Is it possible to be both scattered and solid?  Among the many questions I have asked this week, that is one.  Plato said, “The life that is not examined is not worth living.”  On the one hand, I truly know what I believe, but, I often reflect upon the means I am using to share this burning passion that has taken over every inch of me.  Accepting where my gifts lie, I embrace those who do many wondrous things that I cannot.  Since studying Michael Jackson’s life, I have come to realize the magnitude of sexy elevenhis gifts and talents, the vastness of his actions, the purity and endlessness of his love.  All have inspired activism.  I am drawn to words.  Michael opened his autobiography by saying he always wanted to be a storyteller.  He was a magnificent one, using words, music, rhythm, dance…his voice and his body “spoke” magically.  His magnetism created joy wherever he went.  Fans came away from the experiences with a sense of wonder, all the while, thinking about his messages, deciding how they might make a change.beauty again two

The articles I write speak to Michael’s life, his legacy, his humanitarianism.  I hope that while compiling research I offer a sort of repository of Michael’s words and the words of those who love him.  Having all the research in one place might be helpful and educational. While often speaking to the choir, revisiting leads to nurturing and definition.adorable again two

When I falter, when the pain of accusation strikes my body with such force as to knock me down, I turn to Michael for help.  Words, lyrics, music, message all help to bolster  me up again.  I turn to beautiful kindred spirits who write with spirituality that I so need.  The way I see the world comes out in my words.  And, sometimes, those words may be just what is needed by another soul.  I am hopeful and I continue.  I feel a responsibility to share what I have learned.  Message delivered makes a difference.  It is what brought me to Michael.  IT LEADS TO ACTION.  “Action is character.”  F.Scott Fitzgerald.

And so, this week has been hopeful and treacherous all at the same time.  The bloody accusations of WR and S are gleefully recounted in tabloid press, lurid and perfectly hateful.  We ask over and over and over again WHY?  At the other end of the spectrum, I am writing and preparing for my first ever Michael student.  A dear friend who is a vocalist, performer and teacher, will be the first artist to come study with me as I share THE MASTER.  I have known that I needed to share Michael’s artistry in another WHO IS IT TWOway…beyond the page.  This is my attempt to do that.  Having spent 34 years in education, I am giving back the best way I know how.  This gift to my friend is offered to inspire her in new ways.  I want it to be a joyful, organic experience.  I am eager to share many of the wonderful books I have accumulated in my Michael Library.  Our sessions will be filled with Michael’s vocals, rhythms, beatboxing, dancing, storytelling, artistry, performance, message and more.  Sending more ripples off into the world…if art is not what you see, but what you make others see…then, we know, MICHAEL WILL  DO IT.handsome again

I’ve decided that I am too old to be governed by fear of liars.  Our NEW MEDIA views integrity more important and truth a constant.  With love in my heart, I turn from self-interest being my resting spot, and aspire to intelligence.


And, what of NEVERLAND?  When I discovered Michael’s quote I found myself crying with him.  I felt the pain of loss thinking back to the years when Neverland offered a respite for those in great need, when it offered a place to rediscover the magic of childhood, the beauty of the natural world.  I wish I could turn back time.

“My fondest memory at Neverland was one night when we had a houseful of bald-headed children.  And one little boy turned to me and said, ‘This is the best day of my life!’  You had to just hold back the tears.”

Michael Jacksonhumanitarian two

I can so relate to Michael’s emotions.  I remember a student writing to me about his year in third grade…his final sentence was, ‘And, I wish I could do it all over again!’  I joined Michael in tears.  I WISH WE COULD DO NEVERLAND ALL OVER AGAIN.neverland thirteen

“If Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch family residence is lost forever, it will be a tragedy felt for all eternity!  Never in the HIS tory of our world has someone’s home been so totally dedicated to something this beautifully created primarily for the beneficial healing found inside Neverland for underprivileged, handicapped and terminally-ill children.”beauty again three

Rob Stinson

“A DIAMOND IS CREATED UNDER STRESS.”  Michael Jackson was a diamond of the highest quality.  We love him because he loved us first.  The voice we offer to the world NEVERLAND FOURTEENon his behalf is under the stress of a culture that sees depravity in normal behavior…a mentality of ‘Why work when you can sue Michael Jackson?’ (T. Mesereau) We watch the force grow, often feeling powerless…our tears watering our collective soul.  But, there is an empowerment in the flow, the energy of so many.  With it comes our diversity of activism.neverland fifteen

I love you, Michael.  I love you, Dear Kindred Spirits.  If I could turn back time, I would.  All I can do is offer my heart on the line.


HIS tory




2 thoughts on “WATERING THE SOUL

  1. Beautiful as ever, Jude. Thank you for sharing. I feel what you are saying about the lies and the people who are not open to experience Michael in all his goodness and magic. Just continue and let them go their own way. I feel alone sometimes, but then how can I when I have so many wonderful people here on line? This new Michael student will be a great comfort to you I believe, and will show you just how much love and knowledge you have for him/ of him ….. It is not easy being a supporter of Michael at times but there is no other way and the rewards far outweigh the hardships I feel. Much love xx

  2. Beautiful, passionate, heartfelt, raw; your words capture unspoken emotions and bring forth tears of a kind that feel as though they have been falling forever while simultaneously washing away all the lies and unspeakable crimes against this dear man whose only dream was to heal the world and bring some joy to humanity. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready. Aside from a few special and open hearts, it isn’t ready still. I wonder if it will ever be ready. There is hope in your classes, Jude. They offer that better tomorrow that we all dream of – that he dreamed of. Thank you for marching forwards through the good times and the bad. Like Michael, you are a warrior, a trailblazer, and a very special enlightened soul.

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