WE ARE WHO WE PROTECT…who we stand up for

~Michael’s greatest success was YOU, his worldwide fans, who are changing the world with love.  YOU ARE HIS CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT.~


~Your lost friends are not dead, but gone before you, advanced a stage or two upon that road which you must travel in the steps they trod.~


He was a man of power; of positive power that brought people together in the time he lived.  He brought people from ALL walks of life, ALL nationalities, friends and foes alike.  He was healing in the spirit because he healed a lot of people with his music and with his spirit.  Being in his presence, when he visited hospitals, the children would miraculously be healed.  Michael should be remembered for being one of the most positive and unselfish human beings that ever lived.  He just happened to be a singer and a dancer.”

Jonathan Moffet

Connected in a community, believing in a story greater than myself, sometimes there is a feeling of being frozen in time.  But, it isn’t a trapped feeling, quite the opposite. respect Joined together, we fans each recognize a transformation of our own stories as we grow in our understanding of Michael’s story.  We have begun to realize that WE are a valuable part of Michael’s Legacy.  To be sure, Michael’s journey is frozen in each and every detail, every event, every accomplishment…but, his ice sculptures burn brightly with brilliant light and intense heat.  Consciously, We cherish each connection as bonds grow in strength, intensityahhhhh sixty three fueled.  And, although Carl Jung stated~Nothing worse could happen to one than to be completely understood~ we are dedicated in our mission to both understand Michael’s complex, multi-layered messages and, spread his legacy around the world.  Across the breadth of Michael’s journey lies the emotional sincerity of Michael’s heart, his very soul.ahhhhsixty

“He was so shy, he’d sit down and sing behind the couch with his back to me while I sat there with my hands over my eyes with the lights out.  I think the thing for him was he was a complete triple treat.  He could sing like nobody’s business, he could dance like nobody’s business with electric performances.  So, every time he hit the stage, no matter what he was doing, no matter what type of song he was doing, all eyes were on him.  I think Michael was a sheer natural, dropped on this earth by the Most HighART FOR MICHAEL to show everyone how to do it…and, he did it.  He was born with talent, you don’t learn it, no one teaches you how to be Michael Jackson in grade school.  The true, true stars are people with unique and unbelievable talent like no one else.  He didn’t sound like anyone else, he didn’t dance like anyone else, and he had ahhhhh sixty twothat special something that only stars have.  There are a lot of people who assume they’re stars…he was a real star.  Around the world, this guy is held up in honor as the greatest entertainer.  He transcended everything.  He was that uber star, not just a regular star.  I think now, people are trying to remember the joy that he brought into everyone’s lives, and also the sheer greatness of this talent, which is what you should be applauding at this time.  This is one of those times in our lifetime that we saw a real beacon.”

Randy Jackson

~Michael knew and was genius at communicating, not only lyrical and instrumental meaning, but with voice inflection, phrasing and emotion.  He could send a message to that little soul light inside, triggering joy and connection with a primal ‘something’ that has no words or explanation.  The miracle is the permanence of connection, and the expansion of knowing and feeling that extends to other areas of life.  The Creator used music as Michael’s microphone to the world.”performance art nine

Lauren Trainor  MJ Tribute Portrait

The Belgian saying:  ~One speaks evil of friends in order to divert attention from one’s own mistakes~  goes to the heart of  despicable lies and liars who seem incapable  of cleanliness of thought.  Attempts to discredit, with soundbites and smear campaigns, distortions and vulgarity, continue.  The media is free only to those who own one, their intent to put forth in the court of public opinion ~What got broken here doesn’t go back together again~   Enter the NEW MEDIA, sometimes called  CITIZEN JOURNALISM…Integrity and objectivity, education and truth, message and historical facts have now become the whole reason for doing what we do…we are here to changeomg ten the world of cynicism, low standard dirty interpretation…loading up all fears and allowing them to fly away.  Heaven Leigh said it beautifully when she wrote:  ~Michael was a champion of the poor and oppressed.  In his goodness, he gave wisdom to those in authority so that all people may enjoy justice, peace, freedom…to share the goodness of his creation~  His story continues in his artistry and with those who carry his messages, determined to obliterate organized smear campaigns for all time.  Michael’s clean thinking took him to very high realms and we are determined to protect this truth:  He was a man of his word…and, his word is intact still.  We are here to see that truth live on into future generations.  We are not taking NO for an answer.innocent eight

“Michael’s story becomes a much less complicated one when you see the obvious…that he was a rebel and a social justice fighter in the style of Gandhi.”

D.B. Anderson  Citizen Journalism


~a gentle genius with unparalleled stamina~  Karen Faye

Edward Hopper describes ART as necessary and attaches these five reasons:  Art is a natural human behavior~Art is communication~Art is healing~Art tells a story~Art is a shared experience.  Michael Jackson is the only force that can inspire people across the world to dance and celebrate in complete UNISON…his artistry touches EVERY human experience, communicating and healing us, storytelling in unforgettable shared experiences.  Taking this description of art a step forward, Michael Jackson’s artistry HUMANITARIANS TOGETHERinspires activism for change in the world.  It comes from a place of innocence and purity.

“My greatest inspiration comes from kids.  Each song, every dance I do, all the poetry I write.  It’s all inspired from the level of innocence, that consciousness of purity.  And, children have it.  I see God in the face of children.”

Michael Jacksonoh baby

We honor the struggle we share with Michael willingly, with the vulnerability he taught us, knowing we are all in this together.  We have asked ourselves: What are we growing toward?  Navigating the powerful currents surrounding Michael’s life and legacy, we connect to each other, presenting both individual and collective stories that empower a change in the public perception of Michael Jackson.  This is our cause.  These are our goals.   Becky Barn defines the importance of preserving his life and legacy when she said:  “Often, when a celebrity parts prematurely, there is a frenzy of the media and a period of mourning deep into the public, and then, life goes on.  This is not the case with Michael Jackson, whose influence is still felt on a daily basis in the music world and whose absence is still being referenced frequently.  Will we find another pop star who is so revered and loved?  Who has impact so deep and sustainable in the landscape of diversitymodern music?  Few believe that there is a possibility.”

“I totally enjoy what I’m doing…and bringing joy into people’s lives, to me, if I can bring one second of joy into a child or grown-up’s life, I have achieved my lifetime ambition.”  

Michael Jackson

Great artistry is complicated and magical.  A great artist gifts the world with wonderments.  A genius presents big thoughts, multi-layered, intricate to the extreme.ahhhh fifty nine  Aligned with the powers of the universe, Michael Jackson requires of us to revisit, nourish and define our thinking and understanding.  “Magic is what happens when you have encountered the divine.”  Phyllis Curott  Without a doubt, we have encountered the divine in Michael.

WE ARE WHO WE  PROTECT, WHO WE STAND UP FOR!  With a massive crowd of smart people who love Michael, we have his back, and fully intend to open the doors of justice and truth.

“Angels wait for us to call them.  They walk beside us all the time, they guide, heal andbilliejean classic protect us.  We can develop deep and illuminating relationships with angels, if we just call them.  No task is too small, no task is too big to call on our angels.  Thank you, Michael, for your angelic inspiration.  We love you.”

Betelgeusemj Mcol


Artwork Robyn Starkand