~The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all~

Walt Disney

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and all right tencompassion…against injustice and lying and greed.  If people all over the world would do this, it would change the earth.”

William Faulker

~We rise by lifting others~  Robert Ingersoll


Chinese Proverbzita five

“The connections between Michael and his followers transcend time, distance and circumstances, for their relationship of unconditional love remains as strong and tight as always.”

Elizabeth Johnson  DEAR MICHAEL 2012

~A song is a mantra, something you repeat over and over.  And, we need peace.  We need giving.  We need love.  We need unity.  I want the whole world to sing this song:  WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE~

Michael Jackson’s response to 9/11all right fourteen

As the world tends to break everyone, we hold onto the hope that many of us are stronger in the broken places…and, that those broken places put us in the right place.  It is God’s work, choosing for us the right place, even if we don’t know it at the time.  We don’t always receive what we are sure we want.  Instead, we are given what we need.  Often asking ourselves:  Why is that a relevant question…our interests aligned, we simply do not stop asking.  Meeting Michael Jackson…no matter what form the contact…causes a chemical reaction that is transformative and purposeful.  Our journey defines this:  KNOWING the truth and GETTING justice are not the same thing.  Our need to put things right echoes from all corners of the planet, often reminding us that we may be knocked down, but we all right fiveare not destroyed…nor will we be.  Encountering an often repeated statement in the media, “There is nothing good about this guy.”  Wolf Blitzer The Situation Room CNN July 6, 2009, not only do we use our anger, but  pity those who see depravity in normal behavior, thankful we are not inside their minds.  We are determined to change the sound bites and end the seemingly never-ending myths, hoping for a classic blowback that will show the world media agendas, justifying their cynicism as a higher calling.  How are we meant to survive it all?  The answer is clear:  We look to Michael Jackson’s life, artistry and legacy as a guide.

“If DANCING THE DREAM, MOONWALK, his life and lyrics weren’t enough to tell allright twelveall we need to know, then no book is going to change a hardened heart.”

Dee Pfeiffer

The entry lies before us.  The teacher is here.  Michael  is meant to survive.  We areall right eight meant to survive.

“It’s so inspiring how Michael’s fans, friends and supporters remain inspired to care after so many years.  That is a truly great legacy that should be aspired to.”

Sarah Conley  International Elephant Foundation

This journey we find ourselves passionately devoted to is as unique as the man himself.  Students of history, we realize we can find no other human being as abused, inALL RIGHT SEVENTEEN this or any other century.  In the age of instant communication, a lie can spread around the world with the touch of a button…never to be erased.  Without accountability, there is no fear of reprimand.  Opinions become fact, agendas masked, releasing conscience from cut and paste mentality.  Those claiming to be friends, after being shown loving hospitality,  often delight in sharing…causing us to ask:  After spending time with a friend, how many of us returned home talking about their nose, alleged surgeries they might have had, the alleged parentage of their children?

“I’m a great fan of art.  I love Michelangelo.  If  I had a chance to talk to him, or read IN LOVE ELEVENabout him, I would want to know what inspired him to become who he is, the anatomy of his craftsmanship, not about who he went out with last night. That’s what’s important to me.”

Michael Jackson Oprah interview 1992

(What was Oprah’s next question:  “How much plastic surgery have you had?”)

(LARGE THOUGHTS FOR SMALL MINDS…The teacher opened the door…the student remained outside.)

(One wonders, how many other people Oprah asked that question!  And, more importantly, what was HER agenda.  I think we know the answer.)

“We are all familiar with the role of the media in the constant replay of innuendos and false claims’ nauseating proportions, while not paying attention to peace, justice, humanitarianism he was so greatly involved in.”

THE LAST DANCE How Harlem Remembered Michael Jacksonall right fifteen

Frederick Monderson 2011

Michael said:

~I’m a Black American and I’m proud of it.  I’m honored by it.

~I don’t bleach my skin.  They once said I wanted a white kid to play me in a Pepsi Commercial…that is a rumor.

~The Bill Clinton Inauguration rumor…saying I didn’t want to do it, is a false rumor.all right seven

~I’m not gay.


1996  Deposition

~Jesus said to love children and be like children, be youthful and be innocent and pure and honorable.  He was talking to his Apostles…they were fighting over who was the greatest of them all…and, Jesus said, “Whoever humbles himself like a child is the greatest among you.”  He surrounded himself with children.  That’s how I was raised to believe…to be like that…to imitate that.~

“It pains me to watch the human suffering taking place in the Gulf Region of my country.  My heart and prayers go out to every individual who has had to endure the pain and suffering caused by this tragedy.  I will be reaching out to others within the music industry to join me in helping to bring relief and hope to these resilient people who have lost everything, from the bottom of my heart, to help the victims of hurricaneALL RIGHT SIXTEEN Katrina.”  ~within 24 hours of the tragedy~ October 7, 2005

“Whilst Michael’s messages of love and tolerance supercede him, we must also remember his message of truth and resilience in standing up and fighting for what you believe in, no matter who the target and however bleak the outcome may be.  A voice for the voiceless, an answer to the lies…Long may Tabloid Junkie reign, and long may it serve as an example of a man not afraid to speak out.”

Iconic Magazine  Celebrating 20 Years…HISTORY 20

~My fans will go down in history for their loyalty, their love, and their strength.  UNENDINGGod bless them.~

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has taught us to think.  He has taught us to dream.  The world spins on dreamers.  We accept the fact that bad things will continue to happen, strengthened in our certainty that the truth fears no questions.  Our numbers prevent us from being stretched past the point of resilience, grateful to have chosen to enter through Michael’s magical door of unconditional love…happily welcoming all who accept thisall right three mantra:  When you want to know Michael Jackson…ASK HIM!

Accepting that for a time~an Angel walked among us~ WE PAY MICHAEL FORWARD WITH ALL OUR LOVE!


Zita…The True Gift




DECODING THE MESSAGES…the truest truths hold us together

~If you would take my hand

I would show you, guide you to the light

If you would be my love

I will love you to the end of timepanther nine

You give me Butterflies inside~

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”

Proverbs:  Chapter 3 Verse 7

For the truest truths are what hold us together, or keep us painfully, desperately apart…and, in that moment, you will be blessed and stricken.  The truth is seen by sexy dancer threelooking into your heart.  In a search for truth’s fugitive, we will not fail or falter, for the truths are out there.

~taken from an X Files soliloquy

It’s up to us to make a choice

There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one!

They’ve gotta hear it from me!modest two

They’ve gotta hear it from you!

They’ve  gotta hear if from us!


ENOUGH…Michael Jackson

In connecting the dots, we ask ourselves…what seeds are we planting in this world?  Will the grains of our lives bear fruit?  Will the faith we share lead to something bigger?  We choose not to give up, for in giving up, we have chosen failure.  Wanting to believe that those who have passed on are not lost to us, that we hear them, and in their speaking, WE become part of something greater.  When really listening, we receive the power to save ourselves.

A day without Michael Jackson is devoid of truth, for in his lifetime of work, his uniqueahhhtwentyone artistry, we are offered explanations for what had been unexplained.  The narrative he has given is painted in every color, with particular attention to the grays.  He shows us an  open-minded spirit, tolerant, free from prejudice, with opportunities for maximum individual freedom. The ultimate beneficent person, Michael represents a living expression for…one who never gives up NEVER DIES.  The miracle that we have in Michael offers the greatest of journeys in search for truth’s fugitive.

“Michael Jackson was clearly a man ahead of his time, and perhaps, out of sync with it through no fault of his own.   His wisdom often fell upon deaf ears becausewisdom he offered large thoughts to small minds.”

Chris Kohler 

“Michael was so effective at communicating the emotion.  I mean, sometimes, we would just swell up with emotion when we would hear Michael’s vocal delivery.  There were many times he would sing and it would cut you to the bone.  He would bring you to the edge of tears.”

Matt Forger

A part of what we have come to understand is Michael’s unwavering devotion to people, his unshakable love, which often came face to face with the force of hate.  Liars don’t fear the truth if there are enough of them.  Evil can be just one man with a plan.  But, true evil is a collaboration of men. Mulder  One often wonders where Michael got the strengthen in times of TRUE EVIL.  But, he was a man “guilty” of believing that the truth will prevail, people will come together as one for change and healing.  The power and love of the collective is what drove THE PEOPLE’S LEADER.  The years spent on perfecting a composition, coupled love and action in a way no one else has ever done.  For Michael inspires masses of people with his truthful emotions, affecting our existence and our development.  Seeing Michael, hearing Michael, feeling Michael shifts our consciousness towards ahhhtwenty fourunderstanding relationships.  When Michael created his global environmental epic, EARTH SONG…PLANET EARTH, his message went beyond the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, influences i.e. the environment.  Michael wrote about the RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ORGANISMS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT i.e. the ecology.  He joined the knowledge of what is true with the effect upon people…toward  a judgment to ACTION.  Bringing us from our unbelief, we have replaced cynicism with faith.  We hear his words:  “Without faith, we are lost.” That faith rests not only in religion, but with one to another. 

Much as there are those who try to bury Michael’s truths, the truths are there…they are in here, and they demand to be known.  But, it takes open minds accepting large thoughts with everlasting, energized devotion.  “As a man thinketh in his heart, so heSTRANGER IN MOSCOW SIX is.”  With his ability to bring us to our emotional knees, we are his BEST OF JOY…and, HE ours.  Unlike the liars, we ARE counting the victories and we behold the miracles.

“He really did build Neverland for kids, the children of the world.  There’s just no way that all the children of the world could experience Neverland, but I will say, and this is something I get very…almost passionate about…I have seen it first hand, when Michael did have kids there, you know, sick kids, Make-a-wish kids, Neverland stood on its own ahhh twenty fivetwo feet in terms of that.  This was an amazing place, but on top of that, Michael gave his time, and he would be out there giving the tour.  He’d be driving the golf cart and telling jokes with the kids.  He would be in the middle of a water balloon fight.  He would be on the rides, you know, telling the operator to go faster and faster.

It’s one thing to build something and then say, ‘Okay, everyone, come and enjoy it.  I’m too busy.’  But, it’s another to roll up your sleeves and be out there in the midst of it and that’s really what I saw.  I mean I would be there, and you know, I have four daughters, I have four beautiful, healthy, awesome daughters.  I can’t imagine the pain that a parent emotional performancemust feel when their child is sick and there’s nothing that anybody can do about it, but, Michael…how do I put this…that’s a difficult place to go.  It’s easy for us to pull back and go, ‘Yeah, that’s too bad there are sick kids in the hospital and I’m going to be over here doing my thing.’  But, Michael would go to those kids and Michael would open up his home and I was just heartbroken…I mean I see little girls and little boys in wheelchairsNEVERLAND REVISISTED THREE being lifted into rides by their parents and by Michael. 

 Michael had a chariot built into the carousel for kids that weren’t strong enough to sit on a horse or on one of the animals, so you could just put them on a bench and they could be on the ride, but not quite as vigorous as to hold onto a horse. That’s the stuff that…that’s real, that’s real life.  That little girl that’s on the ride in front of me is probably not going to be with us in 3 or 4 weeks and this is her final wish…to be at Neverland with Michael.  That’s a lot of weight to carry around and that’s the kind of stuff that…and…

 I’ve worked with plenty of people that have a lot of money, blowing it up their nose, blowing it on parties.  And, Michael…to experience Neverland for what it really was and see his dream come to life and to see the impact that it had on kids and families.  I willangel with flowers always have an enormous respect for Michael, and I’m extremely proud to be part of the team that helped bring that thing to reality.  It was like no place else on earth.”

Brad Sundberg

“Michael was not out of wisdom from childish immaturity.  He has lived those values consciously, not just to make up for his childhood.  I like and admire him.”  The Dalai Lama

We in the Michael Jackson Community, along with educators from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame, Berkeley, Duke, Columbia, to name a few, carry Michael’s legacy, life and messages forward.  We believe that in REALLY LISTENING to Michael Jackson, we can accept his power  and become empowered to save ourselves.  And, in doing that, we also accept our obligation to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD.



With great hope,




“A lie will get half way round the world before the truth gets it’s boots on.”

Mark TwainCUTIE

As frightening as that quote is, reality tells us of the absolutes in it.  We who use our gifts to PAY MICHAEL FORWARD  each day realize the enormity of our task.  We understand that getting it right is the most important thing.  In a media-take-down culture, we have our work cut out for us.  People’s lives are used as fodder for a tabloid mentality.  Those who spend time in this difficult relationship with reality, give us a sense of their glee in it.  The question that begs to be asked is:  “Why do millions across the planet give great energies on behalf of Michael Jackson’s life, legacy, reputation, children.  The answer holds such magnitude as each voice would speak volumes.  Michael’s appeal knows no boundaries or borders, no color or gender.  Once introduced, the love affair gains strength and substance, until it reaches commitment that is forever.   It isn’t possible to not fall in love with Michael Jackson.  Why?PORTRAIT TWO

“Michael liked to joke with and tease his team, but he was also proactive in making sure they knew how much he appreciated all their hard work.  Michael would come off stage, hand me a Grammy and say, ‘Look what we won!’  He made sure that everyone felt we were part of it.  We all knew Michael was the star of the show, but there were no egos.”

Michael Bush

“I would like the world to know that Michael was as normal as any of us.  Some of us are a little different and we think differently.  Michael was very European in his thinking.  He had one habit that shows his character and way of thinking.  He used to flip over beetles who had ended up on their backs.  We were out walking with him when he was in Ireland and he turned around every beetle he saw.  My friend has a phobia and couldn’t understand why on earth he would do that.  Michael just said, ‘Everyone has the right to live, everyone has the right to a second chance.’  Michael, thank you for giving me hope in humanity!”

Adriana Lucas, Denmarkartistry two

“I believe Michael was sent here to Earth to entertain us, to bring us all together and bring awareness to healing the world and to dazzle us with his dance moves, just to inspire everybody to be a better person.  Like I said, I believe every fifty years God sends down an angel and I believe Michael was that.  People all over the world loved Michael and then, of course, the world tried so hard…the negative people tried so hard to tear him down.”  Mengesha “Mystro” Francis  pianisthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z0biZHXnWAfun with kids

“I thank God everyday that I was graced by this angel.  Michael was truly the greatest performer.  When he hit that zone, no one could touch him.  I remember him doing 3 shows in a row and Justin Timberlake was supposed to join him on stage, but when Justin came out, he just froze and Michael was poppin!  Awesome!  He didn’t need the special effects or anything else, he was the real performer.  And you could see him going into that spiritual zone, backstage when he was getting ready for a show.  He was always calm, relaxed, smooth.  He would do his own make-up and take a few minutes alone in his dressing room, where he had a picture of the Three Stooges that he liked on the wall.  Then, he would very calmly emerge and just blow the audience away.  Even in Japan on his comeback tour when he was a little nervous about how people felt about him then, he always had the utmost professionalism and was always on time and again just blew them away.  I’ve had the opportunity to talk with people like Nelson Mandela and O. Winfrey, but the relationship with Michael was always special.  Every time I left him, I’d be sad, japan children twoseeing him standing on the porch waving goodbye.  He was always so welcoming, so hospitable.  He was never about selfishness or harming anyone.  He was always about trying to be closer to God, to be Christ-like.  He loved more than he was loved, always trying to get closer to God, to do the right thing, even though it wasn’t always what he wanted to do.  And whenever he was tested, he looked for his strength within from bringing God into his body and putting Him first in his life.  Michael was really very spiritual and put God in control of his life.  He was truly blessed by God.  Japan has more orphanages than any place in the world and Michael wanted to do something for them while he was there, so he picked one to visit that just so happened to be supported by Bill and Melinda Gates.  Michael would arrive with no publicity and with multiple toys for each child.  His own kids would go with him and he would be educating them as to what was going on.  The kids were delighted, but Michael would also take the time to personally shake the hands of each of the nuns at the orphanage thanking them for taking care of the children.  And people just melted around him.  One adorable fourtime when he was taking his kids to Disneyland, word had gotten out that he was coming and everyone knew his favorite ride was Peter Pan, so there was a gridlock by the time he arrived.  But, he just held his hands up and the crowd opened up like parting the Red Sea.  Then he would watch the parade from the Mainstreet  Rooftop and eat hot dogs and French Fries with his kids.  I thank God everyday that I was graced by this angel and reminded even more so that we can’t take our time here for granted.  There is no tomorrow promised and we gotta let people know you love them.  That’s what Michael was about.

Qadree.El-Amin  Executive Producer Southpaw Entertainment

“Michael never changed across the twenty-one years I knew him.  He as the same person always.  Michael cared more about others than himself.  He really did.”

David Nordahlearth song two


“As time goes by, there will be a greater appreciation of Michael as an individual, an artist and as a human being.  This is a quest I personally want to carry forward.  I would love to have younger people coming into the world, who strive to learn and pass these lessons onto them.  This is my greatest desire.  All the experiences in my life were lessons, every challenge was a learning experience for me.  ‘Study the greats and become greater’…this is a phrase Michael was known for.  He studied all the greats in this world not just in music, but in dance, in society, in history, in industry and art…with esperformanceMichaelangelo.  He studied films about animal’s movements; he studied Thomas Edison’s research laboratory…Michael embraced the idea of experimenting and wanted to learn and understand more to achieve greatness.”  Matt Forger

“No matter what might be said about Michael Jackson by his detractors, it must be admitted that Michael always took ‘the high road’ with his consistent forbearance and sterling example for others.  Michael never uttered a harsh, reciprocal statement about individuals from the media who so excoriated and criticized him, who so cruelly accused him of acts that ranged from silliness to MATURE BEAUTY TWOcriminal behavior.  Michael never lashed out at his two ex-wives or at any member of his family.  He never succumbed to the ever-present human temptation to ‘fight fire with fire,’ to counterattack his critics with retorts directed at their faults or foibles, or to rail publicly against the injustices he suffered.  Michael reached a pinnacle in the world, in terms of his success and celebrity.  HE ALSO TOOK THE HIGH ROAD IN GETTING THERE.”  Dr. Karen MoriartyDIAMOND AWARD

If there were a book describing lessons learned from Michael Jackson, actions taken  by him to WALK HIS TALK…there is little doubt it would require more than one volume.  With more and more education, the original question WHY? is easily answered.  The great blessing is that masses of people worldwide are contributing to the conversation, each in his or her unique way.  Mark Twain is right…lies travel around the world in an instant.  Education,to the fans study, learning all there is to know, all take time.  Michael believed in the POWER OF THE PEOPLE.  He asked for help often.  His talents, gifts, work ethic, love of people, generosity…all define the man.


Today is another day of PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD.  Together we do this with glee feeling more love than we can describe in words.  Instead, our love is shown in actions.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHhrZxLWOHc

I love you!


HIS tory