SHOUT~ an immersion into time and space

Ignorance of people purchasing diamonds and necklaces

Kids are murdering other kids for the fun of it

Tragedy on top of tragedy, you know it’s killing meMICHAEL AND CHIMP

So many people in agony, this shouldn’t have to be

Too busy focusing on ourselves and not His Majesty

There has to be some type of change for this day and age

We gotta rearrange and flip the page

Problems, complications and accusations

Dividing the nations and races of empty faces, a war is taking place

No substitution for restitution

The only solution for peace is increasing the height of our spirituality

Masses of minds are shrouded, clouded visions, deceptions and indecision

No faith or religion, how we’re living

The clock is ticking, the end is comingmesmerizing five

There’ll be no warning, but we live to see the dawn

How can we preach when all we make this world to be

Is a living hell torturing our minds

We all must unite to turn darkness into light

And the love in our hearts will shine

We’re disconnected from love, we’re disrespecting each other

The damage we have done is gonna last forever

Ashes to ashes and dust to dustEARTH SONG PERFORMANCE SIX

The pressure is building and I’ve had enough

I wanna shout, throw my hands up and shout

What’s this madness all about

All this makes me wanna shout

Michael Jackson

How many lives would we be leading if we made different choices?  Moving from moment to moment, our path rushes towards its end, so rarely taking time to examine the reasons.  Did we choose our path, or is it simply one into which we have drifted, never really seeing?  If we stop for a time, pause to take stock of each precious moment, would we more clearly see the forces that have shaped us, and then choose ANIMAL LOVERa  different direction.  Our pain creates a need for healing physically, mentally and spiritually.  Holding onto our fears makes us forget who we are.

~Holistic practioners and many Eastern religions believe in energy fields…living beings exist beyond  the physical dimensions of time and space.  We are composed of layers of energy and consciousness…AURA…having little to do with scientific truths, and much to do with faith.

The strength of Michael Jackson’s aura creates moments in time where things are incredibly clear. If we believe that everything happens for a reason, then: It’s just a matter of what we do with it.  We feel this energy in our minds and hearts…our imaginations alive with possibility…profoundly real and deep in faith. Knowledge is power and should be accessible to all, while creating our calling and applying our passions…a lifelong adventure through heritage and heroic struggle.  Michael Jackson is a PEOPLE’S LEADER…powerful enough to silence the shrill discourse of the media…too beautiful and too real to miss.  His HISTORY represents one man’s vision quest.  That quest was for a better world brought about by its people.  “He and his audiences were off together on a great adventure.  Jackson didn’t just want BUBBLES FIVEmindless spectacle and escapism.  He wanted something deeper, something that changed people’s consciousness.  It comes through most powerfully in EARTH apocalyptic blues-operatic piece that paints a devastating picture of the destruction we are doing to the world.”  J. Vogel  “YOU, YOU, YOU, US, WE!


~They decided that man would learn best from a kinder message.  Let us show WOUNDED WARRIORhim our reverence for life.

~In the midst of so much death, the elephants could just give up.  All they have to do is drop to the ground.  That is enough.  They don’t need a bullet:  Nature has given them the dignity to lie down and find their rest. 

But they remember their ancient pact and their pledge to us, which is sacred. 

So the elephants march on, and every tread beats out the words in the dust: WATCH, LEARN, LOVE.  WATCH, LEARN, LOVE.  Can you hear them?  One day in shame, the ghosts of ten thousand lords of the plains will say:  “We do not hate you.  Don’t you see at last?  We are willing to fall so that you, dear small BREATHLESS FIVEones, will never fall again.”


Michael Jackson

Feeling the power of what has been learned from Michael and remembering all the dreams that were his and ours, we answer Michael’s shout: “Do you give a damn!  Aaaaaaaaah  Aaaaaaaaah”  We do!


~Helping the elephants march to freedom~


Our latest venture takes Michael into the heart of the Savannah as we seek to help alleviate the plight of elephants.  Michael’s heart for elephants was laid bare when he wrote “So the elephants march” for his book DANCING THE DREAM, and later, he questioned whether humanity had lost their trust in his hit EARTH SONG.

Sadly, the poaching of elephants has increased.  So much so, that the African elephant in particular is at risk of extinction.  Today, many of these dear creatures do not get theelephants chance to roam freely as Michael’s beloved elephants did at Neverland.

The good news is that the International Elephant Foundation (IEF) has been tirelessly helping elephants and communities to live side by side in harmony for many years.  In a picture here you can see one of their teams treating an injured elephant in Uganda.

Now, we are excited to be afforded the chance to work with them in securing just a few of the necessities to continue the phenomenal work they do on a daily basis.  As always, we know that many hearts right here will join us in ensuring success, as together we take another step towards Michael’s dream of healing the world. MJLmjladorable smile two

~MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEGACY~ yet another project to forward Michael’s dreams for the world.  From children to horses to the elephant. 


Listening, switching off ego, leading an enlightened life, Michael teaches us how to live, empowering us with his own life choices as a role model.  EARTH SONG is grounded in a rich tradition of prophetic poetry honoring the traditions of an Ancient American Indian prophecy:  When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then awe eightwill we discover…you cannot eat money. With a wounded voice and a vulnerability of spirit, Michael’s life and aura have whispered, sung, shouted, pleaded…dramatizing clearly the choices to our fate. It is a struggle against overwhelming odds.  But, never did he relinquish his profound belief in us as a people.   A PEOPLE’S LEADER showing us that we are intrinsically connected and intrinsically valuable…and that WE HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE CHANGE.  Refusing to accept a media model of disrespect and disregard, which relies on a numb and drifting public, Michael calls us into action.  MICHAEL JACKSON’S LEGACY is now offering another choice to meet the call.


I love you,

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~I used to dream, I used  to glance beyond the stars…now I don’t know where we are, although I know we’ve drifted far.


~Earth’s songearth song beauty