“It seems strange to say this, but Michael will always be a part of me.  No othertruthtwo superstar I worked with wound himself into the threads at my core the way he did.  Michael opened a window to a quality of wonder unlike anything I’d been exposed to in my life.  For that gift, I felt I owed him.  I felt we all owed him.  And,giveintome we still do.  We owe him an honest view of who he was.  We still owe him that until we finally sweep away the crap of sensationalist headlines and clearly see why those who love him know more about him than any expert or journalist who claims to have probed his life.  Those journalists and experts do not know Michael Jackson.  But, if you love him, there’s a good chance that you do.”

Howard Bloom

The threads of that quote’s delicate effect upon my core define an enduring fabric of unconditional love.  I awaken each morning feeling Michael’s “quality of wonder”, its irresistible allure beckoning me.  I have this ever-growing conviction deep inside my soul.  I am anxious to seize every opportunity I can to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD. Turning on my computer, I jump into loving Michael communities, mingling, gaining knowledge, seeking truths. Michael said that ignorance was the nightmare of the mind.  I know that to be true.  And, I fully agree with Howard Bloom when he says we owe Michael “an honest view of who he was”.  I want to share with the world Michael’s great triumphs and his unexpected setbacks.  We as human beings can relateeyes three to both.  I want these moments to last forever telling the world truths.  When spending time with Michael, I am uplifted, energized, inspired.  My mind never stops.  Feelings of joy and pain inform the mood of each article.  Everyday reveals Michael’s monumental works, his unparalleled genius, his inexhaustible efforts to change our world and heal its wounds.  There is a Zen saying, “When you are really you, that is enlightenment.”  (all4michael)  “Michael Jackson held nothing back, when center stage. Each performance was his only performance…the last one.  Michael was one soul expressing for many bodies.” gorgeousseven (all4michael)

In my lifetime, I have never before known of any individual whose life and every single part of it was made public.  In my lifetime, I have never before known of any individual whose life  and every single part of it was put under a microscope and judged.  EVERY SINGLE PART.  In my lifetime, I have never before known of any individual whose children’s parentage was questioned.  In my lifetime, I have never before known of any individual whose marriages were questioned as to their authenticity.  In my lifetime, I have never before known of any individual whose accidents and health issues scream fivewere discounted.  The disrespect and lack of care from one human being to another brings me to my knees.  Just this week, the words grotesque and pedo were used in an article that was supposed to be discussing XSCAPE!  I believe this is what Howard Bloom refers to when he says “we still owe him until we finally sweep away the crap…”

“Rarely has an artist been so adept at communicating the vitality and vulnerability  of the human condition.”  Joseph Vogel

Unconditional love fueled Michael.  His ability to share the heartache, the pain, the injustice, the abuse, brought us to Michael.  It is what holds us to his heart…to his life and legacy.  It fuels us to defend him to the world.handsome eight


Michael projected what he felt and that is what winds him into threads at our core.  The rush of wonder we absorb from Michael glistens within us.  We are determined and resilient with a radiant glow that receives its sparkle from Michael’s light.  We will not rest until Michael’s truths are known, united in our desire to make a difference.  We LOVE him and we DO know him.

I love you!


HIS tory

MYstoryhandsome five