“Naked we come into the world and naked we shall go out.  It reminds me that I am naked under my shirt whatever its color.  Teach your kids to love all people equally.  It is my dream and goal to capture truth.  We should dedicate ourselves to this.  The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily, and aims for it unswervingly.  That is dedication.  There is no other way to perfection than dedication and perseverance.”ahhhh forty three

Michael Jackson

“Feeling free, let us fly in the boundless, beyond the sky, for we were born to never die, to live in bliss and never cry, to spread the truth and never die, to share our love without a sigh, to stretch our arms without a tie.”

Michael Jackson

“When you have come to the edge of all light that you know, and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen:  There will be something solid to stand on, or you will be taught to fly.”ahhhh forty one

Patrick Overton

A feeling of freedom washed a blinding brightness into early dawn. Mingled with mazes of mosaic patterns of color, I awakened with a soothing sense of calm.  Remembering dreams is a hit and miss thing with me…often miss.  This morning was  different.  The room, the trees and birds outside my window, the colors of fabrics on the bed, everything  sparkled.  My body felt light and buoyant, celebratory even, as if a huge weight had been lifted.  Rather than awakening with that heavy feeling that something was very wrong…I actually felt a soul-satisfying inner happiness.  The unparalleled abuse and attacks that Michael Jackson suffered are often referred to as a stain, irreversibly permanent.  This morning, for the very first ahhhh forty twotime, I felt myself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of Michael’s mantra:  Everything is possible if God is on our side.  It has been a struggle lately as the very evil that works to destroy Michael has expertly taken aim to throw the Michael Jackson Community into the role of victim. There is a force in that which has not only taken aim, but thrown me entirely off balance.  This world that has a love affair with gossip, suspicion, and the will to believe the worst, coupled with a media of licensed liars, does its level best to reduce our shouts to whimpers.  But, this morning, my learning was painless…I savored my dream that Michael’s crucifixion had ended.  The appalling silence of the “good” people…the evil that happens when good men do nothing…had been replaced with the firey passion of truth seekers.  A new mantra had been born:  “Rebellion is not what most people think it is.  Rebellion is when you turn off the T.V. and start educating and thinking for yourself.” Gavin Nascimento

~One thing we know for sure:bully

I don’t want any of my fans to worry about me.  I am strong.  And, I know I can win this trial because I know I am totally 100% INNOCENT.”

Michael Jackson

WHEN THE STUDENT’S READY, THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR.  Michael has empowered us to teach the world.  Amidst the ultimate villains, we are together, bonded with love, ready to celebrate the highest highs and face the greatest pain…to spread thechildren in michael's arms truth and never die.

This movement of love no longer accepts abuse of the public trust, but rather, holds the media to the highest standards of conduct, knowing full well that all of us owe a duty of care to one another.  Yes, we hold dear our Constitutional First Amendment Rights, but there is nothing in the Constitution about bearing false witness as a legal right.  “Alone, we are just an ECHO in the mountains…but, TOGETHER, we are the mountains.” (AdLLaw)  “What we believe, we become.” (MJ)   Uninformed disbelief will not be given the power to dissuade our PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD…and, finding danielethe miracle to cause stain to disappear. In choosing what is necessary, not what is easy, we have chosen perseverance and dedication.  With our forgiveness, our victim identity will dissolve, and with it, light will replace darkness.  That is what my dream showed me.  Enjoying misery, either inflicted or watched, will be replaced with Michael living again through us all.  The window that Michael provides invites us to become part of the story, adding our own GLIMPSES AND FLASHES, capturing the truth.his fans PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD demands that we research each and every day…and, then, send those truths out into the world.  It is up to us, for there is no one  else.  And, there is a mountain of information to share.

In the days of the information highway, ignorance is not only prejudice…it is a activist sixchoice.

“On weekends in the city, we often went to the movies or comic book stores,and what I remember most fondly about those visits was that Michael introduced me to the joy of books.  I was dyslexic and reading had always been tough for me, but when I complained that I didn’t like to read he said, ‘Well then, you will be dumb and ignorant for the rest of your life.  Frank, you can do anything you want in this world, but if you don’t have knowledge, you are nothing.  If I gave you a million dollars right now, would you take it?  Or, would you want to have the knowledge of how to make that million on your own?’  I knew the correct answer to that question:  ‘I’ll take the knowledge.’  Michael said, ‘That’s right, because with knowledge you can make the first million into ahhh thirtytwo.”  Frank Cascio

“It’s clear that being a role model to a young boy, who may not have a father around to instill that desire to read, is most desirable and thankfully for me, Michael took on that important role.”

Barbershop Books MJJJusticeProjectahhh thirty two

“One day, we were told by the nurses that Michael Jackson was coming to visit.  We had to keep it a secret so the hospital wasn’t  overwhelmed with fans.  There was a big flurry as his assistants handed out T shirts and signed copies of his BAD Album for everyone in the ward.  Then, he just walked around and talked to the patients.  I said, HELLO.  He said he was pleased to meet me.  I was gobsmacked.  He was very gentle and seemed shy.  I got the sense he had a deep love for children, especially those who’d been hurt.  Then, he crouched down and said HELLO to Angela.  She couldn’t talk because she’d just come out of a coma, but she started smiling.  After that day, she started getting better.  I think of him as an inspiration.  We’d been having a terrible time.  Angela was in the hospital and I’d been the lifeline to keep myself together.  But, he was a total inspiration for the whole ward.  I thought…thank God for sending him.  He just has a presence about him…this great empathy with people who needed to get better.  Now, Angela is 25 and at university and full of life.  There was another boy who was about 15, and he was a huge fan.  After Michael’s visit, he startedactivist seven getting better, too.  His mom thought it was a miracle.  I believe many of the children got better after meeting Michael.  I think people should know about this side of Michael.  I never believed he was anything but a good person.”

November 13, 1987

Melbourne Children’s Hospital

Helen Darlington

“When I see him dance and sing, it touches me, like a spirit.  It moves me inside, sort of like the Holy Ghost.  But, it’s more than singing and dancing.  It manages to touch my soul.”

Isiah Lord Thomas III  innocent on all counts

American Former Pro Basketball Player/Coach and current President of Basketball Operations NBA NY Knicks

“Being so close to him was amazing.  The only way to describe it is like a spiritual experience.  I felt so much love on  that stage…love and happiness.”

Christine Dowling


Capital Children’s Museum Humanitarian Award 1989

Michael Jackson is relevant to this world and its healing.  We are here to make that clear.  Those who choose to believe the media will be constantly disappointed.  That is ahhhh thirty threea choice they make.  Feeling free, we fly in the boundless beyond the sky.  We stretch our arms without a tie.  

And, sometimes, we awaken from the most magical dream.

Thank you, Michael!

I love you!