BAPTISM…immersed in healing waters, wrapped in a blanket of light

Vox populi

~the voice of the peopleABILITY THREE

“Mahatma Ghandi knew how important bringing the world’s attention was to gaining freedom to India without using weapons.  In some ways, he was the first person to truly understand the importance and power of the public.  He has always been an inspiration to me and it gives me even greater joy and pride to be recognized by his people.  We have the same message:  TO BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD.”

Michael JacksonABILITY TWO

Bollywood Humanitarian Award from the People of India


~the voice of the people is the voice of God

~Trust is like that-it always seems to come down to trusting in yourself.  Others cannot overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own.  Trusting yourself begins with recognizing that it’s okay to be afraid.  Having fear is not the problem, because everyone feels anxious and insecure sometimes.  The problem is not being honest enough to admit your fear.  Whenever I accept my own doubt and insecurity, I’m more open  to other people.  The deeper I go into myself, the stronger I become, because I realize that my real self is much bigger than my fear.  In accepting yourself completely, trust becomes complete.  There is no longer any separation between people, because there is no longer any separation inside.  In AWE FORTY TWOthe space where fear used to live, love is allowed to grow.”

Michael Jackson  DANCING THE DREAMability four

~love empowers

~hate consumes

Lately, my mind is awash with all manner of thought…real, and conjured by gripping doubt and paralyzing fear.  In the middle of  a life crisis, it is difficult to envision the bigger picture, because you find yourself reeling and reacting to sideways and front-on blows…often feeling formidable and downright ruthless.  Driving from the hospital, I was often amazed that I found my way home through blinding tears, panic a constant companion.  As is so often true, a before, during, and after picture begins to take shape when the stresses and pressures from a life struggle begin to subside, and our minds and bodies are freed for reflection.  “Others cannot overcome fear for you; you have to do it on your own.”  The time arrives when the ordinary no longer feels menacing, and emotion becomes recollected in the light of gratitude.  Inner strength is empoweredABILITY by regaining faith, and that renewal brings with it an acknowledgment that it was a shared journey all along.

“But you have an angel in you.  Everybody does.  I can see it right now ,and I thought you could, too.  It all depends on what you think you are.  Your angel is a speck of light perched at the very center of your heart.  It is smaller than an atom, but just wait.  Once you get close to it, your angel will expand.  The closer you awe fortycome, the more it will grow, until finally, in a burst of light, you will see  your angel in its true shape, and at that very instant, you will also see yourself.  So now I am looking for my angel all the time.  I sit silently turning my gaze inward.  It wasn’t long before I caught a glimpse of something.  ‘Is that you, Angel, holding a candle?’  One flicker and it was gone. Yet that was enough to set my heart wildly beating.  Next time, my angel will be waving a lamp, then holding a torch aloft, then lighting a bonfire.  That’s what the angel-watcher promised, and now that I have caught sight of glory, I know enough to believe.”

Michael Jackson  DANCING THE DREAMawe thirty-nine

Acknowledging hindsight as a forerunner to a better foresight, I am mindful of the cleansing waters given by earthly and heavenly angels who have been both felt and seen.  As I number them, I feel baptized in their love.  This was not a solitary act, but an entire community of minds and hearts.  And, at the center of it all I stand, better for the journey, stronger from the caring, their contagious belief, welcomed and washed in a raining power of the people~never underestimating the people…always trusting that time will sort good from bad.awe thirty eight

And, once again, Michael Jackson was my rescuer…never waiting to be asked…always saying…What do you need and how can I help?

My mantra these past weeks has been taken from Michael’s composition KEEP YOUR HEAD UP~ Everybody say that time is borrowed…and, hanging down your head just ain’t no good, and if you dare to rise above tomorrow, just give yourself a chance, fight the circumstance, rise and do it again…KEEP YOUR HEAD UP TO THE SKY…KEEP YOUR MIND UP, STAY ALIVE…GIVE ME YOUR WINGS SO WE CAN FLY…KEEPfamous foot YOUR HEAD UP TO THE SKY.

~I have cried those words, screamed those words, sung those words…everyday! 

There are those who as yet have been unable to embrace Michael Jackson as a classic…someone who has never finished saying what he had to say…failing to realize that Michael Jackson is a MOVEMENT.  Sometimes I have been told to think about changing direction…pick a different topic and write about that.  The truth is…I AM WRITING ABOUT EVERY TOPIC.awe thirtyseven

Declare the Voice of Michael Jackson as World Heritage

Michael Jackson fans believe that his artistic and personal contribution by far exceeds the contributions made by other artists, backed by the many records Guinness obtained in that area(humanity) as well as his career and his great philanthropic spirit which transcends generations, and are still present in his songs today.

Council Representative of UNESCO Change.orgyes fifteen

Words matter.  What we say as we continue to share Michael Jackson with the world matters.  Language is the key to the heart of people. (Deedat)  As Steven Aitchison said, “Your words have the power to hurt, to heal, open minds, and change the world.  Never forget the responsibility you have over the words you speak.”YES THIRTEEN

“I’m passionate about getting the truth of this man heard and passionate about having his heartbeat felt around the world.  He inspires the words I write.  He inspires the actions I take.”


Zita humanity

Michael offers a safety net for all who are in despair…a blanket of love that comes from deep within…a knowing that comes from a wounded soul.  He not only believes in the voice of the people, he inspires it, and with the inspiration comes empowerment.

~Michael out-sang his cynics, he out-danced his doubters, and he out-performed the pessimists when they knocked him down…he got back up.  Every time they counted him out, he came back…MICHAEL NEVER STOPPED!  MICHAEL NEVER STOPPED!  MICHAEL NEVER STOPPED!

Reverend Al Sharpton

Michael Jackson MemorialYES TEN

July 2009

I am reminded of Stranger in Moscow.  Michael sang of isolation and despair, feeling the grip of betrayal and pain.  He used rain in both his recorded and short film performances, creating deep emotions of anguish and ultimate recovery.  Baptismal waters raining down cleansed all who appeared in the iconic artistry of the short film.  I have felt those rains these past weeks.  I have felt the abandonment as if alone on an island floating in the ocean with no sight of land.  Life has been a tangle as I fought to do what was necessary and overcome flight fear.  All the while, Michael stood alongside, offering perspectives and solutions, either by word or action.  No, I am not moving to another form of writing for I have found the answers to every human drama here.  And, I am committed to sharing each one with the world.  In the space where fear has lived, love grows.  YES TWELVE

“Throughout it all, in fact throughout his whole career, Michael’s remarkable instrument continued to remind us that a voice is more than just the sound of a pair of vocal chords flapping against each other at high velocity, more than the air that rushes across the diaphragm of a studio microphone.  It’s a conduit that can convey the entire spectrum of human emotion directly from one mind, one heart to another.  It’s a seamless blend of one manart and craft, of gift and effort, of intellect and emotion.  And, while it may be reinforced with style, music or celebrity for it to be effective, for it to be transformative…it has to be able to stand on its own.  When all is said and done, after we’ve stripped away its accoutrements, a voice as magnificent and as timeless as Michael Jackson’s is nothing more and nothing less than a window into an incomparable artist’s soul.”

The Michael Jackson OpusYES EIGHT


Renewed in my hopefulness, reflective in gratitude, baptized by love, I once again have looked into Michael’s soul and found my light.

I love you, Michael.  You are my inspiration and my hope.


~for Tom with my love

Courage doesn’t always Roarawe fortyone

Sometimes courage is that quiet voice at the end of the day saying:

I will try again tomorrow.

and..THANK YOU, DEAR ZITA, for your inspirational writings and artistry in SIMPLY MICHAEL.



“Michael had such beautiful hands, but most important about them was how many times he used them to hug, touch and hold someone…giving love and comfort.”

Ingrid Homolla

Michael said that Rose Fine used to say he had beautiful hands and, “I wondered, don’t all hands look the same.”  Michael Jackson


“We only live once…since we are given the gift of life, it should be our persistent endeavor to immortalize ourselves, no matter what field of endeavor we choose.”

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson immortalized himself with a perfect storm of God-given talents.  UsingGOLDEN HAND his gifts of physical and emotional beauty, he engaged our senses and jolted the music world out of the simple and into the complex.  Breaking down artificial barriers was not only an outcome, but a perpetual goal.  His global influence remains a constant in aHANDS OF MICHAEL world that boasts the chaotic.  Those who travel the low road find his legacy incomprehensible, choosing cruel destruction to mask ignorance.  Believing that music could bring about mass healing, that the power of the people could bring about change, Michael defined his journey into immortality with artistry of perpetual and forever love.  And, again, those who found his path incomprehensible have chosen rumors that feed on public paranoia and insecurities to shape opinion.  George Orwell put it best when he said, “The people will believe what the media TELLS them THEY believe.”

We have to ask ourselves this:  Just how important is the truth?

As Michael championed the poor and oppressed, the suffering children of the world, angel michael lovemany saw him as a danger.  The more he accomplished as an ambassador of love, the more he traveled meeting millions of people, the greater his influence in all corners of the world…the greater the insecurities of the powers that be.  Mark Twain’s words Travel is fatal to prejudice and bigotry…Michael was bringing the world to the people and the people to the world…we were seeing the blood inside him WAS inside us all.
The beautiful hands Rose Fine talked about reached down inside the hearts and minds of masses of people, changing thought and direction.  Once again, the media turned to its forces, twisting and turning, lying with misdirection, following their mantra:  We deceive, you believe.

Scintillating headlines, which were cut and pasted over and over again, brainwashed, either by intention or subliminally.

We ask ourselves again…How important is the truth?

We have witnessed Michael’s immortal journey deciding, each for ourselves, to convert these realities into energy, knowing full well that with the immense joy comes gut-wrenching pain.  Michael said himself that he would do anything to stand up and fight HEART OF MICHAEL TWOfor children…to the point of crucifixion.  We stand united while holding onto Michael’s beautiful hands…feeling the blows and the victories.

When Michael visited the Middle East in 2005, he insisted upon traveling to a remote village in Oman.

“It was so mountainous, so far from the city.  All you could see was mountains.  You see a guy walking a herd of sheep coming down the mountain.  Myself, I’m thinking, what are we doing here?  I don’t like this at all, but…people were coming, shouting MICHAEL JACKSON.  Oh, my god, That’s what really showed me…even these people know this man.  That is amazing.
Kerry Anderson

Body Guard 2005

This life don’t last foreverinnocent on all counts

So tell me what we’re waiting for

We’re better off being together

Then being miserable alone

Cause I’ve been there before and you’ve been there before

But together we can be all right

Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold

We can hold each other til we see the morning  light

I can tell you’re tired of being lonely

Take my hand, don’t let go, baby hold me

Come to me and let me be your one and only

We can make it all right til the morning



“I did not find Michael weird, messed up, or anything you’ve ever heard about him.  All the allegations ever charged against Michael were false, and that in my discernment, HE DID NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY TO EVER DO ANYTHING EXCEPT LOVE CHILDREN AND LET THEM KNOW HE WOULD DO ANYTHING TO STAND UP FOR THEM AND HELP THEM.  Just look at the magnificent work he did on their behalf, writing and co-producing WE ARE THE WORLD, and the 39 charities for children he gave to generously.  That was Michael.  I believe that during his trials he related to the suffering of Christ and prayed for intervention because he was being accused over what he loved most…CHILDREN.  This caused him perhaps more pain than anything in his life.”eyes of innocence

David Pack

We unite TODAY.  We choose to educate the world TODAY.  We accept the pain, that will no doubt bring us to our knees, TODAY.  We choose the magic, wonder and joy of Michael Jackson TODAY.

Listen to Magictm

These are the thoughts to heal your fear

Listen to my joy

Fill your voice with healing words

Speak into the world

Tell of all who shall be free

Most of all I ask you

Let your actions speak for me.



Heaven Leigh

~With our love, and united on your behalf~

Judehand of love two





  ~Thank you, Zita for THESE ARE THE HANDS OF A MAN



Jermaine Jackson

2014 Billboard Awards received its highest television ratings in 13 years, won the ratings for that night, spiking 11%.  The reason:  Michael Jackson Hologram.

London, 2009…The O2…ticket sales for “THIS IS IT” sell-out at a rate never seen before, selling an unprecedented 50 consecutive shows, with enough in the “Q” for 50LOVE EIGHT more.  850,000 SOLD!  250,000 WAITING IN THE “Q”!  And, the sales hadn’t been opened up to the world yet!  (THIS IS IT Documentary)

(tickets sold at a rate of 40,000/hour)

Michael Jackson’s earnings since his passing June, 2009 are more than any living solo act of today.


Michael Jackson celebrated life in full rhythm, offering the world decades of innovation,  focusing on visionary goals, achieving the Vanguard status in his field.  Recapturing the light each and every time he was assaulted by unethical practices in the media and the courtroom, “talking heads” gleefully, and erroneously,  predicted his professional and personal demise.  And each time, Michael proved them wrong.  After Michael passed, those same “masters” of the cut-and-paste brand of sloppy and inaccurate journalism, claimed that Michael’s career ended in the 80’s, seemingly not able to move beyond the THRILLER ERA…discounting the massive successes Michael had in the thriller eightBAD, DANGEROUS, HISTORY, BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR AND INVINCIBLE ERAS.  The lack of study and research, the continued agendas…never allowing reality to seep into their interpretations of Michael’s life and legacy, discounted Michael’s decision to take a step back after complete vindication in 2005.  Instead, in a massive campaign to discredit the verdicts, their reporting claimed the public had turned against Michael resulting in his decline.  Had they taken a modicum of time searching for truths, they would have discovered Michael’s hiatus.  Had they taken a modicum of time researching for truths, they would have discovered that Michael never stopped creating, writing, recording.  Had they taken a modicum of time searching for truths, they would have  discovered that Michael was refueling for the biggest comeback in music history.  Their problem is that they continue to discount a very important reality…MICHAEL JACKSON IS A GENIUS, A WORKAHOLIC, A CREATOR, A PLANNER, A MAN WHO ADORESSES HIS FANS, A MAN WHO HAS PLANS TO HELPchina three HEAL OUR PLANET…A MAN WHO LOVES DEEPLY AND NEVER, EVER GIVES UP.  I personally do not believe they underestimate Michael…instead, I believe they work extraordinarily hard to create their version of who Michael Jackson is, proving the statement, “the media has nothing to do with reality.”  Put another way…THE MEDIA CREATES ITS OWN VERSION OF REALITY.  The fact is, when Michael Jackson’s artistry is released, it is joyfully received throughout the entire world.  WE ARE STARVED FOR MICHAEL JACKSON.  That reality was true during his entire lifetime and is still true today.  If the media relinquishes their agendas at all, they simply attribute monetary value to Michael lA concertJackson, once again, completely missing the point…MICHAEL JACKSON, THE ARTIST!  They refuse to accept the fact that MICHAEL JACKSON IS BELOVED.

We, Michael Jackson Fans, reside across this entire planet.  Unwilling to allow myth-making perpetuation, Michael’s Fans have taken on the responsibility to be the NEW MEDIA, knowing that education is the answer, willingly sharing what we have learned.

“For all of the names called this ‘little boy from Gary, Indiana,’ and despite all the unfounded and unproven allegations, no one in recent history has attracted this much world wide attention and outpouring of love at their death.  From New York to London, winnersingle-handedly, this’ little boy from Gary, Indiana,’ has diverted worldwide attention from war and political turmoil.  He has made the camera turn away from world leaders, politicians and important speeches.  This ‘little boy from Gary, Indiana,’ has trumped world economic news and even continued to steal the spotlight from other celebrity deaths, simply with a message of love that permeates his music.  Michael Jackson is worthy of BAD WORLD TOUR SIXevery minute of attention and his message worthy of even more time.  For all the detractors… most of the world will know and will not care that YOU have come or gone.  But, Michael Jackson has a legacy of LOVE.  Remember…LOVE is what is missing andBILLIE JEAN TEN LOVE IS THE ANSWER.  GIVE LOVE A CHANCE.”  The Kerry Clarke Blues Co.

“Every time Michael traveled to another country, he would devote time to visiting hospitals, orphanages, cancer patients.  That was his calling.  In every corner of the globe, this was his routine.  The world needs to know this is who he was.  Because, while there were always cameras following him, the media didn’t tell the story of his caring, and compassion.  They only wanted to sensationalize him.  Michael didn’t care if we knew everything he did for people because God knows.  God knows the results.  I know my brother is in a very secure, serene, peaceful place.  When we live on Earth, we are judged not only by who we are, but also by what we do for others.  When we leave, we take the good and bad deeds with us.  Michael took nothing but good deeds with him.”LOVE NINE

Jermaine Jackson

“A few days after his death, a reporter was on one of the American TV shows.  She said that when Michael died, she had been on a news assignment in a very remote part of the world.  They heard about his death but did not think so much about it considering where they were.  It was so remote that she and her film crew could only go so far by car and then they had to get out and walk the rest of the way over very rocky terrain.  They had a local village man working for them as a guide and interpreter.  After walking for some time, he turned to her and said, ‘It is verydancing the dream six sad, isn’t it?’  She replied, “What is very sad?’   And he said, “Michael Jackson.’  She later reflected that it was in that moment on an isolated mountain in a remote part of the world, looking at a poor farmer who probably never traveled more than 100 miles from where he was born, did she realize who Michael Jackson really was…THE MOST FAMOUS MAN IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.”  Megaechadhwt five

“People describe the change in atmosphere that occurred if ever either Michael Jackson or Nelson Mandela entered a room; as if they could osmotically transfer whatever either  had graced. 

There is always such irony in the backlash towards Michael Jackson’s change in skin color.  Michael’s surgeries elicited a personal rather than ethnic redefinition, what with him becoming translucent rather than white:  a translucence that transcended barriers imposed by racial identity.  Michael Jackson did more for race relations than anyone else in history.  Well, him, along with Nelson Mandela.

The philosophies of Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson can be our global antidotes to cynicism.  They taught us that there is no weapon as abundant or as robust as love, but that the good fight was worthy fighting for.”


“The old guard of the tabloid  media is losing ground in the Social Media environment where we interact on a global scale.  No longer are they in control of information that they can manipulate and force feed to a gullible public.  The new generation of fans is computer savvy and doesn’t rely on Fox News, Dimond, Orth or any other tabloid journalist known for their opinionated take and skewing of information when research is only a click away.  University studies have begun and it’s only a matter of time before all of the mischaracterizations of this noble man will be known. Michael wanted his music and mission and message of love, compassion, empathy and universal brotherhood spread, and who better to do this than the new generation of Palestinepeople who will glean his principles that guided his life, without having been influenced by the bias, unsubstantiated and salacious tales.  They can break free from the past mischaracterizations of Michael  Jackson, and spread his truth as it is being told through released FBI files, court transcripts and other legal documents, CPS files, etcUNCONDITIONAL LOVE. these being released for public perusal.


Each day, life’s path carves its way through the human condition.  We keep our vulnerabilities in check by turning away from silence, never ceasing to dream dreams of a better world. We have chosen to make our love of Michael Jackson what we do, with a passion that molds our creative spirit.  This is not a random journey. It is purposeful.  The intent is to protect and honor the creative and humanitarian life of Michael Jackson…to continue his message of love in the world, all the while, bathed in the light sexy eightand artistry.  We are still learning…ALWAYS WANTING MORE.  Bonded in a magical kinship of Fans, old and new, remembering the inexhaustible efforts of worldwide fans throughout Michael’s life, and now that he is gone… WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA.

I love you all.

I love you, Michael!


HIS tory