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I agree with Alice Koller when she says that perhaps loving something is the only starting place there is for making our lives our own.  The Talmud tells us that, “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  Fans of Michael Jackson are often asked why we bother concerning ourselves with someone who is gone.  Why do we care about his legacy, body of work, history?  Does it really matter to anyone?  Aren’t his children better off moving on?  Aren’t we?  My husband and I just watched the film THE MONUMENTS MEN.  It is a World War II story about the men who risked their lives to save art treasures that had been taken, orinvincible two were about to be destroyed.  A truth came home to me that resounded so clearly, attaching itself to the very core of PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD.  “If you burn homes and a generation of people, somehow they’ll come back.  But, if you destroy their history, their achievements, then it’s like they never existed…they are just floating ash.  We cannot allow that. Some say it doesn’t matter.  They’re wrong!  A history should be held up and admired.”  As we “rewound” the DVD so I could transcribe the quote, I thought about Michael and everything he left behind.  His treasures are endless…his beautiful children, the massive body of artistry, the mountain of charitable works, an inspiring legacy that reaches into the lives of hundreds of millions of people in every country, on every continent.

“Michael Jackson inspired love, hope and compassion worldwide through his music and through his tireless humanitarian work on behalf of the suffering and underprivileged.”

Michael Jackson Legacy

PAYING MICHAEL FORWARD…being the New Media devoted to study and research EYES FOURand truthfulness, we can no longer allow myth-sustaining dishonest reporting to be the rule.  We cannot allow Michael’s history to be erased by those whose agendas have continued for far too long.  That is why I take to the page.  That is why millions of Michael Jackson Fans choose daily the freedom that means choosing our burden.  Each of us applies our knowledge and engages our gifts and talents toward a singlehtw eleven goal…JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON.  Each design draws its own patterns of activism in beautiful pictures detailing Michael’s message.  We understand that WE are Michael’s voice now.  The articles that define MICHAELJACKSONCHOSENVOICES are meant to be a collection of what I have learned.  Little of this recorded research will ever reach the mainstream media.  But, this NEW MEDIA reaches many worldwide.  We, in the Michael Jackson Fan Community, are counting on that.  EDUCATION IS THE ANSWER.

To celebrate Michael’s legacy, I offer the following today.heal the world six

March, 2013

Vatican City

150,000 people from 75 countries and 5 continents celebrate the Papal Inauguration of Pope Francis with a children’s choir performing WE ARE THE WORLD.  (secular music is not heard at these ceremonies, authorized hymns are routinely sung, but not any other music, so this is a very important moment of respect for Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie by a religious authority.)

In an article entitled “Michael Jackson being persecuted.”  August 31, 1993, Josephdangerous performance Perkins records this:

“I first met Michael Jackson 5 years ago.  I came away with one impression of the man whom the celebrity mags, Vanity Fair and People, declared the most famous person in the world.  He truly was the nicest human being I had ever met.  The Pop Star was not simply striking a pose pretending to be gentle and guileless before his adoring public, while running roughshod over his hired hands away from the public eye.  I have seen him in close quarters several times since our first meeting and he has only confirmed my initial impression.

Which is why it pains me to read the recent spate of sensational stories about Jackson, quoting anonymous sources, naturally, who offer unsubstantiated second-third-or even fourth-hand dope, alleging that the pop star fondled and had sexual relations withHWT somebody’s child.

These are the verifiable facts that have emerged in the case:  The child in question is a 13-year-old boy, who is in the center of a bitter custody battle between his estranged parents.  His mother says she was not aware of any abuse to her son.  Jackson’s representatives say he received an extortion demand of $20 million which he refused.bad performance

That man who so loves children, who has donated millions of dollars to various children’s charities, who has graciously opened up his home to terminally-ill children, who sets aside thousands of tickets at his tour stops for disadvantaged children, would DANGEROUS TWENTYSEVENhave his good name so besmirched is an injustice.

I am reminded of the observation by Claire Booth Luce, that no good deed goes unpunished.  The irony of his whole affair is that among the ranks of celebrity, sports figures, Matinee Dolls, T.V. personalities and pop music stars, few have led such an exemplary life as Michael Jackson…who it should be remembered, has had to contend with his celebrity status since he was the 8-year-old singer of the Jackson 5.

He has never had to check into the Betty Ford Center for Alcohol abuse (Elizabeth Taylor).  He’s never been arrested for drug possession (Paul McCartney, Steve Howe).  He’s never been investigated for rape (Rob Lowe, Mike Tyson).  He’s never been booked for publicly exposing himself (PeeWee Herman).  He’s never been stopped for carrying an unregistered firearm (Harry Connick Jr.).

What he has done is bestow more than 100 scholarships through the United Negro College Fund.  He has helped build a special burn treatment center at the Brotman Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles.  He has opened his purse to Camp Ronald MacDonald Good Times, a place for children with cancer.  And, lest it be forgotten, he clinton inaugural twohelped raise millions for starving Ethiopians by co-writing and performing the now famous anthem WE ARE THE WORLD.

Michael Jackson has done all this while soaring to the dizzying height of pop stardom that only such legends as Elvis Presley and the Beatles have approached.  He has recorded four top-selling albums including THRILLER, the biggest selling of all time, with more than 42 million copies.( today, that number is over 110 million).  On the 30th ann twostrength of that landmark LP he won an unprecedented 8 Grammy Awards, (the recording industry’s highest honor) in one evening.  The pop star released more than seven number one singles during the 80’s, more than any other artist according to Billboard Magazine.

He also grossed more than $125 million in ticket sales during his last world concert tour, the biggest box office of any tour in history.  All of Jackson’s remarkable creative and artistic achievements, all of his admirable humanitarian and charitable works, have been brushed to the side in the wake of the scurrilous assault on his character.  The scandalmongers in the media delight in nothing so much as cutting down to size a larger than life figure who enjoys an unblemished reputation.  I have no doubt that Michael Jackson will eventually be cleared of any accusations that have been made against him.  Anyone who knows him for the decent and understanding person that he is knows that he could not possibly do injury to a child.  My only real fear is that the negative publicity that has attended this sordid matterBILLIE JEAN NINE will discourage the already reserved and sensitive Michael Jackson from having any future contact with his young fans.  Joseph Perkins Columnist San Diego Union Tribune


Karen O’Halloran

We defend Michael Jackson’s life and legacy because it matters.  Michael knew we would.  He often said his Fans were activists who defend him.  He was right.

I love you.


HIS tory







  1. This entire post is…indescribable. It brought tears to my eyes. My only question is: how do we get this information to people who are not MJ fans and only know what the media has told them. I feel like all the MJ sites are “preaching to the choir”. Positive Reviews of recent books about Michael and of “Xscape” have perhapsput a small dent in some peoples’ negative attitudes, but thegeneral public needs to see this.

  2. Tears for me too..Education, creating programs and nonprofits in honor of Michael’s legacy and his mission of healing, creating truthful materials about his humanitarian and his justice via books, magazines, documentaries, etc..And to listen, sing and dance his art..In anyway..possible.. We are his Warriors of Love..We Are One.

  3. This is such an amazing article, thank you for sharing. We owe it to the future generations to share Michael’s legacy. He left so much to us and helped so many. Made us all take stock of ourselves. Michael was everything that beauty ever could be. LOVE LIVES FOREVERXXOO

  4. This article is absolutely fantastic and should be read by everyone! I will continue to write about him…and spread the word about him…and WHO he really was! Thank you!!!!!

  5. Here we are in the year 2018….9 years after Michael passed…and I continue to write about him. He was the VERY BEST person I ever knew (except for my wonderful piano teacher). Michael always did the most for anyone he knew…including me. Whenever I needed anything, he was always there! How I miss him…not just because of the, but because of the joy of being in his presence. I love you, Michael….

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