IMMERSION…hearing and seeing

To Michael, music was very visual.

To Michael, music was universal.SMOOTH CRIMINAL PERFORMANCE THREE

His  range of influences grew far beyond any one race or ethnicity.

He was rooted in the African Tradition.

“Recording was never a static event.  We used to record with the lights out, Michael on my drum platform.  Michael would dance on that as we did the vocals.  What an incredible experience.  The talent was just indescribably huge.  Michael combined elements of pop, jazz and soul into a new kind of music and galvanized the world.  The way I want to remember him is as the ultimate musician.  He was just fantastic and he brought a tremendous amount of musical integrity with him every time he came into the studio.”

Bruce Swedien

A study of Michael’s dream capsule SMOOTH CRIMINAL and the trilogy of AL CAPONE, SMOOTH CRIMINAL, BLUE GANGSTA requires more than words.  Essential to an appreciation and understanding of these masterpieces brings us to the seeing and the hearing.  Embracing what we have learned,  viewing and listening offersSMOOTH CRIMINAL PERFORMANCE TWO a larger experience, for now we are able to comprehend all the elements:  VOICE, RHYTHMS, BEATBOXING, THEATRE, STORYTELLING, SONGWRITING, COMPOSING, ARRANGEMENTS, PRODUCTIONS, WEARABLE ART, BODY AS CANVAS, SHORT FILM, LIVE PERFORMANCE, INTROS AND OUTROS.

Master of Music

Master of Emotion


Bad 25 DVD

Moonwalker DVD

Wembley Bad World Tour PerformanceLA GEAR TWO

Dangerous World Tour Performance

History World Tour Performance

Michael Jackson One DVD

Bad 25 Demos…Al Capone

Xscape Demos…Blue Gangsta


Another Part of Me Bad ’88 MTV

Michael Jackson Studio Range (I love Aretha Franklin)

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“I don’t think of myself as a philosopher.  I think I have a purpose as does everyone else on earth.  To find that purpose and to live to express it is to ignite the spark of divinity within us.”

Michael Jackson


Michael Jacksoneyes five

Curtain Call!