Michael Jacksonalove six

~He’s never let us down.  His religion was decency.  He spent a lifetime fighting its enemies~  A. Sorkin

~He who sings, prays twice~  St. Augustine

October 24, 2014  Foggia, Italy

Parish of the ‘Beata Vergine Maria Immacolata from Assisi

Friar Alessandro D’Assisi

“They have painted him to us in a terrible way.  They have destroyed him.  They have presented this man as if he were a monster, telling us lie after lie.  Do you know why?  Because of envy.  Because Michael Jackson was a man who dedicated his life to good, for charity, and to spread love through his music.  You have to get to know things.  We must listen to those who lived with him.  You have to read what he wrote.  You have to see the facts…foundations which he founded, the money he gave to charity to build structures to care for people in need…his presence in the first person.”alove five

~Many countries pay tribute to and remember their warriors fallen in battle.  Michael Jackson was a warrior of a different kind, who faced conflict and adversity in his own life and fought his battles with LOVE.   He knew that not only personal conflicts, but also those between nations, could be healed if we all tried to understand and love each other more.  Sadly, the world still isn’t listening.   But let us always remember, and give thanks, that Michael tried so hard to make it happen~  MJLalove three


Redemption is the ultimate deliverance from sins and consequences by means of a sacrifice.

It takes both time and spirit to reach understanding fully.  As Rumi said, we feel quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what we truly love.  Reaching the point where our understanding reveals a human being who was designed for giving… with a growing cast of characters, Michael’s timeline underscores our own lives.  The fight is just getting started as we, in mass, come to the rescue.  It is THE MICHAEL JACKSON MOVEMENT…a legacy of protection.

~It starts in this room, and goes all over the world~

Our ritual of love is reborn over and over again as Michael’s artistry binds us together.  We are witnessing a changing landscape.  Education is replacing “prejudice is ignorance” with what some call citizen journalism.  Its universal appeal has infused us with purpose and design, defining who we are by how we live.  Telling the truth, but being painted a liar, is no longer acceptable.  Using words, creating with paint, singingalove thirteen and dancing, we tell our stories, we share our research, we come together from all over the world, finally and completely erasing myth, with our refusal to believe it is never-ending.  Michael Jackson has revealed the secrets of life to us…passionate and persevering, we speak for him.  The historical collection grows, link by link, stronger everyday.  Steering through both shallow and deep waters, our mission is to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD for future generations, seeking justice, and attempting to continue Michael’s charitable works throughout the world.  Years of experience have shown that delivering the truth is in our hands.alove two

~The reality of Michael Jackson’s humanity…the implications and inferences of his art are so monumentally and magnificently global that nothing American television could do to besmirch his character could ever, if you will, deny the legitimate genius that he represents…and, America has responded, as indeed has the globe~alove fourteen

Michael Eric Dyson

“He was the consummate performer, the ultimate showman, the creator of the biggest-selling album of all time…who 3 decades ago crashed through racial barriers on the music charts, ushered in the music video age, and remade the pop music landscape.” New York Times November 2012

He taught me so many things.  He taught me about loving animals, vegetarianism, animal rights, environmental issues, caring about your fans, how to treat your fans-in fact, that the moment you meet your fans may just be a fleeting moment for you, and sometimes you’re in the middle of things you’ve got to take time for, but to them…they’re going to remember this moment for the rest of their lives…how important it is for that exchange and how to treat them.  He was the big brother I never had, honestly.  Thealove fact that when I did get arrested for drug possession in 1990, even though his image was squeaky clean and by all rights he could have stepped aside and moved me back, he didn’t.  He called me and I got that message on my answering machine which said, ‘Hi, Corey.  It’s Michael.  Is everything OK?  Call me if you need me.’  He was my friend.  He was supportive…and, thank God for that.  That really showed me the value alove eighteenof what type of person he was.”  Corey Feldman

“When Michael was in London in 2005, Paris saw a whole row of balloons in the lobby of a hotel.  She wanted one and hotel staff ran around trying to find scissors to cut her one.  Michael stopped them and said to Paris, ‘I’m sorry, Paris, you cannot have one.  They are not here for us.  They’re for charity.  I love you, but, just because you are my daughter does not mean you can have whatever you like.’  She cried and the hotel staff went to get a balloon.  Michael said, ‘She is my kid.  I’ve told her no, and she needs to understand.”  Karen Faye Make-up Artistalove fifteen

“You know, there was one moment.  I was playing a piano and he was standing next to me.  All of a sudden, he stretched his hands, looking upward.  It seemed to me that it was very important to him.  That’s why I left the room and switched the lights off.  After half an hour, I came back to the room.  He was whispering, ‘Thank you for my talent.  Thank you for everything I’ve got.  Thank you for all the people who love me.  Tell me what I should do and I’ll do it.’  It seemed to me that it was the moment of his communication with God.”  Seth Riggs  Vocal Coachalove eleven

~the effort to discover an authentic self, to strip away layers of alienation and culturally imposed identity, and find a soul in a clear, unimpeded communion with the sacred~

Cynthia Eller

~Let us not forget…sometimes we all wonder why our life’s journey is not like we expected or wanted.  The most important lesson is, it is not what we get out of it, but what we give back.  Michael spent decades giving back and teaching the world how to love one another.  He did not boast or make public most of his charity giving because he gave from his heart.  Michael left us with an important message…HEAL THE WORLD~ LOVE THE CHILDREN~ LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  Some years have passed and we have shed many tears.  It is time to keep working on Michael’s Humanitarian Legacy~  keep healing the world, keep loving the children and loving each other.  PAY IT FORWARD WITH LOVE.  WE MISS YOU, MICHAEL~  MDFalove eight

Each day we are suspended in Michael’s endless optimism as an ambassador of good will around this world, with an influence that lives on.  The events of his life, so real, and so interwoven with ours, continue to inspire and bring hope to multitudes of people.  Refusing to accept nothing less than perfection, Michael has taught us to reach deep down inside for the potential that lives there, to truly understand the range of possibilities open to us…splendidly bright.  He is the source.  We are the messengers.

The ultimate teacher, the truth of his legacy powers the movement we share.  What we have learned completes us and we are taking over…we have the truth…this is our mission…to see it through!  THE MICHAEL JACKSON MOVEMENT!

KEEPSAKESalove four

We are looking around in the lost and found of our hearts…and, each time our eyes and ears discover a precious piece of Michael’s artistry we rush to share it.  Everywhere we go, everything we see, everywhere we look Michael is there.  Lovingly, we tend his memory.

~I have proven my part.  The pain of life touches me, but the joy of life is so much stronger.  LOVE IS MY MESSAGE~  Michael Jackson

October 28, 2009  34th Annual Awards Gala of the T.J. Martell Foundation

Michael Jackson was honored with the first LIFETIME LEGEND AWARD for being the largest donor of the Foundation in its 34 year history.  The Foundation supports research for treatments and cures for leukemia, cancer, AIDS.

Thank you, Michael, for being present in the first person.alove ten

We love you.


Autumn Leaves/Michael’s Autumn

Mimi O’Garren








“Oh, that is the day I hunger for!”


Justin Timberlake sings HUMAN NATURE with his audience.BEAUTY THREE


Michael Jackson

Two Birds

It’s hard to tell them what I feel for you.  They haven’t ever met you, and no one has your picture.  So how can they ever understand your mystery?  Let’s give them a clue:GORGEOUS SEVENestwo

Two birds sit in a tree.  One eats cherries, while the other looks on.  Two birds fly through the air.  One’s song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent.  Two birds wheel in the sun.  One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility.

It’s easy to guess which bird I am, but they’ll never find you.  Unless…

Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond, that PERFORMANCE FOURbreathes free in the invisible air.  Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious.  How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine?

Oh, that is a day I hunger for!

Michael Jackson


In the rehearsal footage from the final day (preparing for his 50 sell-out concerts at the O2) Michael Jackson is shown, at one moment, pointing out at his imagined audience:  You, you, you, us, we.”  (MAN IN THE MUSIC Joseph Vogel) The limitations of the world’s realities did not prevent Michael Jackson from boundlessly imagining that collectively we could change the terrifying future our children face.  “It’s not the machines that are destroying the world…It’s the people that are destroying the world!” he said.  He didn’t want a happy ending to the shows.  “Not a happy ending.  I want it burning, I want it there, lasting and burning, and I want us standing there with our arms reached out, asking people ‘please!’ …before it becomes a travesty.”  With all his heart, Michael’s talent elevated understanding.  He held to the idea that even though nothing comes LIESeasy…all good things come in due time.  He saw an intricate connection in all things and never lost  sight of the power of potential and a collective energy.  “KEEPING YOUR HEAD UP TO THE SKY, WE CAN JUST RISE UP TELL ME NOW, GIVE ME YOUR WINGS SO WE CAN FLY.”  Michael Jackson

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

Muhammad Ali


Michael Jackson

I agree with Anne Finger when she says, “Part of getting over it is knowing that you will never get over it.”  Michael’s Army of love will never get over it.  Those who worked with Michael will never get over it.  His family will never get over it.  Unlike media critics whose most recent utterances include calling “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE?”  another tiresome, touchy-feely side of Michael’s work, indulgent in righteousness…once again defining the saying, “Critics THINK they know the way, but,XSCAPETWO cannot drive the car!”  Randall Roberts of the L.A. Times ended by alluding to XSCAPE as a work reminiscent of Michael “before his flaws felled him.”  Whenever I read this all-too-familiar criticism I wonder, if the names Dylan or Lennon were attached to the work, would it then be taken seriously as a social justice piece?  Those who subscribe to the idea that if it sounds too good to be true, it must be, slip into cynicism and minimize it as self-serving sentimentality. But, we the FANS, will never get over the message…never get over the tireless efforts to raise public awareness…never get over the dream.  NOT ONLY DO WE KNOW THE WAY…WE CAN COLLECTIVELY DRIVE THE CAR!  We have taken the time to KNOW the man, understanding from the facts learned, and speaking out against the tonnage of disrespect and disinformation.  We connect with the soul of a man who refused to allow cynicism to cloud his vision.  Instead, he asked the CHILDRENTHIRTEENquestion, “WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE?”  We can hear him say, “WHAT DO YOU NEED AND HOW CAN I HELP?”

“People will never really comprehend this man’s range-and the emotion behind his words and music.  He has a song for every situation in life.”  J. Marie

“By binding his heart to his art, Michael would keep his musical legacy alive.  Through binding his heart to our hearts, he keeps his humanitarian legacy alive.  FOREVER.” iconic MJL

“When Michael Jackson had an audience with Pope Paul, he brought Seth Riggs, his vocal coach, along with him.  While they were waiting to meet with his Holiness in the outer chamber, a fly came into the room.  It skillfully buzzed freely around them with a childlike freedom and Seth Riggs became so annoyed and killed it on the spot.  With tears in his eyes, Michael asked, ‘Why did you do that?’ Seth retorted, ‘It was just buzzing around here and getting on my nerves!’  Michael answered him like a Zen master and said, ‘He was enjoying his freedom and living his life and you ended it.’  From that day forward, Seth understood and animalstook on a deeper appreciation for all life because of Michael’s compassion for the fly. We were recording this song once called, ‘KEEP THE FAITH’ and came to an impasse for 20 minutes.  Michael said, ‘The song cannot be finished-we must think of something.’  So my friend, Andrae Crouch looked at me and said, ‘Howard, go to the piano and give us the pass that we need.  Do something.’  I went to the piano and came up with a three part harmony on the spot.  Michael jumped three feet in the air and said, ‘I love it!  I love it!  I love it!’  As always, he went around and hugged everyone to show them his love and danced around the studio because we got the part. My friend, Andrae says, ‘Every song that has been written has already been written.  We just receive it.’  So it was one of those magical moments in the studio.  It’s not planned.  Michael once said to me, ‘Whenever I dance on stage, I never count.  I just dance.  It just happens.’  Can you imagine that?  With the way that he moonwalks and everything, he never counts.  He does it spontaneously because if you can create in the moment, then you are a true artist.  That’s why XSCAPEpeople love Michael Jackson, because he is so spontaneous.  You will see this kind of spontaneity in his concert, I promise.  Michael knew how important it was to motivate everyone on his team with love to get the best performance, because he knew that love is the most powerful force in the universe.  We loved him and he loved us like a family and made each of us feel like we were the most important person in the world.  TOGETHER, WITH LOVE, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.”  Howard McCrary of the McCrary Family handsome twoSingers

It isn’t possible to be motivated if you believe that it is too good to be true.  Instead, you go from belief to doubt to cynicism.  Media fodder lives to disbelieve.  We, Michael’s Army of love live to BELIEVE.

Some may argue, am I not “preaching to the choir” as I attempt to write articles that PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.  I would answer…I AM PREACHING TO THE CHOIR, (myself, included) TO GIVE US ALL A CHANCE TO SING.  “Magic is what happens when you have encountered the DIVINE.”  Phyllis Curott.  Michael Jackson Fans have had a profound encounter with the DIVINE…and, WE WILL NEVER GET OVER IT.  We will sing loud enough for Michael to hear.  We will allow our tears to water our collective soul.  And, in doing that, we will satisfy Michael’s hunger. I love you, Michael.  I love you, Dear seven Jude HIS tory SINGING MYstory SINGING YOURstory SINGING OURstory SINGING