Stand up for what you believe in even if it means you stand alone.

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes.cute six

Never regret doing the right thing no matter what the cost may be.

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small or guilty for doing any of these things.

Don’t shrink away from standing or speaking or doing for fear of repercussionsman in the mirror two or personal price.

It takes a strong person to turn the other cheek, to not look the other way, to not just simply walk away.


Michael Jackson

Reflection is a necessary part of moving forward, an opportunity to re-evaluate, take a breath, and think about tomorrow.  It is useful to record revelations gained and appreciate the nuggets of learning received.  For me, the five years since Michael’s passing have revealed this truth…we must choose to learn.  Not only have I chosen to take this learning seriously, I have asked the question, “What kind of person am I if it isn’t personal?”  Michael held nothing back when he gave us the HISTORY ALBUM.  His reflections offered profound language and musical masterpieces revealing PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE wisdom.  And then, characteristic of his optimism, he moved on, always seeking the next dream.  Faced every day of his life with wolves at his heels, he eluded the grip of defeat, and bravely reached for the next star.   He realized that it was fruitless to fight a media community who lie for a living, elude accountability, and possess no moral fiber or professional ethic.  Instead, his artistry focused on humanity,gorgeous twenty six forgiveness and love…always believing in a distant image of a better world.  He understood the power of the people.  His vulnerability was a connecting force.  With it came a sincerity that was authentic.  It is true that you can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but, never all of the people all of the time.  The fact is, MICHAEL IS THE REAL DEAL and, we all know it.  As the world watched Michael being mercilessly and unjustly attacked with a cruel glee, it also witnessed Michael’s fervor for social justice.  As the world watched lies printed as truth, it also witnessed Michael’s global humanitarian work.  As the world watched greedy extortionists ask, “Why work when you can sue Michael Jackson?”, it also witnessed Michael’s impact as an ambassador around the world.  A human chain of love, constructed link by link, including all ages, colors, genders, and cultures, chose to learn from a MASTER TEACHER.  Refocusing our lens, we no longer choose to believe in a LMA TWObroken world where prejudice and hatred are permanent.

In this journey I have taken, dreams have begun to come true.  I yearned to be connected with kindred souls around the world and I have.  Each day when I check Google Analytics, I am thrilled by the dozens of countries shown to have discovered the articles I have written.  When I check the Comments on articles, I find personal stories CUTIE TWOof loving people who have chosen to learn from Michael.  When I seek to defend Michael’s life and legacy, his children and artistry, I discovered many activists who are giving their diverse gifts in pursuit of justice.  When I seek to do what I can to help children, animals and the ecology, I am over-whelmed with the generosity of Michael dwtJackson Fans.  When I want to be swept away by the most glorious music in the pop canon, I turn to Michael and escape into the world of a musical genius…hearing vocals,  rhythms and compositions that profoundly amaze. When I seek to be blown away by performances that touch every part of my body and soul, I turn to Michael and am never disappointed.  God’s plan often surprises me…being included in our online magazine, asked to be on blogradio, giving what I can to books inspired by Michael…these are all dreams I never thought of…but, God did.

I have this huge chalkboard, a gift from good friends.  It is my version of the little bits of paper Michael put around his bathroom mirror noting his goals and aspirations.  Today, I read each goal I had written in January and then, erased them.  Time to reflect.    Continuing to write articles, PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD, tops the list.  Writing ultimate performerarticles for the online magazine, charities and Facebook pages come next.  DEFENDING MICHAEL’S LIFE AND LEGACY will be on the list until every injustice is rectified and total vindication is headlined in every publication and network show on the planet.  Michael never aimed low and neither will I.  Lately, a new dream has begun to emerge.  It looms way out there in the distance…quite blurry…but, there, nonetheless.  I have spent hundreds of hours, in the dark, headphones on, listening to Michael’s catalog of music.  I have learned.  I would love to share the genius of Michael’s vocal work,  his rhythmic work, his background vocals, his compositions. The eight demos  on the XSCAPE Album are among the most astounding masterpieces I have ever heard. He was an instinctual artist and I have begun to understand some of those instincts.  I would love to pass it on to someone ready to learn.  Maybe God has another plan and my new dream may materialize. BADTWENTY-FOUR Time will tell.  Until then, it’s  fun to think about.

Much has been written and said about Michael’s impending THIS IS IT Tour. Dorian Holley had this to say…

“Michael Jackson had been preparing to take the world back and during the singer’s final night, he finally knew he was ready.  You would think that on the one hand, the world has kind of beaten him up and, you could forgive him for having some trepidation and fear.  But, he didn’t have any of that.  Words fail to describe what people would  have seen with the tour.  I couldn’t even imagine until last week when it became physically apparent on the set.  He was ready to show the world and I so wish there could have been just one concert so that the world would haveROSES 2014 seen.”  TIME MAGAZINE June 2009

Michael Jackson never stopped dreaming, planning.  When I feel the weight of this world, I turn to Michael for my inspiration, and, he never fails me.  When I feel small, I remember his words about bravery and strength.  When I feel hopeless,  I remember to dream.  When I feel alone, I turn to kindred spirits who have chosen to learn…to walk a similar path with our collective voices speaking as one…knowing that love is the TWYMMF NINEultimate truth at the heart of all creation.

I love you, Dear Friends.  THE DREAM CONTINUES!


HIS tory