It is raining. The sound of splashing against the windowpanes matches the floodingimagined of thoughts in my head .  Although some have been slightly dampened by the venom of those who attempt to harm the beauty of Michael’s presence with internet trolling, none have been blurred.  That is because the man I am honored to know has taken up permanent residence in my heart.  I feel the need to speak intimately with gratitude.  I have long since accepted the fact that the values that I have held dear for an entire lifetime have been the values that Michael lived out on a world stage for five decades.  The faith lessons that I learned as a child, the religion that I know, were Michael’s life.  To put it simply, he was the truth.  Many talk about how we should live as a world BEAUTIFUL THREEcommunity.  Michael did more than talk.  The choices he made were entirely based on the moral precepts of every religion on the planet.  He often talked of Jesus and his teachings being a guidepost.  I read somewhere that truly good people bring out the worst in everyone else.  The truth in that statement can be found when you look at media…when you look at people like Bashir, Sneddon, Chandler, Arvizo, Murray, Robson, Dimond, Grace, Oprah, Presley, AEG and the like.  Dampened, but not blurred.forgiveness

I often question why God created Michael with unparalleled talents and gifts, sent him to spread his message of love through music and loving acts of kindness, expected him to be his suffering servant at the hands of humankind but, will not give him resurrection.  Why, five years after passing, must Michael continue to be the suffering servant.  And, why his children have to suffer along with their father.  Why the aforementioned people have been rewarded with success and stature, never having to be accountable for the evil they have done.  These are questions that never stop playing over and over again in my head.ADORABLE SEVEN

I am often asked why I do this…why not just forget all about Michael’s travails and simply enjoy his legacy of music and performance and film.  To be sure, I do, often.  But, there is this ache in my heart, this unconditional love that will not let go and will not allow me to take the easy path.  So, how do I keep what is left of my sanity while living in a world of injustice?  I turn to what Michael has given me.  AND, I SAY, THANK YOU, MICHAEL…china

THANK YOU for teaching me to never give up, never give in.

THANK YOU for showing me how to truly love.

THANK YOU for giving me great joy.

THANK YOU for inspiring me to do all I can to try to heal the world.

THANK YOU for the pure fun of watching you perform.

THANK YOU for teaching me how to really listen to music, that music is in layers world music awards threelike clouds, that listening with my eyes closed helps me really hear.

THANK YOU for helping me SEE the music as well as hear it.

THANK YOU for  showing me emotion in music and performance.emotion four

THANK YOU for teaching me to get out of the way and let God walk through the door.

THANK YOU for your words and speeches that have taught me to think globally.

THANK YOU for helping me believe in myself.

THANK YOU for introducing me to your ARMY OF LOVE.

THANK YOU for helping me remember to play.

THANK YOU  for remembering what I really believe in.

THANK YOU  for rekindling my passion and excitement.dangerous ten

THANK YOU for bringing a smile to my lips every night before I sleep and every morning when I wake.

THANK YOU for renewing a strong passion in my heart…a reason to create.

THANK YOU for reminding me to hear music in everything…see art in everything.

THANK YOU for showing me how to giggle.

THANK YOU for helping me believe in angels.not alone




With a child’s heart

Go face the worries of the day

With a child’s heart

Turn each problem into play

No need to worry

No need to fearchildren eight

Just being alive

Makes it all so very clear.

With a child’s heart

Nothing can ever get you down

With a child’s heart

You’ve got no reason to frown

Love is as welcome as a sunny, sunny day

No grown-up thoughts to lead our hearts astray

Take life easy, nice and easy

Like a child, so gay and carefree

The whole world smiles with you as you go your merry way.





MYstorydancer's dream









  1. Jude dearest,

    Allow me to share the followings with you;

    1). One Chinese proverb says “If someone shares something of value, and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”.

    2). Many of us are puzzled by the same question you have, I do too … “Why God created someone or something special, world’s wonderful things, beauties and angels on earth yet have evils harm them? Why did He allow sufferings on earth beyond belief?”

    One day, someone shared this with me, “…because God wants us to have freedom. He wants us to know, learn, love and serve abundantly. If He took away our freedom, we’re insufficient or incomplete creatures of His.” And then he continued, “if that answer doesn’t satisfy you, keep looking, learning and finding out what the life is. That way you keep growing!”

    3). I’m reading a book titled “The Power of Starting Something Stupid” by Richie & Natalie Norton. This book teaches me to not be afraid of starting and continuing on doing something most people think it is stupid. Many stupid ideas have changed the way people live, connect and grow. These people are now users, customers and dependent on the things they previously called stupid.

    Keep writing and sharing the beauty you have experienced, Jude dear. Keep sharing Michael forward!! Hugs: im

  2. Once again you have touched my heart. I love the genuine gratefulness you express in this piece. It is so easy to become discouraged and give in to the temptation to just stop trying to make things right. Your desire to pay Michael forward comes through loud and clear. I think your question about why God gave Michael such unparalleled talent and then allowed him to suffer will be difficult to answer. Unfortunately this happens way too often. I know you share my desire for justice and it is elusive in certain situations. I love your passion and willingness to share Michael’s love with all of us. I know you help me to be a better person because of the positive and loving role model you are! All of us need to be reminded to say “thank you” for all that we have. I know that is very true in my life as I tend to take things and sometimes people for granted. You are a blessing and I am very grateful for you!!

  3. Your words cut right into the deepest part of my heart. I will never understand human nature in anyway shape or form, as in life you never know who is with you and who is against you. Michael endured that type of human failure everyday. By that I mean that no matter what good he did, now matter how much he gave, or even just being the caring person he was. If life is full of rewards why wasn’t Michael a part of all that? Yes he had fans, fans that adored him, but we were not the ones hurting him, we tried to shield him. My mother passed away when she was 36 years old, I was 13 at the time. I had the same questions on the day that she left this earth. You get only the good die young, or some other thing that just doesn’t make sense to you. In other words, people have to die to get noticed. Michael did sooooooooooooooo much for so many all over the world, and all he has gotten back is nasty trash written about him, nasty vile things that no relative of his, especially his babies and mother should have to read. Should she have to read all the nastiness that is filled with drummed up imaginations and accusations to make a buck. Has anyone bothered to think about the pain that must register on their faces when they know the truth about Michael and see the ugliness that their father was subjected and know so deep in their hearts that these are despicable lies and about this gentle angel who walked among us! He is an example of pure elegance, style and definitely his modesty about everything that he was especially to all of us the fans. He kept going forward for us. Now we lead the army for him, and I hope in my heart of hearts that eventually justice will be served and Michael hopefully will be able to be remembered for who he truly was, an Angel among us!

  4. Just to add something else, Jude reading your words touch my heart right to the core, I love and respect you for your love and caring of Michael Jackson forever. Thank you for the things your write and post here. Your fan

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