“Love is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth.  To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in ourselves and others, is the meaning of life.”AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL


Marianne Williamson

“Why do I do what I do?  Some have accused me of being obsessive.  This isn’t an obsession…this is called passion.”


We are enchanted.  Enchanted by his passion.  Enchanted because he held nothing back.  Enchanted because he felt it all with every cell of his being.  “It was the scope of emotions that Michael Jackson could take me to that made him so powerful, and magnetized me so deeply to him.” (Raamayan Ananda, MAN BEHIND THE MIRROR).eyes five


Michael’s enchantment lived in speaking the language of love he so thoroughly understood.  His words reflected his vision of the world.  He was a spiritual being on a human journey, a journey he invited us all to take with him.  He enthusiastically affirmedbad era every value he held dear with every breath he took.  His desires for healing our world were offered as prayers to God by faith.  His magical enchantment gives us an encounter with divinity.  There is great joy in his presence, and the strength of that  presence can be felt from a distance as well as close up.  We feel a freedom that is the best example of faith.  That freeing feeling is what separates passion from obsession…because at its core is love, powerful and compelling…LOVE FOR HIM, LOVE FOR OURSELVES, AND LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER.

Michael’s captivating aura shone as light.  People have often described it as a presencezita four that you could feel before you could see it…see him.  Molecules changed, rooms changed.  PEOPLE CHANGED.  Michael himself experienced the light during performances.  “It’s unbelievable.  You feel you are transformed…It is divine, it is pure, itbad performance three is revelation without making it sound spiritual or religious, but it is a divine energy.  Some people call it the spirit…It is God-like.  It is pure God-like energy.  You feel God’s light.”  We feel Michael’s light.  Being with Michael is real, it is authentic and it is profoundly TWYMMF FOURTEENpersonal.  THAT IS THE CONNECTION.  There is power in that.

“Power is the innate inner energy, which lets every seed sprout, which lets every flower blossom and brings every tree to fully unfold its beauty.  Force is an energy which is directed against something and tries in hubristic assertiveness to destroy and extinguish.”  Margott Schuerings FROM KING OF POP TO MAHATMA

This dynamic power binds us together in an irresistible entanglement.  It has left an indelible mark on our souls and we are eager to share it with anyone.

In every generation there are a handful of people who come into this world equipped with the ability to change it for the better because of their heightened sense of awareness about the power of love.  Those people understand love, not as a feeling, but as a state of being, a way of relating to the world.  They have a CHILDREN THIRTY NINEcertain light about them, a way of living that encompasses being kind, caring, compassionate, and empathetic.  Through their ability to connect to love, they have the potential to heal the world.  Michael Jackson was one of them.  His connection to love was so strong that he had an enhanced ability to deeply touch other people with his light.  When someone who is that connected to love focuses their attention on you in a positive way, the result is a flow of energy that penetrates your soul and the outcome is a feeling ofHEART pure joy.  Once that joyful feeling is experienced, you want more, so you continually draw back to the source of it, which in this case is Michael.  LMP touched on it in her recent interview with O.  When she was asked why she fell in love with Michael she said, ‘because he was an incredibly dynamic person.  If you were in his vicinity and he showed you who he was, if he was willing to do that, in anyway, MAN, I’ve never felt so high in my life.  He has something so intoxicating about him.’  Fans know that feeling all too well.  We were always the focus of his attention in a positive way, but it was good to hear that those who were close to him felt the same way.DANGEROUS PERFORMANCE TWO  O even let on to the fact that she was taken in by him…’When I first met him, before the interview in 1992, it’s like he shines his light upon you.  When he opens himself up and let’s that light through, you just want to be in that, you want to be around that.  LMP went on to describe him as her drug.  ‘I felt I just always wanted to be around him.  I always wanted to be a part of it.  I felt so high.  I’ve never felt that way around another human being except for one…which is my father.’  Michael’s light, which affected millions all EMOTION FOURTEENover the world, was so powerful that even in death it keeps pulling people back in.  Once you have been on the receiving end of his light, it’s hard to let him go.  You’re drawn to him forever because it was through him that you experienced theWMCIG FIVE power of love.”

Linda Higgins  MJTP 2010

“I was impressed with the interaction between Michael and the children.  He sat on the bed with children who were deformed and children that were ill.  He sat there and talked to them.  He did not wear a surgical mask like he does sometimes in America and had no fear of contagious diseases, of which there was no danger.  Many people say it, but he does it.  He cares.  That’s what qualifies him as a role model for children…his deeds.”  Charles Bobbit consultant to ex-President Bongo Gabon 1992 Michael’s trip to Gabon

“It is hard to find any facet of our modern pop culture that Michael Jackson has not influenced.  He has inspired new dance forms with his original and signature dance moves.  His legendary music remains as poignant and relevant today as CHILDREN THIRTY EIGHTwhen it first took audiences by storm.  Leader and dreamer, Michael never stopped believing in a world where  justice, peace and love would always prevail.  (inspired by Michael’s thrilling agility, musical grace and the stories he loved so much…MJJJUSTICE PROJECT MICHAEL JACKSON ONE)

Power and light…when we encounter it in Michael Jackson, it is a permanent connection, and unique experience, a magical dream we never want to awaken handsomelevenfrom…but, paradoxically, we awaken to a  reality that binds us in love and determination.  The glow of the light strengthens us.  Our entanglement is wonderfully irresistible.  We are here to CHANGE THE WORLD.  We are ANOTHER PART OF MICHAEL JACKSON.  We dance and sing, bound by our inner core, feeling a love that BAD PERFORMANCE TWOis forever.

I love you, Michael!

I love you, Dear Friends.


HIS tory