Communication between the physical and spiritual

“Great music can bring many kinds of solutions.”

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TO MICHAEL WITH LOVEdangerous nineteen

a tribute book from those who love Michael Jackson

inspired by Brenda Jenkyns

Fifth Anniversary June 25, 2014

Forest Lawn Cemetery

The inherent ability to trigger deep emotion in people, having the power to emote, offering the listener human outcry coupled with uplifting hopefulness…how does one do that?  Not many can.  Barbara Marx Hubbard suggests that, “music, sound, and auditory vibration make up a critical factor to the next stage of revolution.”  Michael Jackson’s LOVE REVOLUTION was empowered with communication between the physical and spiritual…vibrating into a perfect storm.  In sheer ecstasy, we are captivated…an indelible mark upon our souls.  Michael Jackson chose to use all the gifts he had received from God…”creating Neverland…bringing Heaven to Earth where you inspire others to find their own inner TIIELEVENNeverlands in order to elevate this planet to Heaven.”  Betelgeuseumj Mcol 

“I got to witness the divinity in him every night.  He had that thing that is not quantifiable…that thing that you watch, and you cannot figure out why it is that you feel the molecules in the room change, but you are aware of it.”

Sheryl Crow  BAD World Tour 1987-1989bad beautiful

I believe Michael infused a very genuine philanthropic spirit into specific songs, and they echoed the sincerity and the depth of his character and content.  EARTH SONG really speaks to the humanity that I attempt to appreciate in my own music.  As a songwriter, sometimes you find it very difficult to find the words to express yourself.  You want to be vague enough that someone could ES FOURinterpret it in their own way.  You want that transparency.  And I think EARTH SONG HANDSOME SEVENTEENhas that.  It’s not hooky, it’s just a wail…a cry for help.  It’s very painful.  Even just singing the melody brings the sensation and the spirit of that song to the surface of my skin.  I’ve been there before.  Like all music, in its origin, it’s for praise or for redemption.  It’s truly a redemption song.  It’s a message to those who have become comfortably numb from someone who seemingly had it all.  For him to have everything and still be able to hurt for humanity?  That should put us all in our respective places.”  CEE LO GREEN HEAL THE WORLD…”This song is cleverly written.  There’s nothing like a song that inspires without being cheesy.  It’s the perfect example of using the power of your voice to make a difference in the world through song.  I’m totally inspired by Michael Jackson, all the way around.  He set the tempo for what I relate to and aspire to as an artist.  It’s beyond what he put into his music; it’s what he put into the world.  I love that he seemed to value his position as an entertainer.  He believed that you’re not given a platform to influence millions just to sing and dance with it.  There’s got to be somethingbeat it six more to it, and I’m inspired by that.  He incorporated these real-life situations into his songs because he wanted to influence people.  So many of these tracks had a message because he really took his gift and used it for the right reasons.  He was always very thoughtful, and as special as he was, he was very appreciative of his success.  He was humble.  And that, for me, HEAL THE WORLD TWOmore than anything, is what I want to take from him.  To be that big an artist and to still be humble at the same time?  It means a itcninelot.”  CIARA  “I am not in any way, shape or form close to Michael Jackson, but I can tell you he is the reason I became an entertainer.  On September 27, 1987, I stood ten feet away from him as he ascended a blinding staircase of light and broke into song.  The moment solidified a dream for me.  I saw waves of electricity in the crowd and I stared into his eyes and saw at once the ferocity of a lion and the patience of Buddha.  I watched in awe the way he moved on that stage…like a conductor of electricity.  There were waves of hysteria and he had an energy about him that was like looking into the eye of a tornado…and, yet, so calm.  I looked at the effect he had on people and it was orfmas though he was conducting magic.”  Darren Hayes  Michael embodied love and play in creative pulse, causing rapid heartbeats in a kaleidoscope world.  If what Peter Koestenbaum says is true, “Creativity is harnessing universality and making it flow through your eyes,”  Michael’s physical and spiritual being came from a divine source where dreams move toward divinity, offering solutions and positive outcomes.  “YOU OPENED MY EYES WHEN I COULDN’T SEE…LOVE WAS ALWAYS HERE WAITING FOR ME.” MJbotdfthree

“I don’t consider myself religious in order to form part of a dogma in particular.  I consider myself to be spiritual.  I think there is a field of knowledge in which we experience our universality.  I read all kinds of religious literature because I believe that the truth is in all of them.”

Michael Jacksongorgeous twenty four

Connecting the physical with the spiritual, Michael often spoke of channeling…receiving his beautiful music from the Creator.  He talked about honoring the gifts he had been given by sharing them with the world in order to affect positive change and sharing love.  Inserting play in the equation was simply defining life…PLAYgorgeous twenty two IS LIFE.  “THE SONGWRITING PROCESS IS SOMETHING VERY DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN BECAUSE IT’S VERY SPIRITUAL.  YOU REALLY HAVE IT IN THE HANDS OF GOD AND IT’S AS IF IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN ALREADY.  THAT’S THE REAL TRUTH…AS IF IT’S BEEN WRITTEN IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE YOU WERE BORN AND YOU’RE JUST REALLY THE SOURCE THROUGH WHICH THE SONG COMES.  REALLY, BECAUSE, THERE IT IS…THEY JUST FALL RIGHT INTO YOUR LAP…IN IT’S ENTIRETY.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO MUCH THINKING ABOUT IT.  AND, I FEEL GUILTY HAVING PUT MY NAME, SOMETIMES, ON THE SONG.  I DO WRITE THEM.  I COMPOSE THEM.  I DO THE SCORING.  I DO THE LYRICS.  I DO THE MELODIES.  BUT STILL, IT’S A WORK OF GOD.”  scream sixMichael Jackson  “I have no doubt if Jackson needed music notation, he would have used it.  But, his own method of recording on multi-tracks was far more efficient and desirable than pencil and paper or music notation software.  Reading and writing in musical notation would have been a tremendous liability for a musician like him.  As an example, he worked with complex, subtle rhythms that can’t be accurately notated or approximated.”  gorgeous twenty threeULTRAVIOLETRAE  As we draw near to June 25th, with beating hearts and pure creative energies, our choices for the day are as beautiful as the kaleidoscope world we see.  We will feel handsome sixteenMichael communicating between the physical and spiritual with his music and message.  We will smile together and cry together and our voices will be as ONE across this entire planet.  OUR GRATITUDE AND ESTEEM AND REGARD AND HONOR FOR MICHAEL WILL BE STRENGTHENED BY HIS LOVE.  In remembering DIRTY DIANA THREEthe times, we will feel our spirits connect in perfect harmony.  Our love and faith in Michael is forever.  HE IS FOREVER. I love you. Jude  HIS tory    MYstory YOURstory OURstory