerned about the world and the problems in the world.  And he has a very childlike spirit and essence to him, and he attracts children all over the world.”

Tom Mesereauspeed demon five

“Of course you can have my bed if you want, sleep in it.  I’ll sleep on the floor.  We have guest units, but whenever kids come here, they always want to stay with me; they never want to stay in guest rooms.  They say, ‘Can I stay with you tonight?’  so I go, ‘If it’s okay with your parents, then, yes, you can.'”

Michael Jackson

“I had never seen any newspaper clippings, trophies, gold records, or other awards you’d expect to see somewhere in his house.  I asked him about this and he smiled, saying, ‘All that stuff’s in a house up on the other side of the property.’  I asked him, ‘Why don’t you put some of it up in here where everyone can see it?’  He answered,’ Well, I don’t like show offs and I don’t want to be one.  If I keep those things around me here where everyone can see them, then that kind of thing ends up being the topic of conversation and there are much more interesting things to talk about.  I don’t want to be reminded of who I am and what I’ve done and then end up thinking more of myself than is good for me.  Because, it’s not me.   I mean it’s a gift, what I have…it’s a gift from God.  He gave this to me, so it’s really not mine.  I get to use it, enjoy it, have fun with it…more important, share it.  But, it’s just a loan, really.”


William B. Van Valin II  MD

When asked about the importance of money, Michael replied:  “I guess it gets things done…to fulfil some dreams you need to have financial backing.  However I think everything starts with a thought, like if you plant a seed which then cultivates itself, everything comes out of that.”

Re-educating the world can be daunting at best.  Ingrained in minds all over this planet sexy alwaysare myths and lies that have been repeated so often that many accept them as truths.  Often, interpreting Michael’s humanness turns into an opportunity for negating the facts of his life…the astronomical successes, the constant and severe suffering, his great virtue and benevolence.  Michael represents mankind in all its facets, the heights and the depths, the joy and wonder and the woundedness.  When criticizing Michael’s choices, we are reminded of the old proverb he spoke of…we are admonished to learn more, research more.  Those who truly know Michael Jackson’s character understand that when he spoke of childhood, childlike, child innocence…HE WAS THAT VERY THING.  His choices in his life paint truths that he sang about, wrote about, talked about.  Once we have studied, researched, observed and LISTENED…the words martyr, saint, human not only apply…THEY ARE DEFINED.

“I always want to do music that inspires or influences another generation…I give my all to my work.  I want it to just live.”stunning angel

Michael Jackson




CALL THE MANprecious smile two


I love you, Michael.