EPIPHANY…a common experience leading to pure knowledge

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Buddhaangel in blue

 ~“More than any musician in history, his God given gifts were revealed in ways that reach into our souls, with a gloved hand, touching the very core of everything that is humanity.”

Jeff Young

When I allow my imagination free reign, I envision a huge stadium filled with us…this enormous and beautifully colored, melodious choir.  Chosen for a higher purpose, singing in inspired unison and lush harmonies, our hearts beating in rhythm, our hands held in Michael’s loving grip.  Swaying in time with the music, we each have our own story to tell, diverse and yet so very similar.  Each of us knows exactly when Michael  touched our hearts, that common experience that has led us to our own personal revelation…ourSEXUALITY epiphany.  As unbelievable as it sounds, minutes can change everything.  Michael’s heartprint eternally pressed onto our hearts, we have started with the man in the mirror.  The essential  meaning of that is that the strength we feel empowers a united propulsion.  Raising our candles to the heavens, we feel Michael’s “absolute belief in BE STILL MY HEART TODAY NINEthe power of art to change consciousness.” (The Dancer of the Dream)  Michael has told us that if we believe in miracles, they will come true.  AND, WE BELIEVE HIM.  Magic happens when we encounter the divine. (Phyllis Curott)

“The true role of an entertainer is to pass divine ecstasy to people, to change their state of mind, to astound them with his own example, and to touch many hearts by finding dramatic artistic forms for achieving all of the above.”

The Dancer of the Dream

Michael embraced our world of uncertainty, boldly calling for change, specializing in the impossible. We have keenly felt the strength of his messages.  Our common experiences inspire us, giving essential meaning to the path of dreams Michael created.  Those dreams demand faith in them, outwardly expressing our inner  spirit. His messages and words brought with them activism, sensuality, understanding and healing, and now, we are collectively transformed…realizing the bliss of epiphany.blue light three

Love is the spirit that motivates our journeys.  Yes, minutes CAN change everything!  Revelations have come from: the intimacy of performances, great pain suffered at the hands of abusers, music of the spheres, images of one who traveled the planet in hopes of eliminating the world’s suffering, lyrics bravely speaking for justice, dances that transport us to another world, stories boldly shining light on humanity, unconditional love for our children, a pure and innocent heart.  We each carry some or all of these with us.  They forever bind us to Michael and to each other.blue light two

The skies have darkened and evening has appeared.  We sway, holding our candles high, voices uplifted to the heavens, singing loud enough for Michael to hear.  He has taught us when we sing as one voice, everything will be okay.  Smiling through tears, we know that the revelations will never stop.  Our epiphany grows stronger, and with it, our everlasting devotion gives language to thought saying:  LISTEN!

~”During the tour, on his nights off, he would go into a toy store and buy ten of this and ten of that, and then stay up all night long putting batteries into the toys, making certain each and everyone worked so that he could have them ready to give to kids backstage the next day.  As if he didn’t have enough to worry about.”

Frank Dileolovely three

~”He is an amazing, superhuman kind of person, but he always treated you as an equal.  He would be your friend and he never asked for anything in return.  He was the most inspirational person in my life.  His dream was to cure all the sick children in the SMILING TO BRING LIGHT TO THE WORLDworld.  And when I’d say, ‘Isn’t that impossible?’ he would start to cry.  He was very emotional about things that moved him.  I guess you’d say he was a pure innocent in a world that wasn’t innocent anymore.”

Brett Ratner


Your love and support and loyalty made it all possible.  You were there when I really needed you and I will never forget you.  Your ever-present love held me, dried my tears and carried me through.  I will treasure your devotion and support forever.  You are my inspiration.

Love, Michael Jackson

“Peter Pan asks us to fly, to become boundless.  He dares us to accomplish the impossible, to escape the prison of mediocrity, and dream the impossible dream.”


Our epiphany is burned into our collective consciousness.  It is the gift of a lifetime.  We hold onto it with all our love.