Stir us up and call us back

Be our fire and our sweetness

Let us love

Let us runsave-michael-one-hundred-one-hundred-ten

St. Augustine

“The holy spirit is our harpist and all strings which are touched by love must sound.”

Mechtild of Magdeburg

“Some people are so deep you fall into them and you never stop falling.”


~If you have been in the vicinity of the sacred, ever brushed against the holy, you retain it more in your bones than in your head.  And if you haven’t, no description of the experience will ever be satisfactory~save-michael-one-hundred-one-hundred-three

Daniel Taylor

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you stand alone.  Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.  Never regret doing the right thing no matter what the cost may be.  Don’t shrink away from standing and speaking or doing  for fear of the repercussions or personal price.  It takes a strong person to turn the other cheek, to not look the other way, to not just simply walk away.”

Michael Jacksonsave-michael-one-hundred-ninety-three

To truly see takes time.  To listen and follow intuition gives birth to becoming a creative channel for a higher power.  Wonder is the spiritual touchstone.  For each of us has found our hearts’ center.  We have become dreamers in concert with one another, really hearing an insistent voice within.  Our strength is in unity, our words empower.  We begin to resemble the people Michael envisaged.  The story continues to be told everyday, with a love that grows and grows.  Michael’s dreams were never small, his creations grew out of love, and sometimes forged out of struggle and conflict, always a triumph of imagination over technique.  Once a dream was realized, he moved on to another dream, taking what was in the past and using it for the future.

The bravest are the tenderest

The loving are the daringsave-michael-one-hundred-ninety-seven

Baruch Spinoza

Michael Jackson found hope in the impossible, dreams incubated by his faith.  His art claimed our world, rebellious and triumphant.  Without Michael supplying light, we may not have seen dangers many wished to ignore.  With our voltage turned up, we go into action…a collective energy far greater than one standing alone.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

Albert Einsteinsave-michael-one-hundred-ninety-nine

~We all have to give and we all have to do what we can to help end the needless suffering in the world~

Michael Jackson

Driven by love and emotion done instinctively, Michael speaks to us.  The complexity and layers are there for those who want it…the experience there to enjoy.  Given to time, with epiphanies along the way, each individual perception makes it all special in its reality.

~He was poetry in a world that was just learning the alphabet~


“There is no greater bliss then dancing and performing.  It is like a celebration and when you are caught up in that place, where certain performers go, when you become one with the music, one with the audience, if you are on that level, it is like being in a trance, it just takes you over.  You start to play off each other and start to know where you are going before you get there.  They have to know where you are taking it and respond.save-michael-one-hundred-one-hundred-nine  It’s like playing Ping-Pong.  It is like when the birds migrate, they know where they’re going.  Or like fish…they are telepathic.  They are on the same line.  That’s what happens when you perform.  You are at one with the musicians and the dance and the music and you are in this trance…and man, you got ’em.  They are in the palm of your hand.  It’s unbelievable.  You feel you are transformed.  It is divine.  It is pure.  It’s a revelation without making it sound spiritual or religious, but it is divine energy.  Some people call it spirit, like when the spirit comes  into the room.  Some people look down on it.  Religions sometimes look down on it because they try to say it’s demonic, it’s the cult, it’s the devil.  It isn’t.  It is God-like.  It is pure God-like energy.  You feel God’s light.”

Michael Jacksonsave-michael-one-hundred-ninety-five

~Touch my head for your touch removes the darkness of the body~


Michael Jackson was a genius artist whose creations are a continuous thread of revelation, offering vistas that excite.  His music gives more with each listen to hungry cultures of all races of people.  He teaches us that creation is accomplished by the play instinct, a creative power that makes us indifferent to fighting and the accumulation  of objects and money.  His limitless creativity brings with it spiritual gifts.  He shows us that being ourselves opens channels of thought.  He brings to life Ingrid Bengis’ philosophy:  Words are a form of action capable of influencing change.  We are learning from moment to moment in an ebb and flow of recovery.  Love needs expression and so we write, paint, sing, dance…and, seek ways to do what we can tosave-michael-one-hundred-one-hundred-four make our world better.

“There is no doubt my son accomplished great things in his life, yet he always strived for more.  He was ambitious.  HE WAS A DREAMER.”


Katherine Jackson

And so, we turn away from cynicism, those who strive to create fear using bigotry, racism, prejudice and hate as a method of separation.  We turn away from those who paint global warming as fiction.  Instead we say:  It is possible for transparency and magic to live together in harmony.  “Compassion is the ultimate and most meaningful embodiment of emotional maturity.  It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and the deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment.”  Arthur Jersild speaks to the Michael Jackson Artistic and Humanitarian Legacy.  Project save-michael-one-hundred-eighty-threeHappiness describes it with these few words:  May humanity be our race.  May love be our religion.  We have chosen to dream with the world’s most imaginative dreamer.  We are in the vicinity of the sacred, our strings touched by love with a depth that holds onto our souls.  Michael inspires us…an evoker of wonder.  Within his dreams lies our opportunities.  Our passion focusses our will.

“Art is divine.  To create is to experience God.  The higher our refinement of this art through devotion and absorption, the greater the connection with God becomes. Michael knew that if he could inspire us to create, we would find God, even if we didn’t know what it was we had found.  To touch God is enough…even once.  But touch it once, and light shoots forth from the stillness.  This one touch lights our souls on fire and the journey has then begun.  Like a Pied Piper, Michael called us to follow him as he led us to God, first through experiencing his art and next by encouraging us to discover our own.  This is why he was willing to die for it…THE DIVINE SACRIFICE.”save-michael-one-hundred-eighty-five


We are forever talked to and embraced by Michael.  Each day we say…STIR US UP.  CALL US BACK.  LET US LOVE.