~Faith is defined by a grateful heart beating with the strength of unconditional love~

“Let us show him our reverence for life.”AHHHH FORTY FOUR

Watch, learn, love.

Michael Jackson

I have begun to wonder…have I discovered that the blessing of channeling reveals itself most clearly when flames are licking at my feet?  Crashing, with a feeling that I can handle no more, am I truly at the place where my mind is completely open?ahhhh forty two

~Nothing good ever comes easy

All good things come in due time

You gotta find something to believe in

I’m telling you to OPEN YOUR MIND

Gotta put your heart on the line~


Last night I dreamed in prose.  Thoughts came flooding and my mind swam in beautiful language.  For the briefest of moments, I felt Michael’s power to channel, a gift that resulted in astounding music destined to change the world.  Michael Jackson had a photographic musical mind and with this rare gift, he remembered his dreams, entire songs appearing, ready to be danced out into the world.  His massive catalog of music spoke of human struggles, journeys that led to collective empowerment.  He chose  to travel the world and personally see its beauty and its suffering.  Inspiration came from both, and unparalleled artistry followed.  His heart…wounded and perfect, his geniusahhhh forty one mind open wide in wonder.  The magic of the Creator’s pen can only be heard when our senses live keenly in life…times of desperation, anger, frustration…times when we cannot see…sparkling times when we are alive in joyful wonderments…dark times when we feel the weight of faith crisis, hours of hopelessness that seem to have no end.  Walking through fire many, MANY times, Michael moved his depths of despair forward, expressing human thought which gave universal meaning.

With great strength and bravery, Michael stood up after each and every blow, fueled.  Gratitude and humility in perfect unison with his mantra:  Make love your weapon against any evil.ahhhh twenty nine

Life for my family has once again presented a series of difficult medical challenges, and with those challenges, I have found myself moving from fear to anger to despair…all very human reactions, briefly healthy but, dangerous if allowed to paralyze…miraculous when inspiring channeling in my dreams.  The challenges have brought doubt in the adage:  ~We will never be given more than we can handle~  But, when I have been allowed to take a breath, my mindomg eight has opened and I rediscover my pen.  Just as Michael felt great pain when seeing suffering, pain comes to me when I see my husband suffer.  Great love brings with it both immense joy and profound sadness.  The gratitude that strengthens faith allows us to love unconditionally and, survive it!jesus

My gift to YOU, Dear Friends, is to share the gift channeled to me…deep gratitude for the privilege of being a part of this loving and potent Michael Jackson Community of Love.  Michael has changed our lives.  Our privilege comes in sharing what we have learned with the world.  Thank you for taking so much time to visit CHOSEN VOICES each day.  Thank you for taking time to share so generously your wisdom and creativity in prose and poetry and painting…great thoughts that inspire me to continue.  Thank you for sharing articles in our effort to educate the world.  We have, TOGETHER, PAID MICHAEL FORWARD, with great enthusiasm…this month marking our 29th month anniversary.

~Gotta put your heart on the line if you wanna make it right

You’ve gotta reach out and try

Gotta put your heart on the line if you wanna get it rightmagic michael four

Gotta put it all on the line~

We are here to put our hearts on the line…marching and dancing and singing and educating alongside Michael.

~And, when our minds are truly open, channeling Michael to the world~

I love you, Michael!sexy performance three

I love you, Dear Friends!