IMMERSION…a journal



An intensive study of the artistry of Michael Jackson

It is Saturday, August 9, 2014.  Amidst thousands of pieces of research, dozens and dozens of books and articles, DVDs, CDs, YouTube videos, I begin planning for the first session of studies with my talented and bright student, Gail.  My brain feels scattered while attempting to organize her notebook and texts.  I must admit to being nervous about my approach to the first day.  The sessions are in two-hour segments, one installment a week, the duration is  open-ended at the moment.  I think I am most muddled by the possibility of trying to do too much too soon.  Scheduling is new to me, since in my career I had the luxury of having children five days a week, 6 and a half hours a day for nine months.  It was easy to allow learning to unfold gradually, sequentially.  This is different.  Gail is a professional singer and actor, a master voice teacher and a seasoned performer.  She is seeking inspiration, new blood, opportunities to learn from the greatest performer in the history of popular music.  Michael will not let her down.  I be still my heart twodon’t want to either.

Since Gail spends a good measure of her career in theatre, that is my entry point.  I have chosen Smooth Criminal, using the Dream Capsule of Moonwalker, the wearable artistry of KING OF STYLE, the Dangerous World Tour live performance and reflections from Michael and collaborators to lead into the storytelling of BLUE GANGSTA.

In an attempt to feel movement along with Michael, I decided to convert a small TV room in our home to a Studies Room.  Oh, I don’t like that name and I don’t want to call smooth criminal eight it a classroom.  I hope something else will come to mind.  We will begin there as I offer my INTRO.  Michael believed in INTROS AND OUTROS.  I do, too.  So, even before Gail arrives, I will have forwarded a YouTube video to help her FEEL.  Once she arrives, we will continue to help feelings grow.  Moving to our “theatre room”…or that is what we like to call it…we will view the short film and live performance.  I am hoping to end with Gail blindfolded, earphones on, listening to BLUE GANGSTA in the room I call INSIDE THE STUDIO.  Before and after each visual and audio, I will offer artistry teachings and we can talk about Michael’s gifts of SEEING ART IN EVERYTHING, HEARING MUSIC IN EVERYTHING, TAPESTRY OF SOUND, BEATBOXING, STORYTELLING, BODY AS CANVAS.

The first session will end with a MICHAELING ASSIGNMENT…My plan is to have sessions’ INTROS begin right before Gail arrives and then in the Studies Room…and, smooth criminal sixOUTROS set up as MICHAELING.

I have two days to organize this into a coherent and motivating beginning.  I think journaling is helpful.

Dear Friends, this is not the usual article from me.  In MICHAELJACKSONCHOSENVOICES I have really tried not to focus much on me.  I have wanted to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD by sharing what I have learned.  But, this new adventure feels like it needs to be shared with YOU.  YOU HAVE BEEN SO VERY KIND AND DEDICATED to checking in on the articles and letting me know your thoughts…YOURstories.  For me, this is a stretch.  I started the blog saying that I was smooth criminal fivePUTTING MY HEART ON THE LINE…I truly am with this new phase.

Thank you for listening.  I would love to hear what you think.  I really and truly believe in ripples…and, I think that education is the answer.  I love having Gail  be the first person to try because she works with young people everyday…I can feel the splashing ripples already.  IT’S ALL FOR LOVE.  Sharing Michael with all generations is key to helping change and heal the world.  I truly believe that.

I love you,